Awash in the Afterglow

The PAXCourtesy Flush, Almond Joy, PlayDoh, Chubbs, Kindergarten Cop
Workout Date01/10/2019
A.O. The Station

6 men assembled in the sub-artic gloom and forsook 60mph wind gusts and real feel temps in the negative triple digits, in order to enthusiastically recognize Clemson’s domination in their march through the BCS ranks.

When the call went out for a Thursday Q, YHC wasted no time grabbing it, having already given rare advance thought to a possible workout plan.    Scrapping actual job requirements, the rest of the afternoon was spent meticulously researching the F3 Exercises website for pain inducing work, suitable for fervent supporters of our National Champion.     YHC found additional inspiration in reading back through previous Station group DMs where our Nantan and  other less erudite members of our group sought to talk up Gamecock Women’s basketball accomplishments at the expense of Tiger football.      After Monday night’s exhibition of foosball dominance, all have likely converted now.

The Warm-up:


20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Windmills – let’s mosey


The Thang:

After the warm-up and mosey, the Pax arrive at Memorial Methodist where all Pax are instructed to grab a coupon.     Coupon’s secured, walk towards the Church walkway area where the lights are brighter.    At this time, YHC notes that having reached the  “Respect” age bracket, the ol’ peepers aren’t as good as they used to be, so YHC is forced to admit that the reason that we’re at the lights is so that he can see his weinke better, which has been conveniently written on 2 pages of 8×11 copy paper in very large, block letters.    Much derisive, hurtful mumble-chatter from the Pax, but we champions shrug off adversity and plow through.   The Pax are then instructed that the work will consist of two main bodies, each with a theme, which they are challenged to try and figure out.     As mentioned previously, the exercises have been gleaned from the F3 Exercises web page and are official F3 names.    The work:

Group 1

Clerkin                         44 reps

Lunges                         44 reps

Elf on The Shelf       44 reps   (very few “E” possibilities!)               using coupon

Merkins                        44 reps

SSH                               44 reps

Old Town Pain Train     10 reps   (cause these are burpees)

Never Cross Dolly     44 reps



The Lion King                 16 reps              using coupon

Imperial Squat Walker     16 reps

Goofball                            16 reps

Elf on the Shelf              16 reps   (same)     using coupon

Russian Twist                 16 reps  with coupon

Squat Thrust                   16 reps with coupon


By this point, the Pax were all clearly fired up, but time was drawing to a close, so we finish with Joe Hendrix up the Church steps, and 20 additional merkins at Namaste on  our way back to the circle for 5 MOM  (plank, heels to heaven, LBC, Big boys, corkscrews).     Very well done men.       Thanks for coming out and braving the harsh cold to laugh and work with each other.    You’re all an inspiration.   As always, I hope the workout was suitable to the levels of your abilities.


Newsflash – Station Pax Unable To Follow Simple Instructions

The PAXNo Bar, Courtesy Flush, The Muff, Almond Joy, Chubbs, PlayDoh
Workout Date12/13/2018
A.O. The Station

7 Pax rolled out of bed this frosty morning, undaunted by the early hour and the chill, determined to start their day as better men.     Mission debatably accomplished.

The morning started out oddly enough as AJ threw everyone off and defied expectations by arriving prior to warmup.      YHC should have known that this was a harbinger of the weirdness to come.      Time was approaching 5:30,  and with AJ accounted for, YHC rolled the group out, knowing that his weinke was enormous and that time was critical.    Dispensing of the workout in the traditional sense, we began moseying up 101, in the general direction of Tank Street.     No sooner had we gotten underway, than someone spotted The Muff coming in hot and on two wheels.   Being true to F3 creed, and determined not to leave any man behind, the pax doubles back to pick up our straggler (not AJ) and we’re back underway.    Just then, Courtesy Flush was spotted pulling in hotter and later, but this time,  not doubling back again, we stop where we were and YHC called 25 SSH in cadence to warm up and allow CF a chance to catch up (note to self – maybe the warmups are as much about allowing tardy pax grace minutes more so than for any actual warmup).

