1 Fng, 1 out-of-towner, and morning wood

  • Workout Date - 11/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - AFLAC
  • The PAX - Flay, FNG Toe Jam, Spackler, PETA, Wah Wah, Bratwurst, Obama, AFLAC (QIC)
  • AO -

Its been a great week in @F3SwampRabbit, and no better way to finish it than a 40 degree, 6:00 am Dawn Patrol. YHC pulls up to find 7 men ready to start their Saturday out right (sorry it didn’t end so well Flay…). 2 new faces amongst us, FNG Toe Jam, and Bratwurst all the way down from @F3Area51. Thanks to both for coming, both guys absolutely brought it, and look forward to seeing you both again.

Lunges x 20 Single count
Inchworms x 5

Lets mosey, quickly….

Part 1
4-4-4 x4
Head to the big kid playground for:
4 Wide merkins
4 Regular merkins
4 Diamond merkins
4 Squats
4 Jump squats
4 Split-jump squats
4 wide overhand pullups
4 underhand pullups
4 close grip overhand pullups

x 4
Nice start, helped knock off the chill

Part 2
Mosey back over to the circle for an Ab circuit.
20 Burpees
10 In and outs IC
6 inches hold
10 Russian Twists IC
6 inches hold
20 Flutters IC
Recover. Repeated this for another two sets, making sure feet do not touch the groud through all exercises. Alot of #Mumblechatter on this one, but the best was yet to come

Part 3
Run from circle out to Woodruff Rd and back. Didn’t measure it, but guessing 3/4 to maybe a mile-ish.

Part 4
It was time to lay the wood…. I had two oak trees cut down to provide this perfectly designed log #yourewelcomeMotherNature. Had the PAX split up into 2 groups, one on each side of the circle, maybe 30 yards apart. First round consisted of one man carrying log, running across circle to the other side ala’ red rover. While the log is being carried, everyone does burpees. Everyone continues with burpees until each person has carried log twice.
Do it again, except this time everyone does monkey humpers
One more time, except circle was widened, probably 50 yards, and everyone did THE Makhtar until each person carried the log twice.

Part 5
Almost circled it up…but what the heck, lets head over to the hill. Two jailbreak sprints from the top of the hill down to the bottom and back. PETA: “This is what an offensive lineman must feel like”

Mosey back to the circle. 2 minutes left, so based on the scientific guess of Clemson/Carolina total score this year, we knocked out 80 lbc’s. Spurrier reference thrown out here…

Great to meet and get to know FNG Toe Jam. Comes to us by way of 8 years in the military. Huge thanks for your service, way to bring it in your first F3 workout. Great to meet Bratwurst from @F3Area51, hope to see you again soon. Prayers for Flays and Spackler’s good friends both battling cancer. Thanksgiving convergence, out at Powderkeg, 7:00 am. Great work everyone

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