0.0? OK 0.01

  • Workout Date - 01/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Cabin Fever, Tea Bag, Slug, Youkilis, Gutshot, Steamer, Seal, Keystone, Swift(WB), Quaker, Gluten(WD), Brown Shorts
  • AO -

It can be difficult to devise a workout with no running. It became a 0.01 since we had to mosey to the different pain areas. Some of the PAX use the run as a recovery from the ab work. YHC prefers the ab work to the running. My QIC, my prerogative! Here’s how it went down:

Warm Up

SSHx25 IC, IWx25 IC, Windmill x25 IC

Short mosey over to the hill for Clock Merkins. Plank up on the hill at 12 o’clock for 5 Merkins. Rotate to 3 o’clock, 5 Merkin’s. Full decline at 6 o’clock, 5 Merkins. Continue for a total of 8 hours on the clock (pun intended) for a total of 40 Merkins.

Circle of Pain

Fluttersx25 IC, Dolliesx25 IC, Rosalitax25 IC

Over to the wall for People’s Chair. 3 rounds of 1:30 with arm circles and air press to counter the leg pain.

Legs are toast now so let’s do Dan Taylor. 1:4 ratio. 1 squat: 4 lunges up to 5:20 then pyramid back to 1:4.

Jack Webb. 1:4. 1 Merkin: 4 air presses up to 5:20 then pyramid back to 1:4.

Circle of Suck or Sphincter as it was named once before. 10 Merkins, duck walk to corner, 10 Merkins, bear crawl to steps, 10 Merkins, Joe Hendrix up the stairs, 10 Merkins, lunge walk back to start, 10 Merkins. Rinse and repeat with Werkins instead for a total of 100 pushups. Lots of mumble chatter ensued.

At this point Slug spots an airplane flying over. Thanks to Hook&Ladder the PowderKeg has a tradition of celebrating flyovers with a 10 burpee salute. I didn’t see it but we did them anyway.


LBCx20 IC, Boxcutterx15 IC out first, reverse Boxcutterx15 IC feet up first. The T-Merkins proved to be really tough and we held them extra long. 5 on each side for a total of 10 Merkins. Seal got some extra ones in there too. He’ll have to keep his own count for the challenge.

Great work by all the PAX today! The second anniversary/birthday of F3 Swamp Rabbit will be a convergence at Legacy Park in Greenville at 7:00 am. The Drifter 6K is quickly approaching. 60+ F3 guys already signed up. February 7 Conestee Park. Congratulations to F3 Anderson on their launch of The Farm. 22 FNGs!!! Continue to EH any man you know. They all need this.

Prayers to all our F3 brothers and their families.

See you in the GLOOM!!!

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