Freaky 13 for Friday 13th

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXWhisper (Respect), NYOPT, The Muff, Soccer Mom, Mint Julep, ATM, Sammy, Benign, Peek-A-Boo, Mayo, Officer Poncherello, LOB, Short Barrel
Workout Date07/13/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

I got to pitchfork a little early to discover a measly attempt to block of the parking lot due to some repaving. Well done Greenville County School district, but I think we all know who the real person behind it is. Mint Julep is not about to hand off a crappy A.O. without some much need improvements. Job well done. So I sneak past the barricade only to see several cars already in the parking lot. Run nerds are out, but be careful, I heard they are trying to infect a lot of the pax, but they are not getting this guy. No spank you!

Head over to where we keep the tire, blocks and fire hose to discover that somebody put the  tire about 10′ under a low lying tree. So after grunting, cussing (just a little), maybe a shart or two, I finally got it free. Next several minutes were moving some blocks, tire, sandbags (Thanks LOB) and fire hose over to the playground.  Now that the humidity is 150% and there is not a try spot on me (especially my shorts), back to the flags to continue the workout.

Mission Statement: I knew but wanted to recap Church Lady’s rendition.  “F3, to invigorate men”

Disclaimer: Just follow my lead (always modify)

Warm-up: 20 x SSH IC

20x Hillbillies IC

Little baby arm circles forwards and backwards

The Thang:

Head to the play ground and partner up for 7 stations. Tabata and AMRAP style. 1 minute workout/ 15 sec. rest.

Station 1: Concrete blocks on the BBall court. pax in the middle does flutters while holding block overhead. Pax #2 carries one block in each hand around perimeter of court. Short walk = lunges, long walk = normal carry.

Station 2: Tire flip back and forth with a burpee after every flip.

Run to the entrance of the bus loop and back.

Station 3: 60lbs. sandbag squats while pax #2 throws 40lbs. sandbag over parallel bars goes to the other side and repeato.

Station 4: Pullups and leg raises

Run to the entrance of the bus loop and back.

Station 5: with weights flys and then curls

Station 6: Battle hose (use fire hose like ropes alternating up and down with each arm) and pax #2 upright rows

Station 7: Kettle bell swings with block and pax #2 shoulder press with weights.

We used all 20lbs dumbells except for upright rows we used 15lbs.  All the pax got through all 7 stations and we got in over a mile running. Put all the equipment up and back to the flags. Done!

T-Claps to the run nerds who got in 3.5 miles before hand. (3B, LOB, Mint Julep, Mayo, & NYOPT)

Announcements: Mac has the Q at Pitchfork tomorrow, 7/20 Sammy’s 1 year anniversary Q from his M.I. (oh sorry myocardial infarction, that’s a heart attack fellas) I sometimes forget I’m a doctor, site Q change Monday at TOT LOB-Lt. Dangle, Tuesday convergence at Golden Strip with site Q change Benign-NYOPT, following Tuesday convergence at PF for site Q change MJ-PineTar.

Prayers: Andrew Brunson, Cheesesteak funeral for mom, F3 Gump in Lexington area funeral for son tomorrow, Deflated safe travels.

Always a pleasure brothers!

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This June challenge is dumb!

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXHot 4 Teacher, Paper Boy, Church Lady (Respect), Lt. Dangle, Franzia, Look Out Below, Squid, Thumper, No Show, My 2 Dads, Short Barrel Run Nerds: Bambi, Urban, Goose Egg, Road Trip, Whisper(Respect), NYOPT
Workout Date06/04/2018
A.O. Tower of Terror

Rolled into TOT to find NYOPT, Bambi, and Road Trip knocking out some push-ups and sit-ups before channeling their inner feelings and taking a Monday morning stroll.   I saw Look Out Below’s truck but he was no where to be found, then all of a sudden he emerges from the gloom with that white paper, none of us crave but all of us need. They say Sunday is a good day to cleanse the soul but I guess Monday morning (at TOT behind the dumpsters) is a good place to cleanse the colon?

