The Hurricane is coming!

F3 brothers the Hurricane is coming to North Charleston SC!

On Saturday, 27 June at 0700 F3 Summerville will kick out its first created #CSAUP! It will be a four hour event with lots of pain, suffering, and brotherhood. We have planned a great workout for you – challenging all parts of the body! To top it off we will hang out and drink some great beers brewed by the Low Country’s own Coast Brewing Company. You will also earn a Hurricane patch to boast of your exploits.

Since F3 Summerville first launched Faultline in January we have been blessed with tremendous growth. That first AO has spawned into so much more – Bootcamps – Faultline, Seismic, Aftershock and Magnitude. Running – Tremor. Biking – Oscillator. Swimming – Tsunami. Service – Landslide. Fellowship – Liquefaction. Faith – Epicenter. Even for all of us it is still incredible to see and feel the changes in ourselves and experience this as brothers. We have men who have never run a race prepping for the Blue Ridge Run. We have men who were in mediocre fitness levels training for a GoRuck in September. Men are challenging themselves and each other everyday and in doing so improving their lives all around – and serving the community!

F3 Summerville wants to thank all of our brothers that came down to get us started and show us the ropes. You have also offered guidance and direction in an ongoing manner! We are all appreciative of your support and this is a time to thank you! Please come out and join us – HC today and enjoy a great event with F3 Summerville.

Click here now for more details and to HC –

Asheville Spartan Race – August 29, 2015

What: Spartan Race, Super Distance.  That’s 8+ miles with 15+ obstacles in the mountains of North Carolina.

When: August 29, 2015, 8:00 a.m. (see below for F3 team start time)

Why: Because we have been waiting for this race for 2 years and it will be totally CSAUP!

Event Q: Mini-Me out of NoCo is the F3 Team Captain.

Ready for a challenge?  This race is it!  We are talking 8+ miles of grind.  Don’t be the guy who regrets passing up this opportunity to test yourself and see what your made of.  The Spartan Super is Spartan’s intermediate distance race.  It’s hard. And, honestly, I think this one (in the mountains of North Carolina) will be harder than most.   That’s why you should do it.  After countless hours in the gloom with your F3 brothers you are ready and you will finish this race.  Tell the stories for the rest of your life.

If that isn’t enough, Asheville and a world of craft breweries await only a few miles down the road.  This is a great destination race.  Make a weekend of it and bring the family.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Go register at this link:

2) Sign on under the “F3” team name: George Bell (aka Mini-Me) is team captain.

3) Register under the 8:00 a.m. start time

4) Post a comment on this page letting the world know you are up for the challenge

5) Discounts?  We don’t have one arranged with Spartan.  Google the web and see what you can find.

For those interested in a little information about the race venue, here is the summary Spartan provides:

“Welcome to Grove Stone & Sand Company. Grove Stone is one of the grittiest courses in the Spartan venue. With some of the steepest slopes and rocky terrains throughout the venue, it’s as difficult slowing down while running as it is to speed up. Grove Stone has a variety of washed and screened granite materials which are traditionally used to help with building needs, but will be used for primal Spartan challenges during the race.”

Here is a link to Grove Stone & Sand Company if you would like a look at the venue.

Grove Stone & Sand – Black Mountain, NC

Yeah — so get your head around that. Then go sign up.

If you have any question please post in the comments.  I will monitor this post and answer anything I can.  Also, feel free to email me at

That is all.

Spooky Jon

PREBLAST: Local Expansion – Targeting PICKENS COUNTY with F3 Presence in Doodle Trail 5K

Q.I.C.Gluten and F3 Brothers of PowderKeg
The PAXWilling Available #HIM F3NATION Brothers!
Workout Date07/18/15

Twenty (20) register by MIDNIGHT tonight Wednesday, June 17 and F3 becomes a race sponsor in addition to you receiving a discount. 1 down, 19 to go. Let’s “GIVE IT AWAY” F3 Brothers! Iron Sharpens Iron, AYE! There are many Sad Clowns across the border in PICKENS COUNTY who need this! Go to: Doodle Trail 5K to register NOW! Race is on July 18 @ 7am. Use Discount Code: “F3”

F3 Bazooka Ball

UPDATE – 07/01/15 – This event is cancelled due to lack of interest.


Stop what you’re doing and mark your calendars for early August (most likely 8/15), for F3 Bazooka Ball.

What is Bazooka Ball?

It’s kind of like Paintball, except no paint and no welts. You’ll have a modified paintball gun that takes a golf ball sized foam ball. You fire, you reload, you fire again. YHC played this last week at my company’s year-end celebration. It was awesome. Team Capture the Flag here we come. Here’s a short video so you can get the idea:


8.8.15 or 8.15.15 from 12:00 – 2:00. If you have a date preference, please mention it.


