F3 Golf Classic – Update


ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Email F3Golf at Gmail Dot Com for more info.


F3 Golf Classic – May 29 at 1pm – Olde Sycamore Golf Club

Final details are shaping up for the First Annual F3 Golf Classic and the Pax have stepped up in a big way to benefit the F3 Foundation.  Check out the original post HERE, with all the entry info and spreadsheeting details.


We tee off on May 29, but we owe the club hard commit numbers by MAY 15.  We are 2/3 full and climbing and expect the procrastinators to come out in full force these last two weeks. 

Help us avoid the last minute logistical gymnastics and sign up.today.  Mosey over to the REGISTRATION page and make it happen.  We can accept a few stragglers after May 15 but that will be at the club’s discretion.  So chop, chop!

Once you sign up, post a comment on this page or the original post.


The Pax have stepped up big on the sponsor side:

  • Lunch, beverages and beer sponsors are filled.  Snacks sponsor should be locked in any day now.
  • 16 of 18 Hole sponsors are filled.  Last two will be gone soon.
  • We still have some Expo sponsor spots available.  Contact the Golf Qs at F3Golf@gmail.com
  • Many generous donations from Pax and local vendors for prize packages.

Once we get the last few sponsors locked in we will update this post with the full list.  They deserve the recognition.


Lots of details still taking shape but as of today you can expect:

  • The usual fare such as mulligans for sale, long drive and closest to the hole contests, etc. BRING CASH or CHECK.  No ATM on site.
  • Our own Judge Smails, a local golf pro, will be taking on all comers at a closest to the pin hustle game at one of the Par 3s.  BRING CASH.
  • The Damaged Duo of Haywood and Belk, though on the IR, will put aside the walker and rascal to be the official scribes for event, wandering the course snapping pictures and collecting anecdotes for the #BelkBlast.
  • We will have a 19th Hole Happy Hour for Pax who can’t play but want to enjoy the merriment afterwards. Details forthcoming. Once we finish up the beer we provide, hit the cash bar for extras.
  • We will be collecting pairings from all registered golfers in the week or two before the event.  Get your horsetrading done. FNGs welcome.

Overall, this is shaping up to be a big day for the F3 Foundation.  Let’s make a final push to get those HCs in by May 15 and make it that much better.

Gears – Initial Foray into the CSAUP Extravaganza #ColatoCtown

In typical disorganized #Gears fashion, this backblast is several weeks late and missing details. Enjoy.

The premise was simple: ride our bikes 100 miles from Columbia (actually St. Matthews – more on this later) to Charleston on Friday, and run the Cooper River Bridge Run the next day. So with almost no plan (except for a place to stay), 6 riders embarked on a brisk tour of the Lowcountry, and 4 of us decided that the century wasn’t enough, so we needed to run over a bridge with a bunch of walkers, who all appeared to be holding hands, and a whole bunch of other F3 guys that didn’t ride a bike anywhere #skirts. And all of this also included the constant (and when I say constant, I really actually mean constant) commentary and shenanigans of our generous SAG vehicle driver, Parker Cains (did I say constant?).


The beauty of this event was its, shall we say, spontaneous and organic nature. I think Strummer posted a pre-blast sometime in the winter with generic information, and followed that with maybe a tweet or two over the course of 3 months. And maybe a mention before, during and after weekend rides. That was pretty much it…and on Thursday, April 3, the Spartan crew, joined by 2 more real cyclists from Strum’s racing days, got a route map and instructions to meet at Joey’s house at 6:45 AM. So we did (well, a few minutes late because Mutiny’s morning routine required a few extra dozen minutes). Everybody on the bus (meaning the Cole-lition mobile), Griswold-style, and off we went to the meeting point somewhere in the heart of South Carolina. Early conversation went as follows:

Mutiny: So where are we launching from?
Everyone else: Hmmm…somewhere near Columbia.
Mutiny: Wait, you don’t know where?
Everyone else: St. Matthews is about 100 miles from Daniel Island based on this map, so we’re probably going from there.
Mutiny: Daniel Island? Don’t we need to go and register in Charleston for the race?
Everyone else: Eventually.
Mutiny: So I’m going for sub-40.
Everyone else: You hadn’t mentioned that.
Mutiny: …and how are we getting to the race in the morning?
Everyone else: No idea.
Mutiny: Wait, how are we getting back?
Everyone else: Somehow.
Mutiny: Seriously, I’m in the sub-40 corral for the race. How are we getting there in the morning?
Everyone else: We’ll figure it out.
*It’s important to note that at this point in the conversation, we just rinsed and repeated for about 60 minutes and Moniteur attempted to commit hari kari (just once)*

