June is Over, Now Back to Burpees!

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The PAXMayo, Whisper, Live PD, Nature Boy, Mint Julep, Butcher, Cheese Steak, Roo, Mac, Pythagoras, Ueclid, Look Out Below
Workout Date06/30/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

10 PAX for the workout and 2 PAX for the run showed up at Pitchfork looking to get better on a muggy Saturday morning. Last day of June means one last day of push ups and sit ups for the June Challenge. Luckily, all PAX this morning were either done with the challenge or weren’t doing it to begin with.

Mission of F3 – nailed it
Disclaimer – nailed it

On to the warmup

SSH – IC x 20
Merkins – IC x 20
Imperial Walkers – IC x 20

The Thang

Mosey to the back of the school and find the pull up bars. 3 rounds – 20, 15 and 5

Pull ups, merkins, squats and BBSU in any order you want

Next head to the track for the burpee suckfest. 10 laps with 10 burpees at the start of each lap. That gets us 100 burpees and close to 2 miles. We have a little more time, so we headed to the speed way and lunge walked the whole thing. Because, why not? Next was bear crawl the whole speed way, but we ran out of time.

Back to the flags for Mary –

BBSU x 25
Flutters x 25

Called it a couple minutes early.

Prayers/Prayers/Announcements – upcoming races, Red White and Blue Shoes 5K on 4th of July at Furman, Spinx Fest 17 weeks away
– prayers for Cheese Steak and also thanks for his Mother’s peaceful passing
– improved heart function from Pythagoras’ daughter – reminder to praise, not just pray

Great time this morning, always a pleasure to lead

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What is this, F3 Chicago?

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The PAXThumper, Benign, Mary, Flow, The Tickler, Wifi, Fred, Nippler, 1 Direction, Road Trip, Look Out Below - also Third Base & Mayo
Workout Date01/30/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

36 degrees my ass! Brutal wind today made the workout that much more fun. Good times were had by all and it was great seeing so many “seasoned” vets and F3 Swamp Rabbit originals.

Warm Up:
SSH – IC x 20
Merkins – IC x 15

We warmish, let’s roll.

The Thang:

Today was a tour de Golden Strip with stations:

Station 1 – block wall in front of the school – 10 muscle ups & 20 4 count flutters (10 burpees if you need to modify the muscle ups)

Run down to the track, go all the way around and up the back stairs to the playground equipment

Station 2 – 10 pull ups & 20 big boy sit ups (again modify to burpees if pull ups are an issue)

Run behind the school to Nippler’s Hill for the next part

Station 3 – 5’s (like 11’s but only go to 5) start with 4 burpees at the bottom and 1 jump squat at the top…3 burpees, 2 jump squats, etc.

Run to the front of the school and start it all again.

About 1/2 the PAX completed 4 full rounds and the other 1/2 were just a minute or two shy of finishing. Awesome work boys. Everyone pushed hard and only bitched about the wind a little.

Announcements – GHS Swamp Rabbit 1/2 marathon next month. There are run and ruck teams.
– Ville to Ville relay – 1D thinks the team is full
– P200 in March – run and ruck teams here too – WE NEED DRIVERS!
– F3 Convergence this Saturday 2/3 – AO Battle
Prayers – Mary’s son and missionary work, Wifi’s son new engagement and move to Asheville

Always an honor to lead!

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Blocks, Burps & Bears

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The PAXButterbean, Beanstalk, Hot-4-Teacher, My Two Dads, Drive By, FNG Col. Sanders, Look Out Below
Workout Date11/30/2017
A.O. Tower of Terror

Yeah the AO says TOT, but this went down at the new AO Graceland. Tech guys, help me out and add Graceland to the list.

This was YHC’s first time at Graceland. A great group of guys came out and we did some things that made us sweat.

Circle up for the Mission Statement (NAILED IT) and a quick explanation of F3.

Warm up – SSH x 20 IC, Windmills x 20 IC and Merkins x 15 IC

The Thang – Mosey around to the back of the parking lot and find the cinder blocks hiding behind the bushes. We partnered up and handed out the instructions…

Partner 1 will run around the Grace Church parking lot while Partner 2 does the exercises:

100 Thrusters
200 Kettle Bell Swings
300 Squats

Flip flop when Partner 1 gets back from his lap. Reps are cumulative between the 2 PAX.

