Light My Fire on Repeat

The PAXBillyRay, Mini Van
Workout Date10/02/2017
A.O. The Gate

Only two to tango this beautiful am. Ad Hoc Q from BillyRay requires minimal thinking.

Warm Up

Light My Fire Round 1
Going door to door around the church.
Single Doors = 20 Squats
Double Doors = 10 Merkins*
Bonus Golf Cart Door = 20 Big Boys
*Note to self = They’re called Double Doors for a reason.

Light My Fire Round 2
Single Doors = 20 Crunches
Double Doors = 20 Lunges
Bonus Golf Cart Door = 20 Big Boys

Cool Down

Prayer Requests

  • Mini Van just finished moving and hopes to plant some roots for he and his five little guys, hopes to get settled quickly. Work is going good but travel may increase and that will be tough on the family.
  • BillyRay’s mom fell two weeks ago and is in assisted living for rehab for 2 weeks.  First 5 days haven’t gone well and praying that she can hang on and get the PT and OT she needs to get back on her feet – literally.

ITARs for all

The PAXEverest, Double Check, Wojo, Round N Round, Slag, TPS, Xerox, Dirty Laundry, Hazmat, Grayson, Matlock (QIC)
Workout Date07/11/17

YHC tends to complain about the weather this time of year. My Italian genes cause me to sweat like a pig in the humidity, often emerging from a beatdown like I just got out of a swimming pool. Today was no exception, it was warmer than Rick Ross in a North Face jumper, or so they say… It makes training for the BRR very challenging, getting your miles in the heat and all.

We had a great turnout by the PAX this morning, 11 runners strong, and Beaver was there training with his buds for an upcoming race. YHC brought his big black box out and set it up on the track next to the benches.

Extended Warm-o-Rama (since the average age of the pax was 49)

First 400 mosey, then 10 Abe Vigodas IC

Second 400 mosey, then 10 Toy Soldiers IC

Third 400 mosey, then 10 String Rippers IC

Fourth 400 mosey, then 10 Rockettes IC each leg

The THANG was a combination of interval training with an active recovery or an ITAR. Lets see if that acronym sticks.

The PAX partnered up, then partner 1 runs a 400 interval at tempo pace, partner 2 does 10 slow seat squats on the bench, then five slow 20 inch step ups on the Box each leg, then plank until his partner comes in. then flapjack until time called.

It was that simple. The PAX got 5 laps, 50 squats and 50 step ups in before Omaha.

-Cool down 400 mosey with 100 yards of Buttkickers


Cobra plank for a 10 count

Alabama Ass Kickers 10 IC each leg

Downward Dog Calf Stretch 10 count

LBCs 17 IC (yes that’s right, 17)

Gluteus Maximus Strechius 10 count each side

Low Slow American Hammers 10 IC


-Tclaps to Double Check who was fought through two injuries and is back in the gloom. He said and I quote, “GREAT to be sweating again”. Indeed.

-Someone needs to explain to Grayson the origin of the Abe Vigoda reference. Nah, it will take too long.

-Apparently Wake Forest makes sleeveless shirts. Who knew?

-There were several runners on the track training, Beaver included. We gave him a hard time, but he is clearly working hard for an upcoming event. Go get ’em Beaver.


-Butt Fumble is collecting clothes and other items for a family who lost everything in a fire. Please donate what you can for this family in need.

-Several running workouts for BRR training going on, please check your emails if you are on a team and look out for preblasts.

CHAPS is moving to Greenville, SC and the send off party is Wednesday, July 12 at Joymongers at 5:30pm. YHC is very sad to see a good friend leave Natville. Let’s give him a toast tomorrow.

COT: Wojo took us out.

Thanks the opportunity to lead this awesome group of men.




OBX 2017 PreBlast

Q.I.C.Gomer Pyle
Workout DateJuly

Lets show the tourists how it’s done. Thinking the public beach parking lot at 4 MP @ 6a. Starting July 1.

Reply with days you are in and whether you want to Q.

Get all Wet and Sandy.

Carpet B.O.M.B.S.

The PAXSpackler, Inspector Gadget, ManiPedi, Thunderbird, Yeager Bomb, Hacksaw, Honkers
Workout Date06/19/17

This was my VQ and had a great morning for it with fog and everything damp from the rains Sunday night. Stated the mission and disclaimers and got underway.

Warm Up:
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to Sunrift 20 IC Dips

Mosey to do B.O.M.B.S. on the soaked football field (the carpet) with 50 yard out and backs for the flapjack.
Burpees x 50
Overhead Claps x 100
Merkins x 150
Big Boy Sit-ups x 200
Squats x 250

Freestyle plank variation till all teams finished.

Mosey up to lot and finish with flutter kicks.

Prayers for 2 F3 brothers fighting cancer
Prayers for a few F3 brothers needing jobs

Closed with quick challenge emphasizing male community.