Finally pretty sure that we had everyone, we mosey to Tank Street, stopping for 20 Imperial Walkers on 18th street and 10 windmills on 20th street.   Warmup successfully and fully executed, we then mosey to our destination – the hill at Tank Street.     The bulk of today’s work will consist of 11’s up Tank Street, with hand release Merkins at the bottom, BBSU at the top, BUT – with a wrinkle.    After every 3rd assault up Tank, the Pax hold at the bottom and YHC calls out a core exercise for the group.    YHC thoughtfully  added the core work break to keep the 11s doable without everyone gassing out, and unable to give a balls-out effort, thereby achieving max benefit.    At this point, YHC would like to be able to note that his wisdom, forethought and yes – benevolence was roundly acknowledged and appreciated, but these lunkheads failed to grasp the shrewdness of the  planning, so I can’t.

11s destroyed, we mosey across the street to the Veterans Park for a little bear crawl action – and this is where it got weird.     YHC had all Pax line up at the far end of the Veteran wall, and CLEARLY explained that the 1st man at the end would bear crawl ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LENGTH OF THE MEMORIAL WALL.     Once the 1st man begins his bear crawl, the pax will INDEX DOWN, making sure that the next man will bear crawl the same distance down THE LENGTH OF THE MEMORIAL WALL.     No one seems confused at this point, and all do a decent job of moving down to the beginning of the wall as explained.   YHC is satisfied that the pax are getting it.    Finally it’s YHCs turn, where I drop down in position, head down looking at the sidewalk and crawl the length of the wall.    YHC gets to the end, stands up, and realizes that he’s alone…..all alone.    YHC is thoroughly confused, and looks around and sees absolutely no one.   By this time, YHC is  wondering if perhaps the PAX has pranked him by running off while he was otherwise engaged.   One point that should be mentioned at this time, is that this is a curved wall, broken up by a gate.   Anyway, walking back to where we started, and rounding the curve of the wall, YHC sees the Pax just standing by the gate.    Evidently, PAX 1 thought that the END OF THE WALL meant the gate, and stopped bear crawling when he hit the gate (about 4 ft from where we started).   Pax 2 followed suit, and ALL silently watched YHC bear crawl right by them to the END OF THE WALL without saying one word to him (YHC seriously had his head down, going like a mofo and failed to see the feet of the Pax as he passed them).      Given how the nimrods blew this so splendidly, YHC lined them up again, and made them do it again – this time,  the right way.

Time getting short, we mosey back the way that we came.    Recognizing that a train had come through earlier, it was time to pay the 10 burpee penalty, but in the spirit of Christmas bills, we paid on the installment plan with 5 burpees on 20th, 5 on 18th and a 5 burpee interest fee on 16th and 20 squats at 101 and Poinsett.

Mosey to the park entrance for 20 dips and 20 box jumps, and then on to the fountain for 5 MOM, dealers choice style (I remember erectors, leg-ups, BBSU, back scratchers and one legged erectors).

Moleskin:    Prayers up for those dealing with sickness and loss this holiday season and the coworker of a Pax going through a contentious divorce.

AJ only had to stop to tie his shoes twice, and all Pax in attendance wish that someone would get him velcro workout shoes for Christmas.

As always gentlemen, I hope that the workout was up to level of your physical abilities, because it sure was well beyond the level of your mental abilities!

Snowmageddon Pre-work at The Station

The PAXGiggety Giggety, The Muff, Courtesy Flush
Workout Date12/06/2018
A.O. The Station

Turnout was light this morning as The Country Club of AOs was competing for numbers against Earthmover’s convergence (Godspeed brother!), business travel for some of the Pax, and of course the cold.    Four of us woke up, kicked the cold in the nards, and and answered the call.     YHC was glad for the company, and am pretty sure the pax felt same.


The usual –  SSH x 20, IW x 20 and windmills x 20.     All accomplished, having given Almond Joy ample time to come in hot mid-warmup, we mosey

The Thang:

Mosey to Memorial Methodist, with a stop at the corner lot at Jason and 14 for 15 merkins to break up the run.     Grab a block at the Church and get ready to work.     10 quick man-makers and then off for a little “shoulder your bock” 4 corners.

Corner 1       14 and Arlington                                30 block chest presses

Corner 2       Arlington and Ballenger Ave       30  block overhead flutters

Corner 3     Ballenger and Church                      25 overhead block presses

Corner 4     Church and 14                                     25 squats with block

Mosey back to the Church parking lot for 2 sets of 5 man-makers, broken up by core work in between.    Put blocks up and begin another round of 4 corners, this time without blocks (since we haven’t run enough).       Same 4 corners, with 15 merkins, 20 Bobby Hurleys, 15 Big boys and 20 dips at the wall.