We had a little more time, so after putting the blocks away, we went back to the start point for a little more fun. This time it was burpee broad jumps and bear crawls.

Partner 1 burpee broad jumps 3 parking lot lines while Partner 2 holds plank. Partner 2 then bear crawls up to Partner 1 and does 3 parking lines. Partner 1 then bear crawls up to Partner 2 and so forth. Yes, this idea was better on paper than it turned out. My execution was lacking and we ended up just burpee broad jumping the length of the parking lot and then lunge walking back.

Circle of Trust / Ball of Man

Announcements – F3 Christmas Party on 12/1 don’t forget to sign up, Grinch 5K this Saturday, Santa Run Dec. 16, My Two Dads has his VQ coming up next Thursday at Graceland

Prayers – babies on the way for YHC, Drive By and My Two Dads – Hot-4-Teacher’s father in law’s kidneys

Was an honor and pleasure leading today!!


TOT Deck of Death

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The PAXPet Stain, Hasselhoff, Bambi, Lt. Dangle, Squid, Mint Julep, Nomad, Short Barrel, ATM, Johnny 5, EPO, Mayo, Look Out Below
Workout Date10/04/2017
A.O. Tower of Terror

13 PAX showed up for a block/ruck Deck of Death beatdown today at TOT

No new guys, no disclaimer, no warmup – LETS GET AFTER IT (In retrospect, probably should have at least done the disclaimer, my B)

Ruckers head right to the Simpsonville FBC parking lot, while the other guys go grab cinder blocks and meet us other there. Everyone circled up for the Deck of Death with YHC in the middle. 4 suits = 4 exercises.

Spades – man makers
Hearts – squats
Clubs – merkins
Diamonds – 4 count flutters

You will perform the rep count on the card and after the 5th card is pulled, a lap will be taken around the one of the church buildings. Ruckers will shuffle and keep ruck on and non ruckers will carry their block if they want.

We got through 6 rounds before it was time to head back to the flag.

Announcements – Drake 5K on 10/14 and Spinx Run Fest on 10/28
Prayers – ATM’s co-worker Mary, All those affected by hurricanes and shootings

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I stole this from Quickie and I’m not ashamed

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The PAXSoccer Mom, Hot-4-Teacher, Squid, Short Barrel, Nomad, Drive By, Jeeennay, Lt. Dangle, Live PD, Mint Julep, EPO, Mayo, Look Out Below
Workout Date09/20/2017
A.O. Tower of Terror

13 PAX gathered on a surprisingly warm morning to GET AFTER IT as my buddy Jocko would say. Yes, I took this workout from my buddy Quickie who made us suffer through this a few weeks ago. You don’t forget Q’s that PAX merlot during, so why not do it again?

Warm Up – windmills x 10 IC, imperial walkers x 10 IC, merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to the parking lot where Henry’s BBQ and start smelling that MEAT. Now that I have Mint Julep’s attention, let’s begin….

Partner up for a DORA style workout. There will be 1000 reps total split between P1 and P2. P1 will be doing the reps while P2 runs the length of the parking lot to the street and back. Flip flop and continue until all reps are knocked out.

100 Burpees
100 Squats
100 merkins
100 flutters – double count
100 mountain climbers – double count

Oh you guys are done? Cool, rinse and repeat. This is where the hate spilled out.

13 exhausted dudes strolled back to the flag and called it a day.

Announcements / Prayer Requests:
– Spinx Run Fest in October
– My Little Brony’s son, Drake – continued prayers and sign up for the 5K. Need a huge F3 group there.
– Soccer Mom’s Father in Law, Ping – prayers for healing

Enjoyed it boys!

