Hurricane Hike 10k

The PAXAny F3er that wants to lug a 45lb back around Camden for 6 miles.
Workout Date09/20/2014

Robber here, posting this prebast on FOG’s behalf:

From FOG:

The 2nd annual Hurricane hike is a response to the memory of Hurricane Hugo. During SC’s disaster response, the SCSG was used to provide essential aid to the citizens. The average weight of guard member’s packs was approximately 45 lbs. Hence, the creation of the Hurricane hike. However, you can participate without a ruck and just hike.

For all you guys signed up for Columbia’s GORUCK Challenge in November, this is an excellent idea to put that fancy pack to good use and get some experience under weight.

The Thang:
  September 20th 7am for pack weigh-in,  start 8am
Where: The Armory: 1100 Ehrenclou Dr Camden, SC 29020
Gear:  Must provide own ruck and weight (45lbs) to be weighed-in prior to start (optional)
Price: FREE 4 F3, lunch included
Registration: F3 participants must register by September 8th at:

General Mullikin of the SC State Guard has extended a special invitation F3 (up to 200 pax) to allow us to participate in this year’s Hurricane Hike 10k. F3 will be the only civilian group to receive an invite. We will be among several local and state first responder groups, SC National Guard, Citadel cadets, Ft. Jackson personnel, and several Special Forces members from Ft. Bragg including the General.  Our special invite is a perfect opportunity for cross- pollination of our great organizations.  I hope we can recruit/ expose SCSG to F3’s principals while participating. Furthermore,  General Mullikin asks F3 to think about using our professional talents in the SCSG. As F3 members, we have gotten into the best shape of our lives, become better husbands, fathers, community leaders, and  better in our professional fields. All the while, meeting in the gloom where a flag held by a shovel hits the dirt.  Why not take the next step and use our professional talents to better our state with voluntary service in the SCSG?

F3 Columbia & Lake Murray GORUCK Custom Challenge FAQ

This document will be updated with the newest information about the F3 Columbia GORUCK Custom Challenge – Friday, November 21, 2014.

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What Next

First, if you haven’t already, you probably need to look into what you’ve signed up for. Check out the links at the bottom of this FAQ. Secondly, you’ll probably want to do some extra work to prepare you for the big day (ie. train). More on that below…


$50 due at HC, the balance (about $30 will be due Nov 1st)


We’ll be holding a couple ruckoffs (literally taking your ruck off/hanging out) between now and the event. The week of the Challenge, we’ll hold a ruckoff at a one of our fine Columbia dining establishments for one last good look at each other before we take the plunge.


No, you don’t have to buy a $300 GORUCK pack. For the record, the GR1 will set you back $230 with the discount.

We’ve got guys who have found packs for $50 at army surplus stores, and even cheaper on Craigslist, but don’t be afraid to ask around and borrow one.

If you’re looking for alternatives, here are some of the packs guys are choosing:

Rush 24 Tactical Backpack

CamelBak Packs

Patrol 35L Hydration Cargo Pack


  • U-Haul is talking about the Salomon XA Pro 3D on our forum.

Gear Day

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the type of gear we’ll be using on our Challenge, you may want to take part in our gear session. We’ll have a couple guys that have participated in GORUCK events come down and meet us at a local outfitter and talk to us a little about some things that may come in handy during the event. I’d like to workout a discounted rate for gear.


F3 workouts are great training to get your prepared for the Challenge, but we’ll need to get used to wearing our rucks (with weight). PLEASE DON’T RUN WITH YOUR RUCK! It’s not advised to run with a weighted ruck on your back if you’d like to walk in your 50’s and 60’s.

In September we’ll add rucking after some of our Saturday workouts.

Check out the official GORUCK training program in the links section below.

The Official GORUCK 6-Week Training Program


9.20.2014   SC State Guard Hurricane Hike 10k/Ruck Preblast
9.27.2014   Saturday Rucks Begin
10.21.2014   Balance of Deposit Due
11.19.2014   Ruckoff Dinner
11.21.2014   F3 Columbia GORUCK Custom Challenge

Other Links


GORUCK Summary

All Day Ruckoff

GoRuck Charlotte 6.29.12

Custom Challenge 707 AAR (By OBT)

GORUCK GR1 Packing Loadout AAR

A Pre-GORUCK Mashup (By OBT)

GORUCK Challenge Kit

I Just Signed Up for the GORUCK Challenge … Now What Do I Do? Your GORUCK FAQs Answered

My GORUCK Challenge Gear List

The F3 Blue Ridge Relay (Updated 8/6/14)

Only 70 days and counting until the 2014 Blue Ridge Relay, September 5-6! Here’s an update on a few items…


We’ve got 32 teams hard committed to the 2014 BRR (that’s 20% of the entire field – time for a name change to F3 BRR?)!

