• Workout Date - 12/13/2014
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Epee, Wally, Lilo, Hardees, Spring Break, Turbine (FNG-Chris Davidson), City Hall, Belding (F3 Cola-Chris Richards), Grrrr, iTunes, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

I must first apologize for this late post… I was going to give you all my reasons why but, no excuses, I’m sorry.

11 men, including 1 FNG, showed up to The Station Saturday (12/13/14) and bettered themselves in the gloom. YHC hadn’t Qed in a while (same reasons excuses not stated above), and it was a great time leading the Pax again. If you haven’t come out to The Station yet, what are you waiting for? Come join us! Great AO (2nd best behind Main Thang IMO), great coffeeteria, and great Pax.

Warm Up

Hand release, T-Merkins, (to insure full ROM) x10 IC

TRAIN! – 10 Burpees

Squats x20 IC

Flutters x20 IC

Tha Thang

We mosey for a bit then YHC stops and asks the Pax if any of them knew the date. 12/13/14, a couple Pax respond. YHC then points out that we are at 12th street, about a block away is 13th, and another block is 14th. We shall build-a-burpee!

Round 1 – 12 Merkins at 12th. Sprint. 13 Merkins at 13th. Sprint. 14 Merkins at 14th.

Sprint back to 12th and plank up, performing various plank exercises + down-n-hold, until all Pax return back.

Round 2 – 12 Thrusters at 12th. Sprint. 13 Thrusters at 13th. Sprint. 14 Thrusters at 14th.

Sprint back to 12th and plank up, performing various plank exercises + down-n-hold, until all Pax return back.

Round 3 – 12 Squat Jumps at 12th. Sprint. 13 Squat Jumps at 13th. Sprint. 14 Squat Jumps at 14th.

Stay at 14th and plank up, performing various plank exercises + down-n-hold, until all Pax return back.

Mosey a couple more blocks to the Veteran’s Memorial. Partner up for some ‘catch me if you can’. We had a brother (F3-Belding) from Cola visiting so YHC called on him for the exercise, walking lunges it is, x10!

One partner mosey’s around the park while the other partner does 10 walking lunges and then sprints to catch their partner, then the partners switch roles. It soon became evident 10 lunges were about 4 to many. Audible to 6 (3 each leg). Partners alternate around loop until back around to the start point.

Mosey down to the fountain for some 11s. Wall jumps (or step ups – no busted shins) and Dips.

Epee leads planks until all Pax are finished

YHC checks watch, 0734. Epee, noticing the wheels turning for the next improv exercise, calls it out as to read YHC’s mind, “Dora” he says. HOW’D YOU KNOW!?

Hey Hardees, shoot me some exercises for Dora 1-2-3.

100 – Plank shoulder touches (PSTs) (single count)

200 – Flutters (single count)

300 -Little baby crunches (LBCs)

Plank exercises until Pax are finished, then bear crawl up the field to the sidewalk and back. Hardees, 10 count.

Mosey back to the shovel flag, but we aren’t done yet. Down to the playground we go for some pain stations. 5 pull-ups, 10 derkins, 15 dips, perform 2 rounds. Plank up.

Okay now it’s time for…


At this point YHC is completely free-styling this Q and calls on various Pax for core exercises, which included but not limited to Rosalitas, Freddy Mercury’s, and X & Os. May be missing a couple here and completely unsure of the number of reps performed.




-Crestview Elementary having – Real Men Read (going in and reading to the kids).

-Drifter 6K


Prayer Request:  

-Prayers for Alfred and all our F3 brothers that may be dealing with injury

-Turbine’s friend Martin with brain cancer

-Nancy Brown, co-worker of one of the pax who lost her husband not long ago

-All unspoken

Once again it was great leading you men, strong work out there! Also, once again, I’m sorry that this backblast is well overdue, but better late than never.. or something like that, right?

Pax Propter Vim

Punkin Spice

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