Blocks and Bollards

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXGrrr, Wilson, Almond Joy, Wax On, Training Wheels, Blue Hawaii, Emeril, Courtesy Flush, Kindergarten Cop, House, Zipline, Perry Mason
Workout Date07/24/2018
A.O. The Station

YHC was tied up yesterday and did not light up the Batsignal for a Q, so I figured I would throw something together this am.  12 PAX made it to the Station for a coupon 4 corners smokefest.   Plus KC decided to get some extra credit by taking on a traffic bollard.  Spoiler alert – the bollard lost.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC 

Butt kickers x 20 OYO

High knees x 20 OYO

Overhead claps x 20 OYO

Merkins x 20 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to MUMC to get our coupons.  Partner up, with only 1 coupon needed per team.  Mosey down to the corner of Arlington and 14 for some 4 corners.  Each partner does an exercise with the block at each corner.  The other partner planks while they wait.  Switch who carries the coupon at each corner.  The exercises were:

Manmakers x 10

Overhead presses x 20

Flutters (DC) x 30

Squats x 40

We mosey back to the starting line for round 2, making sure to flip the order of carrying the block so each partner gets to carry the block up Ballenger Avenue.

Time to put the coupons away and mosey back to the park, taking the long route via Arlington to pick up Wilson’s water bottle.

The plan was to stop at the gazebo.  KC, House, and Blue took off ahead of the group, and I was tempted to let them run up the hill towards the Spinning Jenny before calling them back, but I was nice enough to tell them where we were going.  At the gazebo, we did 10 pull ups and then moseyed over to the steps for Joe Hendricks, planking at the top while everyone finishes.

It was time to mosey back to the circle for Mary, and again the same 3 took off ahead racing towards the finish line.  KC was so jacked up, he decided to take out one of the traffic bollards next to the cemetery.  Actually, he was running backwards on his victory lap, but did not see the bollards coming before crashing into to it.  The bollard seems to have gotten the worst of the collision, as it came out of the ground and toppled over.

But with KC having to recover from the collision, House did declare himself the winner of the race to the circle.  I suspect he will pay for that soon.


Erectors x 20 IC

Heels to heaven x 20 IC

Corkscrews x 15 each side OYO

Plank shoulder touches x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Naked Man Moleskin

Tclaps to Wilson for completing another ultra.  His #Respect birthday is rapidly approaching. Let 00 if you want to join in the Krispy Kreme challenge he is planning in Wilson’s honor.

Prayers for the mom of one of the PAX who broke her shoulder and for him as he travels for work.

Prayers for a family member going through a divorce who is also awaiting biopsy results on a mass.

Dora Meets Makhtar

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXNo Bars, Erector, Wilson, Zipline, Iceman, Blue Hawaii, Almond Joy, Moosehead, Needs Better Friends, Homer Simpson, Emeril, Wax On, Kindergarten Cop, Mr. Head, Grrr, Perry Mason
Workout Date07/03/2018
A.O. The Station

16 at the Station for a humid pre-Fourth of July workout.  YHC promised on Twitter last night that there would be no merkins or big boys today for those coming off the June Challenge.  I am a man of my word, but I think some of the PAX would have preferred the merkins.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Wanted to stretch the back out a bit ,so modified the lunge to down on 1 count, twist your torso to the right on 2, turn to the left on 3, and back up on 4.   x 20 IC

Forward arm circles x 20 OYO

Backward arm circles x 20 OYO

Overhead press x 20 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the gazebo for Dora.  Partner up with P1 running around the pond while P2 does the following exercises, then flip:

100 pull ups

200 Maktar N’Diaye’s (this was a crowd pleaser)

300 corkscrews

Next Joe Hendrix up the stairs and make our way around to the shelter for 10 bench presses, 10 dips, and 10 double count step ups.  Rinse and repeat.


Erectors x 15 IC

Heels to heaven x 15 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

LBCs x 15 IC

Hold plank until time is out

Naked-Man Moleskin

The Station will have a P200 team captained by Grrr.  I believe we were up to 9 Twitter commits, but its time to HC since registration is open.   See Grrr to confirm your spot or sign up for one of the 3 remaining spots, as registration is capped at 150 teams.  We also need a driver.  

Convergence tomorrow at Main Thang for the 4th.  KC has the Q.   Be there if you can.

