It was like meeting your in-laws…

Q.I.C.Hot N Ready
The PAXSpring Break, Rainbow Dash, Bartman, Birdman, Both of them, Skyline, Weed Wacker, Pizza Pizza, Rainbow Warrior, Crash, Earth Mover, Costanza, Three Buck Chuck, Predestiny's Child, Erector
Workout Date07/17/2018
A.O. Main Thang

16 PAX showed up on a misty, foggy morning thinking the forecast was suppose to pain…

Let’s get right to it:


10 Burpees – oyo

20 Merkins – oyo

15 Big Boy Sit-ups – oyo

20 Squats – on the Q’s Mark

Mini-Main Thang

6 reps

10 Derkins at one bench – bear crawl to the other bench

10 Box Jumps at the other bench – Crab Walk back

Mosey to Liberty Bridge

20 Heels to Heaven – oyo

Mosey to Medusa Tree

Main Thang @ Furman College Way (service road behind SC Governor’s School)

Partners – One partner bear crawls toward the top gate, the other runs to the top gate and back down to partner to replace them in the trek to the top in Bear Crawl Form.

Once at the top, same thing but back down.

Some quotes:

“This is one of those that looks good on paper, but not in real life.”

“I am very angry at you Hot n Ready”

“Wait. You want us to go back down?”

“I thought you were going to go easy on us… :)”

“This is kinda like meeting your in-laws…”

Six inches at the bottom while you wait.

Mosey to under the Liberty Bridge

2 sets (not reps ahem!) max pull-ups

Mosey to stairs by Halls

Badger – Partners – One does Push-up the other jumps over him side to side – 30 secs.  switch.

Mosey to Dogwood Lane

10 Bar Rows

10 Bar Jumps

Mosey back to the Thang

50 LBCs

Planks until we hit 6am.


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Pizza Pizza’s Best Man, Wife and One week old baby still in hospital.  Hoping for a release today.

Erector – Blessings for getting house under contract and prayers for the next step.  Business partner going through some health issues, going to MD Anderson.

These men were challenged today with a test of Wit and Grit.  All men showed both.  Proud to lead a good group of men and share the struggles in overcoming challenges together.

Challenge Day

Q.I.C.Hot N Ready
The PAXWurfel, Altar Boy, Libor, Stem Cell, Latka, Weed Wacker, Caviar, Papa Smurf, Rainbow Warrior, Both of Them, Three Buck Chuck, Satisfry, Prince Harry, Squints, Scrum Down (FNG), Iceman, Hot n Ready
Workout Date06/05/2018
A.O. Main Thang

17 PAX Readied themselves for a challenge on a slightly cool morning at the Main Thang.


SSH – 40 IC (thought about going to fiddy…I will next time #beware)

IW – 20 IC

Partner up

1 min. Max Merkins

1 min Max Old School Sit-ups – partner hold feet, PAX interlocks fingers behind head.

2 laps around PC as fast as you can.

Flutter Kicks – 15 IC

Six Inches – arms out, chin up, get up off ground w/o using hands.

If anyone can tell, slight version of a PFT (Physical Fitness Test)…

Mosey to Stairs by Halls…

The Thang

Partnered up…6 Rounds – Box Jump lower half of stairs, Joe Hendricks upper half, take it across Main St jump and down other side stairs to the wood bridge, bear crawl over bridge, back to start, tag your partner.

Meanwhile, partner is crushing out Push-ups and sit-ups to level out the June Challenge.  The Q should have made this part a little more structured…oh well…cant be sorry now….#lordoftheflies

Quote – “I think we need to video Satisfry bearcrawling……and study it….hmmmm….”

Mosey to Japanese Dogwood Lane Bars

10 Bar Jumps

15 pull-ups

Hand and hold – 15 secs

Hang and hold with just three fingers – 15 secs with one slow pull up

Jailbreak back to the Main Thang


June Challenge – sign -up and take on the challenge.  It’s for a good cause related to an F3 member’s child.

Welcome Scrum Down.  Citadel Cadet.  Rugby Player.  Spanish Major.

Prayer Request

Squints – All the graduates and exam takers

Latka – Stewie’s family and in laws dealing with a death of a family member

Altar Boy – Work issues

Proud of the work put forth by our men today.  It takes courage to rise before dawn and challenge yourself to go beyond what you think can do and what you can actually do.  Until next time…see ya in the gloom.

