Nolan Richardson visits The Station

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXLavar Burton, Gollum, Wax On, Spandex, Grr, Courtesy Flush, Emeril, Chubbs, Play Doh, Wilson, Almond Joy
Workout Date01/29/2019
A.O. The Station

After seeing that there should be minimal rain this morning YHC took the Q with a plan to revisit a cruel friend in Nolan Richardson.  I was even gracious enough to give PAX considering attending a heads up in the form of a tweet with a razorback the night before.  Some PAX got it and chose to come anyways, some were still surprised.

Warm UP

SSH IC x 20

Windmills IC x 10

Plank calf stretch ( this raised red flags for some PAX who had not seen/understood the tweet)

Mosey to the parking area by the picnic shelter

Pair up!  Partner 1 runs backwards up the hill to the circle and completes 1 Bobby Hurley.  Partner 2 is working.  The work:

150 Burpees, 300 Squats, 150 Big Boy Sit Ups, 300 Little Baby Arm Circles, 150 Merkins, 300 Imperial Walkers

Amidst lots of grumbling and complaining lots of work was completed.  Even though the workout is termed “40 minutes in hell”, we still finished with a few minutes for Mary.  Mosey back up the hill to the circle.

20 American Hammers

10 Erectors

1 Minute Plank


Anniversary Convergence at Legacy this Saturday at 7

Congratulations to Chubbs on having a new baby on the way.

Prayers for Wax On as they continue to rehab his house.

Prayers for Lavar’s 2.0 Rose as she fights a kidney infection.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning.  Hard work was put in by all.  Hope to see you all out and bundled up well in the gloom on Thursday.




Birthday and Due Date Q

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXWax On, Grrr, Lavar Burton, Emeril, AJ, Giggity Giggity, Chubbs, The Muff, Courtesy Flush
Workout Date12/20/2018
A.O. The Station

As the PAX were soon to find out I couldn’t pass up claiming the Q today despite it being the due date for baby number 3.  I’ve been taking crap from several PAX for a while about how long it has taken for my 30th birthday to roll around so I couldn’t let the Q on the day before pass by.  Thus our workout was dedicated to my birthday and the soon to be arrival of baby LIZZIE.

Warm up

SSH x 30, High Knees x 30, Air Presses x 30

Mosey to the church

Stop at the corner for some 30 LBCs

Once at the church all PAX were instructed to retrieve 2 bricks.  Several PAX were did not realize that we had a pile of bricks as well as blocks.  I guess that means we need to use them more.  All PAX were “over joyed” when I promised we would be back for the blocks.  In digging through the Exicon I found some interesting new exercises to help spell out a special name for today’s workout:

L- low country crab x 15 IC  (mumble chatter about YHC excellent coordination)

I- imperial walkers x 15 IC

Z- zig zags hops x 30 OYO

Z- zebra butt kickers x 10 each side IC

I- iron squats x 15 IC (more mumble chatter jealousy about coordination) pause to retrieve blocks for the next exercise

E- elf on the shelf x 10 per side

Four corners around the block with the following exercises:  Corner 1- 30 merkins, Corner 2- 30 Big Boys, Corner 3- 30 squats, Corner 4- 30 double count flutters

Return to the church for another round of LIZZIE.

Mosey back to the circle with a pause for 30 LBCs

Time for MARY

Captain Thor up to 5 and 20 and then back down IC

Plank Jacks x 30 IC

There was a train so we paused for the 10 burpee payout

Erectors 10 normal and 5 single leg for each leg IC


Prayers for Chubbs’ brother-in-law, Digits’ family, and the arrival of baby Lizzie

It was a pleasure leading this morning.  Thanks for celebrating another year with me.  SYITG


Moving Blocks

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXLavar Burton, Grrr, Training Wheels, Wax On, Bedbug, Perry Mason, Courtesy Flush
Workout Date10/09/2018
A.O. The Station

Warm Up

20 SSH and 20 IW

Some mumble chatter about the speed of the warm up and speculation about what might be ahead.

Mosey to the church and partner up.  One partner grabs a block.  Some PAX had some confusion either about who their partner was and how many blocks were needed.  Mosey from Memorial Methodist to First Baptist stopping several times for 20 SSH and to switch who carries the block.

