Let's play cards F3 style

Q.I.C.Hook & Ladder
The PAXGluten (RESPECT), Brown Shorts, Crunchie, Boomhower, P square, Poodle, Steamer, Ukelis, Roid, Quaker RESPECT), Seal
Workout Date

12 brothers of the gloom left the warmth of the fartsack to begin their week out right at the #Powderkeg. The PAX rounded the corner to see some of the carnival rides were left from the fall festival the day before. Easy guys no ferris wheel rides today but we will play a game of cards.


Walk, Mosey, Skip or Shuffle to the block pile to retrieve your workout partner.

The Thang:

YHC brought out a small table and a deck of cards and the #mumblechatter began. On the table was a list of workouts that had a corresponding suit. The PAX took turns turning a card over from the top to find out which workout would be done, reps were determined from the # on the card.

The List

Hearts – Merkins
Spades – Good Morning Abby (description below)
Diamonds – Squat to Press w/ coupon
Clubs – Curls to Tricep Extensions w/ coupon
Jacks – SSH X 10 double count
Queen – Flutter X 10 double count
King – Sidelunge w/ coupon X 10 each side
Ace – Carolina Dry Docks X 10
Jokers – Burpees X 10

This workout really brought out the #mumblechatter. YHC tried to keep this a 0.0 but the PAX started asking “when do we run?” Alright guys speed up the reps so we can grant your wish. Less than 15 minutes left but plenty of time for Indian Run around the church and down the hill. That was fun let’s keep it going back up the hill and down again to the bottom. “QIC dropped their light halfway up the hill I don’t think I want to know why” mumble mumble. Jailbreak up the hill to the light. Workout COMPLETE!!

Good Morning Abby went as follows
From a laying position, sit up and bring knees to chest, plant feet (crossed or side by side), stand straight up resist using hands for assistance (better with coupon)
Confused? Here is a video http://youtu.be/I-9ae-vYRW8

Tale of the Tape
55 Merkins
55 Good Morning Abbys
55 Squat Press
55 Curls
55 Tricep Extensions
80 SSH
80 Flutters
80 Sidelunges
50 Carolina Dry Docks (first set was double count)
20 Burpees

YHC tries to keep the workouts fresh and hopefully this one was enjoyed by all if not jump right in on the Q calendar and show us how it’s done, November is WIDE OPEN.


Roid’s father-in-law (health and soften his heart for the Lord)
Toolman health issues

YHC appreciates the recent prayers and accountability

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men
Colossians 3:23

Round 2 Thursday 0530 SHARP!!

Electric City Expansion

Q.I.C.Brown Shorts
The PAXInspector Gadget, Overdraft, FNG Rocky Stop, Ice Man, Serena, Mega Mu, FNG Red Rider, Rosco P. Coltrane, FNG Reese's Pieces, Crunchy, Slim, FNG Amp, Longbottom, Brown Shorts
Workout Date10/25/14

Six Swamp Rabbits made the short trip for the second week to help the Electric City of Anderson rid itself of Sad Clowns. Four men would return from the previous week along with 4 FNGs. The Civic Center is an enormous AO with tons of potential. We need to EH hard in this area. This is how it went down this morning.

Warm Up

  • SSH X 25 IC  side straddle hop
  • IW X 25 IC  Imperial walker
  • LBC X 25 IC  little baby crunches
  • 10 Merkins OYO

Mosey over to the lit parking area for The Beast

Six pain stations with a run in between around the parking lot. 4 circuits.

  • Merkins X 10(SC) X 6 stations = 60
  • Mountain Climber X 10(DC) X 6 = 60
  • Flutter X 10(DC) X 6 =60
  • LBC(little baby crunches) X 20(SC) X 6 = 120

Circle of Pain

  • Dollies X 15 IC
  • Rosalita X 15 IC
  • Box Cutter X 15 IC
  • There may have been more but I can’t remember. Making it up as we go!

Spider Man crawl 30 yards. Lunge walk back.

Jack Webb up to 7

  • 1 Merkin: 4 arm raises
  • 2 Merkins: 8 arm raises
  • continue to 7:28

Mosey over to the lake for a slow run around the loop. Oh look, benches!

  • 20 dips OYO
  • 10 Derkins OYO

Continue around the lake. Let’s use the wooden fence posts for Peoples Chair. 1 minute with some arm circles and arm raises. The mumble chatter exploded when YHC said “Do it again“. Rinse and repeat for another minute.

Mosey back to shovel flags for Mary

  • Reverse crunches (knees to the chest) X 15 IC
  • 6 inches with some double leg raises and 45 degrees
  • Heals to Heaven X 10 IC
  • Back scratcher X 15 IC
  • Plank shoulder touches X 20 OYO
  • LHC right X 15 IC  love handle crunch for the obliques
  • LHC left X 15 IC
  • 5 Burpees OYO

Great work by all the PAX. Coffeeteria at Mama Penn’s.

