11/27 Pitchfork

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXDangle, Cockpit, Pine Tar, Road Trip, CheeseSteak (respect), Priscilla, Hand Rail, Mayo, MJ
Workout Date11/27/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

9 men braved the cold this morning and endured a beat down.


SSH x 20 IC

Mtn climbers x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC


Mosey to the back playground for a little circuit/station workout

6 rounds/6 stations…reps decrease each round 12/10/8/6/4/2

Lunge jumps

Pull ups

Bench dips


40 yard dash (just 1 each round)

40 yard bear crawl back to the start


Mosey to the bball court for 2 rounds of

50 high knees

40 alt shoulder touches

30 squats

20 merkins



Mosey to flag for Mary

LBC x 20

Leg Raises x 20

Plank varations x 2 minutes


Announcements…Need  Q’s everywhere step up gentlemen!…Ducible…RT is a home wrecker

Prayers…Drake…Priscilla’s family and kids surgery’s…Dangles mother in law moving…






11/13 PF

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXLt Dangle, Iceman, Hand Rail, My Two Dads, Hot 4 Teacher, Peek a boo, MJ
Workout Date11/13/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

It was a nasty wet Tuesday at PF so only 7 brave soles kicked the fartsack in the nutsack and came out to get better.

Mission Statement – Nailed it

Disclaimer – still no idea what I’m doing



SSH x 25 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC


Thang 1


Pax 1

100 bench step ups

200 bench dips

300 mountain climbers

400 flutters

Pax 2 – 7 burpees then switch…drop burpees by 1 each round


Thang 2

30 sec on/15 sec off…7 people, 7 stations…rotate and repeat all exercises twice

Exercises – Incline merkins, DB Thrusters, American Hammers, Speed Ladder, Resistance Band pulls, Single leg squats, high knees



LBC x 20

Leg Raises x 20

Plank hold – 2 minutes


Announcements – Convergence 11/15 5:30 at Bon Secours, Thanksgiving convergence at Legacy  11/22 at 7 am, Ducable sometime, Turkey Trot Thanksgiving day

Prayers – Drake, Iceman work situation, H4T wife test results, Celine Dion’s M


Great work by all.  SYITG


Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXPine Tar, Coxswain (R), Peak a boo, Whisper (R), Cheesesteak (R), Sammy, Church Lady(R), Road Trip, Mayo, Live PD, LOB, MJ
Workout Date10/16/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

Pine Tar needed some help getting people to Q so YHC stepped up and took it on today.  Also tried to make it awful so more people would step up so I don’t have to for a while!  Let’s Go.


Warm Up

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Merkin x 10



Mosey to big track for 2 laps of Indian Run…PAX in the back drops off for 2 burpees then runs to the front.

After 2 laps every does 5 burpees then “sprints” to the other end of the track for 5 burpees then “easy jog” back to the start.  Rinse and repeat 4x


Head over to the playground for 7’s…pull-ups & burpees….go.


Head over to the speedway and get the tire.  Flip the tire, do a burpee, take a lap.  Next time 2 tire flips, then 3 flips.  Almost done so just flip the tire twice & do 2 burpees until we get the tire back.


Mosey to the pick up lane for Mary

Everyone line up on the sidewalk…BBSU x 5…bear crawl/crab walk/broad jump across the pick up lane…Windshield wipes x 5…rinse and repeat for several minutes

Time’s up, great work everyone.


Announcements…Q’s needed (many stepped up at that point in time so the mission was accomplished)…Road Trip took Thursday’s Q at PF???…

Prayers…Andrew Brunson…Pine Tar’s sister…Whisper’s Mom



Church channels his inner Ozzy

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXCheeseSteak (Respect), Church Lady(Respect), Whisper(Respect), Road Trip, Peakaboo, Pine Tar, Johnny 5, MJ
Workout Date10/09/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

8 PAX decided to show up at PF for a real workout this morning.  RT started whining about how cold it was…it was 69 degrees and his cuddle buddy had not showed up yet so I can see why he’s scared of that number.  Enough chit chat…let’s get to it.