DORA at First Baptist

100 squats, 200 bench press, and 300 curls

partner 2 gets two trips of Joe Hendrix up the steps followed by as many trips running up and down the steps as necessary until completion.

Mosey back to Memorial and return the blocks.  Several stops for 20 SSH and switching who carries the block.  The last stop was 20 merkins to keep PAX on their toes.

Mosey to the newly renovated wall at the park entrance with a stop for 20 Big Boys on the way.

Balls to the wall as long as you can followed by the People’s Chair.

Mosey back to the circle.

Captain Thor and Erectors followed by a little Plank

Naked Moleskin

Prayers for Juggernauts’ family who lost a house to fire, and several other unspokens.

Come out Thursday for Iceman’s Q.  Perry and Grr donating money for each PAX who shows.



Morning Call for 4 Corners

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXLevar Burton, Spandex, Training Wheels, Chubs, Grr, Emeril, No Bars, Wilson, Courtesy Flush, The Muff, and one more that I know I'm forgetting (apologies)
Workout Date09/25/2018
A.O. The Station

Warm Up

20 SSH and 20 IW

Mosey down to the Gazebo

I wanted to try something new so in scrolling through the exercises online I came across a routine called “Morning Call”.  1 PAX does 5 pull ups and calls out each rep.  All other PAX should be holding plank position and performing 1 merkin each time a pull up rep is called out.  Each PAX gets a turn at pull ups.

Mosey up to the church and grab a block.   We stopped for 10 BB and some backward running along the way.

Although some PAX thought we were staying in the church parking lot as we often do, we instead carried the blocks down to the corner of Arlington and 14.

Leave blocks in the parking lot and repeat the following four corners workout circling the church.  50 Toe Taps, 40 Flutters, 30 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Merkins and regroup at the church. SSH until all PAX arrive.

Repeat four corners but with 20 block curls, 30 Bonnie Blairs, 40 LBCs, and 50 Ray Lewis.

Grab your block and take it back to the church.  10 Man Makers before returning it.

Mosey back toward the park with 20 American Hammers  and backward running along the way.  Some PAX thought we were stopping at the circle but were surprised when YHC hung a left and headed down to the picnic shelter.

20 Box Jumps OYO


Captain Thor up to 5 and 20

10 Corkscrews each side OYO

25 Mountain Climbers IC going straight into a 1 minute plank. (crowd pleaser)

Prayers for

Levar’s son, Napa’s family, Chub’s nephew, House’s recovery, the family of the XC girl who passed, and a friend of No Bars’ who unexpectedly lost his father.

Enjoyed it brothers.  Hopefully it lived up to the supposed groans from Monday morning’s announcement.



July 4th Convergance

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXSee Below
Workout Date07/04/2018
A.O. Main Thang

PAX:  Whittle, Junk Bonds, Tebow, No Bars, Baby Groot, Rocket, Mack, Hot and Ready, 3 Buck Chuck, ICeman, Ronaldo (later renamed Squints), Nature Boy, Wolfman, Moose Head NBF, One Direction, Dingleberry, Lt. Dangle, Live PD, Wilson, Padre, Twerkin, Bib, The Butcher, Homer Simpson, Bleu Bayou, Hootie, Mary, Wifi, Church Lady, Bambi, Pledge, My Two Dads, Jilian Michaels, Pizza Pizza

Mission Statement- check

Disclaimer- check

Warm Up


15 IW IC

10 Merkins IC

20 Butt Kickers OYO

Mosey down S Lauren St. to the parking garage beside Grace Church.

Starting at the bottom level complete 2 burpees.  Run to the next level up and complete 4 burpees.  Continue adding 2 burpees per level until you reach the top level and complete 12 burpees.  Everyone really came to work.  This part of the workout went much quicker than YHC anticipated.

4 corners around the top of the garage.

Corner 1- 10 Big Boys, Corner 2- 20 LBCs, Corner 3- 30 Big Boys, Corner 4- 40 LBCs

People’s Chair until the 6 arrives.  Mosey down the stairs and over to the steps in front of Grace.

Partner up for Dora.

Partner 1- bear crawl to the top of the steps and jogs back down.

Partner 2- 100 Squats, 200 Double Count Shoulder Taps (these were originally single count and several PAX might have preferred it that way but we were making great time so…), 300 Double Count Flutters

Several PAX had never experienced Joe Hendrix before and decided to try it out for extra credit.

