Marathon Ruck 02/27/2015 at 10:00 pm

The PAXAll are welcome
Workout Date02/27/15 at 10:00 pm

The word has been getting out for a while now that we will have a Marathon Ruck here in Columbia, and this pre-blast is to let you know it is a reality. #TClaps to Promo for the route design.


3 loops of a 9.5 mile course in the downtown / Rosewood areas. Total distance ~ 28.5 miles.

This is going to be a challenge but remember this is not a race. This is a ruck. Those that choose to take this #RedPill will do so together, and will finish together. #OneTeamOneFight

Here is a link to the route:

Where and When:

We will meet at Dreher High School, side/back parking lot at 9:45 pm for quick briefing. Launch is at 10:00 pm sharp.

Who’s invited and What to Bring:

All are welcome to take on this challenge, but you must bring a ruck. How much weight you choose to carry is solely up to you, but you must have a ruck.

Other required items:

(Note: your participation is entirely voluntary, but should you choose to participate, then bring these things at a bare minimum)

-Water Bladder (2L to 3L)
-Back-Up water source (i.e. Nalgene bottle, etc.)
-Food (goos, sandwiches, cliff bars, etc.)
-Reflective PT belt/straps (attached to rear of your ruck)
-Head-Lamp (with back-up batteries)
-Photo ID
-$20 quitter’s cash
-Chem. Light and/or Blinking Light (for added safety)

We will not be performing PT, and there will be no water submersion, so feel free to bring your phone with you.

Also, we have designed the route to be a loop, so that we will be going by our cars at the beginning of each loop. So, you can keep a change of clothes, foot care items, additional food, additional water, etc. in your vehicle. We will stop at our cars for a brief period of time each loop, so that the pax can access those items.

If anyone wants to #Shadow this event (i.e. follow along sans-ruck for some and/or all of the march) you are welcome to.

Remember, this is completely voluntary and definitely #CSAUP.

HC in the comments below and/or on Twitter.

Let’s do this.

Powder Keg QuadQ Leaves PAX Shakin After Wakin!

Q.I.C.Brown Shorts, Quaker, Gluten & Cabin Fever
The PAXBrown Shorts, Quaker, Gluten & Cabin Fever
Workout Date02/21/15

What do you do when no one takes the Q in advance? Share and share alike… knowing it’s gonna be brutle! Each of us seem to have our ‘kryptonite’ that someone manages to bring. That’s so SPECIAL! Except when it comes to remembering all the elements from the workout(?) Generally, it’s easiest to keep up with what you bring to the workout when you Q. We all have our favorites. And we all have our ‘kryptonite’! Cabin Fever and his blockOrama was my kryptonite. In the COT, I learned that Cabin Fever’s got a healthy dislike for People’s Chair and YHC brought that twice! Brown Shorts warned us early that sprints were not going to be in the cards, but it sure didn’t prevent him from showing up for extra credit mileage at 0620! And Quaker? RESPECT! I don’t think he has a healthy fear for any F3 exercise routine. Maybe he does, and we just haven’t heard him vocalize it… yet! Just know that although this BB does not yield a lot of trade secrets for what went down, you can be sure of this: “The PAX of the PowderKeg left Shakin after Wakin! GREAT QuadQ Brown Shorts, Quaker, Cabin Fever and, YES… even YHC, Gluten! Aye! See you next time in the gloom!

Syllabus day at Camelot

Q.I.C.Spongebob & Flay (from Swamp Rabbit)
The PAXMario, Two Stroke, Amp, THicks, Whammo (war baby), Blue Hen (war daddy), Crunchy, Wahoo, Roscoe P. Coltrane, Overdraft, Meter Maid, Nyquil
Workout Date2/21/2015

The Anderson boys have been doing a heck of a job keeping the numbers up and expanding their workouts to additional days and AOs. It’s always amazing to see F3 continue to change lives and rescue #sadclowns from the #fartsack.  With the growth, came the request for a Q School to help drive them forward in the same way we’ve all grown.  12 men showed up to get some words of wisdom from YHC and Flay (whom is always a pleasure to work with).
***We also made time to get the heart rates going a little too.

Here are my meeting minutes:

1)  WU – because it’s darn cold
SSH X 20
IW X 20
Mtn Climbers X 20

2)  A brief history of F3’s formation, the mission, and the 5 principles of a workout.  Of which, YHC forgot one, which happened to be that they are peer lead.  Of course I forget the one that was the reason Flay and I were there to help coach.