F3 guys, Ms and 2.0s (of reasonable age). We would like to have some AO vs AO competition, but there could also be M games and 2.0 games depending on how many folks we have. If we get a ton of 2.0’s, there’s a possibility of renting the rock wall as well.


At the Upward Star Center, just off I-85 in Spartanburg. Here’s a map.


How much interest we get, will determine the cost. The more people we get, the less it will cost. Think somewhere between $10-$20 per person. We hope to have enough $$ to cover the facility rental, guns, and some food & refreshments.


Comfortable clothing.


Sure, we could always use volunteers. Planet paintball will provide the guns and they will officiate, but we could use folks to collect balls, take photos, and just cheer folks on. If you can’t participate, please feel free to come and hang out.

Where do I sign up?

The next step is to let me know you’re interested. How do you do that? Fill out this form. Please let me know by 6/22 so I can be sure we get the facility booked, pricing determined, etc. Aye!


Not so cool mountain air

Q.I.C.Brown Shorts
The PAXWar Daddy, Heath, Olaf, Sound Check, FNG Dan George "Strap", Double Check, Floppy Disk, King of Beers, Fearless, Youkilis, Crypt Keeper, Guns, Troll, It, Bull, Brown Shorts
Workout Date06/13/15

Youkilis and YHC made the short trip north to Asheville to pay it forward. All men need F3. We were happy to rid this area of sad clowns. One more week of help from Swamp Rabbit. I believe these guys are ready. Here’s how it went down today:

Warm up

SSH, IW, MC x 25 IC

Mosey to explore the school. We found a small parking lot for a four corner escalator.

  • 10 ‘Mericans, run to next corner
  • 10 ‘Mericans, 20 MC, run
  • 10 ‘Mericans, 20MC, 30 squats, run
  • 10 ‘Mericans, 20 MC, 30 squats, 40 LBC, run to start and plank it up to wait on 6

What goes up must come down. Down escalator. 40, 30, 20, 10 and back to 10 ‘Mericans to finish.

Circle up for Mary in the middle. Dollies and Rosalitas each x 25 IC. 6 inches for 30 seconds.

Mosey back to front of school to the benches. No it’s not time to rest. It’s time for arms and legs work.

  • 25 Dips IC, run to tree line and back
  • 15 Derkins (decline pushup) IC, run
  • 15 Werkins ( wide pushup) IC, run

Now time for 11s on the benches. Squats and double count step ups. 10:1, 9:2, 8:3, til you get back to 1:10. Plankorama to wait.

It’s week 5 and they haven’t been introduced to Dora??? Mosey to the bottom of the main lot and partner up. One man does the exercise while partner runs to the end of lot and back. Pick up the count where he left off.

  • 100 DC Flutters
  • 200 LBC
  • 300 air presses (They’re just arm raises. Why does it hurt so bad?)


What? No boxcutters? Maybe next time.

  • LHC (love handle crunch or side crunch) left side x 25 IC
  • LHC right x 25 IC
  • At this point I put Sound Check on the spot. Trial by fire. He did not disappoint.
  • Sky crunch (legs high and lift arms and shoulders toward the toes) x 20 IC. Keep your back down.
  • Freddy Mercury x 20 IC
  • Flying Squirrel? ( Superman/Back wrinkler) x 20 IC

Great work men. One more push and these guys will be off and running.

Announcements and Prayers

Fearless has some shirt designs that need reviews, Tuesday/Thursday starting up at 5:30, King of Beers is offering a six pack incentive to anyone who brings a FNG, Habitat House needs volunteers, Step up and Q (only one more week of help).

Prayers for house searches, all our own homes that we take for granted, young cancer patient who passed, and my home church TPC.

Always a pleasure to pass it on. No more sad clowns.

Brown Shorts

A-town F3 Dads – Preblast

F3 Dads is coming to the Electric City

WHO: You and your 2.0s – boys and girls. If the kids can run, they can come! This is also a great opportunity to “headlock” men and introduce them to F3.

WHAT: F3 Dads workouts are a kid-friendly way to jack up the heart rate, while spending quality time with your kids. An F3 Dads workout resembles a normal F3 workout (nicknames, COPs, COT, outside, free), but is structured to get the 2.0s involved. There will be merkins, side-straddle-hops, 2.0 carries and burpees, but also games like tag, relay races and kickball! Each F3 Dad workout will end in a COT and prayer. Also it wouldn’t be official without some cool F3 names but in order to save time, think of a name for your 2.0 before the workout. They can participate in the name-o-rama or you can share it for them.