Mosey Back to the Circle and plank it up until the 6 arrives.  A couple PAX thought that we were starting Mary but YHC wanted no part of 20 minutes of Mary.

Mosey down to the TD Stage and amphitheater.  Grab a step that you like for 7s with box jumps and merkins on the stage.  Watch out for the goose poop all around as well.

Lunge walk up the ramp and mosey back to the circle.

Actually time for Mary this time.

Captain Thor:  1 Big Boy and 4 American Hammers, continue this ratio up to 5 and 20.  Then repeat working your way back down.

20 Heels to Heaven

Plank for a minute and a half.


Welcome Bleu Bayou

Prayers for Nature Boy’s friend battling cancer, several family and friends who are having heart conditions monitored or addressed by doctors, the soccer team in Thailand that is trapped in a cave, and thanks and prayer for our country and the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

This was the first convergence I have had the privilege of leading.  It all started with a simple question of whether or not we were having one and who I could talk to about helping.  The response I got:  Freed to lead.  I appreciate all who came out on short notice and suffered through a fairly tough workout in a location I wasn’t super familiar with.  Also T-claps to Moose Head for taking a jog through downtown with me before the workout so that I could get my thoughts together.   It was a pleasure.  Until next time:



Nolan Richardson sighting at The Station

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXMoose Head, Wax On, Training Wheels, Grrr, Emeril, The Muff, Courtesy Flush, The Hard Hat, Cheese Curds, Perry Mason, No Bars, Zip Line, Homer Simpson, Kindergarten Cop
Workout Date05/31/2018
A.O. The Station

After honoring Memorial Day with Murph on Monday and a grueling 0.0ish Q from Wax On on Tuesday, 14 men including some visitors came to work the soreness out.  I think we got it out and then set in some fresh.  Being a basketball fan YHC had been longing for an opportunity to try out some “40 Minutes of Hell”.  Anybody who keeps Duke from a championship is good with YHC.

Warm Up

15 Windmills IC

20 American Hammers IC

The Thang

Mosey from the circle up Jason St. to Canon St.

Once there YHC broke the news of the planned Q to the PAX.  They were less than pleased.

Partner up.  Partner 1 backpedals to Poinsett St., does one Bobby Hurley (or Phil Ford if you don’t mind Moose Head’s renaming) and jog back to your partner.  Partner 2 will be chipping away at the reps.  The reps being:

150 Burpees (a real crowd pleaser)

300 Squats (sound familiar from Monday?)

150 Big Boys

300 Arm Circles

150 Merkins

300 Imperial Walkers

The backpedaling was particularly tough through the first two exercises but eased up after the big boys but this was tough.  We worked right up to 6:15 with the PAX helping the last group close out their final 30 reps.  It was a grueling workout but everyone really pushed through.


Prayers for Coach Perry and his family, for a coworker of Perry and his infant, and for a friend of Emeril and his family with tough consequences.  Apologies if I forgot anything.

June Challenge:  5000 Merkins, 5000 Big Boys, 50 miles

Rabbits in Paradise starting back up

It was a pleasure.



Countdown to Spring Break

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXNo Bars, Emeril, Grrr, Courtesy Flush, iTunes, Kindergarten Cop
Workout Date03/22/2018
A.O. The Station

In honor of the seven school days remaining for Greenville County until the much anticipated spring break we did a lot of work with the number 7.

Warm Up

SSH X 20, Merkins IC X 20, IW X 20

The Thang

Mosey to the picnic shelter.  We were about to start our first set of 7s when a train announced its presence so… 10 burpees.

7s with box jumps and bench press

Mosey up to the entrance of the Cannon Center.

7s with hand release merkins at the bottom of the hill and then run to The Spinning Jenny at the top of the hill for big boys.

Mosey up to the parking lot at Highway 14 for 7 lunges per leg.

Mosey to the church and everyone grab a block.  Blocks and Bearcrawls from tree one to tree two.  7 lunges per leg and bearcrawl back.  7 more lunges per leg and bearcrawl down one more time.

Return blocks and mosey back to the parking lot at 14 for 7 more lunges per leg.

Mosey to the front of the park for 7s with derkins and donkey kicks.

Mosey back to the fountain for a plank shuffle around the fountain.


Short on time but in keeping with the theme we did Captain Thors up to 7 and 28.