3)  Let’s talk counting.  Seems easy, it’s not when you get up there, you’re out of breath, and you have 10 guys staring at you.  We walked through it and then split into 2 groups to practice.  Each member took a turn leading an exercise, ran the length of the soccer field to get out of breath and kept going.
Next Exercise is ……
Starting position….move….
In Cadence (or OYO, or whatever…and don’t get FANCY.  4 count is easiest)
Elevate for last rep

4)  Tips for leading a workout:
Don’t get too confusing
Watch the back…NOBODY gets left behind
Come prepared and think it through beforehand
There is NO SHAME in calling an audible because it’s too confusing, too hard, too easy, etc.
Be clear in explaining it.  Not everybody may know what a Dora 1-2-3 is.

5)  Next up…Flay demonstrates #4 by taking us to the lower hill between soccer fields for Ark Ladder.
Bear Crawl Up the hill
1 burpee
Crab Walk down
Repeato adding a burpee at the top until you reach 7
Plank at the top
Jail Break back to the flag

6)  Number 6 is conveniently 6MOM
Took turns leading counts again for more practice.  *YHC decided to cropdust at this point to save Flay from it on the trip home.  I didn’t know it was going to be that loud, but I did put some strain into it.

7)  Before COT, we gave additional talks
This is yours to own and share together.
Find those that need it.  There are plenty out there.
It’s men only because we need ‘guy time’….definitely not because we think females can’t handle it.     There are plenty of females that could destroy us.
Make sure to do Backblasts in a timely fashion
Make a tshirt.. (it’s OK to have a toilet bowl on the back of the shirt….YHC DARE:  Can you get upperdecker somewhere on the shirt????)
8)  COT, BOM
Announcements:  Concert series with “The Farm” guys.  Definitely need guys to show up for support.
Friday – 2/27 – Crucible style workout begins at Toilet bowl.  FYI – Crucible means hard as hell, competition style, and no waiting around style workout.  Be prepared.  It sucks, but you will see gains from it. It’s a chance to push your limits.

Prayers:  Two stroke’s closing on a house, Cancer sucks – pray for those fighting, Conner (Son of a friend of Two Stroke’s who they are bringing out of a coma after some serious health issues), Flay and wife as they have some great things ahead with his wife’s career options, however, not an easy decision by any means.

FINAL NOTE: For those who missed my post from a month ago….  Organizations can be looked at like 10 people in a boat.  3 are paddling like hell, 5 are there for the scenery, and 2 are trying to sink the boat.  If you’re not paddling, pick up some oars!  We cannot succeed without the ‘peer lead’ aspect for all 3 F’s (not just workouts).  If you aren’t up for leading a workout, lead a happy hour, lead a lunch, lead a charitable event.

You guys are awesome and are already off to a great start.  I can speak on behalf of Flay when I say that We are proud of what’s going on in Anderson and having you guys as brothers.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need ANYTHING.

Spongebob and Flay

Chicago Marathon 2015

Workout Date10/11/15

(updated 2/27/15 with Registration info below)

The Windy City’s fathers have vowed that if Chicago ever thaws out, they’ll put on another marathon this fall. Odds are 2-1 in favor of that happening, so we’re rounding up a little team from down South to go show those Land of Lincoln pax how real running is done.

WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 11, 7:30 a.m. Central until you finish <4 hours later. The next day is Columbus Day, so you either have off work, or wished you worked for a marathon-sponsoring bank that does. So, you can think about getting to Chi-town Friday or Saturday, and returning Monday.

WHERE: Duh. We’ll work on hotels soon, but they won’t be Charlotte prices (#bigcity). If you have a buddy, ex-girlfriend or third cousin to stay with, go for it. Feel free to bring your M and/or sig. other as well, either to give you someone to chase for 26.2 miles (Fishwrap) or cheer you on with a latte (YHC).

HOW: The registration lottery will be open for 6 weeks, from Tues, March 10 through Tues, April 21. You have to sign up in that window, and commit to the $185 fee, and they’ll let you know in late April if you’re in (this isn’t New York – more than 50% of people get in, and potentially more). If you work for Bank of America, you get guaranteed entry (no lottery needed, but must sign up during that timeframe) at 1/2 price. #perks

HOW ELSE: You can get guaranteed entry if you fundraise a required amount for one of the official charities. There are several excellent ones, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association that our man Nash is supporting. If you’d like to jump on MDA Team Momentum and can commit to raising $1,250 or $1,750 (depending on when you HC), contact Nash or MDA directly. Otherwise, start saving now to contribute to his and other worthy efforts (YHC’s post-race beer fund is not “worthy,” but will also accept donations).