Mission Statement – nailed it

Disclaimer – don’t hurt yourself, that is all


SSH x 20…Church joined in for 2ish

Mountain Climbers x 15

Merkins x 10


Let’s mosey to the bball court and spread out

Every minute on the minute we’ll do…5 merkins/5 squats and 1 burpee to start.

Burpess increase by 1 every round.

Round 1 – 5 merkins/5 squats/1 burpee/rest until minute is up

R2 – 5 merkins/5 squats/2 burpees/rest until minute is up….

R10 – 5 merkins/5 squats/10 burpees

Total – 50 merkins/50 squats/55 burpees in 10 minutes


Mosey to playground for 11’s

Tuck jump on one side…jog to monkey bars and do hanging toe touches to the bar


Mosey back to bball court and partner up

P1 – Bear crawl forwards to end of court and backwards back

P2 – Wall hold (Round 1)…Balls to the wall (Round 2)…Burpees (Round 3)


Still some time so stay with partners and repeat rounds 1 & 2 but P1 lunge walk instead of bear crawl.   Church Lady dropped the #hammer and went full blown Ozzy Osborne circa 1978 and told everyone to “Stand up and clap your f’n hands!”  Classic Church Lady.


Mosey back for Mary

LBC’s x 20

Leg Raises x 20

Back scratches x 20

Plank hold variations last 2 minutes…and done.


Announcements…Drake Rayden run 10/13…Dine Out for Mom’s on 10/25

Prayers…Pine Tar’s sister…Andrew Brunson…Florence Police force…Chris Cogdale and family


Great work everyone!  SYITG

Find Your Happy Place

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXSammy, Live PD, Dr. Phil, CheeseSteak (Respect), Road Trip, Pine Tar, Tollbooth, Peakaboo, Washer, Johnny 5 (Who???), MJ
Workout Date09/18/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

Yo-eleven PAX looking for a beatdown showed up at PF this morning…they were not disappointed.

Mission Statement – Nailed it

Disclaimer – Not a professional…CheeseSteak 2nd that


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 15 IC

Merkins x 10 IC


Mosey to back of the school

4 rounds of the following:

50 squats

40 double count flutters

30 merkins

20 lunges

10 pull-ups

50 jump ropes or mountain climbers


Mosey back to the front of the school and line up on the side walk

Everyone does 5 burpees then bear crawls across the drive lane…have 1:30 to complete, use whatever time is left to recover.

PAX got 6 rounds in.



20 Leg raises OYO

20 LBC’s IC

30 Back Scratchers IC….and Done.



Prayers…Andrew Brunson…Pine Tar’s sister…Everyone affected by Hurricane Florence.


Great job by all.  SYITG

7/31 at PF

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXDeflated (Respect), Road Trip, B9, Cyclone, Ron Swanson, Live PD, Lt Dangle, Whisper(Respect), Gymboree(Respect), Peakaboo, Washer, Pine Tar, MJ
Workout Date07/31/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

Unlucky 13 PAX showed up at PF today for a ex-site Q, who may or may not have been fired, beatdown.  Humidity was at least 184%.  Let’s do it.

Mission – Nailed it

Disclaimer – Do whatever you want, don’t hurt yourself



SSH x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Arm circles



5 exercises – Merkins…Situps…Squats…Burpees…Lunges

At each stations all PAX will do all 5 exercies…Station 1 – 10 reps each, Station 2 – 9 reps each….all the way down to 1 rep each.  After each station all PAX run for ~1 minute to the next station.  Stations were completely random and were determined wherever YHC decided while running.

Surprisingly we ended up back at the flags with a little time.

Thang #2

Partner up and line up on the sidewalk in the middle of the parking lot

P1 – bear crawl to curb at one end of the lot

P2 – sprint to the curb at the other end of the lot and sprint back to try and catch P1 before he finishes bear crawl

P2 then buddy carries P1 back to the starting point.

Switch sides and go.  Each PAX sprinted and bear crawled twice.

Buddy carries became optional as growing concern of sweaty balls became apparent.  Needless to say some of us were not phased by the sweaty balls.