Why are there like 15 towels here?

Q.I.C.Hot N Ready
The PAXHootie, Three Buck Chuck, Crash (respect), Squints, Spring Break, Baby Daddy, Weed Wacker, Libor, Latika, Iceman, Rector, Stewie, Bubba Gump, Rainbow Warrior
Workout Date04/26/2018
A.O. Main Thang

15 PAX showed up with their grills intact on a fair, cool morning to get some action at the Main Thang, asking “Why are there a bunch of towels here?”  It’s not raining.


Side Straddle Hop IC x40 (thought about going to fiddy)

Imperial Walker IC x20

Squats – IC x19

Little Baby Crunches

American Hammer

Freddie Mercury

Six Inches in between sets (wait…I get the theme here…abs…oh found them -Iceman)

Merkins x5

Werkins (Wide Grip) x5

Diamonds x5

Ferkins (Finger tip) X 5

Kerkins or Chuck Norris (knuckles) X5

Bench Burpees (box jump to bench) X 10

The Thang

Mosey to Wood Bridge over Reedy River

5 Rounds

Up stairs by Halls Chophouse, cross the main street bridge, back down stairs next to CB Caine Gallery, hit the wood bridge with each of the five exercises:

  1. Bear Crawl (not so bad)
  2. Lunges (ok we got this)
  3. Crab Walk (man…I actually prefer bear crawls for once)
  4. Low crawl (ouch…man WTH)
  5. Duck Walk (quack quack)  

(missing our preacher under the bridge this morning shouting Obama is the guerrilla leader) #couldbeacrackhead   

Mosey to Liberty Bridge

Pull-ups – 2 set Max reps

Mosey back to the Thang

218 Merkins for 2018 year

*Towels used to assist





Fellowship of the Main Thang – 4:30pm Thursdays @ Mac’s Speedshop

F3 Swamp Rabbit – State of the Union – date, time, and place TBA

Prayer Request

Squints – Wife traveling with friends this weekend.  Praying for Safe Travels

Crash – Wife going to Dr today for lump on Thyroid. Praying for a good report

Rector – Friend in need of guidance in finding our Creator

As always I am proud to lead a group of fine men that put in the effort to complete the tasks and challenges presented to them.  Good performance today!  Looking forward to the next time.

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe



Splashing the Merlot and Spittin’ Game

Q.I.C.Hot N Ready
The PAXLatika, Sherpa, Weed Wacker, Stewie, PETA, Hootie, Santiago, Three Buck Chuck, Inspector Gadget, Faaa-breeze, Hot N Ready
Workout Date03/22/2018
A.O. Main Thang

11 PAX showed – one by one at 5:15 to a brisk cold morning for a Beating to Boost their Morale.

36 degrees > #fairweatherfans

Warm – Up

Side Straddle Hop – IC X 25 (thought about going to fiddy)

Imperial Walkers – IC X 25

Burpees – oyo X 10

Mosey to Mcbee corner

Merkins – x 10

Mosey to Caviar and Bananas – Where is Caviar?  Probably doing Yoga in Indiana

Lunges – all the way to Richardson parking garage.  Planks at end.  #Santiagoonemorethanhootie

Take it to the top of Richardson parking garage- hit every step

Merkins X 10

Descending to each floor for some beatings

Freddie Mercury X 40 SC

Overhead clap X 50 IC

Squats X 20 oyo

Derkins X 15 oyo

People’s Chair – 75 sec hold – arms out 15 secs

Merkins X 10 oyo

Burpees at the bottom X 10 oyo

take it back to the top and then straight back down

Did someone splashing some merlot?  Fake News.  YHC almost did.

Planks at bottom

Mosey to Grace Stairs

Race with partners to the top and back down X 3

#whobrokewind?!?!  #santiago #Faaabreeze

Mosey to Parking lot on Broad – below PC

Wall ups X 10 oyo

Squats x 10 oyo


mosey to Japanese Dogwood lane

on the bars – hanging alternating hand grips X50 – SC oyo

Bar jumps X10

Pull ups – X10 – alternating hand grips X5 each way

Mosey to the Stairs

Joe Hendrix – grumblings….”I knew it!”




