1 year of Beastside: Time flies as you get faster! F3ght Cancer

  • Workout Date - 05/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Erector, 00, NSA, Blue Hawaii, Grr, Amelia, Kotter, Dirty Myrtle, Wilson, Footloose, Blades, and Longbottom.
  • AO -

The surprised Q of the Mega Man got YHC thinking, we have to be close to our 1 yr anniversary.  Upon research of my past Q’s the we had just missed the 1 year anniversary of the Ring of Fire split to the eastside, so technically Mega Q’ed the anniversary workout, which was fitting for one of the RoF originals to take the helm.  However, for those F3 historians out there, the first name of the eastside work out was “Circle of Heat” (I know, TERRIBLE)?  This was a name of “endearment” created by the RoF brothers to foster a healthy rivalry.  The eastsiders never excepted “CoH” and by the third work out #Beastside was adopted.  So I choose to play homage to both, we will celebrate the adoption of the Beastside AO, but do a re-run of our first eastside interval workout-  400 repeats / with a twist. (Which happened to be the first RoF workout as well,  I know I was one of the original RoF’ers. and I am proud of that as well)

The Beastside Thang!

Warm-up Indian run for 1 mile (lots of mumble chatter for 1.5 laps but it started to get quiet as YHC had not given any clues to the work out ahead.  (Pax at the Beastside like mental prep!)

400 repeats at RP (or faster pace) / 1 min. rest between

most pax chose the “or faster pace”

10 x 400 repeats

2 x 400 modified (backwards run mix with mosey and karaoke mixed with mosey)

800 cool down


10 x merkins IC

10 diamond merkins IC


We picked up the pace and lowered the milage this week!  for the last 4 or 5 months we have be stuck in interval or threshold pace and logging in the milage as if we were only training for 5 and 10 K’s.  This workout got the legs movin’ and the heart rate up!  We called this “pain management”.  I think we need a bit more of this in the weeks to come. It was nice to see the pax bent over thinking about their favorite varietal of wine!!!  It has such a smooth after taste! #merlotrising


Prayers or one of the Bestside originals, Golden Sombrero’s parents /  Prayers for Amelia’s family / prayers for Longbottom’s dad who had heart surgery in the coming month.

We had more anniversaries to celebrate than originally planned.  Praise to Erector!!!!  It was one year to the day that he was diagnosed with Cancer.  Praise God that he is has been cancer free since late last summer.  F3Ck Cancer!!!!!


Always a pleasure to lead and to follow!

LB- Out!!




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