Circle up for Mary

LBC’s x 25 IC

Leg raises x 25 IC

American Hammers x 15 IC

Plank variations – 2 minutes…and done


Announcements – P200 teams need filled…Hillcrest XC 5k on 8/4…Q’s needed everywhere…


Prayers – Ron Swanson’s dad prostate cancer…Deflated brother with kidney failure and friend Wayne with throat cancer…Hot 4 Teacher father in law…Andrew Brunson (we may or may not ruck over while doing Turkish get-ups to rescue him)…all unspoken prayers


As always it was a pleasure leading such a fine group of men this morning.  SYITG!

3 YR Anniversary Convergence at PF

Q.I.C.ATM, Bambi, Whisper, MJ
The PAXRespect Crowd (Cheesesteak, Nature Boy, Church, Pythagoras, Gymboree, Deflated, Whisper), RT, Hump Day, Short Barrel, Butcher, Thumper, LOB, ATM, Easy Bake, Bambi, Padre, B9, Soccer Mom, Live PD, Pine Tar, Sticky Willy, MJ
Workout Date06/16/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

Today marks the day that 3 years ago F3 decided to get weird and start an AO at Pitchfork.  The past and present site Q’s decided to put on a Quad Q beatdown on this balmy Saturday morning.  1 showed up to pre-ruck, 10 for a pre-run.


ATM’s up first…considering a name change from ATM to Joe Don…you had to be there.

Warmup then partner up for a little humper DORA

P1 – lap around the parking lot

P2 – 150 monkey humpers/150 gorilla humpers/150 air humpers

Normally that many partner humpers at Pitchfork would leave a mess but it didn’t get interesting until the very end.  CheeseSteak and Church Lady had a hump off.  It was glorious


Bambi is 2nd and leads us in a mosey around the school to the b-ball court for 11’s

Merkins & BBSU’s with bear crawls and crab walks in between

Joe Don couldn’t stop staring at Cheese Steak and Church Lady for some reason…


YHC is up 3rd so let’s walk over to the playground for some more 11’s

Pull-ups and burpee tuck jumps.  Short Barrel misunderstood the tucked or untucked direction but someone stopped him before it got really weird


Last but certainly not least Whisper closes out the Q at the Speedway.

Everyone count off in 6’s…sadly math is not a strong point at PF…but humpers are

Station 1 – right leg toe touches

Station 2 – left leg toe touches

Station 3 – calf raises

Station 4 – Deep squats

Station 5 – Al Gore

Station 6 – Take a lap

Everyone completed 2 rounds of this, then back to the flags for some plank holds.  Pretty much everyone was smoked at this point in time.

Prayers – Soccer Mom’s mother in law, Cheese Steak’s mother, Pythagoras’s daughter, Andrew Brunson, Sticky Willy’s dad


Great work to all you weirdo’s!  Happy Father’s day to everyone!  SYITG

June Challange blah…blah…blah

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXLt Dangle, Butcher (Hate), RT, Pine Tar, Hump Day, Respect Crowd (Church Lady, Nature Boy, Cheese Steak, Deflated, Coxin), Johnny 5, MJ
Workout Date06/12/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

For those of you who don’t know we are raising money for the Drake Rayden Foundation this month by performing a physical challenge.  The challenge is to complete 5,000 mekrins/5,000 BBSU/50 miles in the month of June.  We’re not quite halfway through the month and everyone is complaining about the sores on their ass.  That doesn’t have anything to do with the challenge, just passing along general information!!!  Let’s go!

Mission Statement – Done

Disclaimer -Done


SSH x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC



Mosey to speedway for some 21’s with you guessed it merkins and BBSU’s

Start with 20 BBSU’s…run half a lap….1 Merkin…run half a lap…19 BBSU….run half a lap…2 Merkins…etc.   If you finish early do some more BBSU or merkins.

Most everyone completed 21’s which meant you did 210 merkins, 210 BBSU’s and ran 10 laps (~1.5 miles).  No matter what Road Trip says that math is right!

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary.



Pitchfork rule – anything less than 5 shovel flags is 10 burpees per flag missing.  We only had 1 flag this morning, so that meant 40 burpees.  To keep with the spirit of the challenge everyone had to complete 40 reps of merkings, BBSU or any combination of those two as long as you completed 40 reps.