Some of the PAX, including YHC, are running the Red White and Blue Shoes 5K at Furman.  Looks like you can still sign up if you want to see my 14 year old 2.0 smoke her old man.

Good to see Erector back in the Gloom after he ditched us to drive double the distance to Main Thang for the past few months.  So I guess for a day at least I get to reverse the meme I posted a while back:


Forties at The Station for My Fortieth

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXIceman, Bob Barker, The Muff, Training Wheels, Almond Joy, Kindergarten Cop, Courtesy Flush, Bubble Wrap, Needs Better Friends (Name change), Grrr, House, Mr. Head, Wax On, Moosehead, Emeril, Homer Simpson, Perry Mason
Workout Date06/07/2018
A.O. The Station

YHC grabbed the Q a while back so that I could share my excitement over it being Liam Neeson’s birthday today.  And I guess I should also mark the fact that I am turning 40.

As I planned the workout, it felt like the PAX needed some help with their June Swamp Rabbit Challenge reps.  So I decided to help them get plenty of merkins and big boys centered around the number 40.


SSH x 40 IC.  Lots of mumble chatter around rep 25 when guys started to figure out it was a birthday Q.  Everyone seemed pleased with the development.

Arm circles 20 forward, 20 backward

Butt kickers 40 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the shelter for part one of the birthday bonanza.  I was surprised to learn there is an actual F3 Nation exercise titled Forties.  Sounded perfect to me, but there seemed to be a lot of confusion as I explained the workout (especially with Bob).  Its 11s with more reps, fellas.   

Start with 30 merkins, run a lap around the circle, and then do 10 big boys.  On the next round, reduce the merkins and increase the big boys by 5 each round until down to 10 merkins and 30 big boys.   100 reps total of each if you did the basic reps.  Several of the PAX got extra credit, though, because they thought we were going to 35/5 or were joining in with the six to finish out their reps.

For part two, we mosey over to the corner of Jason and Cannon for 4 corners.  Sticking with the theme, we did 20 hand release merkins and 20 big boys at each corner.  I only had to explain the concept three times to Bob this time around.  I did tell the PAX they could modify the exercises if they needed to or were not doing the June challenge.  For those that did the reps, that’s another 80 of each for a total of 180.

The guys were killing these exercises, so we finished up faster than I expected and had some time to kill.  So I led everyone over to the church to grab a coupon.  20 overhead presses and 20 squats, OYO.  Put your blocks back and head back to the circle for Mary.


20 corkscrews each side OYO

Heels to heaven IC.  I heard the PAX going through several of the stages of grief about this exercise:

1. Denial – “Surely he is not doing 40 reps in cadence of this”

2. Anger – “He better not be doing 40 reps in cadence”

3. Bargaining – “I bet since its in cadence, he will go to 20 and count that as 40 total”

Not sure if we ever got to acceptance, but we definitely did 40 reps in cadence before time was up.

Naked Moleskin

There had been some chatter on Twitter about Moosehead having buyer’s remorse over the name he picked for the FNG (Jacob) he brought with him on Tuesday.  Jacob is crashing at the Moose Den for the summer, so the first suggestion was House Guest, before Wax On threw out “Needs Better Friends.”  MH went with House Guest, but he was having second thoughts because NBF is funnier (especially given that MH hit Jacob’s car on the way to the workout).

I brought this up in the COT today and pointed out that technically Tuesday’s Q should have had the final say on the name, not the guy who brought him, so The Muff signed off on the change and Jacob is now officially Needs Better Friends.

Good to see both NBF and Bubble Wrap back out there today.  Good work.

Pool party at House’s, er, house on 6/23.  Ms and 2.0s invited.  More details to follow from House.  If you are considering a gift to bring, I would suggest everyone chipping in on a decent pair of running shoes.  Preferably something manufactured after Bush was president.

Another trip around the sun for YHC.  When we are young, we worry so much about the things that we are going to get on our birthdays.  As I get older, I find myself caring about that less and less.  Every year, it gets harder for me to answer my M’s question of what do I want for my birthday.  I am fortunate that there are not many things I really need.

So my birthday wish this year is to better express my gratitude for the blessings God has already bestowed upon me and to  gain clarity over the things I need to be doing to get closer to becoming the man God wants me to be.   Although if anyone insists on getting me a present, a meeting with my birthday buddy Liam Neeson would be nice.