This, my friends, is what I’ve come to understand is #cyclistplanning. There is a particular beauty in its simplicity, laziness, spontaneity and single-mindedness. Are you going to ride? Yes. From where? Hmmm, somewhere around here. What time? Around 9. How far? Maybe 100. Cool, see you there. Given that we did know the distance, we did plan accordingly for fuel and water, but the rest was pretty well on-the-fly. And, as many of you know myself, Joey and Monotard…this is not terribly surprising. What was surprising was the number of stops we took on the way to St. Matthews to use the facilities…I believe it was 3. Aging bladders, the need for coffee and the urgency of zero all contributed heartily to this effort; and we’d really like to thank the young lady at McDonald’s for commending us on using their facilities without buying anything #hospitality. Stopping was a theme of this endeavour.

Upon arrival at some random Baptist church parking lot in St. Matthews, we watered their hedges and disembarked via bike, 6 strong with Nacho Libre and Old Salty leading the way. Little did we know that Strum had bribed the two of them to be our #domestiques (look it up) for the entire run-in to Daniel Island. You see, they are bike racers and they can do this all day – so they did #machines. We were in a double paceline the entire ride, but they never left the front – so massive thanks to them for their effort. And Darren picked up his nickname due to the actual salt accumulation on his kit during the ride. And because he’s old. And apparently ornery. Isaac just really likes nachos…seriously, we ate 2 meals on Friday after we got to Daniel Island and he orders nachos both times. With gleeful exuberance. He did look kind of huge on his bike.

Anyway, back to the ride…it featured about 104 miles (plus 2-3 more on Daniel Island) of generally flat riding. I think the total elevation change was about 300 feet over the entire distance…so that was pleasant. The wind, on the other hand, was not. Basically headwinds and crosswinds the entire way, sometimes brutal, and it seemed to get worse as we approached the coast (which makes sense). As with the drive to St. Matthews, we incorporated more than a few stops on the road to Daniel Island – about 6 in total (1 for lunch), attributable to aging bladders, refueling needs (food, water and #Lance crackers), generalized fear of War Daddy’s paceline “tactics” and to allow about 57 pissed off, backed up drivers to pass us (with about 5 miles to go) #sharetheroad. Note that none of our refueling stops included the consumption of certain “bites” concocted by Strummer the night before, which were sampled on the drive and almost resulted in us having to abandon the ride immediately due to poisoning #fermented. The ride itself was generally uneventful, except when Old Salty almost pushed Nacho into the path of an oncoming pick-up as we were crossing some railroad tracks. Like I said, he’s ornery. Other than that, and the perpetual game of “which way will War Daddy suddenly turn in his aerobars” and the frayed nerves related thereto, we avoided any real hairy situations on the road. With our crack planning and execution, we only got kind-of lost once in Eutawville #jewelofthelowcountry, causing a mildly splintered pack, followed by ill-advised turns at the front by myself and Monoturd and some even more ill-advised motorpacing for Nacho courtesy of Mutiny (2nd brush with death for the day #hedoesn’tknowwhathe’sdoing).

We arrived on the main drag in Daniel Island after a little over 5 hours in the saddle, and about 6 hours overall from St. Matthews. I was #3rd into the parking lot. Average speed for the group was just over 20 mph and we all picked up some nice #cyclingtans. I probably came the closest of the group to blowing up around mile 95, but the decision to allow our #angrydriver friends to pass our group probably saved me from a cramp-addled end to an otherwise awesome ride. After grabbing some refreshments at the local bar & grill #nachos, we headed back to the #Colelition-sponsored housing (#ballercondo) where we were greeted warmly by a woman on a balcony that apparently doesn’t like bikes, long hair or social interaction. The remainder of the evening consisted of race registration, more food, zero planning, more Mutiny anxiety (did I mention I’m trying to go sub-40?), nachos, beer, nachos, Belizian bike racing and a trip to Radio Shack that left Parker duly impressed by the quality of service in North Charleston.


