Ragnar Trail Carolinas, Non-Hurricane Version

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXBrown Shorts, Seal, Flowrider, Youkilis, Duplo, Quaker, Boomhauer
Workout Date10/06/2017
A.O. Powder Keg

Last year, the Pax at Powder Keg entered a team in Ragnar Trail Carolinas.  It’s an overnight trail relay race with each team member running 16 miles on three different trails of different lengths.  Think P200, but camping out instead of vans.  2016 brought Hurricane Matthew, EPIC conditions and a race called for safety on Saturday morning.  Even with that, we had a blast and entered a team again this year.  So, here’s some backblast worthy observations:

Arriving at our AO to meet up for the drive up, Youkilis was already there.  I initially thought he had trimmed his epic beard, but no.  BRAIDS down the side ending in 2 pigtail braids.  What a start!

The first step in checking in upon arrival is watching the safety video.  While the surprise ending didn’t get me this year, there were so many subtleties that I missed the first year.  This part alone is worth the entry fee.

We scored a prime lakefront camping spot right at the final turn towards the transition area.  We used the proximity to encourage our guys, as well as others.  Lots of F3 Pax in this event.

Duplo was our first man out.  Last year, he ran into damsels in distress and mysterious equines.  Similar happenings this year, so he must have a knack for it.

We settled into a rhythm of running, resting and eating for the duration of the day and all night.  Lots of 2nd F time around camp.  We had more food than we could eat.  A particular favorite was a homemade product of Quaker’s M.  Schwety!

During the late night hours, everybody tried to get a few hours of sleep.  Turns out Boomhauer has some interesting nocturnal tendencies.  YHC has spent countless miles and hours of training runs with him and it’s always been obvious that he has some burping issues while running.  We found that during the night, his emissions come from another orifice.  We also found that they have a volume that carries to adjacent campsites, much to the delight of our Ragnar neighbors.  Good thing we told them we were from Columbia….

We started hitting our third and final run in the normal gloom hours of F3.  Everyone suffered some on that final leg.  Tired legs and little sleep take their toll.  As we got closer to finishing, a slight off and on drizzle turned into full bore rain, a fitting end after last year.  The whole team ran into the transition tent together and celebrated a great event.

Special props to:

Brown Shorts-He had some health issues get into his training time late in the game, but delivered when it counted and ran some strong legs.

Youkilis – He didn’t do a lot of running prior to HC for this, but ran some great training runs, including a beast of a morning at PMSP.  He as well delivered on some strong legs.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home for a real meal.  We all agreed that this was an enormous opportunity for 2nd F bonding.  Pretty sure I also heard a HC for every man for 2018!

So, until Ragnar 2018, YHC relinquishes the title of Captain and returns to Carl’s Jr.

Blackjack at PowderKeg

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXBoomhauer, Duplo, Gluten, Brown Shorts, Tiny Dancer, Keystone
Workout Date08/28/2017
A.O. Powder Keg

I’ve always kinda liked the 21 Guns concept, so thought I’d expand it and try a workout based on 21.  Here’s what happened:

Warmed up with the usual, SSH, IW, MC

Moseyed around the AO and did these:

Copperhead Squats, American Hammer, and BBSU, 7 reps of each, 3 times without stopping, IC.

Over to the back corner for Burp and Merk, up to 10

To the bleachers  for 7×3 with Dips, Box Jumps and DC Flutter

To the block pile for 21 Guns x 3, Shoulder Presses, Squats and Tricep Extensions in between each

Back to the bleachers for 7×3 on Burpees, Air Humpers and Derkins

7×3 on Monkey Humpers, Alternating Shoulder Touches, and Dolly, All IC

In the back corner again to go back down from 10 on the Burp and Merk.

Few minutes left for Mary and that was it!

A: Labor Day Convergence over at Hurricane Alley, 0600.  Hope Relay teams being formed.

P: Tiny Dancer’s relationship with his Mom and job shadowing, Gluten’s relatives surviving car accident and safe travels, Carolina High football team feeding, and tragedy in Houston.

Always a pleasure!





Block Party!

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXBrown Shorts, Boomhauer, Shiner, Red Wire, Tea Bag, Kegel, Carl's Jr.
Workout Date05/08/17

YHC posted at The Gate last week with a FNG that I Eh’d.  I took that workout, modified it a little, and threw it at the Powder Keg PAX.  Here’s what went down:

Warmed up with SSH & IW, 25 each, Squats, 10 OYO.

Mosey up the block pile, partner up and grab a block per team.  Odd number, so YHC goes solo.