TRAINING: YHC will organize Saturday or Sunday morning LSD (long, slow distance) runs about 3-months pre-race, which might align with some BRR training. Beyond that, get yourself focused on the running-heavy workouts during the week and get your mileage up.

AFTER HOURS: And before hours, too…the Cubs will be deep into the playoffs then (yeah…), we’ll coordinate where to get together for Saturday pre-race meal and Sunday post-race imbibing, and all that.

For now, just clear it with the M (or invite her), Comment below with questions or to HC, and get ready to register.

PowderKeg to Kathmandu, Nepal Over 8000 Miles

The PAXQuaker (respect), Keystone, Swift (hate) WB, P-Squared, Brown Shorts, Youkillis, Inspector Gadget (respect), Slug, Tea Bag, Cabin Fever, Seal, and Gluten (respect)
Workout Date02/16/15

Sherpa, your inspiration travels far! Little did you know that “Team Hop” would catch the attention of 12 PAX at an AO with potential, West of the Saluda River called “The Powder Keg”! Perhaps it wasn’t exactly like you and your PAX did it “over yonder”, but we put our hands on the shoulders of our F3 Brother in front and hopped over some concrete blocks while trying to stay connected. After the last man hopped over the last block, we did an about face and went the other way until last in line ran out of blocks to hop over. It went so well, we mounted our blocks for “Team Calf Raises” and “Team Achilles Stretches”, 30 each… connected with hands on the shoulders! We thought about you and the good work you are doing across the pond to push men to become better in their fitness, fellowship and faith!

Here’s how it ALL went down…

Warm-O-ramA 100

SSH, IC x 40; MC, IC X 30; Squats, IC X 20, & finally, the WIND MILL, IC X10. A brisk mosey followed as YHC led the PAX to a road less traveled. Can only imagine the mumble chatter as may have been too winded with the brisk pace to vocalize, but I’m sure the thought crossed their minds, “We’ve not gone this way before!” Off campus, ever so briefly to Roe Road, then right at the Main Entrance to Marathon Church for a recovery halt while the six caught up for the 1st exercise of…


  • Mericans, IC X 10

My, my, my… too early to be seen under the cover of darkness in the PowderKeg Gloom, but this PAX has caught their second wind as they responded to YHC’s cadence. So we don’t wake the neighbor’s, let’s mosey on up to the sign near the hilltop.

Upon arrival at the sign, “On your Six, the next exercise is…”

  • The Flutter, starting position move (6″) IC X15

Now, let’s mosey just over the hill to the block pile. After everyone grabs their block, YHC explains the next exercise(s) will be a variation on Sherpa’s Team Hop that we’ll call the…

  • Team Block Hop… starting position move (with hands on shoulders, follow the leader style) hop is on “3” as 1 & 2 prepare you for the next hop. After the last man clears final block, we about face, rinse and repeat, until last man clears final block.
  • Team Calf Raises, single count, Starting Position Move – standing on your block x 30
  • Team Achilles Stretches, single count, Starting Position Move – standing on your block x 30

Thanks to Sherpa for the inspiration all the way from Kathmandu Valley, Nepal!  Leave your blocks to mosey to the Picnic Shelter. The next exercise is…

  • Elevens, Lunges 10 each leg:1 Squat, 9:2, 8:3, 7:4, 6:5, 5:6, 4:7, 3:8, 2:9, & 1:10.

Nice little leg burn to prepare us for a short mosey down the hill to find us some wall.  The next exercise is…

  • The Peoples Chair, YHC encouraged correct form with thighs parallel to the ground or perpendicular to the wall. Count in your head x 15 with hands straight out, arm circles in, arm circles out, arms overhead arm circles in, arm circles out finishing with a steady countdown from 10 to recover. The next exercise is…
  • ACC (Ascending Curb Crawls) Begin with Derkins X 8 followed by bear crawl to other curb and flip around. YHC, audibled on this – and with good cause – running close on time… instead of 5 circuits IC we cut it to OYO and 4 circuits. Let’s mosey back up hill the next exercise is…
  • clean up blocks neatly back to pile. Obviously, this was regarded by all as OYO, but a chore none the less to pick up that concrete block and return back to it’s home until used again next time…

To the Shovel Flag. We always must have time for the next exercise, which is…


  • Heels to Heaven, IC X 15;
  • LBCs, IC X 15
  • LHCs/RS, IC X15
  • LHCs/LS, IC X15
  • The Erector (Air Humpers), IC X 15

Good work men! It is always a pleasure to lead such diligent workers under conditions that call for a little sacrifice compared to staying in our comfort zone. Of course, this was nothing compared to what Christ did for each of us.  God desires for us so much more. Remember… God is able to do far more than we can ask, think, imagine or dream according to His Power at work in us. (Ephesians 3:20) The question we must all ask is “Are we willing and available?” If we are facing a battle and running short on resources, “This is what the LORD says (II Kings 6:16) Dig a ditch!” Interestingly enough Men of F3, Three (3) Kings (Israel, Judah & Edom) were facing a battle against the mighty Moabites, without water! Be encouraged to check this story out II Kings 6: 4-27.