List of F3 teams includes:

  • F3 12 Mortified Goats
  • F3 Adult Supervision Required
  • F3 Altered States
  • F3 Brothers From Another Muthaship
  • F3 Columbia Blue
  • F3 Columbia Shield
  • F3 Double Digit Dozen
  • F3 Flatnnin the Hills
  • F3 Fourplay
  • F3 Free Range
  • F3 Goat Rodeo
  • F3 Government Cheese
  • F3 Haul’N Arse
  • F3 Isotope 9
  • F3 Lean
  • F3 Lost Weekend
  • F3 Main Thang
  • F3 Mercury’s Minions
  • F3 Monkeys
  • F3 NoCo 12 Man #2
  • Paperboy
  • F3 Ridge Runners
  • F3 The Fort #9
  • F3 There Will Be Beer
  • F3 True Grit
  • F3 Two Thirds
  • F3 Ultra
  • F3 Up’N Over
  • F3 VI
  • F3 Winston-Salem
  • F3 WTF3

If you are still interested and are not already assigned to a team, send an email to the regional captains below and we will do our best to place you on a team as an alternate. Team captains – use the comments section below to everyone know if you need alternates. While the BRR field has reached its cap, there is a waiting list for new teams.

  • Raleigh – Flatline –
  • Columbia – Chaser –
  • CLT – Metro Fa So La –
  • CLT – A51 – Baracus –
  • CLT – NoCo – Kumquat –
  • The Fort – DD –

Team captains must send their final rosters to BRR by August 5th. Substitutions can be made after that time, but BRR charges $10 per change.


If you haven’t started laying down the miles – better start now! Here’s a link to a sample BRR Training Plan for 9 and 12 man teams – just a sample to give you some guidance about mileage you might want to target to get in each week. There’s no magic formula to this though – I think most experienced runners would say that in preparing for long distance races, it is most important to get in at least one LONG SLOW DISTANCE (LSD) run per week. You also want to get in at least 2 shorter tempo / race pace runs per week. Combine that with a few F3 bootcamp style workouts for cross-training and you will be set.

Aside from getting in the distance each week, the best things you can do to target your training for BRR are:

  1. Run Hills: Find hills anywhere you can and run them (parking decks?). And run them again. And again. The grade and elevation change of many of the BRR routes is deceiving. When you are heading up that first set of switchbacks, you’ll be glad you trained on hills.
  2. Practice running multiple times in a day: The trick with the BRR is that you will go and run your individual segment, and then immediately hop in a smelly van and your legs will get very stiff. Then 4-5 hours later, after you’ve downed some fluids and fuel, it’s time to get out and run again. For those of us with day jobs and families, it’s tough to squeeze multiple workouts in a single day. However, I highly encourage it. Starting in July and running until BRR, we will have double or triple down opportunities for CLT pax on Thursdays – details will follow on the website.
  3. On the course training: Several groups found it helpful to train on the BRR course last year. While summer is a busy time for vacations and travel, a quick Saturday trip to the Asheville area yields runners access to 2 of the hardest legs on the course – legs 31 and 33. Here’s a link to a backblast from 2013 where a small group of pax went to Asheville to train on the BRR course and enjoyed great 2nd F as well. There will not be a sanctioned F3 nation-wide training event this year due to the complexity of logistics for our big group, but teams are encouraged to replicate the trip from last year.


For those who haven’t seen the course before, here’s a link to the 2013 Course Description. There will likely be some modifications for 2014, but the general route will not change. UPDATED: Course did change how legs are structured — see 2014 brr course by leg.

Your team captain will need to allocate legs amongst the team members. Here’s a document for the 2013 BRR Time Estimates and Difficulty Index. (UPDATED: Use this one instead — BRR Time Estimates 2014.) This fantastic spreadsheet (courtesy of The Colonel BHWTU) allows you to see the total mileage and difficulty index of each leg of the race for a 6, 9, and 12 man team. Let the negotiations begin.

As a reminder, once you pick an order of runners for your team, you must stick with it for the entire race.


Get your F3 BRR t-shirts at Order as a team to save on shipping. Order deadline of August 2nd.