Back down to one end of the parking lot.  Like a Dora, but instead of running, the off time is spent on another exercise. At the end of each cycle, both run to the far end of parking lot and back.  The exercises were:

100 Merkins, Mountain Climbers as the companion.

100 Curls, LBCs

100 Tricep Extensions, Air Humpers

100 Upright Rows, Rosalita

Meant to do 100 O/H Presses & Plank here, but missed it!

200 Squats with block, BBSU

300 Calf Raises with block, Arm Circles

Had a flyover in there somewhere, so 10 Burpees.

Getting close on time, so blocks back to the pile.   Threw in a Burp & Merk up to 8 and back down.  That was a crowd pleaser!


Jackalope 6/3

Flight for the Fight, 5/20.  5K and 10K


Boomhauer and Gauge, relationship.

Friend of Tea Bag’s who had child die at birth.

YHC’s son, Tree Hugger, getting married next week.

Always a Pleasure,

Carl’s Jr.

Spring Break!

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXKeystone, Tiny Dancer, Brown Shorts, Gluten, Shiner, Kegel, Carl's Jr.
Workout Date04/10/17

First day of spring break for all those with M’s and 2.0’s in school.  YHC has passed those days, but here’s how we started spring break at Powder Keg:


SSH, MC, Windmills, all in cadence

The Thang:

Mosey to the back corner of the church for one of YHC’s favorites, the Burp & Merk.  Wasn’t planning on going up to 10, but Tiny Dancer couldn’t keep his mouth shut, so that’s what we did.  We’ll be coming back to come back down!

Mosey down to one of the lower levels for Dora 1-2-3.  Merkins, Squats, and LBC with the run up the steps to the church columns.

Mosey up to the block pile for some 21 Guns.  3 sets, with overhead presses, tricep extensions and block squats in between.  Had a flyover during this, so……..10 burpees.

Mosey back to the scene of the crime to work our way back down on the Burp & Merk.

Over to the bleachers for a set of 7’s, Dips and DC lunges.

Mosey around the church to set up a long Jailbreak.  Keystone was right beside YHC when it was called.  Briefly considered trying to keep up with Keystone on this, but he’s a beast on the jailbreak.  Props!

Back at the shovel flag, a few minutes for Mary:  Dolly, Air Humpers and Rosalita were enjoyed by all.

YHC has got to get just a little less predictable when on Q.  Cobains!!



Flight for the Fight 10K in Six Mile 5/20, money due by Saturday for the 4/22 picnic.


Thankful for good results with Noah, Darren Barksdale’s job situation, John Cauley(sp?) needs to be back in church.

Super Monday

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXKeystone, Tiny Dancer, Taylor Swift, Quaker, Red Wire, Boomhauer, Gluten, Carl's Jr.
Workout Date02/06/17

6 ‘Respect’ men and 2 ‘Hate’ men gathered in the post-Super Bowl gloom.  Brown Shorts audibles out for a sore back, but don’t know what happened to all of our other ‘tweeners.  Still in shock from the record setting comeback engineered by YHC’s younger brother?  I’m still waiting on him to give me credit for all the lessons he learned from back yard football.

Anyways, here’s what we did:

Warmed up with SSH, MC, Hillbillies & Arm Circles, all IC

Moseyed up to the pile of Genuine PowderKeg Blocks.  21 Guns with the twist of doing them in cadence, 1 up with a 3 count down.  Working the negatives!  2 rounds of this with some squats in between.

Mosey down to the big lot for some hill work.  Sevens at each of the three levels, backwards up, forward down.  Squats/Merkins, DC Lunges/Diamond Merkins, and Jump Squats/Stagger Merkins.

I’ve got a thing for Dora, so off we go with that.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s.  The run was halfway down the parking lot.  Had a flyover right before we started, so got our salute to that over with 10 Burpees.

Up to the side of the church for a Wall of Fire with each of the pax knocking out 10 merkins while the others hold People’s Chair.

Getting close on time, so Burp & Merk, up to 5 and back down.

Back to the flag for a few minutes of Mary and that was it!

Prayers for customer’s dad at CFA with cancer, Brown Short’s back, Noah’s health issues, Seal’s job & business venture, Whoopie’s injuries, praise for Quaker’s sister survival & recovery from heart attack.

Always a pleasure!  SYITG!

Carl’s Jr.






So, Now I'm Getting Paranoid…….

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXKeystone, Gluten, Tiny Dancer, Boomhauer
Workout Date01/02/17

Last fall, YHC was captain of a Ragnar Trail Carolinas team.  Hurricane Matthew arrived during the event, so it rained, rained some more, and then it started to really rain.  The mud was so bad and the trails so treacherous that the event was called off in the middle of it.  The next week, YHC went under the knife and was on IR for a while.  I’ve been off the Q calendar for a while, but was ready to jump back on.  So, when Brown Shorts asked us to step up for January, I signed up for the first workout in 2017.