Over the next few minutes Pax began to arrive and the #runnerds are trying to decide whose hand to hold while crossing the street. I think that is when @F3_Urban made the suggestion, to just hold hands always, and just like that they are off to frolic through dowtown Simpsonville (I’m so proud). Seriously #T-claps to LOB(4 mile pre run), and Bambi, NYOPT, and RT for doing some early work. #ISI

Mission: Nailed It!

Disclaimer: I’m already out of breath!!

Warm-up: SSH x 20 IC

IW x20 IC (thats when Simpsonville’s finest rode through on us, and                        Lt. Dangle suggested monkey humpers, so……………….

Monkey Humpers x20 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles forward and reverse…….mosey to the                                       amphitheater behind the police station.

The Thang: PARTNER UP! De-esculator: pax #1 runs from the amphitheater to the other end of the parking lot and does 20 merkins. Pax #2 box jumps up the amphitheater steps to the top (5 total), does 20 dips, step down 10 1-legged squat, step down 10 1-legged squat (of course switch, I thought about writing it down, maybe in crayon, but I was afraid somebody in the group would eat them), step down to bottom #AMRAP as many BBSU til partner returns. Switch and everybody does the same thing. Then next go round pax #1 does 19 merkins and so on………. a lot of creativity went into planning of this one. All pax got down to 14 merkins so official count to follow.

Mosey back to the flags. I held back my ever burning desire to dominate on the run, to be a good Q and pick up the 6. No matter what you hear from the any of the pax, the wheezing and loud crying was all a ploy to mentally boost morale. You guys don’t want me to unleash the beasty beard, no sir you do not! Stupid fast…………

Back at the flags the nerds were throwing out high fives and butt slaps until the real men showed back up wondering, “Where in the hell, did the Q go?” When I blazed in like Antonio Banderas riding a rogue unicorn a-blazed with a golden trident, shock and aww, fell over the crowd. That’s when somebody said “who let him Q!

Finished up with flutters x20 IC and 10 BBSU OYO.

Official Numbers:

Merkins: 119

1.75 miles and 60-80ish BBSU’s

#t-claps to Thumper for coming back out and picking up the 6(really the Q). Apologies to Lt. Dangle for the out-dated Metallica but like always, bravo to Church Lady for knowing every song, year, album, singer, place of birth, social security #, mothers maiden name, and blood type of every group and member.

Announcements: 6/16 3 year PF convergence (more to follow), tomorrow 6/5 ATM 3 year anniversary Q at PF, friday 6/8 Whisper’s 3 year anniversay Q at PF.

Prayers: Andrew Brunson (imprisoned in Turkey), Soccer Mom’s mother-in-law is being moved to hospice, Cheese Steaks mom.

Fellas, I hate getting up this early, I hate this challenge, but man I love hanging out with you fellas so, thanks for being you! Always a great way to start off a day. SYITG

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1000 Reps Please

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXLook Out Below, Peek-A-Boo, Church Lady (Respect), Kindergarden Cop, Washer, ATM, Hope Solo, Courtesy Flush, Bambi, Whisper (Respect), Celine Dion, Pine Tar, Deflated (Respect)
Workout Date04/20/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

T-Claps to MJ and Celine Dion for getting to the workout early and helping me set up. Just a reward for there due diligence, I hit them up with smooth soulful sounds of……… know it……….Hall & Oats greatest hits. I mean seriously can anything get a bunch of dudes ready to sweat, and grunt it out with each other like Private Eyes, Maneater, One on One………..I think not. Of course lets go ahead and address the elephant in the room, or should I say glorious unicorn. That is we had Bambi, ATM, and Celine Dion all at the same workout together! I know, I’m as pumped as MJ was about calling them out for it. Needless to say, as the mumble chatter started to rise (due to the awesome music selection), in roles LOB with not only weights but a role of toilet paper. 3 minutes til workout and I just figured I would fill him in on the workout when he got to the bus loop. However, by the time we started the mission statement, who do I see in the circle, LOB! Dude has got some serious pooping skills, I mean I got a hundo on that b-hole, he is the fast pooper in F3. I mean that think has been used so much……. alright lets just begin.