Pre-Memorial Odyssey to Veterans Park

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXHouse, The Muff, Wax On, Spandex, Kindergarten Cop, Emeril, Floater, Almond Joy, Grrr, Iceman, Courtesy Flush, Homer Simpson, Training Wheels, Perry Mason
Workout Date05/24/2018
A.O. The Station

14 men would not be deterred by the weather report, which read “Hotbox from Cool Hand Luke,” and posted at The Station this morning.   Most of the PAX were decked out in red in memory of Badger from F3 The Fort, who passed away too soon this week.  #TAP


SSH x 20 IC

Clock merkins – 5 OYO, turn 90 degrees, 5 more, total of 20

High Knees x 20 OYO

The Thang

With Memorial Day approaching, what better way to get ourselves ready than with a trip to Veterans Park and Tank Street?  We mosey down Randall and take the turn onto Trade Street to find – a train blocking the path.   We grabbed some wall to see if it might clear out, but it seemed to be parked there fore the long haul.

While there was some mumblechatter about jumping the train like the Pharm crew did a while back, YHC thought the wiser course was to find a different way around.  So we turned around and  took Randall to 14 and then turned onto Cannon to get us to the park.   There was a helpful pit bull along our new route to spur the 6 along, and a parade of cars along the route.  I thought the Mayor could have at least rerouted traffic for us?

The longer route meant I had to modify the workout.  I wanted to do 7s up Tank Street and 4 corners around the park, but had to go with just the former.  Hand release merkins at the top, corkscrews (double count) at the bottom.

Next we grab some wall to recover a bit before heading over to the fountain (more like a well, since the wall is so high) for big boy step ups.   Next 20 dips OYO and it is time to head back.

The train was finally gone, so we take the direct route back up 101 towards the AO, stopping once to gather the 6 and do some ab work.  Before arriving at the circle, we stop at the covered walkway to alternate between lunge walks and bear crawls.  Time for 6/7 minutes for Mary.


YHC runs through about 5 exercises (heels to heaven, plank jacks, shoulder touches, erectors and lbcs are the ones I recall) before going around the circle to finish it out.

Naked Moleskin

YHC suggested that the PAX rekindle the tradition of bringing the name of a fallen soldier to their Memorial Day posts and mentioned Michael Murphy, since there is a Murph at The Station Monday.

In a bout of irrational exuberance (or liquid courage), 8 PAX committed to the Knock on Wood 100 mile relay in about 20 minutes on Twitter Tuesday night.  Most of those same brave souls also volunteered for the P200 Station team at the same time, so it appears we have 9 runners committed for that race along with 1 driver.  Just need 3 more runners and another driver.  Let Grrr know if you want in.

We have a guest Q from Blade out of F3 Cape Fear Saturday, so plan to be there or at the Legacy convergence that morning.  There is a Murph at The Station on Monday morning as well.

Prayers for Badger’s family.  Prayers also for Coach Perry and the Pyburn family.

2nd F at Wild Aces tonight starting at 5:30.

Getting Lost in the Grrmuda Triangle

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXHouse, Grrr, Wally, Wax On, Training Wheels, Kindergarten Cop, The Muff, Emeril, Homer Simpson, Perry Mason
Workout Date05/03/2018
A.O. The Station

10 men at The Station for the return of an old workout.  There was lots of chatter on Twitter last night guessing that YHC would take the PAX to Tank Street, but I had something different in mind – the return of the Grrmuda Triangle, a staple of the defunct Hank workout.  Hope everybody wore their running shoes.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

High knees x 20 OYO

Butt kickers x 20 OYO

Main Thang

We start moseying up Cannon towards Arlington and left towards 14.  The PAX seem to expect to turn left towards the church, but we head right towards Harley Bonds.  We stop a few times along the way to keep the PAX together until we get to the tip of the Triangle.

We do 10 hand release merkins at the starting point, run up the hill to Pine and do 20 squats, and then down to Cunningham for 30 double count flutters before heading back to the start.  The speed demons plank while waiting for the six.

For Round 2, we do the same exercises, just in the opposite direction climbing Cunningham and Pine (“uphill both ways”).  Those finishing first lunge walk to pick up the six .  Time to mosey back to the park, stopping along the way for more merkins, squats and flutters.

