Columbia Convergence – 2 Years and Counting…

Q.I.C.Roscoe, Logo, Sled, Heartbreaker
The PAXAll pax from Columbia region and other AOs
Workout Date10/18/14

bricks1On 10/20/12, “the thang” kicked off in the capitol city – see original backblast for the progress in fitness over the last 2 years… .  But even more, f3nation in the Columbia area has touched close to 1,000 men (if not more) from the 13 original FNGs #starfish.  T-claps to the leadership pax in CLT for providing the foundation, leadership and advice.  So we will gather at the Columbia Mothership – Brickpile aka Dreher HS – for a Convergence bootcamp.  Park in the main lot (accessed on Millwood) with arrival by 0645 for an f3 update from CR followed by the thang at 0700.  We will have plenty of Qs that know the area and a few leading SCORE workouts for those looking for less running.  On-site coffeteria and the Thicket to follow.

Superbowl of F3: Fall 2014 Mud Run UPDATED!

The PAXF3Nation
Workout Date10/4/2014

As the gloom lifted on Saturday, October 4th, 2014, over 600 pax from around the country descended upon the Leatherneck. While we may have come from different cities, states, and backgrounds, we had one thing in common: a bond, represented by a single letter and a single number, enclosed within a circle. (For those of you that aren’t quick on the uptake, YHC is talking about the F3 logo).


6.4 miles, 36 obstacles, MUD.

Once again, F3 DEMOLISHED the competition. Out of the top 20 teams overall, F3 holds 16 of those spots. That’s right, 80% of the top finishers were F3 teams. Team South Beach CRUSHED it, shaving slightly over 6 MINUTES off their Spring time. In fact, all 3 of the Top Teams (South Beach, Bigfoot, and Tempo) shaved considerable time off their spring performance, putting in SUB-50 times!

Race results are here:

F3 Specific Race Results and Spring Top Seeds HERE:

Our bodies were muddy and our beer boat was full, as was our hearts after a moving Operation Enduring Warrior presentation, where Dredd presented them with a check for $8000 and their very own shovelflag. One amazing thing to note is that we raised almost $4000 right there, at the Mud Run, within the timespan of about 30 minutes. WOW. YHC is blown away by the generosity and outpouring of donations at the 11th hour. I spoke with OEW later in the day. Not only were they speechless at the generosity of our donation, but the REALLY, REALLY dug the ShovelFlag (Thanks Raider!!!)


As you may know, a Mud Run doesn’t get organized by itself. Nor does one man do it. It takes a team. This year, we had a FANTASTIC team that helped to make this one of the best Mud Run’s yet. Here are the pax members that made this wonderful event possible and deserve your T-Claps!

  • Region Q’s: These guys were the ultimate cat herders. They answered many of your questions, helped organize your teams, found free agents for you, coordinated logistics for getting to the Mud Run, and were great stewards of the Mud Run by motivating you to sign up and get on board:
    Charlotte Metro – TML
    Charlotte North – Jolly Roger & 66
    Charlotte South – Gummy
    MECA – Chowder
    Columbia – HeeHaw
    Lake Murray – Smokey
    Greenville – Flay & Lt. Dan
    Raleigh/Durham – GnardDogg
    Fort Mill – Tatanka
    Winston-Salem – Lumbergh
    Charleston – FEMA
    Florence – Foxy
    Hickory – Taz
    Tallahassee – Waco Kid
  • Refreshment Q’s: These guys DEFINITELY need T-Claps from you. They ensured the Beer Boat was stocked, iced, and ready for you all to dive into after hitting the Leatherneck. They worked with F3Columbia and F3LakeMurray to get beer, water, and Gatorade donations, so that F3Nation would have ample liquid libations after their muddy trek.
    Neck Brace
    Low Dot (Providing the actual “boat” for the BeerBoat!)
    Malko & Team MudGear for sending down all those sweet F3 Koozies to keep the beers cold
  • Photography Q’s: These folks gave their time to spread out around the course and snapped shot after shot to get your ugly mugs saved for posterity.
    Say What’s M (Jennifer Gibbons)
  • Volunteer Q’s: These folks weren’t running, but wanted to help. And help they did! Assisting with setup, collecting donations, handing out shirts, helping to take care of anything else anyone needed to make sure the day went smoothly.
    Cherry Bomb (Napalm’s 2.0)
    Elizabeth (Sway’s 2.0)
    Alter Boy
    Blue Crab
    Slim Jim
    Tuff Guy
    Fountainhead (that giant check for OEW didn’t come out of thin air)

If I missed anyone, please let me know!

