Gnarls Barkley

The PAXDuggar, Wax On (WD), Almond Joy, Spandex, Grrrr, Chubbs, Playdoh, Zipline, Wilson, Iceman
Workout Date02/05/2019
A.O. The Station

10 men took advantage of balmy temps at #TheStation. Little did they know that YHC had some #turrible ideas planned….

The Thang
SSH x20
Bombjacks x10
Lunges x16
Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x25 (hand release)
Plank shoulder touches x30
SSH x35

Mosey to the water fountain by the amphitheater and line up for an #IndianRun
Head towards Cannon St, then right on Cannon, down the hill to the pond.
Mosey to the gazebo and partner up
P1 – run around the pond
P2 – 5 burpee pullups, 10 squats (repeat until partner returns)
flapjack and repeat for 3 rounds

Mosey over to the parking lot beside the pond and assume #peopleschair on the wall
2 at a time – 5 donkey kicks, bear crawl out 30 feet, 5 merkins, bear crawl back
When not exercising, maintain #peopleschair
2 rounds of this

Up and over to the middle of the parking lot for #suicidemission
10 bombjacks
#oldskool suicides (out to the 5th line)
10 bombjacks
Switch to 15 hand release merkins
#oldskool suicides (out to the 5th line)
15 HR merkins

Mosey up to the main circle (backwards run last 30 yds up the hill)

5MOM was #dealerschoice


Naked Moleskin:
– @AJ made it through a workout without having to tie his shoe lace #miracle
– @Zipline returned to his first love after flirting with #TheGate
– Burpee pullups are NEVER a good idea

– let @KC know if you can read at his school tomorrow, 2/6 – Crestview Elementary

– @Chubbs with several friends in various stages of divorce
– The Smith family fighting cancer

See ya in the gloom….


Back In The Saddle

The PAXAlfred, Emeril, Waxon (WD), Courtesy Flush, Gollum, Playdoh, Elsa, Spandex, Wilson, Kindergarten Cop, FNG Jeremy - Duggar, Wally, Iceman
Workout Date01/15/2019
A.O. The Station

14 Men (including 1 FNG) posted at #TheStation for YHC’s return to the gloom. 2 workouts in 6 weeks made me feel like an FNG again.

The Thang:

SSH x20
Merkins x10 (tempo)
Windmills x10
Squats x10 (temp)

Mosey to the corner of Cannon and Jason for 4 corners, running counter clockwise to Jason and 14, 14 and Poinsett, Poinsett and Cannon
Corner 1
5 Wide merkins, 5 normal, 5 diamond
5 Sumo Squats, 5 normal, 5 Skiier

Corner 2
30 Plank shoulder touches
30 oblique LBC’s (dc)

Corner 3
Repeat corner 1 exercises

Corner 4
Repeat corner 2 exercises

Line up on the wall for People’s Indian Run
Everyone is in peoples chair, guy on the end does 5 merkins then bear crawls to the end of the line.
Repeat until everyone has bear crawled….

Mosey across the street and find a spot on the short wall
15 derkins / 20 dips

Then basketball shuffle (light pole to light pole) to the bottom of the hill. Mosey to the picnic shelter and partner up for Lazy Dora
Benchpress x100 / plank
Step ups x200 / Al Gore
Flutters x 300 (dc) / 6″
P1 exercises while P2 does opposite, flapjack
Teams that finished early got to start over #extracredit

Mosey back to the starting point for 4 MOM
Backscratchers x20
Plank Shoulder Touches x30
Oblique LBC’s x30 (dc)


Naked Moleskin
– Good to be back in the #gloom. Amazing how much you miss it, the fellowship….and the pain
– Welcome to Jeremy (nka – Duggar)

– F3SwampRabbit 6 Yr Convergence is 2/2/19 at Legacy Park 0700 launch

– @Chubbs’ friends for a healthy baby

See ya in the gloom….


Monkey Humpers on Main

The PAXHootie, Houdini, FNG - Matt K (Fire In The Hole), San Diago, Erector, Chitty Chitty, Clapper, Rainbow Warrior, Libor, Earth Mover, Junk Bond, Smoky Banjo, Sherpa, Bartman, Double Windsor, Stem Cell, Chaps, Bag Pipes, Corn, Skyline, RX, Crash (WD), 3 Buck
Workout Date11/27/2018
A.O. Main Thang

24 Men planted the #Shovelflag at #MainThang for #IceOnMain.

The Thang:

– Dini’s favorite – if you know, you know…..