All veterans for the PAX who came out into the gloom of the PowderKeg! TWELVE of them! Each of you with a story to tell and a life to live of how GOD changed your life. Do NOT discount your story and how GOD will use it in the life of someone who needs and is waiting to hear it! Pray a risky prayer that GOD opens up an opportunity for you to cross paths with someone who needs to hear your story. He will answer and provide you exactly what that person needs to hear from you before, during and after your experience with God’s greatest gift of love, JESUS CHRIST!

Announcements included Q School rescheduled for Tuesday, 2/24/15, Triathlon over in Clemson, upcoming MUDRUN… Seal & Hook&Ladder need a couple more (by March1) to form a team! This is coming up in April (?) Discussed also how recent Drifter 6K event was huge in spreading the word about the F3 Movement in our area. Ideas mentioned included the MIDNIGHT FLIGHT in Anderson, SC held on Friday evening every Labor Day Weekend. Also mentioned was Doodle Trail 5K in June! EXPANSION NOTES: F3 Hartsville coming soon 2/28. Inspector Gadget is pumped about this. Locally, excitement is growing about a Williamston launch (TBD), and other points west and north of PowderKeg including Easley, Pickens, Clemson, Seneca, Walhalla, etc. Even recent discussion has been seen for how we can strengthen The ATL across the border. No reason why this should not be blowing up. Sad Clown Syndrome is everywhere. Men need to get this.

Prayer requests includes IG’s niece; Domer and family with addition of new foster child; Hook & Ladder’s family dealing with flu bug; Golden Sambreo’s parents dealing with cancer; Toolman prospect of new job; P-Squared moving closer to Furman; Balooga & Home Alone praise for God’s call on their life and for Home Alone’s healing after surgery on foot.


YHC closed us out in prayer remembering the requests and challenging us to share our story so that others can experience God’s love giving them their story to begin sharing too!

Another "Flipping" Dora!

Q.I.C.Slug, Cabin Fever
The PAXGluten, Quaker, Brown Shorts, Cabin Fever, Slug
Workout Date2-14-15

Five dedicated men stepped into the gloom for a solid Valentines day workout.  YHC believes the PAX got their moneys worth on this one. Cabin Fever and I decided to Co-Q this one and give the PAX a burn they would not soon forget, at least for the next day or so.  Here is what went down:

Squat-jacks x 20 IC
Butt-kicks x 15 IC (YHC did not think the cadence through on this one, so we continued these until I stoped)
Imperial Walker x 20 IC
Merkin-jacks x 15 IC (legs out on up position, legs together on down position)
Globe jumps 8 rotations(start in squat both hands on ground jump rt to squat hands on gnd, jump back, left and forward. This is one rotation) – This one smoked the legs!
Charlie Chaplin (Calf raises) x 30
Circuit of pain: 5 merkins IC, 5 mountain climbers IC, pop up and jump, rinse and repeat 5 times

Mosey to shelter
5 pull ups
10 dips on bench both feet on ground
5 pull ups
10 dips right leg up
5 pull ups
10 dips left leg up

Mosey to block pile and get coupons
Curls x 5 (start in down position I count slow to 5 for up position then back down to 1 for down position then 5 fast curls.  This makes 1, repeat for 5 total)
Squirrels x 15 IC (squat with simultaneous curl)
Upright rows x 15
Romanian dead lift x 15 IC
Bent over rows x 10 IC
Copperhead squat x 15 IC
Shoulder shrugs x 30

Now that everyone’s muscles were torched, now mosey to gravel parking area  for the dreaded Dora.  This Dora was unlike most Dora’s that YHC has done in the past.  Cabin Fever and I decided to utilize Powder Kegs Tire selection on this one.  Tire was placed at one curb of the parking lot.  The PAX broke up partnered groups.  One member of the team flipped the tire (a very heavy double wide tractor trailer tire – also full of ice) from one curb to the other curb of the parking lot – approximately 65 feet / 10 – 12 flips.  The original plan was to do 50 burpees, 200 merkins and 300 lunges.  Cabin Fever made the call to cut the lunges short at approximately 180 so we could get mary in.