F3Columbia’s Robber set HUGE expectations with the success of the Spring 2014 Mud Run. He also set an AWESOME template for future Mud Run Q’s to use.

What we have, what we do, and what we are is, to use a word that doesn’t fully capture it, amazing. NONE of it would be possible without you, the pax of F3Nation. Your spirit, dedication and generosity is what continues to make this thing we have grow, get better, and do better.

UPDATE: Pic links are IN! See below and find your ugly mug!

F3 October 2014 Mudrun OEW Presentation

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 1st F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 2nd F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 3rd F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun Groups/Teams

F3 October 2014 Mudrun Flags/Shirts


See you in the gloom,

Columbia & Lake Murray GORUCK Simulation

The PAXPax from Columbia, Lake Murray, Florence, Charleston, and Spartanburg
Workout Date10/11/2014

If you want a sneak peek at what we’ll endure on November 21st, well here’s your chance…

The F3 Nation 2ndF Q, WhiteShoe, has offered to come down from Raleigh and put us through the paces. According to WS, the point of the GORUCK simulation is to mentally prepare you for the GRC, rather than physically prepare you for it.

At 6am, Saturday, October 11th, we’ll hold a 3 hour GORUCK Sim in Columbia. The rally point is the SC Statehouse. Bring a loaded ruck and as the GORUCK guys say, “bring a friend, it’s less scary that way”.

The event is open to anyone, even if you’re not signed up for our GORUCK Challenge, but you will need a weighted pack to play along.

Please indicate your HC in the comments below. We need to make sure we have enough interest in this event to warrant a bunch of guys driving 8 hours round trip to play cadre.

FYI: We did our best to schedule around the chaotic nature of the fall in the South; That Saturday is a by weekend for the Gamecocks, a home game for Clemson, and a week after the Mud Run. The event is just another opportunity to get better, come if you can. If you can’t no sweat. We’ll see you November 21st!

366 Days Ago, A Zoila was Born

The PAXScreech, Double Windsor, Stewie, Frankenreiter, Hootie, Maverick, Mr. Winslow, Samsonite, DeVry, Mab Mab, Blue Screen, San Diago, Erector, Low Carb, Zoila (YHC)
Workout Date09/18/14

On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, YHC finally got out of the fartsack after months of being in an emotional headlock, first by my 1.0, Nails (Columbia), then by my co-worker, Housekeeping (CLT South).  I looked at the schedule, found something relatively close to Beverly Woods East, and drove north to the Christ Church parking lot at about 0525 for a workout called the Ring Run.

Not sure who all was there, or even who the Q was.  I think it might have been Ben Franklin, because at 0530, he just took off running out of the parking lot without saying a word.  BF, do you remember naming someone after a Hispanic housemaid?  No backblast of this event has ever been recorded.  I’m pretty sure Rock was there.  We took a nice jog around Myers Park at a pace that was unfamiliar to me (<7:00) and stopped a few times to do “merkins” and “LBCs”.  The good news is I never had to plank to wait for the 6, because I was the 6 the entire time.  #memories.  Thanks to all the Charlotte pax that sharpened me during my time there, and for the Swamp Rabbit pax for accepting me in and continuing to push me.

So this morning, 366 days later, 15 fine young cannibals met at the Peace Center and at 0530, YHC took off running without saying a word…

The Conditions: Wonderful.  64 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly foggy, 90% humidity.

The Thang: Surprise mosey down to the patio next to Liberty Bridge.  YHC’s goal was to do 10 reps of 10 exercises 10 times, but time ran out.