Mosey up 14 to Main and stop at the corner for 30 SC lunges, and then on to the park entrance.     Stop there for 20 dips, 20 box jumps and 15 derkins.     Just enough time left to mosey to the amphitheater for box jumps up the terraces ( quick note  – the Pax showed NO humor by giving YHC an un-amused blank stare when told that we were going to Joe Hendricks up the terrace levels),     Work concluded, just enough time for 5 MOM.


Wish much success to Earthmover in his relocation.

Prayers for Giggity Giggity’s mother

As always, pleasure to lead, and I hope that the workout was up to your abilities men!

Joe Hendricks World Tour (actually just Greer, but still….)

The PAXLt Sunshine, Almond Joy, The Muff, Grrr, Emeril, Wally, Perry Mason, Courtesy Flush, Traffic Jam (kotters!), Training Wheels, Levar Burton,
Workout Date10/18/2018
A.O. The Station

12 men answered the alarm, shook off the chill, and assembled in the pre-dawn gloom to eagerly await the workout that YHC had twitted about the day before.     In a brilliant move of reverse psychology, YHC had promised an easy-peasy workout of semi-vigorous arm circles, star gazers and deep breathing exercises.   Little did those gullible saps know that a beatdown was in store.



15 windmills IC

20 imperial walkers IC

10 low and slow squats (AJ didn’t seem to think that they were so slow)

Let’s mosey

The Thang:

Mosey down to the set of steps leading up from the park to Cannon Street, and Joe up the steps (JH #1).      Back pedal up Cannon to the intersection of Jason and drop for 20 merkins.    Merkins complete,  mosey up Jason to Main, and check up in the parking lot at the intersection for (something – cant remember what we did here).     “Something” completed, Pax mosies over to Memorial Methodist and  Joes up the steps in front of the Church (JH#2).    Joe complete, all head over to the Church parking where all Pax are told to get a block.   Some headscratching ensues when the Pax realizes that we’re not going to do the traditional dora, but instructions are given, and all Pax begin to work

10 squats with block (block held at chest and not goblet squats)

20 single count lunges

10 block deadlifts

5 squats with block held overhead

Rinse and repeat all.     YHC purposely kept the block work leg-centric, knowing what was yet in store.      Blocks put away after the brief leg-blast, mosey up Church street to Few and drop in the intersection for another “something” to keep the Pax grouped together.    Something completed, mosey to large front entrance steps at First Baptist for……you guessed it – Joe Hendrick #3.     Pax instructed to Joe up, lunge walk across the front entrance and bear crawl down the steps on the other side (sidenote – bear crawling down steps is awkward, and there was some mumblechatter about potential dental claims).       Joe #3 complete, assemble in the parking lot for a short 4 corners consisting of something (I really can’t remember – by this time I was making it up as I went).      Time is getting short, so all mosey down Poinsett, stopping along the way to regroup and do something else, and finally on to the park entrance for 20 SC step-ups (memory comes back to me at this point).     Mosey to the circle for a few brief minutes of Mary, but wait!!!!!  Just enough time for 10 quick burpees, 3 rounds of Mary and we’re done.




Clearly a lot of pre-planning went into this workout.    Truthfully, I had the idea of grouping all of our Joe spots up into one workout and adding some block work to engage the legs, but everything else was whatever came to mind at the time

4 corners got very awkward with some extremely close side straddle hops with some weird, intense eye-contact

Prayers for Traffic Jam as he and fam prepare for a relocation to Virginia (kotters and goodbye in the same workout?)

Prayers for NAPA and family

Other prayers mentioned but unfortunately forgotten (wonder if I should see somebody about the memory thing?) and of course, unspoken needs

Thanks for the opportunity to lead gents – as always, I hope the workout was up to the level of your abilities.

“Car up!” at The Station

The PAXKindergarten Cop, The Muff, Levar Ice Man, Almond Joy, Courtesy Flush, Grrr, Emeril, Bedbug
Workout Date09/27/2018
A.O. The Station

12 men awoke bright and early and converged in the gloom of the hallowed ground at The Station to await a patented Perry Mason beatdown.      PSYCHE!   Upon arriving, the men were informed that Perry would not be conducting today’s beatdown, but instead YHC was a last minute sub in.   The Pax were either overjoyed, dismayed or ambivalent to the revelation.     Unbeknownst to all in attendance, Perry had reached out to YHC late the previous night:

Perry:    You planning on posting tomorrow?

