11's with 11's and a Side of 11's

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - Road Trip
  • The PAX - Pine Tar, Snowbird (War Daddy Respect), Lite Brite^, Look Out Below ^, Thumper^, Hulk Smash (Respect), Deflated (Respect), Whisper* (Respect), Homeward Bound, Road Trip* (YHC) ^Pre-Ruck * Pre-Run
  • AO -

CONDITIONS: Dark, star canopy, crisp 46 degrees. Occasional gusts of fall breezes.

SSH – 20x
Monkey Humpers – 20x
Mt Climbers – 20x
Hillbilly – 20x

Mosey over to the track for a two lap Dead Chief Indian Run. Last PAX executes 3 perfect form burpees then sprints to the front of the pack. Everyone got a chance to rise from the dead.

The following exercise was one that stuck in my head…err I mean my quads during my first F3 post 4 months ago. Not because it was fun, but because my legs were sore for three weeks afterwards. It was a crowd pleaser then and a crowd pleaser now.

Mosey to the Hill for a pair of 11’s
Round 1 – Execute 1 Burpee at the base, run up the hill backwards 5x and execute 10 Bobby Hurleys at the top. Repeato until 10 Burpees at the bottom and 1 Bobby Hurleys at the top. YHC’s Quads were burning like ghost pepper biker shorts so modified to 3x up ½ thru, then 1x up at the end.

Round 2 – Execute 1 Merkin at the base, run up the hill forwards 1x and execute 10 BBSU at the top. Repeato until 10 Merkins at the bottom and 1 BBSU at the top. Originally scheduled for 5x up, but modified to ensure we could make it back to the flags.

Mosey to the Speedway for one another 11. Grab a coupon and split so ½ are on each side. Execute 1 Overhead Press at the start, sprint to the other side and perform 10 curls. This one seemed a bit (for the lack of a better term) elementary, but a welcomed change of pace. It will be modified to be more challenging in the future.

Summary for the calorie counters:
55 reps of Burpees, Bobby Hurleys, Merkins, BBSU, Overhead Presses and Curls
2.18 Miles of (approx.)35 reverse hill climbs, 10 uphill climbs and 20 sprints.

Mosey back to the flags for 6MOM.
• Flutters – 20x
• LBC’s – 20x
• Humming Bird Flutters – 20x (Flutters, just a little quicker)

• Golf Tourney is in the past. If you missed it, keep a look out as there will be another one next year. Announcements are forthcoming.
• Whisper hit 2 Eagles, which is a Federal Crime. If anyone asks, we have not seen him nor do we know his whereabouts.
• Glove Burning Day – TBD
• Oct 27 – Dine-Out for Mom – We are probably going to meet somewhere. 1D mentioned two places big enough to house all of us. Maybe Golden Corral…because the salad bar is a ghost town. Look Out Below is craving Western Sizzlin.
• Oct 29 – Sphinx Run Fest – Pick your poison…5k, 10k, ½ Marathon or Full Marathon
• #PF Q’s needed for Next Fri 28th and Sat 29th
• ATM Birthday Q on Mon (24th #TOT) and Tues. (25th #PF) (It’s all about you, ATM)
• Still feeling the after burn from Celine Dion’s Mogostupid Mile Bear Crawl.

• For Our Nation
• Floppy Disc is in recovery

Hulk Smash with the closing prayer. PAX dismissed.

It was a pleasure. Until next time SYITG

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