Round 1: Merkins x10, Peter Parker x10, Plank Jacks x10, Monkey Humpers x10, Lunges x10, Perfect San Diago Squats x10, Low Slow Flutters x10, LBC x10, Air Humpers x10

AYG across the Bridge and Back

Round 2, slight modification: Merkins x10, Parker Peter x10, Plank Jacks x10, Burpees x10, Lunges x10, Flawless San Diago Squats x10, Low Slow Flutters x10, LBC x10, H2H x10

AYG across the Bridge and Back

Round 3, more modification: Merkins x10, Peter Parker x10, Plank Jacks x10, High Knee Jumps x10, Lunges x10, Superb San Diago Squats x10, Low Slow Flutters x10, LBC x10, H2H x10

Bear Crawl Indian Run around the grassy knoll #sucked #sillyidea

Round 4: Merkins x10, Peter Parker x10, Plank Jacks x10, High Knee Jumps x10, Lunges x10, Sublime San Diago Squats x10, Low Slow Flutters x10, LBC x10, H2H x10

Backwards run across the Bridge and Back

Repeato Round 4, Backwards across Bridge and Back

Up the steps to the Stoplight.  Stoplight Sprints x5 (4 quarters plus overtime).  Mosey back to Peace Center, Herkins x 10.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Great work from the pax today.  Hopefully it was sneaky hard in that all the reps added up to some real muscle-building.  Awesome effort from Double Windsor today.  I think you’re WD, but I wasn’t paying attention to the ages #mybad #O2deprivation.

During one of the “plank and wait” sessions, we waited in the form of a Rosalita as a tribute to Pedialyte whose M just had their 2.4.  Congrats, can’t wait to meet him.  See you at Crucible tomorrow?  #You’llBeUpAnywayMightAsWellPost

Really good to see Erector out there.

Screech got in about 20 burpees of extra credit with the #EarlyEdition pax this morning, and YHC put a down payment of 40 burpees on what I owe Earthmover.  I’ll do the extra 10 when I see you.

Announcements: F3 Connect is TODAY at 1130 at Fried Green Tomatoes.  F3 Anderson launches 10/18.  Mab Mab is working on setting up a Men’s Roundtable this fall, be on the lookout (3rdF workout), YHC has heard great things about it.  Hootie’s manager is having his knee replaced and is need of prayer.

Pre-Blast: THE PALMETTO 200

Workout DateMarch 20-21, 2015

On the eve of the Blue Ridge Relay (BRR), the excitement is palpable amongst the pax. Months of training culminates with F3 brothers in teams of 12 piling in two vans to take on 200 miles through the mountains of North Carolina. Are you downtrodden that you missed the sign up for the BRR? Are you still drying out your shoes from running the Palmetto 200 (P200) Relay earlier this year? Have you never run a relay, but think any chance to experience a #CSAUP sounds like a must? Well, you are in luck F3 brothers! The P200 recently opened for registration and the F3 Nation is gearing up for another chance to perfect those three Fs – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. The P200 will be Friday March 20 to Saturday March 21.

So, what is the P200? Basically, it is the BRR experience substituting flat and fast low country for mountain goat hardness. I did this race earlier this year and enjoyed the experience – minus the torrential downpour in the middle of the night. Hey, even that made for some good stories! The P200 begins just outside Columbia, winds along back roads both paved and unpaved north of I-26, through Santee State Park and Francis Marion National Forest to Mt. Pleasant, over the Ravenel Bridge, ending in the Charleston area. This is a true tour of the South Carolina Low Country.

For those of you unfamiliar with the relay experience, the race is divided into 36 separate legs which cover the 200 miles. The first leg begins outside of Columbia and the last leg outside Charleston heading to James Island. Once the race starts teams run continuously throughout the night. If you’ve never done a relay of this sort before, think a road race meets a camping trip. The legs vary in length from about 2 to 10 miles at the longest. Most legs average around 5 miles. Nine-man or 12-man teams are typical; however, some courageous souls do 4 or 6-man teams. Maybe we’ll have some pax take on that challenge this year – last year was all 12-man and 9-man teams Runners on 12-man teams will run three legs of varying distances and will run differing total miles. Similarly, 9-man teams will run the same legs but each will run 4 legs instead of 3. To say these relays are an experience is an understatement. Unlike the BRR, the P200 flat course and more variance in the total miles per runner lends itself to include a wider range of runner. In the P200, there is room for an inexperienced runner who will only have to run a handful of flat miles during the race while still providing longer distance totals to challenge an experienced runner on the same team. The overall experience and camaraderie is priceless.