Workout Date07/29/17

I’m putting out a call to all of F3 Nation to converge in Charlotte this July to FLOOD THE ZONE at an event started by one of F3’s own. This is the 16th year of the “24 Hours of Booty” that raises funds to fight cancer, and while it has historically been a cycling-oriented event, they are now allowing non-cycling participants, which provides the Nation a new and unique opportunity. Nearly $20 million has been raised to date, and people go all out for this event, from the participants to the surrounding neighborhood to the local community. Thanks to 24HoB Founder and F3 Metro brother, Spencer “Booty” Lueders, for your efforts and being part of the F3 team.

I’m leading the F3 “Gears” Cycling Team and I’ve planted the F3 flag to raise over $100,000 of the expected $1.75 million.  This is a challenge, but several teams have raised more, and they did it just by riding bikes! We have the power of the #pax in addition to our brothers riding on two wheels, so herein lies the opportunity: We are proposing to FLOOD THE ZONE like we do at BRR, Palmetto 200, MudRun, and other events, and show folks what male leadership and our brand of fitness is all about. In my eyes, this looks like a continuous F3 workout for the entire 24 hour event, with pax coming and going into the workout as they want, and hanging out in the “Bootyville” camping area as a DR/rest/boondoggle area. No doubt one of the gnarliest #CSAUP events in F3 history, but one of the most impactful.

More details on the interweb link below, but for pax asking “whaaaa?”: 24 Hours of Booty is held around a closed 3 mile loop in a beautiful and popular neighborhood in Charlotte, and folks ride, walk, and party as much as they want in a safe and engaging environment. There are no limits to the cycling; you can ride one lap or 100 (and people do those and everything in between). Camping is inside the loop, and all meals and snacks and hydration are included. It is a turn-key event and very well organized. Additional details:

1. Website:

2. Dates of the event: July 28&29

3. Kicks off Friday night (July 28th) at 7PM with many parties on the loop, including an F3 House Party known as HaywoodStock (band, beer, BBQ)

4. Family friendly and there are events for the 2.0’s. M’s welcome too.

5. F3 Nation Team kickoff event: Monday, February 27th at 6:30pm at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (4150 Yancey Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217)

I’ll post more updates and information as we roll forward, but I’m asking the Nation to be part of our team and do something remarkable this July.  We’re going to raise over $100,000 in the fight against cancer and I want you to be  a part of it.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or want more details.

Perrin DesPortes (“Frenchy”)

718-314-0980 (m)​

No Clever Title – We Just Excercised

The PAXPadre (respect), Tiny Dancer (hate), Slug, Duplo, Gluten (respect), Keystone (respect but then lost some because he had is age wrong and did 5 penalty burpees), I Try, Boomhauer, Red Wire (double respect), Brown Shorts, Spidey, Carl's JR (respect), Quaker (respect), Kegel, Shiner (QIC)
Workout Date6/1/17

Cool morning at the Keg.  Nice day for 15 brothers to be together to take in the 3 F’s.

Warm-up: Windmills x 20, IW’s x 20, SSH x 20

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to basketball court and do burpee suicides 1 at first line, 2 at mid-court, 3, at far foul line, and 4 at end court.  Rinse and repeat.
  2. Lunge walk to front of church and do a Dora – 200 Crab Cakes, 300 LBC’s, 400 Flutters
  3. Lunge walk back to court
  4. Head to the hill, lock arms, 11 squats, then run backwards up hill.  10 squats at top, then head down.  Back and forth till we get to 1.
  5. Another round of burpee suicides.  Heard a little mumble chatter when I said we’d do it “just for fun”
  6. Jailbreak to flag

Mary: Dali’s, SSH, IW’s

Announcements: Jackelope this Saturday, Carolina High raffling off a Honda Accord for $20/ticket on Monday, Capt Horton Run 6/10, F3 Dads will be at 8a on 7/8 at the Keg for all of Swamp Rabbit

Prayers/praise:  Brown Shorts’ Mom medication challenges, Boomhauer’s sister in law had clear scan the other night, Taylor Swift, Doolittle’s job interview coming up

Always enjoy being around these guys.  It’s a good group of men.




The PAXAll F3Nation Pax
Workout Date07/29/17

Join F3York as we host our first ever CSAUP…the Mastodon.

As F3York continues to grow, we decided that we needed to make a mark on the map with an insane (completely stupid) event.  With the overwhelming amount of Pax getting into the ruck craze, a ruck inspired endurance event was conceived.

This event will suck and challenge the most elite down to the beginner depending on what option you choose to participate in. This event will push you to your most extreme limits. Your endurance, strength, speed, mental fortitude, teamwork ability, leadership skills, climate survivability, and overall health/fitness will be tested.

The course will be approximately 14-16 miles minimum.  This mileage can and probably will go up once you add in the 8 AO workouts. Teams of (4) will start together and finish together (teams will be decided at the start of the event)…this will force bonding, teamwork, and fellowship.

