• Workout Date - 08/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - SEAL, BOGO, Bongo, Al Borland, Clarinet, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

YHC decided to do an early Dawn Patrol bootcamp because our church is hosting an Immersion this weekend. It starts at 0830 but I don’t want to miss my workout. 5 other men would join me and maybe regret it.



Mosey around church to the bottom of the stairs. Joe Hendrix the three levels of steps. Bunny hop between all the way to the front door of the church.

Jack Webb. 1 pushup: 4 air presses. Up to 7:28.

Mosey to bottom of the stairs. Rinse/ Repeat. Joe Hendrix. This time lunge walk between.

Dan Taylor. 1 squat: 4 lunges. Up to 7:28.

Mosey to bottom of the stairs. “Again!!??” Yep! Joe Hendrix. Crab walk between.

Mosey down the hill to find some grass.

Captain Thor. 1 big boy(Captain America) sit-up: 4 American Hammer(Thor). Up to 7:28.

Mosey to brick pile. 21 guns: 7/7/7. 10 triceps. 10 overhead. Keep arms straight and bring the brick down. 10 upright rows. Rinse/Repeat.

Mosey to the flag where the 0700 crew is starting to roll in.


Joined by some of the second crew. I can’t remember all we did but it was good.

A- Several local races coming up.

P- New churches opening. Immersion at Trinity Point. Prayers for family. Talked about men being leaders and not being selfish. Love God, your wife, your kids in that order.

Brown Shorts

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