As we mosey north on Main, @SanDiago is valet parking his yuppie import so we do #monkeyhumpers until he’s finally ready to join us.
Continue the mosey, just past Nose Dive….
Grab some wall for derkins, dips and squats (15/20/25) where @ChittyChitty went #nutstobutts with the boar statue #awkward

Continue our mosey to the Richardson St garage
7’s (using the stairwell)
bottom level – heels to heaven
3rd level – sumo squats

Main Course
Level 1 – 10 hand release merkins
L2 – 10 HR merkins, 15 Bobby Hurleys
L3 – 10 HR merkins, 15 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Freddy Merc’s (dc)
L4 – 10 HR merkins, 15 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Freddy Merc’s (dc), 25 plank shoulder touches
L5 – 10 HR merkins, 15 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Freddy Merc’s (dc), 25 plank shoulder touches, 30 fairy jacks
L6 – 10 HR merkins, 15 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Freddy Merc’s (dc), 25 plank shoulder touches, 30 fairy jacks, 35 Apollo Ohno

Mosey back down the stairs and head towards home, stopping by Nose Dive for derkins, dips and squats (20/25/30)

– One leg flutters (10 ea)
– Pete Chilcutt for 60 secs


Naked Moleskin
– Awesome to have 24 guys and 1 FNG, with the colder temps
– The PAX hit a homerun naming the FNG – Fire In The Hole
– @Bartman, fresh from his return to the US, was speaking some Asian dialect
– If you received an envelope from @Crash, return it with unmarked bills
– @RainbowWarrior looked lost without his #RainbowBro, @RainbowDash

– Still fund raising for the “F3” Brick at the Peace Center (see comments about envelopes above)
– Deuceable is the Friday before the Friday before Christmas (also known as 12/14). @Hootie and @Houdini promise an awesome t-shirt this year (new graphics and colors) but same #kickyourass course…..
– @EarthMover is moving to CLT 🙁 His final Q will be 12/6. Also be on the lookout for an HDHH for him before he leaves….

C ya in the gloom…..


Quality Trumps Quantity

The PAXLeVar, Emeril, Stripes, Waxon (WD), No Bars, Perry Mason, Courtesy Flush, Grrrr, Gollum, Playdoh, Iceman
Workout Date11/06/2018
A.O. The Station

#Yoleven men defied #Cantore to post at #TheStation.

The Thang
Burpees x6 (one legged)
Lunges x10
Imperial Walkers x16
Merkins x20
Plank shoulder touches x26

Mosey up Jason St, Right on Cannon and down to the Gazebo
5 pullups – slow count on the negative
10 merkins – slow count
15 squats – 5 narrow/5 regular/ 5 wide (slow count)
20 freddy mercury’s – slow count
Plank for 1 min

Mosey to the picnic shelter
10 split squats – slow count
15 dips – slow count
15 bench press -slow count
core work
take a lap around the circle
take a lap

Mosey to the back of City Hall
People’s chair x60 secs
Plank shoulder touches (with feet on wall) x20
Little baby squat jumps x20
core work

South Cackalacky RR


Naked Moleskin:
– Rain wasn’t too bad (intermittent) but numbers were low…..
– On election day, I wanted to focus on Quality over Quantity – as our long lost friend @BlueHawaii used to say – “do it wrong, do it long”

– @CourtesyFlush’s brother
– Greer High coach
– @SA with wrist injury

– Working on plans for our own Toys For Tots toy drive /convergence (will be in Nov)
– Deuceable is 12/21 (I think)…..

See ya in the gloom….


You Won’t Melt

The PAXLt Sunshine, Stripes, Kindergarten Cop, Perry Mason, Grrrr, WaxOn, Wally, Bed Bug, Levar, Iceman
Workout Date10/11/2018
A.O. The Station

10 men defied #Cantore to post at #TheStation in blustery conditions.