The event will start and end at the Dragon AO and proceed to visit each of York’s AOs (minus Guns N Moses…too far out). At each AO there will be a workout, not a pain station, waiting to be completed before continuing. Site Q’s will have full discretion of the workout as long as it is in the design of the actual site. For example…Trinity will be a bootcamp style workout while Gain Station will be a gear/ coupon workout. Runners…yes, you will have to go through the same AOs, so there will be rucks waiting on you to use at the School of Ruck.

This is not a half marathon, not a fun walk, but an endurance ruck inspired event. The Mastodon will offer options to ruck, run, or to do a relay. All options will be conducted in teams of (4).  Ruckers will start at 0300 and have 10hrs to complete, runners will start at 0500 and have 8hrs to complete.

Upon completion of the event we will meet up at the Coal Yard for festivities…more on this will be coming.

Not mandatory, but we are asking for a $10 minimum donation from each participant to help with water, snacks, sports drinks, patches, etc. We are also trying to come up with a shirt to be sold through Mudgear as well as a Velcro patch….designs coming soon.

Hard Commits would be great to have for head count and volunteers definitely welcome to help.

Ruckers will need 30lb weight in pack (if over 150lbs) or 20lb (if under 150), (2) carabiners, 8′ piece of rope or chain that will fit the carabiners, minimum of 2L of water, headlamps, and reflective strips or belts.

Runners will need to carry water either vest, backpack, a headlamp, and reflective gear.


Ruck (Conqueror)-full course

Run (Conqueror)-full course

Relay (Participant)-legs divided up amongst team

7/11/17 update:

Route will be marked the day prior to the event with paint and or signage.

Each workout will be approximately 30-40 minutes long.

For any Pathfinders…this event has been approved to meet the endurance event challenge by Lyell.

Please review mandatory gear as it will hot and dark.

Start and End will be at F3 York’s “Dragon” AO (York Comp High School) 275 E. Alexander Love Hwy York, SC 29745.

PRE BLAST F3 Dads @ Pitchfork June 10th

Q.I.C.Sammy & Pinetar
Workout Date6/10/17

WHEN: There will be a regularly scheduled workout at Pitchfork the morning of June 10th.  Instead of concluding at 7:00, it will conclude at 6:45. The  start time for the F3 Dads will be 715.  This should allow for PAX to workout, get home gather up 2.0s and return.

WHERE: Pitchfork

WHO:  ANY 2.0 w/ dad.  Last event we had girls, boys, 20 year olds, and 3 year olds.  We look to have fun and you can do what you can.

QIC: Pinetar & Sam-It would be goo to get an idea of numbers (SCs).  Please let one of us know if you plan to post andhow many 2.0s you will be bringing.

Tank Tops &a Mao Weidong Tribute

The PAXRoad Trip, Easy Bake, Thumper, NYOPT, Short Barrell, Deflated (Respect), Benign, Mint Julep, Whisper (Respect), Youkilis, Double Helix, Dr. Phil
Workout Date5/26/17

YHC called for the beginning of Tank Top Friday’s at #Pitchfork Friday.  12 showed and only 1 came prepared for that occasion, TCLAPS Dr. Phil!  Started on time with nailing the F3 mission Statement.

Warm Up: Side Stradle Hops x25, arm circles xUntil, Man Makers x5, Mosey to the Speedway for Indian Run  x3 Laps

Workout:                                                                                                                                             Start with 1 set x14 each of                                                                                                         Overhead Press, Big Boy Sit Ups, Squats, Curls, Alternating Front/Side Soulder Raises                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Take a Lap around the Speedway Repeat same exercises x13, then a lap, then same exercises x12, then a lap, etc.

The goal was to get between some where between a 1.5 and 2 miles in with over 100 reps of each exercise.  We officially landed some where around 1.8 miles (source Whisper).

To make it fun Short Barrell brought his soon to be retired Burpee on demand whistle as he walked.

Mary  No PAX were aware that almost 1 year ago to the day Mao Weidong set a world record for the longest abdominal plank (8 hours and 1 minute).  We spent the final 4 minutes in tribute to him.  PAX were entertained during the activity by each taking a turn doing 15 curls in the middle of the circle.

Announcements:                                                                                                                               Jackalope-June 3rd-Clown Car meet @ GS @ 530.  If not be at PF @ 555                                               F3 Dads June 10th @ 715 @ Pitchfork                                                                                                     Go Ruck Custom June 10th

Prayers Double Helix mom doing well after surgery (Praise). Shorts Barrel’s mother in law coming to live with them as she battles cancer, Andrew Brunson wrongfully imprisoned in Turkey, Drake doing well, Youkilis dad has CKD.

I am ever grateful for the impact F3 has had on me and for the friendships I have gained from it.

1 Cor. 10:31