100 isn't just a number, it's a tribute.

  • Workout Date - 06/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sadiq
  • The PAX - Mary (Respect!), Boomhauer, 1 Direction, The Tickler, Reflector, WiFi, Fred, Look Out Below, Fake ID, Strange Brew, Domer Simpson, Elmer, Faren (from Raleigh!), Murdoch, Noah, Crab Grass, Sadiq (YHC), and Chris Harkey (FNG - Hank Hill)
  • AO -

On Sunday the 14th (Flag Day) YHC’s Father would have celebrated his 100th birthday.  He was a member of the Greatest Generation.  He served proudly in the Army and Army Air Corps during WWII, and during the Air Force during Korea. He retired after more than twenty years of service as a Major.  That’s not to shabby for one of 13 brothers and sisters from rural southern Mississippi with only a high school education.  He was a truly tremendous man and the pax celebrated his centennial in fine fashion.


SSH X 20

ISW X 20

Mosey to the lower track and pair up for some 4 corners. One will do the exercise while the  other runs the track, the switch. Plank up at the end to wait on the six.

Corner 1 – Merkins

Corner 2 – Big Boy Sit Ups

Corner 3 – Squats

Corner 4 – Burpees

Mosey to the stairs and head down to the lower ball field.  Some mumblechatter from the pax about this not being allowed.  Remember boys, catchin’s before hangin’!

At the bottom of the hill begins the tribute.  4 trips up the hill:


Link arms and go backwards up the hill. At the top, 25 squats in unison.  (Crowd Pleaser)

Crab walk down the hill for round 2


Bear Crawl up the hill, and link arms for 25 sit ups. Then back down the hill for round 3.


Link arms and (you guessed it!) backwards up the hill.  At the top of the hill, 25 four-count flutter kicks.


Link arms and backwards up the hill.  At the top, another round of 25 squats.

Total number of exercises:  100.  Happy birthday Dad!

Mosey back to the basketball court for a little Round Robin.  All the pax were in a circle.  One runs the outside of the circuit while the pax perform an exercise.  He then chooses one of the pax to run, who gets to choose the exercise the pax will perform.  This was done several times, but YHC can’t remember all that was done.  There wasn’t much mumblechatter as I think most were close to smoked by this time.

Final mosey back up the hill to the wall for People’s Chair and a sprint to the parking curb and back. That first step or two is always treacherous.

You know you’re doing a pretty good job when the mumblechatter at the end includes time hacks.


Prayers for Murdoch’s health, and Hank Hill’s grandmother.


Convergence this Saturday at the newly minted Pitchfork at Oakview Elementary.

Thank you to all the pax for great effort today!



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