So, when the hard reality of this morning’s weather arrived, I had to consider that I’m seeing a trend here.  Trend or not, we go rain or shine, hot or cold!  4 other PowderKeg-strong men showed up and jumped out into the wet Gloom.  Here’s what happened:

Warmed up with SSH, IW & MC.  Thanks to the Pax for not pointing out YHC called IW, but was doing Hillbillies. Maybe I’m a little rusty?

Mosey around to the back corner of the church for some Burp & Merk.  Went up to 10 and moved on. Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

Mosey down to the lower level of the parking lot for some Joe Hendrix up the steps with Bear Crawls in between levels.  We discovered that the center of the parking areas had quite the stream flowing.  Keystone, channelling his inner bear, wanted to look for salmon.

Moseyed up to the block pile for 3 sets of 21 Guns.  Threw some overhead presses, tricep extensions and squats in between rounds.  It should be noted that although we could have chosen to stand under the sheltered area next to the building, we stood out in the middle, just like we always do.  Awesome!

Time to mosey around the lower level of the parking lot and up the hill back to the land of Burp & Merk.  Worked our way back down from 10 to finish that puppy up!

In the home stretch now, we head to the picnic shelter.  11’s with Dips/Step Ups & Jack Webb with Merkins and Air Presses.  Finished up with a few minutes of Mary.


Brown Shorts’ Mom, surgery this week(?), Quickie with shingles, Gauge for direction and motivation.

Thankful for the positive peer pressure that F3 provides!  Pretty sure most of us wouldn’t have been out exercising had it not been for our brothers being there.


Carl’s Jr.



Christmas Eve at PowderKeg

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXBrown Shorts, Gluten, Quaker, Carl's Jr.
Workout Date12/24/16

In the pre-workout mumble chatter, YHC made a motion for a 45 minute Saturday instead of the usual 60.  The motion carried and Brown Shorts looks at me and says ‘So, what you got planned?’  Undeterred by having nothing planned, I took the reigns and off we went.

Warmed up with SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins and Windmills.

Let’s mosey up to the block pile!  Time for fun!  21 Guns x 3, tricep extensions, overhead presses, and squats were all part of it.  Had a real flyover, not the mystery kind that only Padre hears, so we jumped on the Burpee Train!

Moseyed around the back of the church and down to the bottom of the steps for Joe with Lunge Walks in between flights. Few minutes of Mary before we moved on.

Up to the shelter for 2 sets of elevens with Dips/Step Ups & Derkins/Squats.  Some challenging plank positions and a touch of Mary before we moved again.

Down to the side of the church for People’s Chair with Merkins down the line.

Moseyed around to the back corner of the church for Burp & Merk up to 6 and back down.

Times almost up! mosey back to the flag for a little more Mary to wrap it up.

Not a whole lot in the way of announcements.

Prayers for Quickie, Brown Short’s Mom, Duplo’s Dad.

Always a pleasure to share the gloom!

Carl’s Jr.

PowderKeg vs. Ragnar vs. Hurricane Matthew

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXSeal, Quaker, Duplo, Whoopie, Boomhauer, Brown Shorts, Stem Cell, Tree Hugger
Workout Date10/07/16

Earlier in the year, YHC read a Pre-Blast for an event called Ragnar being held in Fort Mill, SC.  Fresh off driving a van for a P200  team, Ragnar looked like a great version of the same concept.  Eight person teams run relay style on three different trails day and night until each member has completed all three loops.  Teams camp out for rest and recovery between legs.  For this event, each member would run 16.2 miles.  We organized a team from PowderKeg to go and tackle this beast!  Lots of other AO’s got into the action, with at least 9 teams entered.

Flow Rider was originally part of the team, but had to back out for some health issues, so Tree Hugger took his place.  Brown Shorts volunteered to go and cook breakfast for us.  I know, what a guy!  He wanted to run, but couldn’t HC due to work.

As we got into the last days leading up to the event, Hurricane Matthew came into the picture.  It soon became obvious that weather could become a factor.  It most definitely became a factor.  The day before the race, with the forecast in place, lots of teams started to lose members.  Brown Shorts found a team from Virginia that was short runners, so he jumped in with them.  F3 to the rescue!