To all except Mutiny, this part was merely just the avenue to get to downtown Charleston for many beers. This was clearly exhibited by the fact that we all pretty much registered 3 days before the race, after about 35,000 other people. Fast forward to actually arriving somewhat near the startline, which was about a mile away, within plenty of time for #Mr.Sub40 to get in his corral. The rest of us, on the other hand, would be waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting…you get the point. Our official start corral was I, though we tried to get into every single corral on the way back through the masses…Monotard came the closest to convincing some volunteer to let us into like C or D, but the #rulefollower got cold feet. Didn’t help us at all that Strum had #MStrum’s registration into corral C…but that did help him throwdown a solid time in the Women’s 45-49 age group #tootsie. Fast forward again til about 35 minutes after the actual race started, and we were still just moseying behind a sea of hand-holding, costumed miscreants…seriously, it was like the line to be in the live audience for the Halloween taping of Oprah. Anyway, I have no idea when we actually launched, or much else about the race itself, except (1) running up the bridge sucked, (2) Moniteur can only run one speed, and (3) the GONADS shirt I sported was pretty popular. “Oh, what…Go..Nads…what?!”…I think @Oprah herself said that one as Strummer passed her. Strum, Monoturd and I finished together (I was #3rd) and I have no idea when War Daddy started or finished, but I’m sure he probably ran faster than us #ageless.

On to the better part of Saturday, which was the #afterparty at Mynt, with a whole bunch of other Metro fools that made the trip down just to run #nobikesinsight. Many beers were drunk, Achtung’s birthday was celebrated and nobody could tell who was St. Paul or Minneapolis. And Mutiny smelled like he wiped his ass with his shirt #truestory. Apparently a host of other Metro dudes were around, but they didn’t ride down, so they’re not important. After that, it was time to get on the wrong bus back to Mt. Pleasant so (1) Strum could get a full historical treatise on the Bridge Run from this dude dressed like a #Mummer from Anchorage (#phillyjoke), and (2) the driver could drop us off somewhere not in Mt. Pleasant so we could walk a few miles back to our car #cyclistplanning. Thankfully, the #longhaired member of our sojourning party thumbed a .75 mile ride from a Prius-driving couple back to the car (I think they had all followed the Dead together a few years back) and came back to pick up myself and the Frenchman (of course, after the #FrenchDick started running again because he was tired of walking). The ride back to St. Matthews, and Charlotte, from that point was uneventful and slightly less talkative, given that bunny decided to give Mutiny a ride back to Charlotte #onesidedconversation.

So that was about that. For the first official Gears #CSAUP, this was pretty awesome. 107-ish miles on two wheels, 6.2 on foot, morning drinking, copious odd conversation, plush accomodations, perfect weather and no injuries. We can’t promise all this for the next endeavour, but we can promise that it won’t be planned very well (with minimal advance notice), that we’ll ride our bikes a long way and that we’ll probably drink a fair bit of beer. What more do you need?

Tclaps again to Nacho and OS, as well as Strum, who threw this thing together with some honeycomb, hair ties and recycled Teva straps. It was a heck of a trip…until next time…

Destruction of The Leatherneck — The 2014 Spring Mud Run

500 men of F3 Nation descended upon the leatherneck course in Gaston South Carolina on Saturday for the running of the Ultimate Challenge Mud Run, the Super Bowl of F3. The busses unloaded and a wave of humanity made its way to the F3 tent, planting more than 50 shovel flags and claiming this ground as ours. When the final results were posted, the domination was apparent and the largest gathering in the history of F3 was complete.

The Thang

1st F:
The Ultimate Challenge Mud Run — +/- 6.2 muddy miles of trails, hills, creeks, rivers, and 36 shin-busting obstacles to overcome as a team — did not disappoint.  A few surprises this year, mainly a new course design that was virtually backwards from past years. Marines at every obstacle ensured proper attempts and completion. Congratulations and huge T-Claps to Team South Beach for killing the course as the overall Mud Run winner and taking home the Busted Paw as the top F3 team. I’ve heard the beer tastes better when consumed from the Paw. #WillNeverKnow

Official Results:  https://results.racemine.com/Go-greenevents/Events/2014/UltimateChallengeMudRun/results/

Feel free to make updates and comments on Fountainhead’s Wiki Mud regarding obstacles and strategy: http://f3nation.com/2014/03/16/the-wiki-mud/

2nd F:
For the first time at this event, F3 had a central tent for gathering, complete with a 30′ flagpole flying F3 colors for all to see and envy. 50+ shovel flags flanked the tent, providing a fantastic backdrop for handshakes and first bumps as pax from different regions reunited. Many of us know each other from only from Twitter and backblasts, and it’s interesting to put a face and a voice with a nickname.