6 MOM (Alternated by Cabin Fever & Slug)

(CF) Big boy sit-ups x 20
(S) Isolated LBC x 15 (each side)- Left leg out at 6-inches in to right elbow for LBC (Easier demonstrated than written)
(CF) Flutters x 20 IC
(S) Reverse lbc x 20 IC
(CF) In and outs x 25


– Gluten recommended a good Bible reading Plan by Craig & Amy Groeschel titled “From This Day Forward – Still Married”  This is a 7 day reading plan you can find on Youversion.  They make the statement “The choices you make today will determine the marriage you will have tomorrow…Get the marriage you always wanted, starting right now – from this day forward.”  Thanks Gluten for the Information.  For us to be leaders in our communities, we must first be leaders in our own homes.  This starts with a solid Godly marriage.

-This coming Tuesday, Feb 17th at 5:30 am Main Thang (Peace Center) is hosting Q School.  Those who Q or who are planning to Q are encouraged to come.

-Brown Shorts mentioned to not let the 1st  F be the only thing you do.  Don’t forget the other two F’s, fellowship and faith.  Good way to meet other people and stay connected.

-Discussed trying to do an event together as a group once a quarter.

-Mud Run (I believe this is the USMC run in Columbia) in April.  Currently Seal and Hook & Ladder plan on doing it.  They will be looking for 2 others to join their team.

Prayer Request:

Gluten had a praise report.  His  aunt is 90 and fell off of her porch and hurt her shoulder and was stranded outside in cold and wind for an hour and a half before anyone found her to get her help.  She is in therapy and is doing well.

Cabin Fever’s parents neighbor died of cancer.  Keep his family in your prayers.

A co-worker of Cabin Fever and Slug is going though a divorce and having a hard time with it.  Pray for him and his kids.

Pray also for those prayers unspoken and for those that were mentioned only for the PAX.

The Drifter 6k 2015

The PAXOne Hump, Nature Boy, Latka, Alfred, Goggles, Dollywood, Baby Seal, Wall-E, Crunchy, iTunes, White Walker, Overdraft, Seal, Blue Hawaii, Malkovich, Disney, Road Kill, Stitch, Caviar, Snowden, Cockroach, Costanza, Zoila, THE Hard Hat, Erector, Golden Sombrero, Squeal, Mab Mab, Slim, Beavis, Mallwalker (WD), OBT, AP, Earthmover, Sundancer, Houdini, LIBOR, Sump, Kim Jung, Pothole, Satisfry, Jefferson, Blue Hen, LinkedIn, Amp, Hootie, Semper, Armanti, TalkBox, Highlights, Mega Mu, Hook and Ladder, Domer Simpson, Oui Oui, Footloose, Brown Shorts, Cocoon, Epee, Ueber, Iceman, Clapper, Floppy, Spongebob
Workout Date02/07/2015

Aye, it’s late getting this posted. #Cobains on that one, but exigencies of the service and whatnot. Fill in your half-baked excuse here, but at least I’m finally getting it done.

Denizens of the Upstate have long lauded the Half Moon Drifter 6k as one of the best trail races in the region, and word is obviously getting out in F3 Nation. Last year, we have 40+ registrants, and that number balloned to over 70 this year. As a semi-reprisal of last year’s proceedings (and, at OBT’s request saying that the #SturdyUndercarriage needed a bit of a warmup), YHC offered up at pre-and-post race beatdown for all the PAX interested, whether they be local or from out of town. At 0815, 45 minutes before race start, conditions were chilly, but sunny and pleasant. Pretty quickly we had a line of shovel flags planted and several race organizers looking askance wondering who all the weirdos circling up were. YHC’s Buffalo Trace hipster shades did little to assuage their fears, much less that of the PAX. Here’s what went down after a quick explanation of the day’s proceedings/schedule, which immediately resulted in YHC being referred to as a cruise director amongst other, more colorful monikers. The #mumblechatter was in high gear from the get-go and wouldn’t slow down.

SSH x 30 IC

IW x 20 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

MC x 20 IC


Mosey down to the bottom of the park, and partner up.

Dora 123

Partner 1 works while Partner 2 runs to the playground and back. Flap jack, all reps cumulative

Werkins x 100

Squats x 200

Flutters x 300 (double count)

About half way through NatureBoy accosts YHC asking if this is an “appropriate warm up for what we’re going to be doing” before disappearing to heed nature’s call for most of the rest of the workout. I guess he answered his own question

Plankorama led by Spongebob while we wait on the six, then circle up.