The Thang
SSH x20
Merkins x10 (slow count)
Squats x13

Cue the #ladyinthephone for #Tabata
30 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest
12 exercises (mix of upper body, lower body and core)
4 rounds
5MOM between rounds 2 and 3


Naked Moleskin
– Tabata has always been a sneaky tough workout
– Grr was really thirsty this morning #multipletripstothewaterfountain
– KC does everything real fast…..and I mean EV.RY.THING #TMI
– Alfred was #MIA

– Mallwalker Challenge this Sat at Haywood Mall – 0630 launch

– All those impacted by Hurricane Michael
– Greer AD battling cancer

Gas Chamber

The PAXLt Dangle, Live PD, Peekaboo, Road Trip, My 2 Dads, Whisper (WD), Church Lady, Mint Julio, Mayo, Tollbooth, Iceman
Workout Date10/02/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

11 Jabronies posted at #PitchFork for a cinderblock beatdown.

The Thang
SSH x20
@ChurchLady appears from the #gloom
Tempo Merkins x10
Tempo Squats x15
@LivePD arrives

Line up with back to the cross walk. @PineTar said we have to do burpees as penalty for delinquent #backblasts. I don’t particularly care for burpees so we tweaked it a bit.
Burpee broad jump out ~20yds, 10 hand release merkins, Burpee broad jump back #crowdpleaserNo1

Mosey to the shed, partner up and grab a block (1 per team)
Catch Me If You Can (block style)
P1 – Walk with block overhead
P2 – 5 tempo merkins then sprint to catch partner
Walk counter clockwise around the loop, trading off, then stop at the basketball court for…..

Lazy Dora
Exercise 1 – 60 curls (with block)
P1 curls
P2 reverse plank
flapjack until all reps are done
Exercise 2 – 80 merkins (on the block)
P1 – merkins
P2 – plank
Exercise 3 – 100 flutters (dc) (with block)
P1 – flutters
P2 – 6″
Exercise 4 – 80 squats (with block)
P1 – squats
P2 – people’s chair
Exercise 5 – 60 overhead press
P1 – overhead press
P2 – balls to the wall

Catch Me If You Can (clockwise), back to the shed

Exercise 1
60 curls (with block)
P1 curls
P2 reverse plank
Exercise 2
40 man makers (with block) #crowdpleaserNo2
P1 – man makers
P2 -plank

Put the blocks up and mosey back to the shovelflag…..

Triple Nickel (with sprints)
Set 1
5 narrow squats, 5 normal squats, 5 sumo squats…….sprint 30yds and back the repeato the exercise
Set 2
5 diamond merkins, 5 normal, 5 wide………sprint out and back then repeato the exercise
Set 3
5 dollys, 5 dollys at 45*, 5 rosalitas……sprint, repeato the exercise

Circle up for 3 MOM
Tempo American Hammers x10
One legged flutters x10 (ea leg)
Pete Chilcutt


Naked Moleskin
– @Whisper still wears khaki shorts
– @MintJulio’s hair was perfect post workout
– I caught @My2Dad’s flexing his biceps when he thought @RoadTrip was looking at him
– @ChurchLady wasn’t last to the workout this morning but did take him all of the SSH to get his gloves on
– We renamed the basketball court #GasChamber after someone dropped a nuclear grade cropdust bomb. @Dangle blamed @LivePD since he left early
– @PineTar was “conveniently” absent for the backblast penalty….

– @PineTar’s sister
– @ChurhLady’s friend Chris Cogdill’s daughter died unexpectedly

See ya in the gloom…..

Block Party

The PAXBenign, Elmer, WiFi (WD), Cocoon, Beamer, Zebco, Sling Blade, NYOPT, Cyclone, Bernie, Sticky Willy, Ron Swanson, Iceman
Workout Date09/18/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

13 men posted at #GoldenStrip for their Tuesday #downPAINment. YHC saw the #batsignal from @NYOPT on Monday needing to fill some Q slots. So jumped at the chance and put together a workout….

The Thang:
SSH x20
Tempo merkins x10, plank until the site Q made it to the circle
Tempo squats x13 – @Elmer joined us
Bombjacks x10 OYO

Line up for an Indian Run
1st two guys in the line step to the side for 10 bombjacks, then sprint to catch the back of the line.
Make our way out of the parking lot, Right on Holland, right into the bus staging area and down to the shed

Partner up and everyone grab a block for Dora
P1 – farmer’s carry both blocks out and back (approx. 80 yds, round trip)
P2 – exercise
Hand release merkins x75
Skier squats x150
Mtn Climbers x225 (dc)

Little bit of core work then on to the next phase, with blocks

Burpee Builder (using the bus loop)
Corner 1 – 10 merkins (on the block)
Corner 2 – 10 donkey kicks (on the block)
Corner 3 – 10 squats (with the block)
Chest press until everyone is finished

Burpee Builder Part Deaux (correctly predicted by @Zebco)
Corner 1 – 10 merkins
Corner 2 – 10 merkins, 10 donkey kicks
Corner 3 – 10 merkins, 10 donkey kicks, 10 squats
Chest press until everyone is finished