YHC:      Yeah.    Should I not?

Perry:      I may need you to sub in.    You’re so freaking awesome at this,  I’d consider it an honor if you lead the men in my place

YHC:     I know.

Or something like that.    Anyway, here’s what went down

Warmup:      20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers (wonderfully executed), 15 windmills.    Let’s mosey


The Thang:      Mosey out through the front of the park, and up to the intersection of Randall and Trade in downtown Greer.   While planning today’s workout ( at 5:20 am), YHC reflected back on some of his first couple of time’s posting, and fondly remembered someone leading a Trade street Dora beatdown.   I realized that we haven’t done anything on Trade in awhile, so here we go.   Halt at the intersection while the Dora is outlined and explained.    Standard Dora format, Pax 1 works, Pax 2 runs up to the light at Victoria and back.    Easy-peasy.    Pax are instructed that in an effort to keep the group relatively together, the next body of work in the Dora won’t be assigned until all teams are finished with the current assignment.    After a few quizzical looks from the Pax, YHC calls 50 burpees and we’re off.    Running and work commenced, when the gloom is pierced by headlights.    Calls of “car up” echo Trade Street as the Pax takes the appropriate evasive actions and work continues.    Little did I know that “Car up!” would become the buzz word of the day.   Holy Cow, when did Trade and Randall get so busy?!   Where did all that traffic come from?   Where are those people going?   Don’t they see we’re trying to work here?

Teams complete the burpee/run section at various times, and YHC quickly realized that he made a tactile mistake by not assigning fill-in work if teams complete the current stage completed while others are still working.    YHC quickly modifies and announces that going forward, in the event of such an occurrence, Pax should either SSH or run till all are done.

Other than continually dodging traffic, the work continues on with plenty of mumblechatter but no unusual hardships.     100 hand release merkins, 200 single count mountain climbers (should have made these double count), 300 squats and 400 flutters.

Time is getting short, so we mosey to the Wild Aces parking lot where we lunge the other side of the lot and back.

Lunges complete, mosey back to the park entrance for 20 dips OYO, 15 calf raises x 3 variations and finally mosey back to the circle for Mary

Mary:      dealers choice and YHC remembers doing LBCs, Dolly (or Rosey) erectors, plank any maybe something else

Moleskin:    Prayers for one of our brother’s upcoming doctor’s appointment where there’s a bit of apprehension, and prayers for a Pax’s co-worker dealing with a nasty kidney infection

While I enjoyed leading the Pax and hope that the work assigned was up to the level of their abilities, I do apologize for all of the traffic and for not having thought up a fill-in plan between Dora sets.     I hope that Perry’s sore knee responds favorably to a little rest and that he’s back Tuesday to rejoin the fellowship.     It was a pleasure to lead!

Rarer than Sasquatch on a unicorn – an actual Station Saturday bblast

The PAXMr. Head, Wally, Perry Mason
Workout Date09/08/2018
A.O. The Station

in an unusual moment of candor and self awareness, YHC realized that I had been incredibly lax as of late in my Saturday AO attendance, and upon further reflection realized that it seemed as if our overall Saturday numbers had been dipping as well.     So, YHC sent out an “all call”, advertising Saturdays workout as being a little less intense than a typical weekday posting, and geared to those who had been away from action, hurt, or just dealing with life’s demands.    3 fellow Pax heard the call, and converged on the “country club of AOs” for a little work.     It went something like this.


Warm up:     20 SSH IC, 15 imperial Walkers IC (flawlessly executed), 15 windmills IC, 20 Peter Parkers OYO

The Thang

Mosey down to the picnic shelter for a little intro of 25 bench presses, followed by 15 DC step-ups.   After completion, move out front of the shelter to the track, where today’s work was explained.    The work consisted of a group of excercises, followed by a mosey around the track upon completion.    Once all Pax were back, the next group of excercises would be given.    This kept the Pax all together, and allowed all to finish at roughly the same time.    YHC also explained that since this was designed to be a recovery/re-entry workout, the exercise count would be for regular attenders.   All newly returning Pax should shoot for 1/2 the called count number, or a number somewhere in between, depending on comfort.     The work portion consisted of 10 hand release burpees, 20 merkins, 30 superman merkins, 40 lunges, 50 Freddy Mercurys, 60 plank jacks, 70 SSH, 80 mountain climbers, 90 plank shoulder touches and 100 flutters.     Of course, this meant that we ran the track a total of 9 times, each time doing our best to ignore looking at or thinking about the incredibly gross thing in the middle of the sidewalk (seriously, whatever gross thing that you’re thinking of, double it),

Mosey to Memorial Methodists with a couple of regroup/core work stops along the way and team up for a dora with blocks.    The dora was executed as 100 curls, 200 chest presses, 300 overhead flutters.     Again, to keep the teams together, each successive group of work wasn’t called until both teams had finished the one they were on.

