12 Days of Christmas fun

  • Workout Date - 12/12/2018
  • Q In Charge - ⚽️Mom
  • The PAX - Turban, Hot4Teacher, Lt. Dangle, Quickie, Handrail, YHC
  • AO - Tower of Terror
Tuesday evening Dangle announced the need for a Q at TOT Wednesday. Um….ok I’ll be your Huckleberry. Continuing the Christmas theme after Road Trip got us in the spirit yesterday at Pitchfork. Here we go.
Conditions: 30 degrees and clear
Mission Statement ✅
Disclaimer ✅
Warm up:
SSH x20
Arm Circles
12 Days of Christmas
Day 1
Mucho Chesto (100)
Run to stop 🛑
Day 2
Flutters x50
LBC x50
Run to Stop 🛑
Day 3
Squats x50
Calf Raises x50
Run to stop 🛑
Day 4
Burpees x20
Run to stop 🛑
Day 5
Oblique V-up x25 each side
American Hammer x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 6
Burpees x10
Dips x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 7
Monkey Humpers x25
Mountain Climbers x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 8
Burpees x10
Lunges x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 9
Bicycles x25
Reverse Bicycle x25
Crunchy Frog x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 10
Squats x25
Calf Raises x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 11
Heels to Heaven x25
Big Boys x25
Run to stop 🛑
Day 12
Mucho Chesto (100)
Dueceable Friday at 5:15
5K at Southside High Saturday. $6.67 to run Ugly Sweaters encouraged
My 2 Dads transition
Washers sister Kelly car accident recovery
Keystone son Noah kidney surgery yesterday
Always a pleasure fellas!

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