Burpees x 10 OYO (keeping a Powder Keg tradition as we had a flyby)

Jack Webb Pyramid

1 Merkin/4 airpresses ratio up to 5/20 and back down to 1/4.

Snowden chimes in from the running path with some choice words, but oddly doesn’t join in. #refusenik

Jail break back to the flags


We did some ab stuff. My brain can’t remember what the sequence was.

Almost time for the race, and don’t want guys to be too smoked. Oh wait, KimJung is here. He hates burpees, so:

Spicolis x 10… no 20.

The guys were really thrilled with me at that point. Quick BOM to pray for safety on the trails, and next came the race…

Drifter 6k.. which YHC was staunchly mediocre, but we had some scorching times from locals like Mega Mu (2nd overall) Highlights (5th overall but some how missed out on a age group placing), Houdini, and Hootie. If I remember correclty, Disney won his age group and we had quite a few in the top 30.

For full results, go here.

For race pics from Pace Magazine, go here

The speed demons were shouting encouragement from the top of the final climb as people finished, and the 2nd F was on full display. Once YHC stopped huffing and puffing, we circled back up again for a bunch of Mary while the PAX trickled in.

Flutters x 20 IC

Dead (DYING) Cockroach x 20 IC

Plank/Shoulder Touch x 20 IC

Ice takes the Q

Slow Dollies x 20 IC

Slow Rosalitas x 20 IC

Slow Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

YHC takes the Q back b/c that slow crap sucks

Russian Twist x 20 IC




  • Baby Seal has his Eagle Scout project at the FIKE Center coming up 2/14 from 9am to 2pm and he needs volunteers. Lunch will be provided
  • P200 still needs runners
  • Sign up for the MudRun. Our goal this spring is 72 PAX. Mab Mab/Earthmover have the Q
  • BRR teams are already forming. Footloose is putting together a 12 man recreational team, and talks are for a 9 man team as well as another 12 man full of speed demons to be competitive.


  • Epee’s daughter: ruled out appendicitis
  • Nature Boy made a call to pray for each other’s marriages and make sure you don’t bottle up. Reach out to your brothers. you’re not alone
  • Footloose chimed in as well to get accountable, set goals and work actively to sharpen eachother
  • Prayers for brothers going through illness. One of our guys has a friend who just got diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and has a couple months
  • Prayers for Hootie’s family and his grandmother as they navigate her path

That’s all we have, brothers. In the final COT, I believe the number was 54, and there were a bunch of guys milling around the booths trolling for free stuff.. If I missed you on the roster, my apologies, but we had guys coming in and out and it was hard to keep track. Pretty amazing where this is heading, and you can feel the energy continue to rise in the Upstate. Look for some #BigThings to start coming out of Anderson especially. Methinks those boys are primed to explode this spring and summer. This is a great even for all three F’s, so I hope you enjoyed. More importantly, I hope the men around you inspired you. As we continue to grow, more and more men will need to step up and lead. I’m confident that we are still at the beginning and it’s only gonna get better. Make sure you’re putting your stamp on it  in any way you can, because this group is nothing without the continued energy and passion of the Upstate PAX.

Thanks to all the guys from Metro, Florence, Lake Murray and Columbia who joined in. Even OBT had a semi-ironic SC flag patch on his Tac Hat (something about Greenville and SC being a top ten place to live or something). We really are at our best when we come together, and my hope is that this event will grow within F3 Nation and that we’ll have more chances to host the Nation in the future.

See you in the Gloom.

The Rude Awakening

Q.I.C.Popeye and Pledge
The PAXPopeye, Pledge, Erin Brockovich (FNG-Chris Buechele)
Workout Date2/8/15

A PAX of 3 shook of their modest hangovers #understatement and braved the cold of the Appalachian this morning to see what they could find. What they found were hills, frost, and #merlotsplashing. Here’s what went down.


Warm up

Run 1 mile loop back to the bottom of what can only be described as #MerlotMountain because of what ensued.



Mountain Climbersx30

The Main Event

3 man grinders (shout out to WIB) as follows:

Partner A squats at the bottom, partner B runs to the top, partner C merkins. Repeato x3. Switch to lunges at the bottom and LBCs at the top. Rinse and repeat x3. Last set mountain climbers at the base and carolina dry docks at the top. Rinse and repeat x3.

Head to the top of #MerlotMountain for plank-o-rama.

Run back to the cabin for 6 MoM.

LBCs, Flutters, Good girl/bad girl, Freddie Mercurys, and dying cockroaches all x30.