Air Rifle Range event at Grace United Methodist in memory of Steve Dial in April.

Prayers for P200 runners this weekend.  Prayers for driver who hit a pedestrian and family of pedestrian.  Cheyenne.



0.0 at The Station

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXIceman, House, Wallie, Zipline, Baby Groot, Training Wheels, Spandex, Courtesy Flush, Kindergarten Cop
Workout Date03/01/2018
A.O. The Station

Warm Up

20 SSH and 20 Hill Billies

Mosey to the Picnic Shelter

Pair Up for a “lazy” Dora.  Some of the PAX didn’t find it very lazy.

PAX 1 starts on 50 burpees while PAX 2 does step ups.

100 Bench Press while partner planks

200 Bobby Hurleys while partner holds 6″

300 Flutters while partner holds Al Gore or plank

200 Plank Jacks while partner does step ups

100 Bench Press while partner holds Al Gore or 6″

Individually:  20 dips, 20 derkins, 15 dips, 15 derkins, 20 step ups each leg, and 20 lunges each leg


15 Big Boys IC, 15 American Hammers IC, 10 Corkscrews each side OYO, 10 Erectors IC, 5 Single leg Erectors each leg, Plank and Mock Tar Jive.


Mother of a friend of Iceman who is dealing with cancer, Cheyenne



Shoulder Day

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXAlmond Joy, Training Wheels, Wally, Courtesy Flush, The Muff, Rainbow Warrior, Erector, Wilson, Grrr, iTunes, Wax On, Spandex, Emeril, Perry, House, Kindergarten Cop
Workout Date02/13/2018
A.O. The Station

Warm Up

SSH x 20, IW x 20, Merkins x 20- All IC

Mosey to the walkway at the entrance to the park and lunge walk/bear crawl to the park’s entrance.

Partner up for Dora:  Partner 1 works on 100 derkins, 200 step ups, and 300 dips while Partner 2 runs across the street for 15 donkey kicks on the wall and back.  Everyone LOVED the donkey kicks… especially toward the end.

Mosey to the red light for 15 Big Boys.  Turn right and mosey to the next corner for 15 Big Boys and 15 Merkins.  Mosey to the next corner for 15 Big Boys, 15 Merkins, and 10 Burpees.

Mosey back to the wall for Peoples Chair with 20 Air Presses.  Balls to the Wall for as long as you can and then return to People’s Chair.  20 more Air Presses.

Lunge walk and bear crawl back down the main entry way.  Mosey over to the field and partner up at the light posts.  Wheel barrow to the first light post.  10 squats each PAX and switch.  Continue until each partner has been the wheel barrow twice.

Mosey to city hall.  Alternate lunge walk and broad jump from post to post across the front of city hall.  Slowsy to the circle for some quick Mary.

Captain Thor up to 5 and 20.  Then rolling plank to 10.

Prayers for high school student Cheyenne and coworker of Erector’s.



Convergence Preview

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXBaby Groot, Grr, House, Courtesy Flush, Training Wheels, iTunes, Spandex, No Bars, FNG (now Emeril), Wally
Workout Date01/25/2018
A.O. The Station

11 PAX came out to prepare for convergence.  Lacking a spark of creativity for this workout YHC simply looked at the pre-blast for convergence and stole the majority for this morning’s workout.

Warm Up

20 x  IC SSH, 10 x IC merkins, 20 x IC Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the amphitheater for 11’s with dips and big boys

Mosey to the field.  Jog from one end of the field to the other stopping at each of the 6 light posts for 6 burpees.

Mosey to the circle next to the picnic shelter for Joe Webb.  1 merkin and 4 air presses building up to 5 merkins and 20 air presses and back down to 1 and 4.

Mosey over to the picnic shelter for 10 box jumps OYO and 10 bench press IC.

Mosey to parking lot of the Canon Center for Lt. Dan.  1 squat and 4 lunges moving up to 5 squats with 20 lunges and back down to 1 squat and 4 lunges.

Mosey back up to the circle for Dealers choice Mary.

Prayer Requests:

Several People looking for new jobs

iTunes’ coworker with cancer diagnosis

Friend of several PAX who lost a son

Perry’s sister in-law and the baby

Great work this morning men.  I hope to see all of you and several more that were missing when we do some of this stuff again at convergence.