Mission statement: I nailed it! But nobody could here me because of the sweet sounds coming out of my speaker. Plus everybody was laughing and making fun of it……..jealousy boys, per jealousy. (I’ll burn you guys a tape)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as needed.

Warm up: SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Little baby arm circles (forward then backwards)

The thang:

Mosey to the track and partner up. Change to the tunes to a predesignated  play list I have for getting after it!  A great mixture of old and new rock, which by the way, Church Lady was on top of. Not only could this dude name the song, but the artist, band, name of CD and year it came out. That’s it church, next time a kick a$$ concert is in town. Were going and probably have to uber it home………let’s move on.

Dora style. 1st pax exercise, 2nd pax run a lap

Alternating hand move merkins x100

Flys x100

Shoulder press x100

Shoulder shrugs x100 (w/ CMU’s)

Upright rows x100

Calf Raises x100

Squats x100

Colt 45’s x10

Tricep Extensions x100

Tire flip with a burpee x50 (flip the tire do a burpee, partner flips it back, then does a burpee) Only exercise we didn’t run.

Close to a thousand reps. We didn’t get in all of the exercise but came real close and I had us down for close to a 1.5 miles. T-claps fellas! Finished up with forming a line and flipping the tire back to it’s holding spot while doing a burpee each time. Back to the flags.

Finished up with das flutters x20 IC and LBC’s x 20 IC.


Convergence with FIA @ #thestation 4/28

5/19 W.A.R. Fund 5K & Mud Run

Prayer Request:

Andrew Brunson

Pine Tar’s neighbor (Carl)-Stroke in CCU at GHS.

Levi-1 1/2 year old at Brookwood Church that is in critical condition with blood clots, swelling on the brain, having to have blood transfusions, etc.

Gentlemen it is always the worst part of my day getting up that early, to do all the dump stuff that we do. I can’t imagine life without it. Thanks


Short Barrel

5 Card Stud #TOT style

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXLook Out Below, Road Trip, Third Base, Lite Bright, NYOPT, Soccer Mom, Squid
Workout Date

So the weather conditions were awesome. Low 50’s and slight breeze, pax started to emerge out of the gloom to see what this morning’s workout had in store. All of a sudden, like a flash out of nowhere, Look Out Below appeared to collect some much needed paperwork for a fello prerunner. Lets just say, he was having to make priority #1 coming straight from #2. Like the great Austin Powers said “Who does #2 work for?” T-Claps to LOB for not only being prepared but rocking an awesome pair of ranger panties. Way to have your bro’s butt, I mean back.But lets move on……..

With the pax all gathered round, F3 mission was attempted, disclaimer was given, and I think they got the point.


SSH x 20 IC
Hillbillys x 25 IC

Mosey to the block and head to the church parking lot:

5 Card Stud #deckofdeath Style

Clubs=4 ct. Flutter Kicks
Hearts=Merkins with feet on the block.
Diamonds=Block Swings(same thing as a kettle bell swing but with a block)

Every 5 cards run around the city block. #yo-yo style. Slow mosey east and west but jail brake(or best attempt) north and south. We ended up getting 5 hands in before times up. My apologies fellas but I forgot to start my watch to measure how far we traveled but thanks for the great effort. Tallies for the workout:

Block Swings=56

Blocks up and back to the flags for 2 minutes left. Since my fello #weirdo was not there we did a workout in his honor. Big props for my boy ATM (thanks again for inviting me to F3 and fartsacking on my first day).


Alternating Shoulder Touches x 20 OYO
Tempo Merkins x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 OYO


Announcements: Whisper running half marathon this weekend. Whisper you sir are a beast.

Prayers: for Alexis family, young girl who passed away

Praise: LOB grandfather who wasn’t suppose to make it out of the hospital but did. God is Great!

Main thing fellas. I hate getting up that early in the morning and don’t really like all the dumb stuff we come up with for each other to do. But man I really enjoy all of your friendships. Thanks a lot.