Time to go to the gazebo for our daily pullups (x10) and then on to the shelter for 10 dips and 10 bench presses.  We do that for 2 rounds before it is time to head back to the circle, with a little backwards run up the hill on our way to Mary.


Heels to heaven x 20 IC

Erectors x 20 IC

Corkscrews 15 each side OYO

Dolly x 10 IC, straight into Rosalita x 15 IC

Low plank for hip dips x 20 OYO

Finish out with LBCs x 10 IC as time runs out

Naked Moleskin

Prayers for a coworker waiting some tests and for TW’s father.  Praise and continued prayers for Aliah, Cheyenne, and my former coworker.

Good work, men.

Your Morning Cup of Joe

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXGrrr, No Bars, Wilson, Baby Groot, Courtesy Flush, Wax On, House, Emeril, Iceman, Zipline, Kindergarten Cop, iTunes, the Muff, Training Wheels Perry Mason
Workout Date04/10/2018
A.O. The Station

15 Pax posted at the Station ready to get back to the grind after Spring Break.  Well, 12 PAX rolled in on time, while several others staggered in during the warmup.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Arm circles to loosen up the shoulders

High knees x 20 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the gazebo for a round of 7s.  Start with 6 pull ups, run up the hill to the steps, Joe Hendrix to the top of the steps, and then do 1 Maktar N’Diayes (then 5 &2 and so forth).  This got brutal for the last couple of times up the stairs.

Now mosey up just past the Spinning Jenny and lunge walk to Poinsett Street.  Once there, grab some wall.  While in the people’s chair, we do some arm circles and air presses.

Next up is four corners, with 20 donkey kicks on corner 1, 20 squats on corner 2, 20 corkscrews on corner 3, and 20 box cutters on corner 4.  We grab some wall again while waiting for everyone to finish.

Mosey down to the shelter for a circuit of 15 bench presses, 15 dips, and 15 double count step ups.  3 rounds total, and its time for Mary.


Erectors x 20 IC (Heard at F3: Iceman “Make sure to put in the backblast that I went to 20 in cadence on these so my wife will believe me”)

Dolly x 10 IC, then moving up to Rosalita x 10 IC.

Plank shoulder touches x 15 IC

LBCs x 20 IC

Backscratchers x 20 IC

Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Times Up

Naked Moleskin

Tclaps to the P200 guys and to our own cyborg Wilson for finishing the Georgia Death Race.

Prayers for Ice’s friend whose mother passed.  Prayers for peace and stability for a PAX’s co-worker who is struggling with PTSD and acohol issues.  Prayers for Elizabeth on her cancer treatment.  Prayers for Cheyenne and Aliah, who is having surgery tomorrow.

Tabata Tuesday at The Station

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXEmeril, Rainbow Warrior, The Muff, Courtesy Flush, Zipline, Grrr, iTunes, Wilson, Erector, Training Wheels, Almond Joy, Kindergarten Cop, Spandex, House, Perry Mason
Workout Date02/27/2018
A.O. The Station

15 PAX didn’t let the 20 degree drop in temperature scare them away and posted for a Tabata workout at The Station.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Squats x 10 OYO

Run lap around circle, stopping at the shelter.

The Thang

8 exercises using the benches, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds between exercises:

Bench press

Flutters (with bench extended)


Rosalita (with bench extended)


Dolly (with bench extended)

Made up Jo Hendrix adjacent exercise with feet on bench and moving back and forth using arms

Box cutter (with bench extended)

Run a lap around circle, do a 2nd round of same exercises.

Mosey to the church for a second set of Tabata exercises with our blocks:

Overhead press

Flutters (with block extended)


Rosalita (with block extended)

Bench press

Dolly (with block extended)

Tricep extensions

Box cutters (with block extended)

Put up our blocks and mosey to 1st Baptist.  Joe Hendrix up the stairs, lunge walk across the top, and crab walk down.  Rinse and repeat.

Time to return to the circle.


Just enough time for a minute or two of plank exercises.

Naked Moleskin

Continued prayers for Cheyenne and her recovery.  Prayers for my MIL and her treatment.

Praise for God working in Erector’s life and the growth of his business.

Good work, men.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder to the Top of Tank Street

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXGrr, Kindergarten Cop, Training Wheels, Courtesy Flush, House, iTunes, Emeril, Perry Mason
Workout Date02/01/2018
A.O. The Station

YHC has been under the weather for the past week, so what better to way to get back in the swing of things than to Q.