Pledge and YHC are on vacation up in Asheville this weekend with about 16 friends in a mega cabin, and the gauntlet was thrown down at about midnight last night challenging any and all brave enough to tackle the blue ridge in the gloom with us. Only one accepted. Pledge brought back an infamous Saturday morning stretch that most hate-hates are familiar with: the hands on the knees #merlotsplash, hence the name for our hill #MerlotMountain. T-claps for powering through brotha.

Couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque morning to tackle the gloom. Thanks for taking it on with us, FNG Erin Brockovich. T-claps for renaming the Rosalita good girl/bad girls. Gave us a much needed laugh. Hopefully you can take some time off from court and post in the Holy City after this weekend.

Strong takeout by Pledge, as it set the tone for what’s sure to be a memorable weekend with close friends.




2015 Blue Ridge Relay

The PAXF3 Nation
Workout Date09/11/2015

It’s time to hard commit to the Blue Ridge Relay, September 11-12, 2015 (Friday – Saturday)

This event is capped at 160 teams.  Last year, it was completely sold out by late May, this year, they expect all slots to be filled as early as April.  If you plan on joining one of the best CSAUP events on the calendar, DO NOT DELAY!

We EXPECT to build on F3’s growth and continued interest in this event, which is a near-perfect combination of First F, Second F and CSAUP:  A brief history of F3 at BRR

2011: Two official F3 teams (18 pax)

2012: Five official F3 teams (48 pax)

2013: Fifteen teams including over 170 pax

2014: 31 Teams!

2015  ???

The Basics:

208-mile relay race along the Blue Ridge mountains, beginning in Grayson Highlands State Park in southwestern VA and ending in downtown Asheville, NC.

Race starts on a Friday morning (starting times are staggered and vary from 7am-11am) and ends on Saturday afternoon (our past teams have finished in around 26-30 hours).

Race is split into 36 predetermined legs of varying distances (2 to 10 miles) and difficulty levels (Easy to Mountain Goat Hard).

Teams can be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people (I think most people will tell you that the 9-man team is the way to go).

For a 12-person team, the average total distance is 16.6 miles spread over 3 legs (it’s like running three 10Ks in a day). You can do the math for the average mileage for the other teams sizes. Average is just average though – some legs are longer and some are shorter.

Teams travel along the race course in vans, picking up and dropping off runners at the beginning and end of each leg. You get to know, and smell, your van-mates very well.

Veterans will tell you that the BRR is a great experience. You can expect a reasonable but very manageable physical challenge and fantastic fellowship.

What You Need to Do Right Now

If you are generally interested in the event and want to be paired up with a team with others from your F3 Region, please complete the form below, and we will make introductions to teams looking for pax.

Regional Q’s are listed below – please contact them directly with questions about teams in your region. (q’s-email me with changes and I will update)  These Regional Q’s will assist with team formation, transportation logistics, and other important details.  If you have a team, but need help filling out the roster, contact these fine folks.

Raleigh  Flatline

Columbia             Chaser      (will be changing)

CLT – Metro        Fa So La

CLT – The Fort    DD

CLT – A51            Turkey Leg

CLT – NoCo         Kumquat


Winston               TBD

Charleston          TBD

Nashville ?


New Orleans?

Anyone looking for Free Agents, please look at this form.

If you already have formed a team and want to enter as a team now, please do the following:

Sound off the in comments below with your team name and pax to let the world know you are HC’ed

Team captain email the F3 regional captain above to make sure they have your contact info for future announcements

Each team captain will be responsible for registering their team directly with BRR (rosters don’t have to be finalized when you register the team). You aren’t registered for the race until you register directly with BRR.

Only one person needs to register from each team.  Team captain should register directly with BRR at this link.

There is no special F3 discount and BRR is not holding spots for us.  The race typically fills up by May, though it’s been closing earlier and earlier each year. Don’t wait around on this one.

Team captains will be responsible for collecting money directly from their team members

All team names should be submitted to BRR in the following format “F3 ……………” (i.e. F3 Lean, F3 Paperboy, etc)

You don’t need to submit a roster to BRR today (and I suggest you hold off on doing so in case there are changes) – the final roster does not need to be finalized until the summer.

The form will ask you for an average 10k time. This is what they use to seed the start time waves. The faster the time you submit, the later you start.


Can I do this?

Anyone who posts to regular F3 workouts and can run a 10K can definitely be comfortable on a 12 man team. A 9 man team is a bit more of a challenge, but you can do it. Last year, South Beach did a 4 man team….any challengers for this year.