The biggest hit of the tent was “The Beer Boat,” a Jon boat loaded down with beer, Gatorade, soft drinks, and water — all courtesy of hosts F3Columbia as a welcome to the Midlands of South Carolina. #Hospitality

Group photos from all regions were taken, including a reluctant Metro.

3rd F:
Purpose greater than oneself is not always easy to find and understand, but the Nation responded to a particular call in spectacular fashion. Operation Enduring Warrior supports wounded veterans as they reintegrate into life after battle. They encourage teamwork and overcoming barriers by training and competing with honorees in obstacles races. On Saturday, F3 Nation presented a check to Enduring Warrior for $6,214.50 to assist them in furthering their mission. Thank you, pax, for amazing generosity.

The highlight of the morning came just before race launch when we were visited by the athletes and honorees from Enduring Warrior who joined our Ball of Man where Dredd led a rousing prayer. “Can I get an Amen!”


  • TClaps and a huge thank you to Mud Run QIC Sean “Robber” Rankin who blew it out of the water. Months of planning culminated in a great event with no noticable glitches.
  • More TClaps to the Regional Qs who conducted time trials, arranged transportation, and  wrangled their own pax and the ever-changing team makeups:NoCo: “Entourage” Chris Grenier
    Metro: “Gandalf” Daniel Merlin
    Area 51: “Stagecoach” TJ Zitney
    Raleigh/Durham: “Adolphus” Alexander Miller
    Swamp Rabbit: “Pledge” Tyler Smith
    Columbia: “Chaser” Jason Reynolds
  • Photographers: Thank you to “No Show” Mitch Kelly for coordinating a team of F3-specific photographers (Chris McDonald, Tripp Davis, Brian Dexter) to document the day. All photos will be uploaded to Dropbox and made available to all pax.
  • Volunteers: Columbia pax and family members stepped up huge.  “Crawlspace  ” Roy Williamson, “Socrates” Marty McLellan, “Duphresne” Gene Brinson and a host of 2.0s, dads, and others. Thank you for manning “The Boat,” distributing Tshirts, collecting donation money, and for helping set up and tear down the base of operations.
  • Thanks to “Cheesy” Rutledge Davies, “Jingles” Wes Donahue and “Low Dot” Robert Harris for coordinating the beer boat, and to “Napalm” Kevin Grindstaff, Chaser, and “SubPrime” Mark Tibshrany for collecting beverage donations from the Columbia pax. Thank you to “Tuff Guy” Gary Geiger for the F3-branded water. #NiceTouch
  • For the record, of 35 cases of beer, 15 cases of water, and 10 assorted cases of soft drinks, only 4 bottles of water got left in the boat.
  • Thanks to Chaser for acquiring and delivering the trailer and to “Smokey” Jonathan Calore for the bullhorn.
  • Thank you to “Fountainhead” John Powell for designing and implementing the “big check” for the donation.
  • Finally, a sincere thank you and huge TClaps go out to all of you — the men of F3 Nation — who worked to build this organization before Columbia expansion was even a thought. Without you, we would not have been blessed with this opportunity we all needed, even though we didn’t know it. We are eternally grateful.

 UPDATE: Event Photos Now Available

Below are links to Dropbox files with Mud Run photos. Mitch “No Show” Kelly and his crew of volunteer photographers knocked it out of the park. He has divided the shots into seven different areas. Because these pics came from several different cameras, they are not specifically organized by time or bib number so you’ll just have to look through them and copy what you want. They are free with no watermark!

1st F: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/rvh7wyrpwdlv6v9/DrIHjV7bYK?n=285521343

2nd F:  https://www.dropbox.com/sc/g0ecjsu46d3wvz2/U58DMGHomc?n=285521343

3rd F: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/fmcswwl5p0ju4vm/qT-Bm3BUQn?n=285521343

Mud Run Setup: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/oyrdvkycq53uat2/TySKtwLJCd?n=285521343

Operation Enduring Warrior: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/uxckliq4b8kizi2/CJKfyBYhmr?n=285521343

Mud Run – Misc. (Contains a little of it all, and some duplicates): https://www.dropbox.com/sc/x6sxn6w6ufkacyy/QGCt9VIuHE?n=285521343

Additionally, here is the link to All American Images and the official Mud Run photos. These have a watermark and will cost you for prints: http://aaipix.photostockplus.com/event_1646014

Enjoy the photos, and Thank You, Mitch and crew, for documenting this historic gathering of F3 men!