See you in the gloom,
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Off-Campus at Pitchfork

Q.I.C.Look Out Below
The PAXMayo, Live PD, Roo, Copabana, FNG Beaver, Cheese Steak Wit, Road Trip, Soccer Mom, Deflated, Pythagoras, Look Out Below
Workout Date09/16/2017
A.O. Pitchfork

11 PAX at Pitchfork for an off-campus Q courtesy of YHC

Warm up – SSH x 20 IC, Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

The Main Event – head off-campus into the Spaulding Farm neighborhood. When the Q says stop, you will do 100 reps – 25 burpees, 25 squats, 25 flutters (4 count) and 25 merkins. Stop # 2 was at the bottom of a large hill, affectionately known as Hillary. At this stop, you did 1 set of 25, sprint up the hill and back down and do your next set of 25. Everyone was very pleased with this, no complaints whatsoever. We did a total of 4 stops for 400 total reps and ran a little over 3 miles.

Tough work out for sure, but everyone pushed through it. Remember, even if you can’t do everything you can modify as needed. You can also control you attitude and effort – thanks for the words Soccer Mom!

We got back a little after 0700 so no Mary this morning.

Announcements – 5K for Drake, Spinx Run Fest

An honor to lead!

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Change of Command at TOT!

Q.I.C.Look Out Below
The PAXSoccer Mom, Benign, Ponch, Squid, To Be Named Later, ATM, Road Trip, Mint Julep, Haagen Daz, Whisper, Third Base, NYOPT, Johnny 5, Look Out Below
Workout Date08/07/2017
A.O. Tower of Terror

It was a beautiful wet morning to put in some hard work!  3 PAX enjoyed a 3+ mile rainy preruck  at 0430 (Third Base, Johnny 5 and YHC).  Great seeing J5 all the way over at TOT and great seeing Third Base aka The Bear back from roaming around with his brothers in Alaska.

Warm Up:
SSH x 20
Merkins x 10
Squats x 20

The Thang:
Indian run to the parking lot beside the police station. Line up on the line and get ready to have some fun!

1st Set – Burpee Broad jump the length of the parking lot and back hitting each parking space line
2nd Set – Bear crawl the length of the parking lot and back while stopping to do 5 merkins at each parking space line
3rd Set – Crab walk down to the end of the parking lot and stop to do 5 merkins at each parking space line – SO MANY MERKINS AT THIS POINT. I did show a little mercy and allow the lunge walk back for a small break.

Next up – 11s – Do 10 squats at the start, run to the end of the parking lot and do 1 Merkin. Keep doing until you get to 1 squat and 10 merkins.

Crowd pleaser time. I had a strong group of guys so I knew they could handle another Burpee broad jump session so that’s exactly what we did.

Mosey back to the flags for a couple of minutes of Mary.

– Big boy sit ups x 20
– Flutters x 30

Announcements/ Prayer Requests –
– Sammy and Short Barrel
– Spinx Run fest coming up this fall

Awesome job this morning gents. I’m looking forward to being the new site Q here at TOT and growing with you guys!

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Deck of Death and a Turf War

Q.I.C.Look Out Below
The PAXThumper, ATM, Mint Julep, Hedges, Lite Brite, Bambi, Cocoon, Van Gundy, Church Lady, Urban, Big Baller, Sammy, Whisper, Road Trip, Mayo, NYOPT, Look Out Below
Workout Date06/26/17

17 PAX enjoyed the surprisingly crisp morning with a Deck of Death beatdown courtesy of YHC. A group of yoga ladies has been encroaching on TOT that past few Mondays. I decided to keep the workout around the flag just to remind them we’ve been there for over three years now. Not trying to start a turf war, but we’re in one now and we TOT Pax are too dumb to back down from a fight.

Warm Up:
SSH x 20 – IC
Flutters x 20 – IC
Merkins x 16 – IC

The Thang:
Circle up for the Deck of Death. Each card suit is associated with an exercise and the number on the card is your number of reps. For face cards, it is 11 for the Jack and count up by one rep for a max of 14 for the Ace.

Diamonds – Hand Release Merkins
Hearts – Superman Burpees
Clubs – “Sit up thingees” aka V-roll ups and then big boy sit ups (Tony Horton style)
Spades – Squat Jumps

After each 5th card was pulled, we ran to the 2nd stop sign and back to the circle. It was about 1.5 miles total according to Bambi.