Not done with the block yet!!
Bermuda Triangle
7 curls from the bottom to half way
7 curls from the top to half way
7 curls full range

20 big boy sit ups – courtesy @NYOPT

Bermuda Triangle – 2nd set

Flutters – courtesy @Zebco

Bermuda Triangle – 3rd set

Put the blocks back and mosey to the circle

Tempo American Hammers x10


Naked Moleskin
– Thought the site Q had gone #refusenik on me and then he showed up mid way through the warmup.
– The blocks never disappoint
– We found @Zebco’s #wheelhouse. He crushed the burpee builders. Oh, and he signed up for his #VQ this Thursday. Come out and support him
– @SlingBlade is out busting his hump at 15 years old. Impressive to say the least. I’m sure those other prep wrestlers don’t have a chance!

– If you like running and beer, see @Elmer. He’s got a race for you

– @Elmer’s friend battling cancer.
– All those impacted by Hurricane Florence. F3 is collecting money and supplies to support those areas hardest hit. Watch Twitter or Facebook on how you can support the relief efforts.

See ya in the gloom….


Let’s Party

The PAXCorn, FNG Robert - BagPipes, Inspector Gadget (WD), Slow Pitch, PETA, Squints, Sherpa, Bartman, Libor, Satisfry, Stewie, Rainbow Warrier, Clapper, Hootie, Houdini, Pizza Pizza, Erector, Iceman, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Junk Bond, Skyline
Workout Date09/13/2018
A.O. Main Thang

23 Men (including 1 FNG) posted at #MainThang for a birthday celebration.

The Thang
SSH x20 just because Dini likes them so much
Tempo Merkins x10, down and hold for 10 sec
Temp0 Squats x15

Mosey to corner of McBee and Spring St and find some wall – funny because almost everyone assumed the “dip” position #pavlovsbell
Jack Webb
Derkins and air presses – 1:4 ratio up to 5:20

Mosey across the street to parking deck and partner up
Catch Me If You Can
Partner 1 – 10 plank shoulder touches, sprint to catch partner
Parnter 2 – backwards run
Flapjack and repeat

At the top – Jack the Ripper
Big Boy Sit Ups and Freddy Mercuries – 1:4 ratio up to 5:20

Carioca down the ramps and mosey to the parking deck behind the Poinsett Hotel
Burpee Builder
10 Hand release merkins, run to the next level
10 donkey kicks, run to the next level
10 jump squats, stay put
early finishers worked on core

Burpee Builder part deaux
10 HR merkins, run to the next level
10 HR merkins, 10 donkey kicks, run to the next level
10 HR merkins, 10 donkey kicks, 10 jump squats

Mosey down the steps and back to the Peace Center

Single Leg Flutters x10 (ea leg)
Plank for 60 secs


Naked Moleskin
– Dini had both #cankle sleeves on and was 0 for 2 on suggestions as we ignored Dini’s call for #Dora and #11’s

And then ignored his FNG name suggestion….

– @Slow Pitch is anything but slow. Dude can crank out some reps
– @PETA showed up post warmup, looking and smelling like he never went to bed Wed night
– @Rainbow Warrior looked lost without his Rainbow Twin – Dash
– @HotNReady dodge my Q again!! Seems personal to me…. Seriously, hope you’re shoulder is on the mend…..

– @InspectorGadget’s Mother and Brother in Law
– @Squints as he travels back to Colorado
– All the people in the path of Hurricane Florence

See ya in the gloom…..


Rock of Ages

The PAXMayo, Butcher, Beamer, Zebco, Elmer, Bernie, Sling Blade, Look Out Below, Cheese Steak, Mint Julio, Whisper, NYOPT, Soccer Mom, Gymboree, Coxswain, Nature Boy, Flo, Iceman
Workout Date07/26/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

18 men ignored the banter between YHC and site Q @NYOPT to post at #GoldenStrip.