In addition to your standard running attire (Will talk more about gear recommendations in future posts, but do I recommend bringing an extra pair of fully broken in running shoes), everyone needs to bring their own reflective vest and headlamp. Here’s the text from the BRR website:

“Reflective Vests and Night Gear: While running during nighttime stages, the following must be worn: reflective vest, one flashing light on front, one flashing light on back, and a lit flashlight/headlamp must be carried/worn.  When out of the support vehicle, all team-members, support crew, and spectators must wear their vests during nighttime stages.  The hours of the nighttime stages are 7:30PM through 7:30AM.  Please note: each team member should have a reflective vest!  In addition, at the discretion of the exchange zone official, reflective vests and other night gear may be required during inclement weather, such as rain and fog.”

So – to be clear – everyone should bring their own vest and headlamp. The flashing lights can either be shared by the team (clip ons) or you can get a reflective vest that has flashing lights in it.
Our friends at the F3 Gear Store are carrying a selection of reflective vests and headlamps. Remember that a portion of proceeds from purchases at the store go to support F3.


Your team captain should have already made van reservations for you. You need to pick up the van on Thursday September 4th and return it Saturday night or Sunday.

BRR has a partnership with Enterprise and a discount available. Call 800-RENT-A-CAR and use the account # 53SA320 to receive the Relay discount. Note that Enterprise does not allow Sunday drop offs, so you are stuck paying for an additional day.

CLT pax should contact Adventure Vans and mention Blue Ridge Relay. Have your insurance information available when you call. They know the BRR drill pretty well.

QUESTIONS? – Please contact The Show at F3BRRINFO@GMAIL.COM

PreBlast – Red, Light, & Blue – War Stories and Free Beer – Kicks Off Friday SPEARHEAD
Workout Date08/08/2014 - 08/09/2014

It’s finally here, Red, Light, & Blue kicks off this Friday (8/8/2014) in Charlotte, benefitting the Charlotte Bridge Home.  War Stories and Free Beer on Friday.  GORUCK Light and after party on Saturday.

If you can’t make it to the GORUCK Light, or if you’re still too sore from NOGOA, please consider attending the War Stories and Free Beer event Friday night.  WSFB has been opened to the public.  The admission is $10 per person, and 100% of the admission fees go to the Charlotte Bridge Home.  There will be four veteran or active duty military presenters who will be bringing their own stories to share with the group.

For more details, schedules, or to purchase tickets to the GORUCK Light or the War Stories and Free Beer, check out the post at the team SPEARHEAD web site.

North Litchfield Fun

The PAXFaulk (CLT Metro), Constanza (Swamp Rabbit) FNG Marshall Williamson Jr (CLT Metro), Earthmover (Swamp Rabbit)
Workout Date08/04/2014

4 pax made it out of the beach house for some #getmovinmonday fun

15 IW IC
Take a lap around Seaview Loop

The Thang

Super burpee descending ladder 10 to 1 per @PunkinSpice specs
10 merkins
10 squat thrust
10 squat jumps

Pain stations down Seaview Loop

Run from tennis court to house 25 merkins
Continue to end of road 25 MCs
Back to house 25 SSH
Continue back to starting point
Rinse and repeat x 4 with Werkins and Derkins #snowden


Tclaps to the teenagers for getting up early
Kotters to my brother Faulk (Marshall Williamson) who first told me about F3 a year and a half ago. I’m sure @f3Metro misses him!

Hopefully the rain will hold off and we can actually go on the beach today !

F3 Columbia GoRuck Custom Challenge (Nov 21) Preblast

The GORUCK Challenge is a team event, never a race. Think of it as a slice of Special Operations training where – from start to finish — a Special Operations Cadre challenges, teaches, and inspires your small team to do more than you ever thought possible. Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded on missions spanning the best of your city. The hardest part? Signing up.

Last summer Mission starting wearing a weight vest to Brickpile workouts. I inquired about his new fashion statement and he told me he was training for a GoRuck Challenge. After learning a bit more about the GoRuck Challenge, I wanted nothing to do with it.

But over the last year, something changed. I’ve now understand that the Challenge is about much more than carrying around a pack full of bricks for 12 hours; It’s about building leadership skills and creating a team.

Once you talk to a guy from The Nation who’s done a GoRuck, you’ll be sold too.


On November 21st, F3 Columbia will host it’s first GoRuck Custom Challenge. The GoRuck challenge is a 10+ hour event led by former special operations vet (the cadre).  Our event will be a custom event in the sense that we’re putting together our team (from F3) and choose the date, and GoRuck tailors the event for our group.