Short Barrel


Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXLook Out Below, Road Trip, Faukner, Name Your Own Price Tool, Benign, Squid, Lite Brite, 3B(Partially)
Workout Date12/01/2016

Nice chilly morning after some much needed rain. A bolt of lighting came by like a streak (Look out Below), with a prerun before the work. 3B and Lite Brite came strolling in from a nice 4 mile preruck. Nice work fellas.

Mission Statement


SSH x25 IC
Windmills x25 IC
Little baby arms circles forward and then reverse for a bit.

Main Thang:

Lets mossey. Headed down to the WWII memorial for a little sweat equity. Had to make a detour due to some down trees from the nasty weather the night before. Arrived at the parking area and instructions to follow. Escalator BLIMPS: Starting at 5 Burpees. Run brick path back to main road then back to parking area. 5 Burpees-run, 5 Burpees & 10 Lunges-run, 5 Burpees & 10 Lunges & 15 Imperial Walkers-run, you get it…… followed up with Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats……However, somewhere between 2 and 3 set 3B made a jail break to the car. Said his stomach was upset, I think it was more nerves due to who had the Q. Don’t tell him……he’s a pretty big boy. Pax finished up and mosey back to the flag.

Stop just shy of the flags for some Mary with a sandbag
Modified Guantanamo: Shoulder to shoulder on your six holding 45 degrees. Pass the 40lbs ruck to the end with the end pax, trying to shove everybody’s legs down, get to the end call up for one BBSU. Pass sandbag back, start over with 2nd pax. 2 BBSU at the end. Due to time and wanted to make it back to the flags. Modified after about 5 to shoulder to shoulder standing, 1st pax sprint to the front with sandbag, pass it down do a burpee. Time


F3 Christmas party 12/10 with last day to donate for operation Sweetooth

Lite Brite-job (thats why he could not stay for the workout, job interview)
Drake-My little Brony’s son
NYOPT pastor-cancer

Allways a pleasure Gentlemen

Short Barrel

Changing of the guard……..

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXATM, 3B, Name your own price tool , Squid, Whisper (respect), Macho Man, Bambi, Barney, Sammy, Mint Julip, Butterbean, Road Trip, Steak Sauce, Urban, Affordable Care Act, Soccer Mom, Short Barrel-YHC
Workout Date08/15/2016

17 brave souls came out to #TOT for the changing of the guard. Every year we rotate site Q’s and today was the day that Soccer Mom took the helm from Macho Man as the head of AO for TOT. Tclaps Soccer Mom for stepping up.

Condition: Humid, warm, typical morning in the 81′

Warm-up: Smurf Jacks-IC x 25
Windmills-IC x 25
Monkey Humpers-IC x 20

The Thang: Mosey to a new spot several of the ruckers found a while ago. 2′ wall followed by a big, uncut, possibly fire ant infested field.
11’s starting with box jumps and superman merkins halfway across the field

Some pax had to modify to step ups due to extra weight. Tclaps to Macho Man and ATM for not making the YHC be the sole rucker this morning. I’ve tried to get my M and 2.0’s into rucking but then we would have a mother rucker and those little ruckers and I already have my ruck buddies…… get the picture. Mosey back to the flags.

Merkin trail of tears: Plank position, shoulder to shoulder, end pax x 2 bear crawl to the end call down for 1 merkin. Increase by 1 merkin each group of pax that bear crawls to the end. Stay in place and on your six. Modified Guantanamo, pax holds 45, while 2 pax try to push their legs down (not to hit the ground) at the end of the line call up with 1 BBSU. Repeat, increasing by 1 each group till done (crowd pleaser). I will say some pax get more excitement out of torturing each other more than the rest…… On your feet, shoulder to shoulder, pass the ruck down to the end, once the ruck leaves your hand, burpee. Pass them back. When the first ruck gets to the starting point, sprint with ruck to the end of the line and repeato. Till entire pax is done.

Mary: Flutters-IC x 30
LBC’s-IC x 25
Rosa Lita’s_IC x 20

Announcements: Soccer Mom new Site Q for TOT.
Whisper new Site Q for Pitchfork.
Floppy Disc new Site Q for Golden Strip.
TClaps gentlemen #leaderslead

Michelin 5K this weekend.