Our start time was 1530 and Duplo kicked us off in a light rain.  Matthew was cruising up the east coast of Florida at the time, tracking us down.  As day turned to night and we progressed through our rotation, the rain began to steadily increase and the trails became more treacherous by the minute.  There were 150+ teams, so lots of traffic on single track trail combined with lots of rain led to a muddy, slick mess.  YHC went out at ~1800 Friday and it was moderately slick.  When I returned to the trail at 0145 Saturday for my second leg, it was crazy.  Places where standing was a challenge and running was impossible became frequent.  At ~0700, race officials put a one hour hold on the event.  At ~0830, they stopped the event due to safety concerns.  There was no quit in Team PowderKeg though!  Whoopie was at the transition, race bib on and ready to go.  While we were disappointed that we didn’t get to complete the entire event, we understood the difficult position that the race officials were in.  After all, not everyone is PowderKeg tough!

Despite having the event called and horrible weather, it was EPIC!

The Highs:

  • Lots of 2nd F time around camp
  • Lots of F3 brothers around representing the Nation
  • Great trails
  • Well organized event with lots of activities
  • Watching our team soldier on in miserable conditions and have fun doing it

Of particular note was an incident of brotherly closeness not often witnessed.  Two members of our team shared a container of Body Glide.  For those of you not familiar with the product, think of sharing a Chap Stick with someone, but in a much more ‘personal’ area.  I won’t call names, but let’s just say that Seal and Boomhauer may now share DNA.

It was an absolutely awesome event.  I believe every person on the team was ready to HC for next year’s race.  We hope to see some more teams from Swamp Rabbit there in 2017!


Carl’s Jr.

Dora, Blocks & More

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXMissing, Inspector Gadget, Brown Shorts, Tea Bag, Guard Shack, Boomhauer, Gremlin (FNG - Tyler Allen), Carl's Jr.
Workout Date09/26/16

After an overnight shower, it was a nice, humid morning at the PowderKeg for the 8 cool dudes who showed up to sharpen the old axe!  Here’s how we rolled:

Warmed up with SSH, MC, Windmills and Arm Circles, all in cadence.

The Deal:

YHC tries to keep it simple, so out comes my favorite F3 activity, DORA!

100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Double Count Flutters.  The run was from one end of the parking lot to the other.

Mosey down to a grassy hill for a round of 7’s with:

Big Boy Sit-ups at the bottom, Bear Crawl up the hill, Burpees at the Top.  Planked up waiting on the six.

Mosey up to the pile of REAL blocks, not the wienie, Hurricane Alley-type blocks for:

3 rounds of 21 Guns with overhead presses and triceps extensions in between.  Squats after one round.  Had a fly over during one, so we got to introduce Gremlin to our salute to flyovers, 10 burpees!

Mosey back to the flag for a few minutes of a Mary, Flutters, Dolly, Rosalita.  Closed out with a plank.


Hope Relay – 11/12, Golf Tourney coming in October


Tea Bag’s sister – fighting cancer, Brown Short’s Mom – now home, but on medicine and has cabin fever , Family with relative that will need long term care.

Always a pleasure!!

Carls Jr.

A Few of My Favorites

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXDuplo, Gluten, Whittle, Slug, Lincoln Logs, Red Wire, Tea Bag, PETA, Carroll Shelby, Clapper
Workout Date07/28/2016

Well, YHC just passed the one year mark of living the F3 life, so it seemed like the thing to do was to take the Q.  I decided to include all of my favorite standards, or as many as I could get in.  Here’s how we rolled:


20 each on SSH, IW, MC (May have been one more of something…..)

Moseyed up to the Block Pile for 3 sets of 21 Guns with 10 overhead presses in between.  I really sucked at these a year ago, but now I love’em!

Down to the parking lot for Dora 1-2-3, pretty much a standard whenever I Q.  Love the teamwork and accountability on these!  Hard to slack off when you have to give the count to your partner at switch off.  We did Merkins, Squats and LBCs.

Moseyed down to lower level of parking lot for Joe Hendrix up all the steps with Bear Crawls on each level between steps.  First time I saw this, I was amazed.  Great exercise in strength, coordination, and, let’s face it, it’s just odd!

Moseyed back down a couple of levels to get a steep incline between levels for 11’s with Merkins at the bottom and squats at the top.

Gotta include some Burpees in a Powderkeg workout and we have’t had a flyover yet so, 10 OYO!

Cruise back to the flag with just enough time for 20 Flutters and that’s it!

It’s been a great year with the Powderkeg gang.  Thanks to Keystone for inviting me to come out!


Spring Water Festival in Williamston, workout/breakfast/Bondo Bars at Gideon’s House Saturday, Midnight Flight last Friday in August



Tea Bag’s and Quickie’s sisters with cancer,  Joe,YHC’s friend and Muffin Monster’s dad, Heart cath Friday, friend of Slug & Carrol Shelby been on the wrong path coming to SOS next week

Until next time,

Carl’s Jr.