Mud Run Spring 2014 #PreBlast

We trust all of you are excited and ready to be a part of the single largest gathering of F3 men in history. When 500 of us descend upon the Leatherneck next Saturday, we will definitely turn some heads and draw some attention. There have been some logistical changes this time, so this PreBlast is an attempt to provide sufficient detail so things run smoothly. A schedule of events and the F3 Starting Order are included at the bottom.

ARRIVAL:      You should plan to arrive at The Leatherneck by 6:45am. You do not want to be late. Running from the parking lot to make your start time will make for a miserable day. The Physical Address of the Leatherneck is 1215 Valley Ridge Rd., Gaston, SC 29053. Directions are here: http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/directions.html.

THE TENT:      This year, we have negotiated a tent for F3. It will be in the vendor area and will be well marked with flags and banners and will serve as our central meeting point. Additionally, we have secured VIP parking close to the tent for the 14 busses of F3 Nation. Parking instructions and VIP parking passes will be sent to Regional Mud Run Q’s.  If you are arriving by car, you are on your own in the parking lot, but you should be able to park pretty close that early on Saturday.

SHOVEL FLAGS:      Please bring EVERY shovel flag in your Region and plant them at the tent upon arrival. This is an historic gathering, and the flags will make a statement.

THE MUD RUN WAIVER:      Bring the COMPLETED mud run waiver form with you. This year they are allowing one waiver per TEAM. Everyone must initial each section and sign it as directed. TEAM CAPTAINS are responsible for your team’s waiver. Print it here: http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/PDFs/waiver.pdf

REGISTRATION:      Assemble your team and proceed to the registration tent – only take with you what you plan to race with. Give them your waiver and get your race bibs and get marked up with your numbers. Team Captains will get the team’s timing chip. When you exit the registration, you are in the starting chute. There is a portajohn available there. Proceed toward the starting line and put yourselves in order by number.

THE START:      Teams start two at a time every 15 seconds. This is it. Do well.

THE COURSE:      There is a new course layout this year. Apparently, all 36 obstacles are the same, but the route to them has been changed. Watch Twitter (@F3MudRun) for any course recon updates prior to the race. We do know the Fireman’s Carry is the last obstacle again this year. We have not, however, found the rumor of added alligators to be credible. UPDATE: The Mud Run website today says that while the course will have a new layout, “Some obstacles will remain the same but get ready for some new additions.” I will try to ferret out some truth nuggets in my discussions with the organizers this week.

Also this year, there will be actual Marines monitoring each obstacle and not JRROTC volunteers. The Marines are much more strict when it comes to attempting/completing each obstacle or taking penalties. Teams who in the past have “blown through” obstacles should also be aware that the Marine’s this year have the authority to disqualify a team for skipping an obstacle. With 125 teams, odds are very high that one of us will piss off a Marine with a hard-on to bust somebody. Don’t let it be you.

Fountainhead’s “Wiki-Mud” provides strategy tips and information about specific obstacles and is recommended reading: http://f3nation.com/2014/03/16/the-wiki-mud/

Purple Crayon’s “How To Beat the Mud Run Obstacles” is also excellent (Note: order of obstacles has changed): http://f3nation.com/2013/10/08/how-to-beat-the-mud-run-obstacles/

THE FINISH:      You must cross the finish line with your entire team. In our meetings with the Mud Run reps, they specifically mentioned this rule. Team Captains with the timing chip must finish with your three teammates and ONLY your three teammates.

AFTER THE RACE:      When you are off the course, the mud run will have fruit, water, etc. for you. You can also hang around the finish line to welcome your buddies as they finish. At some point, you will want to make your way toward the “showers” (which are hardly more than a glorified garden hose) for a rinse off. Don’t think for a minute you’re gonna get all the mud off you. That will take weeks. Make your way back to the F3 Tent for 2ndF. We will have some coolers with limited supplies of beverages for your enjoyment. GLASS BOTTLES AND PERSONAL COOLERS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE GROUNDS.