SSH x 20 IC

Butt Kickers x 20 OYO

High Knees x 20 OYO

The Thang

Mosey through downtown, stopping for rows, LBCs, and squats along our way to Veteran’s Park.  At tank street, I call out Jacob’s Ladder up to the intersection and back, which brought a lot of mumblechatter.

Once we finished that, we did 4 corners around the park with different plank exercises – 10 Makhtar N’Diayes, 20 shoulder touches, 30 plankjacks, and 40 hip dips.

Once we catch our breath, we made the long run back to the Station, stopping several times for exercises to keep the group together.  Got about 2.5 miles total distance by the time we get back.

We still had some time left when we returned, so over to the playground for 10 derkins and 10 pullups, then 20 dips and 20 derkins.


Erectors IC x 10

Single leg erectors IC x20 (10 each leg)

Rosalita x 20 IC

Corkscrews 15 each side OYO

Naked Moleskin

Convergence on Saturday at Legacy.

Prayers for coworker of one of the PAX moving to reunite with wife.  Prayers for loved one with breast cancer.



Dora Visits Tank Street

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXIceman, Wally, House, iTunes, Kindergarten Cop, Courtesy Flush, Spandex, Perry Mason
Workout Date12/12/2017
A.O. The Station

8 men posted for a chilly workout at the country club of AOs.  No one seemed interested in grabbing the Q last night on Twitter, so I thought I would treat everybody to a trip to Tank Street as a thank you for leaving it to me.


SSH x 20 IC

Arm circles

Butt kickers x 20 OYO

IW x 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey towards Veteran’s Park, with around 4 stops along the way to do some exercises (dips, squats, etc.) keep everyone together.  We did make a stop at the church for some Joe and lunges down the ramp. #crowdpleaser

Once we reached Tank Street, it is time to partner up for Dora.  One partner runs up the hill while the other starts the cycle of 100 merkins, 200 squats, and 300 LBCs.  Once that is done, we head over to the brick wall for some people’s chair and then head over to the fountain for dips and derkins.  Time to head back, with at least one stop along the way.


Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Hip dips x 10 IC

Dealers choice as we went around the circle.  I recall flutters, erectors, Newton’s cradle (swing up arm to full extension from a plank, one rep is both arms), big boys, corkscrews.  We finished in a plank alternating between low and high position.

Naked Moleskin

Good reminder from iTunes about those suffering in silence during the holiday season and the need to reach out to those around us.  That includes PAX who we have not seen in a while and check in on them.


Swamp Rabbit Christmas party is next Thursday (12/21) at the Spaulding Farms clubhouse.  $10 per adult, $5 per child, with a max $25 per family.  Details in the link.

Tommy’s Ham House 5k(ish) is Christmas Eve at 6am.  It is a casual event rather than a race.  Bring some canned goods and your running shoes.  Buffet breakfast to follow (cash only).


Prayers for Grrr’s mother and his family.  Prayers for Ice’s friend battling cancer. Continued prayers for Elizabeth.


Tabata, Ciabata; Let’s call the whole thing off

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXBob Barker (respect), Kilowatt (respect), Erector, House, Almond Joy, Wally, Courtesy Flush, Kindergarten Cop, Perry Mason
Workout Date11/30/2017
A.O. The Station

9 men were at The Station for a Q by YHC.   A bit of tendinitis in my Achilles has prevented me from running much lately, so I tried to think of something that would not get too tedious while also not requiring too much moving around.  Tabata it is.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Arm circles
  • Butt kickers x 20 oyo

The Thang

Mosey to the shelter and grab a bench.  We did two rounds with 8 exercises in each, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds at rest.  One lap around the circle between rounds.  The exercises were:

  • bench press
  • flutters (while holding the bench at full extension)
  • dips
  • Rosalita (with full bench extension)
  • Derkins
  • Dolly (with full bench extension)
  • Made up exercise where you put your feet on the bench and use your hands to move  back and forth from one end of the bench to the other
  • Heels to heaven (with full bench extension)

After the 2nd round, we mosey towards the church, with a stop on the way for some LBCs.  At the church everyone grabs a block for two more rounds of Tabata with a lap around the parking lot in between.  The exercises were:

  • Overhead press
  • Flutters (with full block extension)
  • Curls
  • Rosalita (with full block extension)
  • Bench press
  • Dolly (with full block extension)
  • Block merkins
  • Heels to heaven (with full block extension)

Time to mosey back to the circle, with one stop on the way for Russian Twists.


