From Ashy to Classy (VQ)

Q.I.C.Ashy Larry
The PAXSoda (Respect), Honkers, Spackler, JK2, Hacksaw, Double Windsor (Respect), Febreze, Generic, Anchor Down, Inspector Gadget (Respect), Ashy Larry
Workout Date05/04/2018
A.O. Dog Pound

[Note: BB written by IG as Ashy is having issues with edit access to website]

11 PAX celebrated Ashy Larry’s VQ at the Dog Pound.  A flawless  executon with a totally legit amount of pain, made for a memorable debut by Ashy!

Lots of mumblechatter from the PAX about having to run the GHS Swamp Rabbit 5K later that afternoon. I guess they were expecting some sympathy from the Q.  No chance, guys!

Warm up: 

SSH x 20 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to everyone’s favorite rock pile for coupons, then mosey down to Battlefield (football field) for a DORA.

One partner runs the width of the field while the other does the exercise.

100 Switch arm (one hand on rock) Merkins

200 Thrusters (squat with rock, then press it overhead)

300 Big Boy Sit-ups with the rock

Devin Hester:  One partner runs with rock while other chases him down the field after 3 second delay. Trade rock if second partner catches the first.

Flapjack, Rince and Repeat


Each PAX picks an AB exercise and calls the cadence for a 5 count.


Namarama: Febreze forgot he had a birthday last week, so 10 Burpee penalty for him while the PAX mumblechatted!

IG and Ashy expressed appreciation to the PAX for contributions to Ashy’s recent medical expenses.

Prayers for JK2’s dad and Ashy Larry’s sister.

BOM prayer from the Q.




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