Mosey back to the Main Thang

Buddy Carry – back and forth from benches X3 per person

Wheelbarrow – same


Done.  Could’ve been worse…


Inspector Gadget is taking F3 T shirt orders.  Get with him to place your size to the order.

Sign-up to Q in the next couple weeks.

Prayer Requests

The group rucking the Palmetto 200

all the unspoken

Very proud of the hard work, physically and mentally, our PAX put out today.  Proud and humbled to Q a solid strong group of men!  Thank you!

Slippy, Slappy, Swanson, Samsonite, and a Shagger

Q.I.C.Hot n Ready
The PAXJunk Bond, Crash, Slim, Gasser, Squints, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Weed Wacker, Spring Break, Satisfry, Rainbow Dash, Dr. Shagger (FNG)
Workout Date01/09/2018
A.O. Main Thang

A cool misty, frosty, icy morning brought 12 PAX to the Main Thang to work out a little bit of the winter blues.


(In cadence “IC”)

Side Straddle Hop IC –  50 count…wait what?  did he…just?  yes I did.

Imperial Walker IC – 20 count…whew!  Thought we were going to fiddy.

Burpees – 10 oyo (on your own)

“The Junk Bond” – 10 Derkins on one bench – bear crawl to the other, 10 dips – crab walk back.  5 rounds.

Mosey to the Pig

Lunges IC – 20 count

Mosey to Barley’s

Lunges all the way down to Laurens St. – ouch!

Planks at the bottom.

Mosey to Grace Church….too icy for fun.  Take it to the top of Poinsett Parking Garage.

Dora – 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs meanwhile partner runs to the bottom and back up the stairs.

Laps on top when finished.  Planks to regroup.  10 count by Gasser.

Mosey to Fidelity steps.

Bear crawl down right side, Joe Hendricks in the middle, bear crawl down left side.

Mosey back to Main Thang

Gasser leads in “Greenville Grab Abs” – 5 count IC – feet flat, legs apart – feet flat, legs squared – LBCs – dying cockroach.  Continuous movement changing positions in stride.

Finish off with 10 merkins – IC (overtime)

Announcements – Welcome Dr. Shagger.  23 Med student at GHS.  From Dirty Myrtle.  El Cid grad.  Head lock from Weed Wacker.

Prayer request – Squints family in transition of father-in-law moving to Greenville and starting a new chapter in their lives.

Always to those not with us and those needing a prayer.


Tis the Season for a new site flag

Q.I.C.Hot n Ready
The PAXHootie, Houdini, Stem Cell, Strep, Three Buck Chuck, Junk Bond, Weedwacker, Santiago, Sherpa, Peta, Clapper, Hot N Ready, FNG - Refund
Workout Date12/12/2017
A.O. Main Thang

Main Thang – Dec 12 Backblast

13 pax showed up with the weather being right below 40 degrees ready to take on the challenges Hot n Ready had prepared for them.



20 reps – in cadence count

Side straddle Hop

Imperial Walker



Mountain Climbers

Burpees – oyo

Overhead Clap




Mosey to tunnel

Relay race – two groups

Sprint to the end of tunnel – 15 merkins – sprint back – planks when finished

Losing team 15 jump squats

15 pull-ups and 10 bar jumps

Mosey to Lazy goat stairs

Groups of 3 – 1,2,3 – leg throws and stairs – alternate for three rounds

Buddy Lunges – 50 single count

Cartwheels across the bridge – heavy modifications***

15 pull-ups on other side of the bridge

I-beams – People’s chairs – 90 secs – one leg at a time, arms up and out

Mosey back to Peace Center stairs

Backwards Bear crawl upstairs

Mosey back to Main Thang

Popcorn choice – each PAX picks a quick workout to finish out the time.

Weedwacker – 10 diamonds

Hootie – 40 Freddie Mercury’s

Sherpa – 40 American Twist

Santiago – 20 Burpees

Houdini – 30 knee high jumps

Announcements –

Deuceable -Friday,  5am at Greenville Zoo – 6 miles with pain stations every mile.  Don’t be the one to reduce the Deuce!

Weedwacker brought a new site flag

Sherpa is back from injury

Prayer request – Santiago having another baby – Congrats!

Very proud of all our PAX who showed up and put out!  Welcome Refund!