WHEN: F3 Dads will meet every 3rd Saturday for the summer starting on 6/20/2015 0800hrs

WHERE: Chris Taylor Park at the “castle”

WHY: 2.0 fellowship….share the F3 experience with our kids. Promote fitness with our kids!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it

Building B.L.I.M.P.S At The Keg

The PAX8Mile, Boom Hauer, Brown Shorts, Cabin Fever, Gutshot, Keystone, Quaker, Seal, Shiner, Slug, Swift, T Bag, Tiny Dancer, Youkillis and YHC, Gluten.
Workout Date06/01/15

PowderKeg is a unique AO with opportunity for a varied workout each time out. However, no matter how many times you Q, it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew. I never seem to be able to fit everything that I had planned for the PAX. But, with the nature of The Keg, the PAX gets smoked and what you don’t get to work in, there’s always NEXT time, or maybe a SATURDAY …when you have 15 more minutes! The TRUTH is the exercises don’t get easier, but we get stronger. Anticipating that time on the end would be needed for Mary, YHC knew that the Warm – up would need to be more basic with fewer reps. That being said, here’s how we began the month of June in the gloom of The PowderKeg…


ACF, IC x 15; ACR, IC x 15; IW, IC x 15; SSH, IC x 15 …and that’s it. Let’s Mosey#1 round the church  and to the bottoms of the parking lot where Smoking Joe Hendrix is just a waiting!

The Thang, Part I

Joe Hendrix (backward bear crawl through all three tiers of steps – including the double set) Negotiate the parking lot pavement between each set of steps with karaoke, reverse sprints, and crab walk to front church entrance. Plank position while waiting on the six with Right arm High, Right leg High, etc. and then we Mosey#2 to Part II…

The Thang, Part II

Building B.L.I.M.P.S. (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Mericans, Parker Peters, & finally Squats). This routine uses each and every level of the main parking lot as well as the road behind the church and the entrance road on the south end of parking lot. The Mosey#2 to the start of Part II may have left the PAX thinking that YHC was taking us back for a 2nd round of Smoking Joe Hendrix. NOPE. Instead we did what would be the first set of:

  • Burpees, OYO x 7 followed by a short mosey#3 that would always be expanded in distance with a seemingly ever expanding number of exercises on the NEXT LEVEL UP! Once there, more
  • Burpees, OYO x 7 PLUS
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count (to assure 1 lunge for each leg) x 8. This was followed by another expanded mosey#4  to the NEXT LEVEL UP! Once there, a 3rd set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges – on YHC’s count, x 8 PLUS
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9! Hmmm, starting to see a pattern here. Another expanded mosey#5 to the NEXT LEVEL UP! Once there, a 4th set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count x 8;
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9 PLUS
  • Mericans, IC x 10! You guessed it… Expanded mosey#6 to the NEXT LEVEL UP: On the back side of the church, for a 5th set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count x 8;
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9;
  • Mericans, IC x 10 PLUS
  • Peter Parkers, IC x 11! Expanded mosey#7. This NEXT LEVEL UP takes us one and a half times around the church to the entrance road at front (south) end of the church for a 6th set of
  • Burpees, OYO x 7;
  • Lunges, on YHC’s count x 8;
  • Imperial Walkers, IC x 9;
  • Mericans, IC x 10;
  • Peter Parkers, IC x 11 PLUS
  • Squats, IC x 30

Congratulations! The PAX, all 15 of us, just completed Building B.L.I.M.P.S. NOW, YHC noticing it was 6:17 am, called an audible: JAILBREAK… to the Shovel Flag for COT & BOM! Sorry, no room for Mary on this smoker workout in the gloom of the PowderKeg!


  • Dave’s Run 5K 7:30am Saturday @ AU car pool for those going to leave at 6 am; Pre race workout QIC Wahoo
  • Quaker QIC for SAT workout at the Keg!
  • Kotters to Boom Hauer… He’s back!
  • RunForestRun 5K at Lake Connestee 7:00pm Friday
  • Plans to launch 2 AOs in Pickens County… Easley & Clemson before year end – PowderKeg leading the charge; follow SC F3 Expansion on Twitter from Sway, our state F3 Nantan
  • Hook & Ladder getting us up a F3 Shirt order
  • Piano recital for Tiny Dancer
  • Seal’s 5 year old graduates 5k
  • YHC’s bite on the arm – Mosquito, bad one
  • YHC’s daughter Lauren due anytime
  • YHC shared the parallel between our mentoring activity and discipleship or great commission movement that glorifies GOD
  • Continued Prayers for TPC during difficult time
  • YHC prayed us out of the Ball Of Man
  • Seal called the ‘flyover’ and we got in an additional 10 burps for a grand total of 52 and 210 repetitions and 2.99 Miles covered in 47 minutes. Two minutes overtime. My bad!