The F3 Nation and GoRuck have a great relationship. They’ve put on over a dozen events with F3 and give us a deep discount on registration because they believe in the mission (the other mission, not Vipperman).


Event registration will be $100 for 35 pax. At 36, we’ll need to add another cadre to the mix and the cost goes up.


A couple months prior to the GRCC, we’ll hold weekly ruck-focused workouts to get us ready. These events also serve as a way for the group to get to know each other prior to the GRCC.


By far the most frequent question I’ve heard is “do I need to buy a $300 backpack”? The short answer is no. A GoRuck back is not required. May guys are already picking up rucks at Army surplus stores, eBay, Craigslist, or on the F3 Nation forum. If you decide you want a GoRuck pack, they will give us a 25% discount on gear once we have made our deposit for our GRCC.

Also, we’ll hold a gear session at a local outfitter prior to the event.

Time To Hard Commit

If you are in, please sound off your hard commit in the comments section below. I’ll put $ on it that Chaser get’s there first…

More Info on the Interwebs

The GoRuck Challenge

I Just Signed Up for the GORUCK Challenge … Now What Do I Do? Your GORUCK FAQs Answered


I’ll be posting updates to the pre bast here:

  1. The event will take place in Columbia. Plan on 7pm Friday night => 7am Saturday morning.
  2. Registration: We’ll need to make a deposit on the event pretty soon. I’ll put the deposit on my credit card this Friday, August 1. I’ll send each of you a PayPal $ request for $52. The other $52 will be due September 15th.
  3. Once we’ve paid our deposit, each of you will get a link to register on, and will receive a 20% off coupon that you can use to buy one of their slick rucks, if you choose to do so. Again, a GoRuck pack is not required to take part in this event. All that is required is that you want to have a good time and be a part of the team. Hell, you can do the Challenge with a Hello Kitty Jansport with the right attitude. The Army/Navy store has a good selection of rucks for around $50 that will do just fine. Better yet, borrow one…



Clash of the Clans at beach in Garden City, SC

The PAXHard Hat, Banjo, ISS, Jail Bait, Gilligan, Johnny Bravo, Growler
Workout Date07/17/14

4 members of the Milligan Clan met 4 members of the Patrick Clan for a Scotch-Irish beatdown on the beach.

The Beach Thang:

Dynamic warmup to parking lot (Frankenstein walk, butt kickers, high knees)

Merkins x 15 (Every 5 min)

Warm-up: SSH x 15 Windmill x 15 IST x 15 Mountain Climbers x 15

Mosey to slippery dock for: Dips x 20; Squats x 20; Step ups x 20; Carolina Dry Dock x 20; REPEATO

Walking Lunges then Indian Run to Beach

Partner Push / Partner Pull; REPEATO


Tunnel of Love


Load the Ark – Bear Crawl – Bunny Hops – Crab Walk

1 min sprints x 4

Mary: LBC; Alphabet spelling; Dying Cockroach; Squirm; Plank Jack F

inished with 15 more Mericans for a total of roughly 165.

The Sandy Moleskin:

  1. T-Claps to @HardHat for publicizing an F3 workout in Garden City. Worked out great since we were staying ¼ mile down the beach. See you next year!
  2. 64 year young @Banjo with a broke toe?!  No stopping this patriarch of the Patrick Clan.  Also good motivation to quit the fartsacking in the @Skipper beach house.
  3. Proud to name my bro @JohnnyBravo (fka Steve Milligan) and nephew @Gilligan (fka Blaine Nye) this week.  Also great to welcome back my bro-in-law @Growler who’s been a Kotter for way too long.
  4. Awesome meeting @ISS and helping name @JailBait. Solid men in the Patrick Clan!



Get in the basket

The PAXErector, Latka, Inspector Gadget, Grilled Cheese On a Donut, Zoila (YHC), Nature Boy, Epee, FNG 85 North (Larry Killian), FNG 85 South (George Wormsby)
Workout Date07/16/14

9 Men decided not to eat a soulless lunch in front of a soulless computer in a soulless cubicle and instead met up downtown to discuss things eternal.

The Thang: James 2:14-26

14 What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good[a] is that? 17 So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

18 But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. 19 You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder! 20 Do you want to be shown, you foolish person, that faith apart from works is useless? 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up his son Isaac on the altar? 22 You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works; 23 and the Scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness”—and he was called a friend of God. 24 You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone. 25 And in the same way was not also Rahab the prostitute justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way? 26 For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.