CRITICAL TIMING – OPERATION ENDURING WARRIOR DONATION:      Operation Enduring Warrior is an organization that supports disabled veterans through training and competing in obstacle races. You may have seen photos of the OEW guys wearing gas masks during the mud run. Their web site is here: http://www.enduringwarrior.org/

F3 Nation has decided to support their efforts this year with a financial donation and moral support. You may remember having the option to make a donation to OEW when you signed up on the F3 Mud Run website last fall. We raised about $1600 that way. On the morning of the race, we’d like to “pass the hat” again for anyone who would like to donate to OEW and increase our check size. There will be a donation box at the tent. Think about it – if all 500 of us gave just $5, we’d add $2500.

At 10:00 Dredd will present our donation. Logistics are still being finalized regarding exactly where that exchange will take place, but we only have about a five minute window before OEW hits the starting line and we don’t want to back up the rest of the starters. Wherever it is, we want our guys and our shovel flags flanking the OEW team. This should be a really cool event.

PHOTOS:      Immediately following the donation, we will take the group pictures. This should not take but a few minutes. We also hope to have several photographers on the course.

BUSTED PAW:      The awarding of the Busted Paw will take place immediately following photos.

Tentative Schedule of Events — Mud   Run
6:45 Arrive at The Leatherneck, Gaston SC
7:00 Plant your Shovel Flag in the Shovel Flag Collonade
7:00 – 7:30 Race Prep: Check in, Numbering, bathroom, etc
7:30 First Teams Start, including F3 Dream and F3 South Beach
07:45 – 08:10 Remaining F3 Teams start — the Wave of Bad Assery
+/- 08:20 Dream and South Beach finish
+/- 08:45 – 09:45 Remaining F3 Teams finish
+/- 08:45 -10:00 Showers, 2ndF at tent
10:00 Check Presentation to Oper. Enduring Warrior
10:10 Group Photos:
1. F3 Nation
2. F3 Metro
3. F3 NoCo
4. F3 Area 51
5. F3 The Fort
6. F3 Raleigh
7. F3 Greenville
8. F3 Columbia
9. Small Groups
10:20 Busted Paw Presentation


Since last fall when the Q of the Mud Run was handed to us (Columbia), we have received countless communications regarding starting times. You name it, we’ve heard opinions from every region. After carefully weighing all the information, the overwhelming consensus was the regions wanted the chance to compete for The Busted Paw against each other’s best competition and on a level playing field. It also became apparent that any solution we offered was going to piss somebody off. Last week, we asked each Region Q to submit his teams in ranked order. NoCo sent the most with 38, then Metro with 35, Columbia 19, South 15, Raleigh 10, Greenville 5, and Fort Mill 3.

South Beach and Dream earned well-deserved priority spots from the Mud Run and will start at the front of the entire race so we removed them from the Metro list. We took the top two teams from each region and put them at the front of the line. The best teams from each Region will start within 90 seconds of each other. Are these the fastest 12 overall teams? Probably not, but each region has an equitable starting position to compete for The Paw. Any arguments and speculation should be finally decided in the arena.

Next, we added in two more teams from Metro and two more from NoCo since they have twice any many teams as the other regions and to give a little priority bump to some teams that finished well in the past. After that, we started a pattern of 4 Metro teams, 4 NoCo teams, 2 Columbia, 2 South, 1 Ft Mill, 1 GVille, and 2 Raleigh and went straight down the submitted lists. While this might not be the best way, its how it was done, and it all should work out just fine.

UPDATE:  Dream and South Beach will start at 07:30. The remaining F3 teams start at 7:42. The official Mud Run starting list as posted on their website is here, and please note that all team names are preceeded by Region names and that’s how it will appear in the Mud Run’s final results: http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/PDFs/April%2012,%202014%20Start%20Times%20(subject%20to%20change).pdf

Good Luck to all!

Blood Clots…Bones Heal…Sweat Dries…Pride is FOREVER!







To write a guide for the F3 masses who will compete this spring in the bi-annual USMC Mud Run is a daunting if not impossible task for any man.  Individuals and teams among the pax are both the best and most numerous contenders in this event and so many have a far greater knowledge than YHC.  Rather than attempt to gather the wisdom of countless others, let me present, on behalf of F3Columbia:


The Wiki-Mud is yours.  Sharing the link grants access and editing rights to what is intended to be a compendium of knowledge.  As such, it is incomplete without your investment in sharing the strengths and knowledge you have to contribute.

The Wiki-Mud is, like F3, for all men.  It is structured to be used by a wide range of guys with a wide range of abilities.  Whether you are a mud run deity or muddy midget, your thoughts and contributions are needed and have a place.