Are you in? Don’t be left out of this event! There is room for all runners and even non-runners who are committed to train from now to March. Current F3 running groups and boot camps offer perfect training for such an event. F3 Columbia is already in the process of forming a team for the P200. We can form multiple teams based on speed and experience. Teams register and must pay the approximate $950 registration fee ($79 per runner on a 12 person team). Other expenses could include splitting van rentals or gas, but this is very affordable once split nine or twelve ways.

I am enthused to Q this event and help with getting teams set up with captains. Please comment below indicating your interest in participating and/or forming a team (or email me at


Custom F3 GORUCK Heavy 3/13/15 – raising the CSAUP Bar

It is time to raise the CSAUP bar….

Sign up now for a Custom F3 GORUCK Heavy on 3/13/15

GORUCK Heavy is the Ultimate Team Event.  A heavy is 24+ hours, 35+ miles and allows Cadre to teach more leadership and teamwork under stress.

As F3 we have completed 7 custom GORUCK Challenges and 1 upcoming in Columbia, SC on 11/21/14.  Only 8 Men in F3 have earned the Red Heavy Patch.

Time to fix that.  (GORUCK Heavy video – look for Checkpoint, Donkey Kong and Dora)

GORUCK Heavy is something you will have to train for! There are PT standards for push-ups, sit-ups and rucking. PT Standards are 55 Push-ups, 65 Sit-ups (Army PT Standards) and a 12 Mile Ruck in 3.5 hours. F3 boot camps and rucking 15+ miles each week is needed.  Your ruck will also have to weigh a minimum of 35lbs with no water in it.

When: 3/13/15  Start ~ 1:00 p.m.

Where: Charleston, SC

Who: F3 Nation

Why: It’s time to raise the Bar

Cost: $170

Pay Now and comment below with your F3 Name, Region & Paid

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

**You will receive your gear discount after you pay above and F3/Dallas provides you the private GORUCK Event page to register w/ GORUCK.

UPDATE 12-15-14:
We are off the waitlist, please pay and we will max out at 70 guys.  This is going to be the biggest F3 CSAUP Event.

Training – F3 Bootcamps, Ruck focused workouts and rucking 15+ miles each week is needed (Minimum). A marathon ruck is highly recommended and will allow you to test your feet, gear and conditioning for this event.  We will organize 1 – 2 marathon rucks.

– “There is a difference between thriving and surviving the Heavy” – Dora

– “You need to make sure you are familiar with your gear, practice with what you will have with you during Heavy, maneuvering through equipment should become second nature.” – Friday

Training Links

–    GORUCK 6 Week training program (link here)

–    SPEARHEAD Pathfinder Program (link here) (Pathfinder Class 04 starts 12/1, earn your patch)

–    Ruck Focused Training (link here)

Gear – if you have done a challenge you know what you might need and prefer.  Please look here at GORUCK’s packing list. What you need will be determined by the weather that Friday & Saturday.

The biggest question is boots or shoes.  F3 guys that have done a Heavy have used Salomon XD Pro 3D, Oakley Water Boots and Keen Boots.  You will need 3 – 4 pairs of good socks.  Don’t fail to plan and train. Testing your equipment at Heavy is a plan for failure and will create a long day for you.

Communication – Updates will be done via this post and via email once you have paid.

Questions? email Dallas at  A NoCo team is planning this event

Savannah Marathon Pre-Blast: Training

The PAXF3Nation
Workout Date11/08/14

Welcome to week 7!  We’re starting to get into the meat of our training.  This week calls for 7 miles on Wednesday and 14 on Friday/Saturday.  For many of us, including me, this will be within 1 mile of our distance PR’s.  Starting this weekend we’re going to move our Saturday starting point from Brickpile to the fountain in 5 Points.  The forecast is calling for pretty warm temperatures this week.  Let’s stay hydrated, eat right and run smart.


Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 7:

As of today 14 PAX have HC’ed for either the full or half in Savannah.  If you’re on the fence and need a push let me know!

HC’s:  Turtle, Fountainhead, Polo, Snuggles, Sub Prime, Smokey, Fannie, Abraham, Chaser, Dos Equis, Gump, Garmin, Sketch, Costanza


Below is our training schedule.  You may notice there is something scheduled 6 days a week.  The expectation with this is to complete at least 1 boot camp and 3 runs each week (only 4 days).  The longer runs each week being critical.  The idea is to build in as much flexibilty as possible.  We want this to work around everyone’s schedules and need to rest.

Week Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 3 m run Boot Camp 5 m pace Boot Camp 3 m run 8 Rest
2 3 m run Boot Camp 5 m run Boot Camp 3 m run 9 Rest
3 3 m run Boot Camp 5 m pace Boot Camp 3 m run 6 Rest
4 3 m run Boot Camp 6 m pace Boot Camp 3 m run 11 Rest
5 3 m run Boot Camp 6 m run Boot Camp 3 m run 12 Rest
6 3 m run Boot Camp 6 m pace Boot Camp 3 m run 9 Rest
7 4 m run Boot Camp 7 m pace Boot Camp 4 m run 14 Rest
8 4 m run Boot Camp 7 m run Boot Camp 4 m run 15 Rest
9 4 m run Boot Camp 7 m pace Boot Camp 4 m run Half Marathon Rest
10 4 m run Boot Camp 8 m pace Boot Camp 4 m run 17 Rest
11 5 m run Boot Camp 8 m run Boot Camp 5 m run 18 Rest
12 5 m run Boot Camp 8 m pace Boot Camp 5 m run 13 Rest
13 5 m run Boot Camp 5 m pace Boot Camp 5 m run 20 Rest
14 5 m run Boot Camp 8 m run Boot Camp 5 m run 12 Rest
15 5 m run Boot Camp 5 m pace Boot Camp 5 m run 20 Rest
16 5 m run Boot Camp 4 m pace Boot Camp 5 m run 12 Rest
17 4 m run Boot Camp 3 m run Boot Camp 4 m run 8 Rest
18 3 m run Rest 2 m run Rest Rest Marathon Drink Beer!!

The Thang:

Schedule:It’s time to put words into action!  There’s been a lot of chatter floating around Columbia area AO’s about taking the plunge and committing to a marathon.  That’s right, 26.2 grueling miles!  This race season has been a big one for our pax.  Several of us ran our first half marathon, some of us ran our first 3…  It’s time to starting preparing for the next step.  For reasons I’ll list below, this is the one to run.

Race info:
Savannah Rock & Roll Marathon & Half Marathon
Race Date: Saturday 11/8/2014
This is a “Rock & Roll” race.  It runs thru a flat and scenic downtown Savannah, GA.  The course is lined with live bands and there is a huge post race concert/festival with a designated family area for the M’s and 2.0′s.  Not to mention, it’s a BIG one!  Last year 11,417 finished the half and 3,075 crossed the line for a full.

What we need from you:
F3 has a promo code set up which entitles us to a team name and $10.00 discount (for either race).  A number of guys (listed below) registered for the race before this month’s price increase.  As of May, the cost for the full is $110 and the half is $100, thru 5/31, before taking the discount.  There is a $10 price increase every month until the race date so go ahead and pull the trigger.  This month should be the sweet spot, timing-wise, for guys to join the F3 tide rolling into Savannah this fall.

Promo Code: “F3NATION”
Do it:

Local Q’s:
I’ll be putting together 2 training schedules.  One for guys running the Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) and one for those of us with enough sense to stay home…  I need one man from every participating AO to take the reigns.  I will designate running days and miles during the week, you’ll need to map local routes.  Saturday/Sundays will be our long runs, we can all converge for those. Training will be 18 or so weeks so look forward to a start date toward the end of June or beginning of July.  Training will not interfere with weekday workouts as cross training is a big part of the program.
Thank’s Dufresne for already stepping up in Irmo.