Still some time for plank holds….and done.


Announcements – 3 year PF anniversary this Saturday 6/16 @ 7 am.  Bambi, ATM, Whisper and YHC will be Quad Q’ing.

Prayers – F3 Wilson, Church Lady’s Father in Law, Deflated’s ankle, Andrew Brunson, Lt. Dangle’s family safe travels


The good lord blessed us with a nice breeze this morning which greatly helped out!  Great work by all today.  It was a pretty boring workout but very tough.  Until next time!  SYITG

Memorial Day hangover workout

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXPine Tar, RT, MTD, Mayo, Golden Corner (Church Lady, Whisper, Deflated, CheeseSteak, Gymboree), MJ
Workout Date05/29/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

The forecast called for showers on top of showers so YHC planned a 0.0 under the canopy.  10 showed up for the beatdown.  The humidity showed up but the rain did not so we’ll modify a little.   Let’s Go!

Mission Statement – Nailed it

Disclaimer – No where near a pro but you will get wet



SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC



Mosey to the canopy and partner up

P1 – Run to big tree at end of drive and back (~200 yards total)

P2 – 50 muscle ups

100 decline merkins w/feet on bench

200 squats…butts to bench

300 v-ups (seated knees to chest)

200 single count step ups on bench

100 bench dips

50 burpees

1,000 reps per team and ~1.5 miles per PAX



LBC’s x 25 IC

Plank holds for 2 minutes to wrap it up


Announcements –

PF/S/TOT all need people to step up and Q in June.  We’ve got a lot of open spots, need some men to step up and lead.

Looking to change Site Q’s in the next couple of months…any volunteers?


Prayers –

MTD expecting baby #1 any day

CheeseSteak’s mother

Andrew Brunson


As always it was a pleasure leading such a great group of HIM’s.  Lots of sweat this morning, every did great.  God Bless!  SYITG!!!


2 year anniversary

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXButcher (Hate), Live PD, Lt Dangle, MTD, Pine Tar, Obama, B9, Ron Swanson, Cyclone, ATM, RT, J5, Respect crowd (Church, Commodore, Jenner, Deflated, Nature Boy, Whisper, CheeseSteak, Gymboree), YHC
Workout Date05/08/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

2 years ago YHC showed up to Pitchfork for the first time not knowing what to expect.  I do not remember everyone that was there but they must have left an impression because I’ve been coming back every since!  21 PAX decided to kick the fartsack in the gonads and dingle their dangle at PF today.  And we’re off!

Mission – Nailed it

Disclaimer – Still have no idea what I’m doing


SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20


Let’s mosey to the back playground

11’s with pull-ups & burpee with knees to the chest on the jump.  We deemed this the tucked version…know what I’m saying Short Barrel!  Oh wait he isn’t here…

Wrap that up and mosey to the speedway and partner up for a little Kentucky Derby action.  No horses involved but there was an animal and you get extra credit for making animal noises…CheeseSteak nailed it!

P1 – take a lap

P2 – bear crawl around the track until P1 tags you out.  Switch to lunge walk to modify

Keep repeating until we completed 2 laps.  Road Trip has his eyes up the entire time while bear crawling…awkward moments everywhere.

After 2 laps mosey back up to the front

Stick with partners

P1 – crab walk across car line and back

P2 – muscle ups on the wall

Rinse and repeat 3 times


Still time for more so lets take a long lap around the front then wrap it up with a sprint to the finish line.



Captain Thor’s : 1 BBSU:4 American Hammers…up to 5:20 and back down to 1:4

Plank variations to finish up the last 2 minutes


Announcements:  War Fund 5k 5/19…ATM won’t be there (shocker), Drake Rayden Foundation events everywhere…donate, BroOlympics coming to the 81′ this summer…details forthcoming, Memorial Day convergence???…probably a Murph somewhere

Prayers:  Wilson, Andrew Brunson, Dangle’s Lieutenant, Whisper’s friend doing missionary work in South Asia


That’s a wrap.  Thank you all for positively impacting my life over the last 2 years, F3 and all of you are truly a blessing to me and I am beyond lucky to have interacted with you all.  Great work by everyone today.  God bless you all!