The Wiki-Mud will change.  Organizers of the Mud Run have already said that this year’s event will be different than events in the past.  The list of obstacles has been stripped from the USMC mud run site in an effort to make the challenge more mysterious.  This document will therefore adapt as new information and obstacles emerge.

Read it…  Use it… Edit it… Own it… The Wiki-Mud Link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/111l7-UMkAzHeQtrBiThDGkN5gh2Mg6Lhoz4yhfSGrRo/edit?usp=sharing


F3 Golf Classic




Mark your calendars for the first F3 Golf Classic hosted by the Area 51 Pax at Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation on Thursday, May 29th at 1:00 pm. This should be an awesome 2nd F event with all profit and proceeds benefiting the F3 Foundation.

Event Details

  • Time and Date: Thursday May 29th. Registration will start early, by 11:00 AM and it will be a 1:00 PM, Shotgun Start.
  • Cost: $90 per Player, $360 per team. Sign up as a single or as a foursome.
  • You MUST register and pay via PayPal here. Recommend grabbing your foursome and signing up as a foursome as we expect it to fill up fast.
  • Format is Captain’s choice.
  • Lunch, snacks, and beverages provided.
  • HDHH post round with all PAX invited. If you are unable to make the round then come after work and enjoy some 2nd F.

Olde Sycamore is providing:

  • PGA Professionals & Golf Coordination Team
  • Use of Driving Range and Putting Greens
  • Bag Drop Service
  • Tournament Scoreboard & Scoring
  • Organized Staging of Golf Carts
  • Special Competition Hole Set Up (Bulldog is the Competition/Games Q, should be entertaining!)
  • Personalized Rules Sheets

There are only 36 team spots available — 144 players. Hard commit today.

More Info

While a healthy portion of the team registration fees goes to F3F, the real action happens in the form of sponsorships:

Event, Hole, Graphics, Beer & Beverage, and Food. Maybe more to come…


  • Any F3 Pax or Pax’s company.
  • Friendlies: People or groups that are generally supportive of F3 and the mission. FiA, USMC Mud Run, Spartan, Muscle Driver, USNWC, OBT’s tabata timer rep, etc.
  • Healthcare providers? Greenapple, Ortho Carolina, etc.
  • Businesses that mesh well with F3: TrySports, Run for Your Life, Charlotte Running Co, that Pain Cave place, and the like.
  • HDHH or Coffeeteria establishments. Donated beer brought to you by…
  • Any of the cliques and hyper-cults within F3. For example:
    • Hole 18 brought to you by C-Rock.
    • Trap at 3rd green brought to you by SPEARHEAD (remember to rake after your low crawls, please).
    • The cart path on 6 brought to you by F3 Gears.
    • Clubhouse porch rockers brought to you by the #Refuseniks.

In true F3 fashion, this is a Reverse Flow endeavor.
These are just some ideas to get you thinking. If Combine, say, wants to pool some cash and sponsor the ladies tees on behalf of Cherokee, who are we to stop them? Okay, we will abide by the F3 bylaws and use common sense, but the goal, after all, is to raise money for the F3F. We are open to reasonable ideas.

If so inclined, Sponsors can add an “Expo” option.
We’ll have a designated Expo area for Sponsors to man tents/tables and interact with the interested Pax. This will be in the spirit of the expo areas you see at marathon packet pickups, where you go the vendor you’re are interested in. This WILL NOT be like fighting off the e-cigarette guy the mall kiosk. You go to them. They don’t go to you.

Cottonmouth (Ed Hannon) is Qing Sponsorship.
Ping him at F3Golf@gmail.com if you are interested in helping, sponsoring, or have a lead/connection. We need max participation to make this a successful event for F3F.

NOTE: If desired, Haywood and the F3F team will work with all Sponsors to make sure they get the appropriate tax credits.

Registration & Payment

Price is $90 for a single player or $360 for a four-man team. If you use a PayPal account that is NOT your own, such as your M’s or your business account, please add your hospital name to the “F3 Name” request (i.e. Bananas/Daniel Foster).

Number of Players Single $90.00 USDTeam (Four) $360.00 USD
Your F3 Name
(Optional: add hospital name)
Your Contact Email

Asheville Beer Race- 7/12/2014


Not sure I have to say any more than the title already conveys, but just in case, here goes:

What: 4 mile night race in Asheville finishing at the Highland Brewing Company.