Dora complete, blocks up, mosey down Arlington with a stop at Cannon and Arlington for 10 double count hand slap merkins.    Mosey down Cannon and stop at the park entrance for 20 OYO dips.    Finally, running out of time, we head back to the picnic shelter for 20 of Perry’s favorite, Makhtar N’Diaye (I don’t know what they work either Blue), 20 heels to heaven in honor of iTunes, and 10 corkscrews each side for Cockroach.     Times up.    Finish with COT and prayers out.

Hope to see more of our brothers next Saturday and looking for a good turn-out this next week.     As always, I hope my Q was up to the abilities of my brothers.    Always a pleasure to lead!



Couponing Station Style

The PAXGrrr, Chubbs, LeVar Burton, No Bars, Emeril, Ice Man, Kindergarten Cop, Training Wheels, Perry Mason, Play Doh, Wilson
Workout Date08/28/2018
A.O. The Station

12 men eschewed the comforts of the fartsack this morning, to eagerly turn out to see how YHC was going to respond to Perry’s earlier, feeble attempt at age-shaming the Q the night before.      Did YHC get angry?    Nay says I.   Did YHC feel unjustly picked upon?     Pshaw!  Not even close.    These taunts only served as fuel for the development of a beatdown, so simple in it’s design, yet so challenging in it’s requirements.   Normally, YHC is renown for his rather large weinkie, but today’s plan was go short on variety, long on pain.   Let’s get after it.

The Warm-up –   25 SSH IC, 15 windmills IC, 20 Imperial Walker splendidly called out in cadence.

The Thang

Mosey to Memorial Methodist Church where all Pax were instructed to grab a coupon.    Coupon’s secured, Pax convened at the top of the parking lot to await further instruction.   Having 12in attendence, YHC directed 6 to the lower end of the lot with coupons, while 6 remained at the upper end, also with coupons.    Plan 1 – 11’s with both groups starting with 10 manmakers and working down.     After each round of manmakers, PAX were instructed to leave their block, run to the other end of the lot, pick up a coupon there, and work there way up from 1s, doing squats with the coupon.     Since this was a new body of work for the Pax, there was some momentary confusion at first, but all Pax got the gist in short order and got after it.    This one must have tough because YHC heard almost no mumble chatter.

Work complete, we move on to the next task – plan 2.    Under normal circumstances, coupons would have been returned at this point, but the Pax were instructed to grab em and lets go.    Plan 2 was outlined as 4 corners with coupons, but the Pax were challenged to mosey to the corners as a group and wait at each corner for the 6 to arrive and wait on the work instruction.    1st corner (Main & Arlington) 25 coupon chest presses.   2nd corner (Arlington and Ballenger) 20 DC flutters with coupons overhead, 3rd corner (Ballenger & Church) 20  curls, 4th corner (Church & Main), 20 overhead press.     Mosey back to the Church and return coupons.

At this point, we’re up against the clock, so mosey back to the circle for Mary.   But wait!   YHC hears a train approaching, so, as is the time honored tradition, the call goes out for 10 burpees.   NOW we have the mumble chatter!!!!   Evidently there’s some controversary about whether or not there ever was an actual train.   Doesn’t matter – I’m the Q, I heard it, you’re doing burpees.      Final round of work completed, on to Mary, which consisted of LBCs, Dolly, Rosie, Heels to Heaven and a final plank up.

COT:    Prayers for a speedy recovery for our brother House and the knee issues.   Also prayers for a couple of fellow Swamp Rabbit brothers and families (Seal, Padre).   Lastly there were other prayer concerns shared, but YHC couldn’t remember them all.   Fortunately the Sky Q was present, heard and doesn’t forget.

It was a simple plan, but we worked.    Great effort Station Men!    Always a pleasure to lead!