The Thang:
SSH x23
Tempo Merkins x10 / plank for 30 secs
Bombjacks x10

Mosey to shed, grab a block and partner up for 4 Corner Escalator

Corner 1
P1 – man makers x10
P2 – plank

Corner 2
P1 – man makers x10
P2 – plank
P1 – squats x20
P2 – Al Gore

Corner 3
P1 – man makers x10
P2 – plank
P1 – squats x20
P2 – Al Gore
P1 – curls x30
P2 – reverse plank

Corner 4
P1 – man makers x10
P2 – plank
P1 – squats x20
P2 – Al Gore
P1 – curls x30
P2 – reverse plank
P1 – flutters x40
P2 – 6″ (holding the block)

Drop the blocks and head to the hill for a Dora
50 Plank shoulder touches (double count)
100 Sumo squats
150 Oblique Crunches (double count)

Partner runs up the hill – 5 bombjacks

Head back to the other side of the circle to grab our blocks
P1 – derkins (block on the curb)
P2 – other side of the road – Rosalitas
Each partner does 10 reps, animal movement to the other side (bear crawl, duck walk, etc), then 8 reps, then 6…4…2

Put the blocks back and head to the #shovelflags for 1 MOM
Single leg flutters x10 #crowdpleaser


Naked Moleskin
– @GoldenStrip has the reputation as being #experienced #cultured #older While that may be true, they know how to get after it
– Love the energy that @NYOPT has for leading. #tclaps for stepping up to be Site Q
– My body was sore pretty quickly after that #beatdown. Especially my shoulders….

– @GoldenStrip needs guys to step up an lead. Check twitter for available dates
– @Wilson hits #respect soon. To celebrate, guys have arranged for a full blown #DonutRun. 8/3 – 0515 at Starbux Downtown

Prayer Requests
– Andrew Brunson (good news)
– @CheeseSteak’s friend
– @Elmer’s coworker
– @F3Wilson (Summerville)

See ya in the gloom….


GCOD is Taken

The PAXBartman, Stewie, Libor, 1040, Flay, Pizza Pizza, Rainbow Dash, Grim Reaper, Spring Break, Rainbow Warrior, Earth Mover, Gasser, Hootie, Weedwacker, Junk Bond, Quickie, Shamwow, Pre-Destiny's Child, Crash (WD), FNG Brian - Skyline, Iceman
Workout Date07/10/2018
A.O. Main Thang

21 dudes and a four legged friend (including 1 FNG) posted at #MainThang for their Tuesday #downPAINment. Was great to see some old faces in the gloom, besides @Flay’s ugly mug…..

The Thang:
SSH – predicted by @Gasser
Tempo merkins

Mosey down through the amphitheater and to the Bowater parking garage. Cue the #mumblechatter from @Hootie and @Flay. “It’s not raining”……”why are we in the deck?”…..”it’s so hot in here”…..
Pretty sure I heard some thunder in the distance…….

Level 1 – 10 merkins, backwards run up 1 ramp, forward up the other
Level 2 – 10 merkins, 20 squats, run
Level 3 – 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 air presses, run
Level 4 – 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 air presses, 40 flutters
@Flay when we were done with the parking deck… Notice the striking resemblance to Nick Cage…

Exit the deck via the steps and across Liberty Bridge, all the while @Hootie was #politicking for a #Liberty500 – no go today Hoot…..Down through Falls Park to Furman College Way at the #MedusaTree

Break up into groups of 5-6 and ascend the hill, stopping at each light on the right for 10 merkins and 10 heels to heaven. Once at the top of the hill, dodge the service vehicle that I didn’t believe was really was trying to access the road we were on #closedcourse #whosdoinggroundsworkat6am

Mosey down the parking lot behind Smoke on the Water for some core work. Continue the mosey behind Marble Slab and Cargo, backwards running up the hill #watchoutforthespeedbumps

Mosey down Main St to the Falls Park entrance for tempo dips – in honor of @Houdini who couldn’t be with us this morning

Cross the road and mosey up Falls Park Dr then right behind Starbux for #4CornerEscalator. Since @Hootie and @Flay didn’t like working out in the deck, we brought the same workout outside.

Corner 1 (beside old Apple Store) – 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 air presses, 40 flutters
Corner 2 (on Riverwalk, parallel with the steps) – 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 air presses
Corner 3 (below steps to Lazy Goat) – 10 merkins, 20 squats
Corner 4 (top of steps beside Lazy Goat) – 10 merkins

Back down the steps and across the #BridgeOverTheRiverReedy to grab some rail.

Tempo pullups – hold in the up position

Final push back up the amphitheater steps where @JunkBond took us through 3mins of Mary.


Naked Moleskin
– Felt like old times out there seeing guys like @PizzaPizza, @Quickie, @Grim, @1040. Also good to see some new ones, like FNG Skyline…. He’s from Cincinnati and told him that “Grilled Cheese on a Donut” was taken….
– @EarthMover’s twitter game was on point Monday night…

– As always, was blast this morning. You men continue to amaze and motivate me.

– Our fallen F3brother in Columbia – Zoot
– @Quickie’s wife

See ya in the #gloom (Thursday)……