Prayers: Squid, Butterbean, NYOPT 2.0’s headed off for college. Rusty Nail with pretty nasty elbow fracture.

Always a pleasure gentlemen. Could not imagine a morning, week or month without F3.

Short Barrel

B.L.I.M.P.S. escalator with a "little" tire flipping

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXPine Tar, Whisper (Respect), Mint Julip, My little brony, Easy Bake, Ian (FNG)-King Pin-Hate!, Deflated (Respect)
Workout Date08/06/2016

8 pax circled up for disclaimer and intro for the FNG to try out this beautiful Saturday morning workout.

Conditions: warm, humid, but a great morning for work


SSH-IC x 20
IW-IC x 20
Little baby arm circles forwards and backwards approx. 10 sec. each


Mosey to the track for an escalator B.L.I.M.P.S.
5-burpees to start run to the other side of the track
5-burpeees, 10-lungees run back to the start……you get the picture. Increase in numbers of 5 with running half a track lap in between.
Imperial Walkers
Plank Jacks
Plank for the 6.

Line up, on your 6 for some core. Shoulder to shoulder holding 45 with the end pax walking down the line trying to push your feet down. When he gets to the end calls up for BBSU. Each pax takes turn until everyone goes and increasing by 1 BBSU each time.

Mosey to Pitchfork speedway for some tire flipping
2 tires opposite ends of the track, then split the pax, 4 on each. Flip 1st tire then box jump in middle and box jump out, run to next tire. Flip tire, step to the side, 1 burpee, run to next tire. Goal was to make both tires do a full lap. Both tires almost made the lap but ran out of time.

Mosey back to the flags for some Mary:
Flutters-IC x 20
Rosalittas-IC x 20
LBC’s-IC x 20

T-Claps to Easy Bake for leading the pax in the BLIMPS
T-Claps to Deflatted, 1st week out brings FNG

Announcements, Prayers, Named FNG Ian-King Pin (he likes to bowl)

Great work guys

Short Barrel

Isn't it easier to roll the tire?

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXMint Julip, Whisper (Respect), Church Lady, YHC
Workout Date06/18/2016

Between pathfinder workouts, F3 dads, and normal beach trips the pax was pretty small at pitchfork this Saturday. Weather was awesome compared to all the humid mornings we have had the last two weeks. Overcast with a nice breeze. Circled up, disclaimer, lets begin.


SSH x 20
HB x20

Mosey to the side basketball court for some 11’s. Merkins and Squats. Head on over to the swing sets for some Swinging’ Burpees. 1 pax holds swing while 2nd pax gives okay to release. Box jump over swing, hit the deck, swing returns to pax 1, and pop tall. Took a little coordination from the pax to get this down but we were able to complete 5 reps and 4 sets.

Mosey to the pitchfork speedway for some good ole tire flippin. Take turns flipping the tractor tire all the way around the speedway. However about every other rotation Q would call out a random exercise to be done immediately after the tire flip (burpee, box jump in and out of the tire, 5 merkins, etc.) Return tire to it’s resting place.

Mosey to the small parking lot beside speedway. 11’s with big boy sit-ups and squats. Except lunge walk one direction, sprint back the next. Head to the flags for mary.


Rosalita’s x 20 IC
Flutters x 20 IC
Tempo LBC x 20 IC
Back scratchers x 20 IC


Prayers: Orlando shooting victims and families. Ponch’s M with upcoming baby due. Whispers M travel. Fathers Day coming up.

Always a Pleasure

Short Barrel


Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXSpackler, Lite Brite, Thumper, ATM. FNG Pistol Pete (Travis Nelson), Hulk Smash (Respect), Church Lady, Whisper (Respect), Bambi, Look Out Below, Soccer Mom, Third Base, John Denver, Dr. Phil, Short Barrel-YHC
Workout Date04/16/2016

15 brave pax resisted the urge to fart-sack to try to accomplish a childhood dream of forever becoming a pitchfork firefighter. This was my VQ plus I had an FNG coming so some problems were to be expected. Especially since this is the second time I am writing this backblast. (The first one got deleted!!!!) Intro of pax to FNG, F3 mission statement (thanks ATM), disclaimer and begin:

Warm up:

SSH x 20 IC (side note to the best cadence man in F3-Affordable Care Act, I tried to mimic you but I didn’t do it just-much love ACA)
Hill Billys x 20 IC

Mosey to the speedway:

Split pax into 5 groups of 3 for some AMRAP stations. I tried to simulate the firefighter agility test we give to all new hires……….this was as close as it comes.