What’s the optimal team size — 6, 9, or 12?

9-man team the best. 6-man team is a lot (and I mean a lot) of running without a lot of rest. 12-man team has really long breaks in between your runs (~ 8 hours) and you stay in the same van of guys for both days – but it is still a fantastic experience. 9-man team is the best of both worlds – yes the mileage is longer than a 12-man team, but you are running every 6 hours, and you switch vans several times during the race, thereby getting fellowship with multiple F3 pax.


I’m interested, but don’t have a team and want to get placed on one.

Perfect. Just register using the Free Agent Form above, and we’ll find you a team.


Can I invite non-F3 pax to do this race?

Absolutely. Just have them register below.


Will I sleep at all?

You may get an hour or two here or there in the exchange zones, but if you really want to sleep just don’t draw the short straw to be the driver home from Asheville on Saturday afternoon.


How do I train for this?

We’ll worry about that later. But suffice it to say that doing several runs a day (morning, lunch, and/or evening) is good training in the months leading up to the race.


What does it mean when it says some of the legs are rated as “Mountain Goat hard”?

Baaaaaah. You’ll find out when you see it. Think steep, never-ending switchbacks.


How much does it cost?

Race registration $1,200 (team of 7 – 12) and $600 (team of 4-6 runners). In addition, plan on roughly $150 per person to cover costs of van, gas, food, drinks, etc.


But I’m already doing (fill in the blank) marathon/half-marathon this fall, so I don’t think I can do this too…….”

Well, then, you have no excuse, BRR is a perfect training opportunity.


Other questions – email Freeloader / Steve Redmond at

Don’t delay–you will regret not doing this.

Old School MainThang

The PAXHomeboy (Charleston), Training Wheels (Charleston), FNG Weedwacker (Kevin Cook), Winslow, Earthmover, Epee, Posh Spice, Punkin Spice, Handy Manny, Goggles, ScubaSteve, Iceman, Hootie, Johnny5, Houdini
Workout Date2/3/15

16 PAX made a conscious decision to get better this morning in the Sub Freezing temps at one of the BEST AO’s in the #F3Nation. G’ville at its finest.

Warm Up:
First exercise is…….Smurf Jacks x 10
Merkins x 10
IW x 15
Under the Barbwire or “Bob” wire x 5

The MainThang:
Mosey over to Main Street for a double applesauce Indian Run; down main, right at Starbucks (we will be back in 45min, keep the coffee warm) right into the Hampton Inn entrance. Down the OOBE steps.

11’s: 1 exercise at the bottom 10 at the top of the OOBEE steps, 2 x 9, 3 x 8…….
Fairy Jacks at the bottom
Workins at the top
Plank up as the PAX gathers

6MoM (we are already on our 6’s, time management)
Russian Twist x 25
Flutters x 15
In and Outs x 10
Plank exercises

Back on our feet and moseying to the Peace Center steps as we pick up the 0515 MT group DEMO’ing Joe Hendrix up the Peace Center stairs. 0530 group, take note as we will be doing the same on a PainStation rotation!

AMRAP Circuit:Count off into groups of 3 (group 1 begins with 15 dips, group 2 begins with 10 derkins while group wall walks the Peace Center wall)
After completion group 1 moves to derkins, group 2 moves to wall walking and group 3 heads down main street and back up to the Peace Center stairs were JOE was waiting for us…. Oh Yea Joe Hendrix (= Houdini’s Kryptonite ). We would continue with mind numbing loop/beatdown until 0615, as we have already completed 6MoM. AMRAP x 4

Naked Moleskin:

  • It was straight up cold this morning! Great work by the PAX.
  • Great having Homeboy and Training Wheels join us from Charleston. Hope we didn’t disappoint and that you would join us again next time you are in town!
  • Homeboy (Charleston PAX) brought it to YCH’s attention during COT that we were missing our 6. It immediately hit me how broken and selfish I truly am. YHC got caught up in chasing the gazelles and forgot the real reason why we are out here each morning. I want to apologize again for this mistake. It was humbling to be called out like that and I want to Thank Homeboy for doing what was right.
  • It was great to be back Q’ing the MainThang!


  • Drifter this weekend, 70+ men completing. Burn it down boys!!
  • Mud Run signups are open. Contact Earthmover and MabMab for more information.
  • Battle Frog Event 4/25, hit Johnny 5 up for more information
  • Support Epee’s Daughter for St. Baldrick’s: To donate


Prayer Requests and Praises:

  • Praises and Prayer request go out to Johnny 5 and his M as they are expecting their first child, it’s a future F3’er!