Pause For A Cause:
One of the draws for F3Columbia is the connection we have to a Columbia native, Jake Zeman, who tragically and suddenly passed away as he neared the finish line of this race last year.  In his honor, dear friends have established “Team Trust” and a scholarship program for Jake’s son Jack Zeman (See:  I encourage everyone to follow this link and read the brief story about Jake and why the name “Trust” is being used.  While we plan to target this as an F3 event and run as our own team/group, many will be running in Jake’s honor and contributing to the college fund.  The two who similarly passed away recently in Raleigh brings home the possibility that Jake could have been any one of us, leaving behind a wife and child, while doing what we love.
If you feel moved to give to this cause please do so on an individual basis by following the link above.  We will not be fundraising as a group.  Many of us have mentioned giving the $10 we’re saving with the discount code if nothing more.
“Team Trust” currently has over 100 people signed up to run in memory of Jake.  To recognize those individuals, the race director has agreed to have special back bibs printed.  We have been in contact with both the director and team trust and have arranged for F3 men who would like to run in honor of Jake to also wear the back bib.  All you need to do is sign up under our promo code and let me know by email if you would like

This will be the first Marathon for many of us.  You can do it!  2 years ago I couldn’t run an entire 5K!  All you need to do is HC and we’ll make sure you’re ready on race day.

Governor's Cup Half-Marathon and 8k Pre-blast

The 42nd Annual Governor’s Cup Road Race is quickly approaching and its time to join in the fun and challenge yourselves to #getbetter as F3 Nation makes it second annual trip downtown for the half-marathon and 8k races.  This event travels through downtown Columbia, through some scenic neighborhoods and the USC Campus for the final uphill mile.  There is something for everyone at this event, from the member of the pax faithfully running 4-5 miles at our various weekday running AOs and ready to ramp up and get that 13.1 sticker and those who maybe have just completed their 1st 5k and are ready to get better and push themselves to that 8k (5 mile) distance.


The Governor’s Cup Road Race website is here

There will be weekly training runs for those participating in the half-marathon either on Saturdays or Sundays depending on individual preference starting the weekend of Sept 12-13th.  Try to attend as many of these weeks as possible as we will be running on the actual race course and building our confidence as we increase the mileage each week.  Weekly pre-blasts for each week’s run will be posted here and links emailed to the pax.

Training for the 8k should be done at weekly running AO’s as that should be all you need to get you to that 5 mile mark.  A few weeks out from the race, we will schedule a Sunday run of the actual 8k race course.

Race Registration is open but we are working with race organizers for group status and a group discount.

Are you ready to rise to the occasion and push yourself to achieve something you never would have considered before kicking the sad clown life to the curb and joining your brothers in F3 Nation?

1) HC through email to YHC at and indicate which race you are interested in. 2) The F3 Discount code is GC420FFF.  Make sure you enter numbers for 4-2-0. Price for the Half-marathon before Oct. 1st is lowered to $50 and lowered to only $20 for the 8k run. Register yourself through Strictly Running via the Governor’s Cup website link and use the F3 discount code.

Aye brothers lets do this.

UPDATE 9/4/14:  Training begins.  All Pax thinking of running the 8k just keep it up at your local running AO’s concentrating on 4-5 miles each time, more if you can, and that consistency will be enough to get you well through race day.  Make sure there are some hills involved.

For the half-marathon runners for the month of September, Lake Murray pax will be adding miles before/after  #Swagger weekday runs at least once a week getting up to an 8-10 mile session weekly by the end of the month.  F3 Columbia pax will co-ordinate with Dry Heave (Ryan Barnes) and Slumdog (Charlie Irick) for Saturday morning long training runs.  Watch for updates on twitter or here as well.  Starting in October after the Mud Run craziness is done, we will meet as a group for runs on the actual race course and probably offer Saturday and Sunday options for the pax and get 11, 12, 13.1 miles in the weeks prior and taper down to 8 miles the week before the Gov Cup.  I’ll post training pre-blasts with those routes and times.  Keep working toward our goal brothers.

Current HC and interested list:

Magoo, A1A, Mungo, Enos, Pothole, Dry Heave, Slumdog, Collar, Michelle, Robber (you can do it)

Who’s next?