7 stations 5 min. each AMRAP
1.50′ section fire hose for some battle hose. pax 1 alternating arms, pax 1 both arms together, pax 3 run a lap
2.3-50′ sections of fire hose connected together. 2-4′ taped boxes on the ground 75′ apart. pax 1 sprint with one end of the hose over your shoulder 75′ to second taped box, drop down take a knee, and hand over hand until all hose is in box. pax 2 plank position, pax 3 run a lap
3.Tractor tire with 2-50′ sections of 2 1/2 hose. Each hose is taped to simulate a high-rise kit. pax 1 & 2 take a section of hose and do step ups. pax 3 run a lap
4.Tractor tire with 2-8lbs sledge hammers. pax 1 & 2 hit tire alternating shoulder simulating a forcible entry prop. pax 3 run a lap
5.4 CMU’s (concrete masonry unit-thanks Soccer Mom) pax 1 & 2 carry to blocks (simulated saws) down 50′ to cone and back. 10 goblet squats. pax 3 run a lap
6.Victim Removal- 145lbs mankin (Carl) carried by 2 pax 50′ around cone and back. pax 3 run a lap. (This is where I forgot to tell everybody about my second FNG-Carl. Carl is real lazy and likes to be carried everywhere. Carl really SUCKS!!)
7.pax 1 flutters, pax 2 LBC’s, pax 3 run a lap

Great effort by the entire pax. Last count was 2.3 miles that day. But wait, we still have 15 minutes left.

Welcome to the Great Wall of Fire Tire?!?…wait….what….

Position both tractor tries side by side on the track. split pax into 2 groups. 1 pax from each group gets in tire. Pax lifts tire over head pax 1 runs with simulated high rise get around track. Rest of pax moves tire, while being held overhead to first inside cone (approx. 25′ away). Hold tire till pax returns from running. Pax 1 stands in middle, tire is lowered down, pax 1 gets out-pax 2 get in. Rinse and repeat till tire has made it all the way around track and all pax have taken at least one lap. About 10 cones around track. Both tires made it about 3/4 around track before times up.

Mosey back to flags for COT and naming of FNG-Pistol Pete (Travis Nelson)

I wanted to tell everybody how much I appreciated there hard work but more importantly for being apart of one of the coolest things I have done in a while…..F3. Spackler told me at church about it, and when I got home my M said a guy she worked with did it (ATM). So the next day I email him, within the hour we are texting, an hour after that we are talking on the phone. Then the following Saturday I’m at F3 (ATM fart-sacked…I’m not going to tell anybody else). SpongeBob did the deck-of-death and I couldn’t walk for 3 days. Took me a week to come back but it’s like everybody says “you come out for the workout, you keep come back for the fellowship.” It’s been a long time since I have been around a group of men that believe being a husband, father, leader, and Christian is something to be proud of. Until I started coming to F3. We were all asked around the first of the year to come up with some commitments, because a man stands by his commitments and doesn’t just make empty promises. Well one of mine was a journal. I know most of the guys it was a workout or physical commitment but hear me out. I just wanted something for my boys to have, to tell them what there dad did and was thinking. Historical events, things I’ve seen or done in my firefighting career, family events, etc. (I highly recommend this). Before my first Q I was just flipping through my journal and read my first entry. “Today I did a really hard workout with a group of guys known as F3. The workout really sucked, but at the end we took prayer requests, and then prayed. Besides my salvation and my family, one of the coolest things I have done in a while”

Thanks Spackler for telling me……….thanks ATM for inviting me……….all the other pax……………thanks for being F3………