We made it through 5 or 6 rounds of cards before heading into Mary.

5 minutes of Mary – we went around the circle and the PAX would call out the exercise and then number of reps to be completed. I called cadence on each exercise.
Thumper – American Hammers x 15
ATM – Back scratchers x 20
MJ – LBCs x 20
Hedges – he said box cutters, but I started doing the scissor thing so I stuck with the scissor thing x 20
LB – flutter kicks x 20

And Done. Awesome work today men!

– 2 year anniversary convergence for Pitch Fork this Friday, 6/30 – NO DUMBBELLS, will just be regular F3 workout
– New schedule for Golden Strip area is TOT on Monday and Wednesday and then Golden Strip on Tuesdays and Thursdays
– Spinx Run Fest in October – 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon events

Prayer Requests:
– the passing of F3 Cheech in Lexington. Prayers for his family and also the young driver of the car that hit him
– continued prayers for Andrew Brunson in captivity in Turkey
– Third Base will crush the GORUCK HTL in Charlotte starting this Thursday and will continue until Saturday evening
– friend of Road Trip going to Turkey on missions – prayers for safety

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Yay Burpees!

Q.I.C.Look Out Below
The PAXThird Base, Lite Brite, Mint Julep, Thumper, Road Trip, Soccer Mom, Church Lady, Crash Test Dummy, Look Out Below
Workout Date03/20/17

I had a really simple and terrible plan for today: Do burpees for 45 minutes.

5 PAX showed up early for some Pre-F3 hill sprints at 0445. There’s always good 2nd F embracing that suck!

We rolled back to the flag around 0520 and had 4 more join up for the fun.

Warm Up – not much of one if any. I told PAX to stretch it out and at 0530 we would be moving.

The Thang – Mosey to the football field at Simpsonville City Park. Today was one exercise and one exercise only, the burpee. There are 4 corners of the field. The PAX will complete 20 burpees at Corner 1 and run to Corner 2 to do 19 burbees. Proceed on to Corner 3 and knock out 18 burpees then on to Corner 4 for 17 burpees. So on and so forth all the way down to 1 measly burpee. Add em up and its 210 burpees and we covered a little over 2 miles. Not too bad for a 45 minutes workout.

No time for Mary this morning, just got straight into COT.

Prayer requests – Andrew Brunson, Soccer Mom’s wife Stephanie – her Step Father has Cancer, Numerous PAX looking for work

Announcements – P200 this weekend, good luck boys! GORUCK custom Tough and FAD on June 9-10

Always a pleasure to lead gents!

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The Tower of Terror 500

Q.I.C.Look Out Below
The PAXLite Brite, Sammy, Third Base, Road Trip, Benign, Church Lady, Cocoon, Soccer Mom, Whisper, Look Out Below
Workout Date02/27/17

10 PAX did good work this morning at TOT. Blocks were lifted and laps were run.

3 PAX for 0445 hill sprints before TOT.

Warm Up – SSH x 20 (IC), Hillbillies x 20 (IC)

The Thang – Run and grab the blocks and line up in the Simpsonville FBC parking lot. Partner up for the workout, but unlike DORA, each PAX will keep track of their own reps. It ain’t called the 500 for nothin’! PAX 1 runs the city block around the church while PAX 2 does the exercises. Flip flop when PAX 2 gets back. Each PAX does 500 total reps:

Decline Merkins x 100
Squats with block x 100
Overhead press with block x 100
Flash Abs with block (double count) x 100
Squat/Press with block x 100 – THE REAL CROWD PLEASER

Put the blocks up and run back to the flag. Got back right at 0615.


– Mud Run – May 20
– Reedy River 10K – April 22
– JWBH – next February
– P200 – March 24
– Sportsman’s Banquet – 5PM this Saturday 3/4/17 at Simpsonville First Baptist Church

– Soccer Mom’s M, Stephanie – Stepfather has cancer
– Andrew Brunson – imprisoned missionary in Turkey
– Hunter Family – from Third Base’s church – pray for treatment of illness
– Whisper mentioned Catherine – suffering from breast cancer

Was an honor to lead today!


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