Staying dry in picnic shelter (not)

The PAXHouse, Courtesy Flush, Zipline, Wilson, Grrr, Kindergarten Cop, Homer Simpson, No Bars, Almond Joy, Training Wheels
Workout Date05/29/2018
A.O. The Station

2 regulars + 9 others who were post-Murph gluttons for punishment convened under the friendly confines of The Station picnic shelter in an effort to put in work without getting drenched.    Who knew that it  a)wasn’t going to rain throughout the duration of our workout and b) 72 degrees + 2000% humidity, coupled with zero air stirring down in the hole, would have us worse off than had we sucked it up and gotten drenched by a continuous downpour?    Oh well….adversity makes us stronger……. or something.

The Thang – warm up:

SSH x 25 I/C, windmills x 15 I/C and 20 Imperial Walkers OYO (still can’t count cadence on em, still not even trying)

The Thang – main event:

The plan was simple, and was to be primarily a 0.0 (again didn’t want the PAX to get too moist).    The  workout was announced to the group as an escalator of work to 100.    All PAX were instructed that we’d transition from one group of exercises to the next as a group,  therefore those finishing first would get a few extra seconds of wind before moving on the next.   Oh yeah – we were also going to do 5 burpees between each transition.    Lastly, not having done this particular workout before, YHC cautioned the PAX that he reserved the right to escalate back down if necessary.    Instructions given, the workout went thusly

  • 10 burpees
  • 5 burpess
  • 20 merkins
  • 5 burpees
  • 30 dips
  • 5 burpees
  • 40 squats (not easy after the Murph)
  • 5 burpees
  • 50 SC lunges
  • 5 burpees
  • 60 SSH
  • 5 burpees
  • 70 plank shoulder touches (#crowpleaser)
  • 5 burpees
  • 80 mountain climbers
  • 5 burpees
  • 90 LBC
  • 5 burpees
  • 100 SC Freddy Mercury’s
  • 5 burpees

This actually went way quicker than I had hoped, but by this point, everyone was thoroughly soaked despite my best intentions, so rather than working back down through the list (and I was tired of burpees), YHC audibled to a small Dora.    P1 worked, P2 ran the circle walkway by the shelter

  • 50 big boys
  • 100 double count American Hammers
  • 150 bench presses
  • 50 box jumps /alternate DC step-ups (kudos to KC for knocking out all boxjumps)

Time still remaining, so YHC called for a return back to the original work for a few select faves, which looked like this

  • 5 burpees
  • 100 SC Freddys
  • 5 burpees
  • 90 LBCs
  • 5 burpees
  • 40 squats (still hurts)
  • 5 burpees

Finally time expired without time for Mary, however, given the large amount of core-work during the WO, no Mary was necessary, and we worked up to the end.    Great work Station Studs!!!


  • prayers for the WYFF anchor and cameraman killed covering the story in Polk Co
  • prayers for AJ’s son’s procedure to put tubes in his ear
  • thankfulness for He who provides us with the drive and desire to come out under less than ideal conditions to work towards improving not only ourselves, but also the guys to our left and right.
  • if you’re scoring at home, that’s 80 burpees

As always guys, I hope the workout was worthy of your abilities.     It was a pleasure to lead.




The PAXWilson, Grrr, Perry Mason, Training Wheels, Blue Hawaii, Kindergarten Cop, Emeril, House, Zipline, Courtesy Flush, Wally, Almond Joy, Cockroach (Kotters), I-Tunes, Homer Simpson
Workout Date05/08/2018
A.O. The Station

They came singularly or sometimes two-by-two (sometimes even wearing the same clothes), but in any case, 16 men disdainfully shook off the fartsack and appeared in the gloom for an archived YHC beatdown that had the men in mid-workout mumblechatter form right from the warmup.     The more perceptive and astute of you may notice that my post-workout tweet noted that “kotters” were extended to two of our rejoining brothers.   You may also notice that only one brother is given kotters in the backblast.    That is on purpose.

On to the show……..