Larry Killian and George Wormsby both commute to Greenville every day from Atlanta -> 85 North and 85 South


Thrilled and humbled to have been led to such a great group of men, across F3 Nation. #thanksDredd #thanksOBT

-Works are the evidence of genuine faith.

-Works are the result of your heart being changed, but not the cause of your salvation.

-Don’t just go to church, but also pay attention to those in need of food, clothing, HOPE and LOVE.

-Be aware of mentoring programs

-Doing good works is “putting your money where your mouth is” or “getting your hands dirty”.

-Outside of charities, what are good works we can do that round out our faith?  -Resisting the temptation at work to be lazy; putting God in front of our career; putting family in front of career; Stepping up when co-workers aren’t adequately serving clients, cutting corners, or being unethical; avoid a hyper-competitive attitude that brings glory only to yourself as it would be difficult to be cutthroat about business and also be welcoming to church or to follow Christ.

-When God gives us trials and challenges, we are drawn closer to Him.  When we are “on top of the world”, we feel bulletproof as if we don’t need Him.

-The title, “Get in the basket” comes from an illustration YHC heard one time.  A professional tightrope walker/bike-rider was preparing to ride his bike across a tightrope strung over Niagara Falls.  It’s a long way across, a long way down, and almost certain death if he doesn’t make it.  He asked the large crowd gathered, “Raise your hand if you think I can make it across.”  Being a professional who had done it many times before, hands shot up across the crowd.  “So,” he continued, “since you are so confident in me, who will be willing to sit in my basket as I ride this bike across?”  Of course every hand went down.  Following Christ is not just believing in our mind that He is capable, it is believing with our hearts and putting true faith and confidence in His ability to get us across in the basket.  Through Him alone, with none of our own power.

Closing thought: Keep your head on a swivel and be aware of opportunities God is giving you to practice your faith and not just talk about it.  Allow your entire existence to be transformed by your faith in God and do not compartmentalize it or keep it close to the vest.

Sounding off in the comments is welcomed and encouraged.


NOGOA Information Post! – Location UPDATE


We are less than a month away from NOGOA and very excited to have this event. It should be one of the most unique events we have had to date and we look forward to pushing the limits on this one!

Please read everything as its all very pertinent especially the links (they will open in new window)

Packing List

Packing list can be found here. Notice, there are no bricks! We don’t have much outside of the normal items that most of us probably already have. Just take note. You don’t HAVE to bring this entire list however this was put together by our Lead Cadre so I would bring as much as possible.

We will order maps for the event so we can all standardize. If you want a separate map please feel free.


Reboot will be working on training items this month that should help with getting ready for NOGOA. Training is fairly simple though. Ruck, Ruck, Ruck. Get used to rucking on anything but concrete – we wont see much of it out there. I would also recommend squats, lots of them. As you can imagine we will have a great deal of elevation change, your hamstrings/quads/glutes will thank you for the squats at the event.

Gear Night/HDHH

When: Wednesday, July 23rd @ 630pm
Where: Great Outdoor Provisioning, Park Road Shopping Center

GOP will be hosting us to his humble abode, Great Outdoor Provisioning, on July 23rd at 530pm. There will be discounts (20% off single item, recommendations per the packing list, and everything you might need to get ready including some class training on map/navigation training, knot tying, etc.

Start Time/Location

Our start time is still TBD but we are likely looking for 1900 hours launching at Davidson River Campground. We will organize all transportation prior with team house or central location/parking and then go from there.

Pisgah National Forest – Davidson River Campground
Start: Thursday, July 31st at 7PM
End: Friday, August 1st at 7PM

Team House

We are looking into a team house for any that are interested. It might or might not be launch/endex. If you know of any rentals within a few miles of launch, please contact us to see if we can utilize as a team house.

What is this?

If you haven’t signed up yet, or wondering what the heck this is, please reference the link here. This is going to be an awesome event and we are only a few short of 40 signups where we will cap attendance. If we hit 50 total (10 on waiting list) we can open back up to 60 PAX. You wont regret this event and the current sign up list is a bunch of studs. #comeonecomeall

Registration Process & Important Links

  1. PLEASE PAY HERE prior to registering if you haven’t already done so.
  2. NOGOA REGISTRATION PAGE! – This is the official sign up for those who have paid. You do not need to pay again, but you DO need to sign up and accept the waiver. Pretty easy, and it will also allow for a discount code to purchase some GORUCK schwag.
  3. Facebook Page – for communication, discussion, etc.

