13 PAX and most did not know they were in for a Dance Party

  • Workout Date - 02/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Hook and Ladder, Slug, T-bag, Seal, Keystone, Cabin Fever, GutShot, Swift, Steamer, Inspector Gadget, Quaker
  • AO -

Warm up to “Cold as Ice” as we alternated between sets of SSH, imperial walkers, and windmills for 3:20.

Needed more warm up so had a little “Ice Ice Baby” where we alternated between Front Kicks, Arm Circles, and Speed Skaters.

Starting to warm up now so we had Slug, while holding the radio over his head, lead us around for a Cusak while we listened to “Manic Monday” …wish it was Sunday so we wouldn’t have to run day.

Then Kris Kross made us alternate between small jumps and calf extensions for 3:16.

With no breaks in between The Bangles had us alternate between lunges like an Egyptian and LBC’s.

Then it was time to remind the guys of the holiday that is coming up with the “Cupid Shuffle” with squat jumps, side lunges, and side kicks. All while Brown Shorts showed us how the dance is actually done but no one had a camera…

Then “Take My Breath Away” came on and I mistakenly gave the radio to Seal for a Cusak and he did just that. He ran us and took our breath away.

Still pushing strong we hit some MC Hammer while doing 180 degree spin jumps, air presses, and jumping leg crosses to “Can’t Touch This”, which was interrupted by a flyover so we had to hit a ten burpee salute.

Then “Black Betty” had us alternating between mercans and russian twists.

Now it was time for a little Sting which had us dropping down for a burpee every time Roxanne was said while jump roping in between.

Not time yet so we had Doug Jones singing “Cravin’ Melon” as we continued Cusaking for 3:44 as we headed back to the cars for 6MOM, made sure to keep the radio out of Seals hands this time.

Then I was thinking, “whats sexier than abs?” so we had Justin Timberlake bring “Sexy Back” as we did flutters, planks, six inches (verified with ruler), protractors, and x’s and o’s.

Hook and Ladder saw that we had 44 unused seconds so he threw in an extra 10 good morning Abby to close the meeting.

– Q School coming up next Tuesday (Feb. 17th) at the Main Thang at 5:30am.
– If you think you might enjoy the Mud Run (April 11th), then let Earthmover or Mab Mab know so they don’t feel like they have to keep pushing us to do something that we plan on doing. Let them see some progress by signing up, it’s $55/person with 4 man teams. Also, Seal said he would take it easy on you if you wanted to run with him.
– Lets keep thinking of ways to give back to the church for letting us use their facility as our play ground. Maybe pick up trash or take up an offering for a Thank You donation.
– Sherpa (sp) is doing a F3 Mission in Nepal, please think of a way for us to raise some funds for him (please check out his back blast).

Prayer Requests:
– Gluten’s calf injury
– GutShot’s wife with her new job
– All sick and recovering family members

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