12/31/2020 NYE Shenanigans

  • Workout Date - 12/31/2020
  • Q In Charge - Grass Fairy
  • The PAX - MAC, Road Trip, Strange Brew, Ahab, Peekaboo, Cockpit
  • AO - The Terminal

It was a dark and gloomy morning. Slight drizzle and fog, so PAX ran for cover under the awnings.

Mission Statement: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Do I look professional to you? No? Good, modify as necessary as I am not one.

The Warmup:
SSH – 20 IC
IW – 20 IC
Windmill – 20 IC
TTT – 20 IC
LBAC – 10 forward 10 reverse IC
Overhead Arm claps – 20 IC
Stretch arms

Notice any kind of pattern? Yeah? Twenty of everything. Normally I do something about the day in history, but today, 2020 will be in the history books as one of the weirdest and toughest for some. Therefore, we will do 20 exercises for 20 reps each to get 20×20.

The Thang:
1. Merkins – called the downs, PAX counted the ups
2. Tempo Squats – 3 seconds down, PAX count the up
3. BBSU – called the ups, PAX counted the downs
Mosey around our moist parking lot
4. Carolina dry docks – OYO
5. Lunges – OYO double count (10 per leg)
6. LBC – IC 4-count
Mosey around the slightly wet parking lot
7. Wide merkins – IC 4-count
8. Bobby Hurleys – OYO
9. Flutter kicks – IC 4-count
Mosey around the still damp parking lot
10. Diamond merkins – called downs, PAX counted the ups
11. Bonny Blairs – OYO double count (10 per leg)
12. Freddy Mercury’s – IC 4-count
Mosey around the soggy parking lot
13. Hand release merkins – OYO
14. Calf raises – IC 4-count (10 heels out 10 heels in)
15. Planks 20 seconds x 2 – rest 10 seconds between each set
Mosey to the end of the awning and back
16. Spiderman merkins – OYO
17. Bulgarian ball busters -10 each leg
18. Mountain Climbers – IC 4-count
Mosey to the end of the awning and back
19. Burpees – OYO
20. Monkey Humpers – OYO

Wait, what’s this? There are 21 exercises? Why yes… ye there are. This last one is to say goodbye to 2020 and bring good fortune for 2021.
21. Pickle pointers – OYO

With that, we hit time. There was enough Mary in there that we didn’t worry too much.

Count off and Name-o-Rama: 7 PAX strong.


With that, it was the end of the 2020 workouts at The Terminal. As the Terminator would say,

“I’ll be back” [next year]


Grass Fairy