Please post any questions below or the FB page, or refer to bunny and he will gladly fill you in.

BattleFrog CSAUP – Game of Inches

A band of 20 or so brothers heard the call on a steamy Saturday morning and jumped in the belly of the BattleFrog. It did not disappoint.


All of a 15K and 25 Obstacle course winding through Carolina Adventure World.



#Tough – It’s hard to gauge one from the other these days. Muthaship Monday takes everything out of perspective, but YHC and most others looked like zombies crossing the finish line.  The combination of hills, tough obstacles, and muddy trails gave us our money’s worth.

#WhereIsYourInsuranceCard – Our resident Yogi Monkey Feet beasted the first 8 miles of the course, since his muscle to height ratio exceeds most others on the planet, he #LeBronned. We got the call to go to the medic tent to watch him get shot up. But wait, where is your insurance card bro? Needless to say that didn’t get over well with the PAX at all. He got the IV soon after that ill-timed comment, Spoons jumped in the ambulance headed to the middle of nowhere with no hesitation and a wife on the course. All made for a good story. How can a country that does so many things right, have a healthcare system this jacked up?! Tclaps to Bunny for giving his medal to MF for a picture as we’re leaving the hospital. It’s not a race unless there is a trip to the ER. #Fact














#mile3? WTF! – The first mile marker was at mile 3, before I saw that YHC has been calculating we were on about mile 7.  That was about the time I realized mommy wasn’t gonna come save me and I was in for one long @ss morning. #DFQ

#Respect – Checkpoint and LBJ having the 2.0’s side by side for this is a great sight to see, I’d imagine the young bucks will remember that experience for a lifetime. Also, I always give respect to Dredd, Nancy Drew, and the other beasts in F3 who always lay it down like they have something to prove. We do have something to prove every day no matter where we are in life. A CSAUP challenge will wake your ass up and remind of you of that fact. #GameOfInches

#Grinders – Haggis is a sleeper despite the skunked hair, not many from Metro and the rest of the world can hang with him on gameday, FSL just about did though, with a hangover and rainbow bright shoes, AND so did @Spotter, brother fresh from the marines, started in the back and cordially passed each one of us on the course. Stopping to chit chat along the way, strong brother.

#Champ – Bunny brought a picnic basket full of food for the morning with enough bird food to feed all four of Spoons passengers. Then proceeded to take a modified 2nd place on the course and another publishing clearinghouse check. It’s a matter of time. #D2X

#Jockey – @HobieCall all 5’3″ and 135 lb’s of him steps out and marches in front of the Elite heat trying to drum up a Tiger Woods pre-scandal intimidation factor. Ok, the guy is a sick athlete and the spartan cover boy, but he also has the Tom Cruise/Sylvester Stallone thing going. He just doesn’t add up in person. Camera gives him about 2 feet.











#BallofHumanity – The pre-race ball of humanity included a crew of ladies, totally threw Dredd off his game.

That’s all I got, this was a true CSAUP event. Pushed us all to the level we were looking for and it made for an awesome morning.  It felt like they picked the hardest 9 miles of trails out there. Seemed like we were constantly going up and down hills particularly the back half of the race, and we were consistently muddy the whole time. Temps did not help either.

The obstacles at the end are not gimmicks at all. Two rope climbs with slides down the other end, not easy. Mile 8 – 9 calf cramps were coming on and hard to avoid especially jumping over this incline wall that is in the water.  Mutiny was a little ahead of me throughout and I’m pissed I didn’t show the guts to overtake him even though he was in striking distance at the end. See you next time.

There was a lot of waist level mud pits to get through, which can wear on you and carve up your shins #IR. Cargo Nets, Rope Climbs, Rope Traverse, 8 Foot walls, Log carries up/downhill, dual water jug carries, etc. I thought the obstacles were good and very functional, but not overly impressive, nothing ground breaking. Paintball target shooting is way better then spear-throw!

With that said, it feels like there is ample financial backing to battlefrog. They don’t seem desperate for signups and are not over promoting it as a biggest loser competition where everyone gets a trophy, a few events at a time, that means the quality of the product stands for itself. Beautiful morning of F3 CSAUP. Aye.

10506983_809214912430006_2803600579762384697_o image

2014-06-21 08.00.34 2014-06-21 08.05.48 2014-06-21 11.28.07 2014-06-21 11.44.53