00's 0.0 #seewhatididthere

  • Workout Date - 12/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Grrrr, Lizard Lick, Johnny 5, Lilo, Cockroach, City Hall, Pooh Bear, iTunes, Wally, Perry Mason, Training Wheels, Pinkman - (FNG - Joe Cain), 00
  • AO -

After stirring up the wrath of Radar, YHC thought it would be best to take a brief hiatus from the Burbs and Q the Station. I don’t remember exactly what was said but I’m pretty sure that Bartman took some things out of context, stating that I challenged Radar’s manhood. I would never do such a thing. Anyway, YHC is steering clear of Radar Qs for the foreseeable future.

The Dudes at the Station were the beneficiaries of this miscommunication. Much hilarity ensued.

Smurfjacks, Mountain climbers and some merkins. There was some confusion as to the number of these, as the PAX found counting out loud difficult.

The Thang:
Technically, probably wasn’t a 0.0 as there was a brief amble to the amphitheater and I didn’t want to walk, but after that point, strictly no running.

Joe Hendricks up the amphitheater stairs. At the top, burpee broad jump to the outside, amble down the stairs, plank while the PAX collect. Then box jumps till I stay stop. YHC stayed in control most of the workout, either counting IC or just telling the PAX to rep until I said stop. Also called out Blue Hawaii for failing to post. Really hope he didn’t go the Burbs.

Repeato – Once that circuit is complete, we do some Makhtar N’Dyiaes and some derkins. We are about to start on some legs, when we hear a train – 10 burpees OYO. Maybe some box jumps mixed in again. I don’t remember. Pretty sure there were some Russian Twists in here somewhere.

Repeato – YHC begins hearing comments about future shoulder surgeries and such. It’s just a little Joe Hendricks. Once that is complete, about to start some low, slow squats, when another train comes by. After I call out 10 burpees, there is much protestation from the PAX, so we shorten it to 5. The PAX think they have gained some mercy, but they have simply redirected the wrath to another exercise. More Makhtars and Derkins. 30+ low slow squats. Again, there seemed to be some trouble counting these.

Plankwalk the length of the amphitheater. Walk over to the restrooms for some balls-to-the-wall, with 10 rep skullcrushers.

Now that the shoulders are nice and loose, we amble over to the grass for some more merkins. Somebody suggested a Jack Webb, so I obliged, up to 5 and then back down. Dan Taylor followed. More core, Makhtars, Russian Twists, and Ukranian Twists. Some Parker Peters in cadence. Can’t remember what we ended on. Called it at 6:15.

COT: Dudes, if we didn’t need a Savior, one wouldn’t have come. But he did. Let’s do a syllogism:
A Savior only comes if necessary.
One came.
Therefore, a Savior is necessary.

Great times with the Greer PAX today. Those guys are solid. Go hang out at the Station some time.

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