As always, it is an honor to struggle in the gloom of the PowderKeg alongside YOU F3 Brothers as we strive to become better in our fitness, fellowship and our faith. Take up YOUR opportunity to lead… Q calendar has openings. Until next time… Gluten, OUT!

Dave's Run planning – 6/6/15

We are moving the Saturday Camelot workout from the Sports and Entertainment Center to the Dave’s Run venue. Workout will start at 7:00, with the race starting at 7:30. If there are some folks who want to work out but not run, someone please step up to Q or co-Q while others are on the run.

I don’t know how many F3 will be at the race, but we are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Suns out = Guns out

The PAXCrunchy, Chernobyl, Reese's Pieces, and YHC
Workout Date5/31/15

It’s a good sign when all the PAX roll up packed in the same clown car. Three of F3 Anderson’s HIMs came to NightOps to see what YHC could dish out on a Sunday afternoon, with a little T-storm brewing in the distance. It turned out to be quite a smoker!


The Thang:

SSH x20 IC, IW x15 IC, MC x20 IC, mosey

1st pain station- Partner up; Dora: 100 mericans, 200 squats, 300 LBCs while partner runs from Veterans Memorial to one-way bridge and back. Mosey to next station.

2nd pain station- All the PAX hold the down position of plank while each one takes a turn at the rope climb. Reese’s blasts this one without using his feet! (Oh to be young and 120 lbs soaking wet) Mosey…

3rd pain station- 11s with dips and derkins. Ow, ow, ow. T-claps to Chernobyl for #perfectform on the derkin. Mosey

4th pain station- Monkey bars and flutterkicks. Crunchy made it look like cake (note to self- will have to make this one worse next time). Mosey

5th pain station- PAX plank while each man does a modified raccoon walk where his feet are on a railing and he declined plank walks around perimeter of rail. Reese’s shines here yet again! Mosey

6th pain station- Joe Hendrix up a flight of no less than 50 long stone steps. Toe raises at the top. YHC finally gets to Larry Bird something today. #armsaretoast  Mosey

Out of time. COT on the fly was done as we walked the last 200 yards back to the Shovel Flag. Announcements: Camp Kemo needs F3’s help on Saturday, June 13, wrapping up the camp for that week. Check out their web page for details, or hit up @MarkAsbell via twitter for more info. Also, Come run with us on June 6th at Dave’s run in downtown Anderson at 7:30. Sign up @DavesRunSC . Prayers were heard as we closed it out.


Indian Bi-Angles!

Q.I.C.Tiny Dancer - VQ
The PAXTiny Dancer-War Baby, Swift, Cabin Fever, Eight-Mile, Underhand, Gutshot, Chernobyl (Posting from Anderson), Slug, Steamer, Flow-Rider, Seal, Brown Shorts, Shiner, Keystone, Quaker, Gluten-War Daddy
Workout Date05/28/15

For my V-Q workout, YHC created the Indian Bi-Angles, which will be explained briefly.  We were also graced with the presence of Chernobyl, a PAX from Anderson.


  • Imperial Walkers, 20x IC
  • Arm Rotations, 15x IC
  • Reverse Arm Rotations, 15x IC
  • SSH, 25x IC
  • Hillbillies, 20x IC

The Thang

After the warm-up, we Mosey’d on up to the Pavilion, where the Bi-Angles began.

Each ‘angle’ of the Bi-Angles was composed of the following:

  • 10x Pull-up Squats (a pull-up, then a Squat), OYO
  • 20x Box Jumps, OYO
  • 20x Dips, OYO
  • 15x LBCs, IC
  • 20x Dips, OYO
  • 20x Box Jumps, OYO
  • 10x Pull-up squats, OYO

Each of these Angles was done twice, hence the ‘Bi’ part of Bi-Angles.  During the first of two parts of LBCs, YHC nearly choked on a Seal Bomb, thus impeding YHC’s count, but the count was recovered. It took Gutshot until midway through the second Angle to realize that there was a pattern going.  After the Angles were done, we Mosey’d back down to the parking lot, where we jumped straight into our first Indian Run around the building (hence the ‘Indian’ in Indian Bi-Angles).

When that was over, we came back to the parking lot where we did 20 reps of Smurf Jacks, IC.  YHC had planned 5 Burpies, but a Flyover forced us to do five more than anticipated (oh, how cruel the hands of fate!).

Next, we did a second Indian Run along the Path Less Traveled (we went both ways on the Indian Run also, in keeping with the ‘Bi’).

Mumble-Chatter was running freely from Seal’s direction as we settled in for 15 MOM.  It was quite the cool-down from the Angles and Indian Runs, but Brown Shorts and Seal were exercising their jaws far more than their abs (no hard feelings, of course).


Prayers for:

Gluten’s daughter, who is due with a son.

Trinity Point Church, where several of our PAX attend.