When: 07/12/2014, 8pm start

Why: Amazing beer at the finish. Great chance for 1st and 2nd F experience with Pax from around the Nation. Oh, and you get a GLOW IN THE DARK PINT GLASS at the finish to enjoy that fantastic Highland beer in. The race and post race festivities are family friendly events. There will be food, music and of course beer in the large meadow next to the brewery. Proceeds go towards development of the greenway system in the Asheville area. The race will be capped at 800 runners. I have little doubt this will sell out.

This is a great chance to get out of our respective regions for a refreshing break from oppresive summer heat and to escape to the mountains of North Carolina. This is also a fantastic opportunity to bring M’s and 2.0’s for a weekend getaway.

How to register: http://www.highlandbrewing.com/ashevillebeerrace


UPDATE: It’s been decided that running this race alone is not enough, and with the Blue Ridge Relay looming, I’m going to throw down a larger challenge to all pax interested. Starting at 10am on 07/12, we will run the two Mountain Goat Hard legs of the BRR- 31 and 33. This will allow for anyone interested to get a condensed simulation of running three legs (combined with the Highland race) at elevation. The beer at Highland is world class, but I doubt it will taste any better than following this adventure. Plan on having the M’s and 2.0’s meet us at the brewery and make a weekend getaway for the family out of it.

The mountains are calling…

— Slim

Gears #CSAUP Events 2014

Ride to Charleston Friday, April 4

In light of the shovel flag being placed in F3Charleston, YHC has devised a ridiculous and utterly #CSAUP event. Open to all, but limited to 15 riders, we will set off at a leisurely pace to cover the hundred or so miles from COLA to Charleston (well, really Mt. Pleasant). #notsplittinghairs. Exact route to be determined, likely the day before.

AND Optional Double Down Opportunity :: Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday, April 5th. You must register ASAP for the 10K run at www.bridgerun.com.

Saturday, Mat 10th THE GOOD RIDE

Although this isn’t an exclusive event for F3Gears, we support and encourage this cause. Details at http://thegoodride.org.

Saturday, June 14th BLACK AND BLUE RELAY

Brought to you by our friends at Blue Ridge Relay, the cycling relay event is a double century featuring teams of 1 to 8 riders. F3Gears will bring teams based on number of participants. Other details at http://blackandbluerelay.com

Saturday, June 28th BLOOD, SWEAT & GEARS

This annual Mega-event tours the roads of Watauga County on either a 100 mile or 50 mile loop. Registration opens Saturday, February 1 at 8 am. You must register that day or the event will close out. More than you ever wanted to know located at http://www.bloodsweatandgears.org

More events to be rolled out in the late summer and early fall. Start riding, training now and getting ready. Questions to f3gears@gmail.com.

Sound off below with HC’s.

This was inevitable. F3 goes Ultra.


It was only a matter of time. You’ve played in the mud and jumped over bales of burning hay. You’ve run a half or full marathon. You’ve had a 10-12 hour taste of boot camp. But still you want to push further. How far can we truly go? The answer is out there- come find out with fellow F3 brothers at the Biltmore 50K/50mi trail race on September 20th. It’s the logical next step in CSAUP, a true test of mind and spirit long after your body has failed you. 31 or 50 miles in the mountains of North Carolina, racing man and, to raise the stakes, horses. If this isn’t CSAUP, I don’t know what is.

The event will take place on September 20th, 2014 in Asheville, NC. Entry is $125, although we will work with the race directors for a discount- I will need a hard count of committed entrants before they will consider offering a discount. The entry fee includes entrance on 9/19 and 9/20 to the Biltmore Estate grounds for you and one crew member as well as a dinner the night before the race. This is a well-organized Ultra with water and food stations throughout the challenging course.

What’s that you say? You’re running the BRR in early September? Awesome, you will be ready to run the 50k. Many of you will cover at least 20 miles during the relay. Training can certainly overlap for these two events. In fact, a few trips up into elevation to train for one will only benefit the other.

I will be leaning on the expert advice of veteran Ultra runners in our Pax. I have run an unofficial 50k on one of the hardest trails in western NC, but this will be my first sanctioned Ultra race. I have training programs that honestly can take anyone who can run a half marathon to a 50 mile race in 24 weeks. F3 workouts are highly conducive to building core muscle groups valued in higher mileage races, as I’m sure OBT, Dolphin, and Haggis can attest.

The race website is not yet up and live, but I will update as soon as registration opens.

Sound off below if you are ready to go next level CSAUP this year. Aye!