10/1 = (Im)Perfect Start to 11’s

  • Workout Date - 10/01/2018
  • Q In Charge - Squid
  • The PAX - My 2 Dads, Hot for Teacher, Cocoon, Thumper, LOB, Soccer Mom, Short Barrel, Lt Dangle, Turban, 2nd Place, Goose Egg, Flo, Whisper, Road Trip, YHC
  • AO - Tower of Terror

YHC noticed on The Twitter yesterday there still seemed to be a hole for Monday morning on the schedule for Lt. Dangle’s Shocktoberfest. Realizing it had been just under 6 months since my last Q, it was time to knock the rust off and step up. What workout to plan? Since all deep thought normally takes place while mowing the lawn, it hit me square in the face. Nope, that was not a piece of discharged mulch….it was the realization that 10/1 is actually how one starts “11’s”. Therefore, a perfectly planned workout was developed with 4 rounds of 11’s (better to over plan than under plan) involving each PAX having their own coupon. However, since nothing ever goes as planned, the first obstacle was encountered before even starting upon the realization there were 13 PAX and only 7 coupons. OMAHA!! Time for an audible…….

Weather: Forecast called for higher than normal temps and a “foggy start to your Monday morning.” I guess “foggy” is now the politically correct term for 140% humidity.

F3 Mission: Gorilla glued it.

Disclosure: Nope, professionalism never high on the list of attributes at TOT.

2 PAX (Road Trip, Whisper) took off on their Monday Mosey and brought their little light into the world and let it shine. Apparently Road Trip was already dressed for work in his full on reflective safety vest. Whisper did not need a vest….he has a natural glow about him when he runs.


-SSH IC x 15

-IW IC x 15

-The resounding “12” did not go unnoticed by YHC…much appreciated!


As mentioned earlier, it was supposed to be an individual workout with each PAX having his own coupon in the church parking lot. The mental math of 11’s was going to be challenging enough, but # PAX > # Coupons = Uh-oh.  Slight modification necessary, and PAX counted off by 2’s:

  • Round1: 11’s with Man-Makers & BBSUs
    • 1’s run from starting position to church overhang, start with 1 BBSU, return to blocks for 10 Man-Makers
    • 2’s start with 10 Man-Makers, run to church overhang for 1 BBSU
    • Continue until reaching 10 BBSUs and 1 Man-Maker
    • Sharing = Caring
  • Round 2: Recovery (kinda sorta)
    • 1’s lunge walk (4 lunges, 2 squats) to far side of parking lot and mosey back
    • 2’s perform 11 curls, 11 overhead presses, 11 tricep extensions and repeat until 1’s return
    • Flip Flop
  • Round 3: 11’s with Derkins and Imperial Walkers
    • Same format as Round1
    • About 50% complete, time to head back to the flag


  • LBCs IC x a few
  • Flutters IC x a few more


-Steps for Drake 5 coming up 10/13

Praise/Prayer Requests:

-Continued prayers for Andrew Brunson

-Continued prayers for Drake, son of My Little Brony

-Continued prayers for those in NC & SC still battling the effects of Hurricane Florence


-Great to see Thumper out of hibernation and hopping around.

-Welcome to 2nd Place who recently relocated and was previously a part of F3 Augusta.

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you.



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