11's to 41 (I am old!!!)

  • Workout Date - 11/25/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Annie Oakley, The Hardhat, Punkin, Earth Mover, Winslow, Longbottom
  • AO -

YHC felt the pressure of doing something a little different for my first birthday Q.  Actually planned 3 workouts last night! I typically do very little planning prior to Q’ing, I am what they call in golf terms “a feel player”.  As I walked up to the PC for the early addition of the MT, I was still undecided which “downpainment” to deposit on the pax:  Over the hill workout, B-day special guest workout, or 11’s to 41.  As we warmed up with 41 SSH IC I went with the 11’s to 41, for no particular reason, just sounded fun.  41 SSH made me realize that I have been on this little ball for quite a while!

The “Main” Thang

11’s- choose two exercises, the combine count should = 11 (if you can count as you increase your level of fatigue) 10:1, 9:2, 8:3 … 1:10

First set of 11’s:  move to the benches in front of PC for box jumps & merkins.  Those who finish early do squats till the 6 has completed his reps.  Mosey the long way around the PC to the amphitheater.

Second set of 11’s:  Dwerkins (wide arm derkins) & dips.  Prisoner squats till the 6 has finished his reps.  Mosey along the Reedy River to the Liberty Bridge.

Third set of 11’s:  Jump squats, then run the length of the Liberty Bridge, Smurf Jacks on the other side.  Core work till the six has completed all reps; back scratchers & erectors.  Mosey down to the bottom of falls park to the base of the big grassy hill. (gassed)

Forth set of 8’s (not 11’s): We have completed 3 sets of 11’s and another set would make a total of 44.  I am not ready for 44 (years old), I will stick with being 41.  8’s it is!  Air presses then run to the top of the hill for diamond merkins (head facing down the hill!).  More air presses till the six has finished his reps. Mosey back to VSF along the Reedy river.

We have 1 minute left so some quick Mary

41 x Russian Twists (SC)

41 x Flutters (SC)

And that my brothers makes a great start to your 41st year.  I am very grateful for all my many blessings over those years!  3.1 miles and 566 reps (not counting the extras between 11’s)

Announcements:  Thanksgiving convergence at the Lions Den 7am.  You don’t want to miss whatever plan Flay and TBC have for the group!

Prayers for all those traveling this holiday, be safe! Prayers for those in Ferguson.

As always, I am truly blessed in many ways.  One of which is the opportunity to struggle, sweat, grind, persevere, lead, follow, fellowship, and worship with you men.  Till the next adventure in the gloom.

LB- out


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