Looking around confirms that all present are crafty veterans, so as is typical, the mission statement and disclaimer are dispensed with in the interest of getting right to work.    As it typical and customary with all #TheStation workouts, we began with SSH (25 IC) and Imperial Walkers (20 OYO).     YHC called OYO’s because AJ felt the need to ONCE AGAIN throw shade on YHC’s IW/IC counting abilities.     Following the IW’s, YHC called for tempo merkins IC.   Once again, shade was cast on YHC’s cadence counting abilities as Cockroach, who hasn’t been to a workout in 6 years, felt the need to point out that the tempo merkins weren’t truly in cadence because the tempo durations weren’t consistent.    YHC quickly realized that it was going to be THAT kind of workout, and smiled, securely in the knowledge that he was getting ready to rain down a merciless  beatdown that would have this chatty group silenced forthwith

Leaving the circle, the PAX moseyed the long way around the lake to the bottom of the steps for a quick Joe Hendricks up the steps to the bottom of Cannon Street.    Once all PAX were assembled, YHC explained the work – we would be doing burpee builders up Cannon, all the way to Poinsett.      The build consisted of 25 merkins at the bottom, 25 in-and-outs (or whatever) at the intersection by Bob Barker’s Namaste studio and then conclude at the stopsign with 25 jumpsquats.    At this point, several of the PAX dropped like they have been shot in order to try and get out of the gate ahead, but wait!   There’s more!   After the jumpsquats, we reverse course, back to the Namaste intersection for 15 bigboys and back to the bottom of the hill for a rinse and repeat, with descending sets of 25-20-15-10-5.     As expected, KC and Training Wheels distanced themselves from the rest of the group and set sail.   The rest paced themselves accordingly, making sure to leave sufficient breath to complain incessantly about how much running we were doing and how much this sucked.    I’m proud to say that all PAX successfully executed the workout and kudos to the group for turning around en-masse and picking up the 6 so that we finished together.

Still a little time to kill, so finish out the workout with a mosey back up Cannon to the park entrance, 25 dips, karaoke to the fountain, 5 count Lt Dan, DC step-ups  up the amphitheater and then erectors against a wall (thanks FIA).

Lastly, back to the circle for a quick Mary consisting of called work from our Kotters guys, Cockroach (corkscrews, go figure) and Blue (can’t remember, wasn’t that good anway).

Circle up – all good with the PAX so minimal prayer concerns (our brother Blue’s mother), and thanks to our Creator for the ability to be out pushing one another, and lifting up of unspoken concerns.

Guys, i give you all as much grief as I possibly can, but it’s genuinely a pleasure to be with, and lead you all in gloom.

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Workout Date03/08/2018
A.O. The Station

9 men woke to the harsh sound of alarms and snoring M’s, no doubt checked the temps on their weather channel apps,  said “screw it – I’m getting better today”, and rolled out of bed and appeared in the gloom.     Here’s how it went down

The Thang:

Warmup – SSH IC x 25 (executed flawlessly by all).    Next – Imperial Walkers IC.    The intent was to execute 25 of these as well, but evidently, YHC has a bit of a tempo/rhythm issue counting these out, so we mercy killed it after about 12 or so, and allowed YHC to save some face by calling 15 Abe Vigodas  IC.    Enough of this nonsense – time to work

Mosey to the park entrance and set the stage for a dora beatdown.    The lineup was as follows.   P1 runs to the fountain and back, P2 works

100 x Derkins

200 Box jumps (that’s a lot of freaking box jumps)

300 SC lunges,

200 Makthar N’Diayes

100 Dips

Not having any idea how long this would take, YHC had other punishment in mind to follow the dora, but this one wound up taking almost all of our time.    The 200 box jumps served notice that this was a real workout, but the 200 Makthar’s kicked ass.    Early into the Makthar’s someone asked if we could audible and flip the count on the M’s and dips.   Originally, after a brief group consultation, YHC agreed that this was a fine idea,  however, while “enjoying” my run segment, YHC considered who we are, and why we’re here.     Certainly the audible would have been the much easier course to take, but that’s not us.    We’re F3 men.   We’re here to get better, to push, support and encourage each other and we DON’T take the easy way out.    After coming to this conclusion, YHC got back to the work and announced that the audible had been audibled, and that we were sticking to the plan – 200 Makthars.    Proud to say that the 9 men present set their mind’s and bodies to the task and grunted them out.    It wasn’t easy, but we owned those mofos.     I hope those present feel as good about themselves and their efforts as I do.   We earned it men.

Time is almost up, so move to a quick Jack Webb (1:4 x 5) and finish up with 5 min of Mary.   Lastly, in celebration of no train, we conclude with 5 burpees and circle up to give thanks for having the ability to be there.

Excellent work F3 Greer men.   I’m proud to have lead you today.