Hurricane Hike 10k

The PAXAny F3er that wants to lug a 45lb back around Camden for 6 miles.
Workout Date09/20/2014

Robber here, posting this prebast on FOG’s behalf:

From FOG:

The 2nd annual Hurricane hike is a response to the memory of Hurricane Hugo. During SC’s disaster response, the SCSG was used to provide essential aid to the citizens. The average weight of guard member’s packs was approximately 45 lbs. Hence, the creation of the Hurricane hike. However, you can participate without a ruck and just hike.

For all you guys signed up for Columbia’s GORUCK Challenge in November, this is an excellent idea to put that fancy pack to good use and get some experience under weight.

The Thang:
  September 20th 7am for pack weigh-in,  start 8am
Where: The Armory: 1100 Ehrenclou Dr Camden, SC 29020
Gear:  Must provide own ruck and weight (45lbs) to be weighed-in prior to start (optional)
Price: FREE 4 F3, lunch included
Registration: F3 participants must register by September 8th at:

General Mullikin of the SC State Guard has extended a special invitation F3 (up to 200 pax) to allow us to participate in this year’s Hurricane Hike 10k. F3 will be the only civilian group to receive an invite. We will be among several local and state first responder groups, SC National Guard, Citadel cadets, Ft. Jackson personnel, and several Special Forces members from Ft. Bragg including the General.  Our special invite is a perfect opportunity for cross- pollination of our great organizations.  I hope we can recruit/ expose SCSG to F3’s principals while participating. Furthermore,  General Mullikin asks F3 to think about using our professional talents in the SCSG. As F3 members, we have gotten into the best shape of our lives, become better husbands, fathers, community leaders, and  better in our professional fields. All the while, meeting in the gloom where a flag held by a shovel hits the dirt.  Why not take the next step and use our professional talents to better our state with voluntary service in the SCSG?

F3 Columbia & Lake Murray GORUCK Custom Challenge FAQ

This document will be updated with the newest information about the F3 Columbia GORUCK Custom Challenge – Friday, November 21, 2014.

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What Next

First, if you haven’t already, you probably need to look into what you’ve signed up for. Check out the links at the bottom of this FAQ. Secondly, you’ll probably want to do some extra work to prepare you for the big day (ie. train). More on that below…


$50 due at HC, the balance (about $30 will be due Nov 1st)


We’ll be holding a couple ruckoffs (literally taking your ruck off/hanging out) between now and the event. The week of the Challenge, we’ll hold a ruckoff at a one of our fine Columbia dining establishments for one last good look at each other before we take the plunge.


No, you don’t have to buy a $300 GORUCK pack. For the record, the GR1 will set you back $230 with the discount.

We’ve got guys who have found packs for $50 at army surplus stores, and even cheaper on Craigslist, but don’t be afraid to ask around and borrow one.

If you’re looking for alternatives, here are some of the packs guys are choosing:

Rush 24 Tactical Backpack

CamelBak Packs

Patrol 35L Hydration Cargo Pack


  • U-Haul is talking about the Salomon XA Pro 3D on our forum.

Gear Day

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the type of gear we’ll be using on our Challenge, you may want to take part in our gear session. We’ll have a couple guys that have participated in GORUCK events come down and meet us at a local outfitter and talk to us a little about some things that may come in handy during the event. I’d like to workout a discounted rate for gear.


F3 workouts are great training to get your prepared for the Challenge, but we’ll need to get used to wearing our rucks (with weight). PLEASE DON’T RUN WITH YOUR RUCK! It’s not advised to run with a weighted ruck on your back if you’d like to walk in your 50’s and 60’s.

In September we’ll add rucking after some of our Saturday workouts.

Check out the official GORUCK training program in the links section below.

The Official GORUCK 6-Week Training Program


9.20.2014   SC State Guard Hurricane Hike 10k/Ruck Preblast
9.27.2014   Saturday Rucks Begin
10.21.2014   Balance of Deposit Due
11.19.2014   Ruckoff Dinner
11.21.2014   F3 Columbia GORUCK Custom Challenge

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