11's Anyone??

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2023
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14 posted and got moving in the wintery morning gloom at The Burbs, when is Spring going to KO ole man winter??

First exercise is…….SmurfJacks x 15
Merkins x 10
Flutters x 20
IW x 20

The Burbian Thang:
Mosey around MRC to the steps for 11’s.  At the bottom of the steps complete 1 rep and at the top complete 10, then 2-9,3-8….
Merkins at the bottom
FairyJacks at the top

Plank exercises during transition. Mosey to the bottom of the hill for…..11’s.  1-10, 2-9, 3-8……BoxJumps at the bottom of the hill
Swerkins at the top of the hill

Plank exercises during transition.  Mosey to the soccer field for TheStarfish:
Starting in the middle of the soccer field, in a plank position, sprint to a corner completing each of the below exercises. Sprint back to the middle once the exercises are completed.
1st corner:  Flutters x 25 IC
2nd corner:  RussianTwist x 25 IC
3rd corner:  LBC x 25 IC
4th corner:  plank and hold for 1min

Plank exercises during transition.  Jailbreak around MRC meeting up in the middle of the soccer field.

Flutters x 20

Spartanburg launching 4/26, please send any contacts to F3Spartanburg@gmail.com
Good luck to the guys running in the Palmetto200!
DawnPatrol is on at 0600 at Legacy
Keep EH’ing guys

Prayers and Praises:
Praises for Erector and his new tenants
Lift up the guys on the IR
Keep Spicoli in your prayers

Good work this morning,

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