  • Hip dips x 20 IC (we were calling them Matt Lauers. Too soon?)
  • Boxcutters x 20 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC
  • Corkscrews x 15 each side OYO
  • Plank for last 30 seconds or so

Naked Moleskin

All Matt Lauer jokes aside, I would like to say something serious about the almost daily reports of sexual misconduct in the news.  While this hits particularly close to home to me because I have two daughters that I would do anything to protect, it is a serious issue that affects us all as men of faith and leaders in our community.

It is not by accident that men are physically stronger than women.  God calls us to be protectors of women and children.  Ephesians 5:25-6:4.  This calling is not limited to our own families.  Men are charged to look after widows and orphans.   James 1:27.  God is described in Psalm 68 as “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows.”  As these verses demonstrate, masculinity, properly understood, is a good and noble thing.   When we use our strength to protect others, it is a godly act reflecting God’s own perfect nature.  

But as the Devil does with all good things designed by God, Satan seeks to corrupt our strength and to turn it to sinful purposes.  Some men use their power advantage to dominate and oppress.

Historically, society erected rules and taboos to protect women from being mistreated by men (and to protect men from the temptation to misuse their power against women): 

     “No sex before marriage.”

     “Never be alone with an unmarried woman without a chaperone.”  

    “Ask the father’s permission to marry his daughter.”  

It should be obvious how these taboos served to protect women from being preyed upon by men.  At a practical level, a marriage ceremony is an elaborate recognition that the bride’s family and the community consents to a particular man becoming familiar with a particular woman.  

The sexual revolution swept away these rules, and it did so on the ironic grounds that they were considered oppressive to women.  Marriage became irrelevant.  Feelings became more important that virtues.   We were told that sex had value disconnected from love or marriage.  Talk of morals and virtues became prudish and square.   Well, now we get to reap the whirlwind.  

Not all change is bad, obviously, and I am not saying the moment calls for a full scale reversion to Victorian norms.  But it is worth considering the costs of the wholesale abandonment of moral values developed over generations of hard won experience.   

As Chesterton wrote:

[consider]a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, “I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.” To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: “If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.”

Mike Pence was mocked for the way he and his wife seek to respect each other and their marriage by avoiding compromising situations with members of the opposite sex.  Well, who wouldn’t prefer the code of conduct of Mike Pence to that of Harvey Weinstein?  Which would serve as a better foundation for the type of society we would like to hand down to our children?

We should all be thinking about what we can do to make a safer world for the women we care about.  I know I try to avoid  being alone with female coworkers or any other woman who is not my wife.   I do so first out of respect to my wife and my marriage, obviously.  But it is also respectful of my coworker, who will never have to worry about me putting her in a position to feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

used to take  each of my daughters on semi-regular daddy-daughter dates to show them the level of respect they should demand from any man that they grant the privilege of their time.  It has been a while since I have done that, but I think it is time to revive the tradition.  

I also try to ensure that my children always see me provide their mother with the love and respect every woman deserves from her husband.    Similarly, I will endeavor to teach all my children that the marriage relationship is the vehicle that God gave us for channeling our feelings of desire and love in a way that is life affirming and fulfilling rather than empty and cheap.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, but I am praying for us all to see opportunities to improve the safety of the women around us and to the duties God imposes on us to protect others.


Swamp Rabbit Christmas party is 12/21.  Check out the backblast and make sure to RSVP.

Ricky Bobby is hosting a dodgeball tournament, and hopefully we can get the date right before it has already passed.  My favorite quote from this morning was “Check Facebook.”  I used my old friend Google instead and found this website which I assume is the right one:

Prayers for Ford Sweeney as he continues to battle constant pain.  Prayers for Elizabeth.  Prayers for Mounds as she and AJ expect their next 2.0.  Prayers for Grrr and his family. A late breaking prayer for a member of MUMC who suffered a heart attack.  He is a great guy and his family has been through a lot in the past few years, so be praying for a full recovery.

Good work today, men.  Enjoyed it.