Prayers and Announcements

5K at Conestee Park coming up. Wear your F3 gear! Slim is working on a workout for the homeless in the Greenville area. Pay it forward!

Overdraft has a friend struggling with addiction. Always pray for our families and for us all to be vigilante in our marriages through all the hardships. Check your pride at the door. Pray for all of our other F3 brothers and their families.



F3 Challenge – Run for Thought Pre-Blast – Who can beat Sushi?

The PAXAnyone that wants to trail run for a good cause and take Sushi's challenge.
Workout Date11/08/14

trail-runI am throwing out a challenge to all Swamp Rabbit Pax.  The Run for Thought is November 8th at Conestee  Park at 9:00 am.  YHC will make a donation to the Brain Injury Association of SC for every PAX that runs the race with an F3 Logo visible…shirt, hat, body paint (That is for you Electric City).  YHC will double the donation for every PAX that finishes ahead of him on the short 5k course.  I heard that Ring of Fire and Beastside have some fast runners…Should not be a problem to finish ahead of an old 48 year old guy from Golden Strip!  The link is below for more details.


Help support a local cause and make F3 more visible in our community.  We could meet a little early for some quick warm-ups as a group.

Make Sushi PAY$$$

Every day is game day

Q.I.C.Sled, Roscoe, Logo, Chaser, Hee Haw, Heartbreaker
The PAXBeamer, halftime, Sisterwife, nails, sea bass, lavar, side saddle, boss Hogg, Snow White, stripe, 2 gloves, Fannie, twisted sister(FNG Dustin Chappell), wing back, chatty Kathy, backhoe, improv, paper cut, love seat, sway, robber, wax off (FNG gene robinson), little willie (FNG Giovanni) heist, chaser, senator, splinter, spool, turnpike, fowler, oc, cesspool, hatter, Adrian, McLovin, checker, prenup, trio, package, insanity, fatback, ripple, Hee haw, mission, grillz, crawl space, sled, stent, big time, señor chips, fife, strudel, love bug, zipple, double rub, promo, crack, Roscoe, subprime, happy trees, snot rocket, chop shop, Michelle, silver bullet, paper boy, full metal jacket, honey Doo, tackle berry, pele, minion, Cousteau, rest stop, Costanza , traitor, windmill, hustler, fray (swamp rabbit pax), kj, Boris, logo, fountainhead, jingles, staccato, jordache, woody, pondo
Workout Date10/18/14

The 2 year convergence of the Columbia launch did not disappoint. With 100 or so pax in attendance, Sway kicked off the day with a brief recap of how far we’ve come in a short time. In summary, now 20+ weekly outings that include over 500 men on a weekly basis…oh yea, that # doesn’t include the Lake Murray contingent that probably doubles the #…the theme of the morning was Servant Leadership. No one is compensated, no one is nominated, no one is “voted on” – it’s all about old school raising a hand and stating “I got it” or “I’ll cover it”.  Every day is game day in f3 nation. Bring it, deliver it, support it and come back with your lunch pail ready to work. Punch the clock.


Conditions: 70 degrees and blue sky – perfect

The Thang

5 groups – Score led by Sled and sub groups led by Chaser, Hee Haw, Logo and Roscoe took a tour of the Brickpile neighborhood. Burpees, Jacobs Ladder, merkins, flutters, lbc’s, iron cross, plank, lunge walk and multiples of these were part of the workout. The pax were rewarded with a solid workout. After the workout, we enjoyed coffeeteria on site courtesy of the thicket (note this is 10 gallons of COFFEE).

BOM led by Logo – job well done

COT – upcoming GoRuck training; Palmetto Place efforts are well under way – contact KJ, Termite, or McLovin.


Light it up (F3 Anderson Launch)

Q.I.C.Spongebob, EC, Slim
The PAXMega Mu, sushi, Samsonite, FNG - Overdraft, Focker, Malpractice, FNG - One Bullet, Zima, FNG - Serena, FNG - Crunchy, FNG - Jack knife, Zorro, Brown Shorts, Tricycle, FNG - NWA, Earthmover, Inspector Gadget, FNG - Roscoe P Coltrane, Golden Sombrero, Sandiago, Phil Dunphy, Zoila, Holla, Freezedry, Soup, Electric City, Gluten, Spongebob, Slim, and a flyby from Poodle
Workout Date10/18/2014

There comes a time when you’ve been a part of a good GREAT thing and you realize it needs to be shared.  On Saturday 10/18, Anderson got a taste of what has been waking all of us up in the early morning and has no doubt, in some way, made you better physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.
For the FNGs, you got a taste, but keep coming.  It only gets sweeter in taste.

29 Gentlemen showed up (7 FNGs) to get a taste and left with a sense of accomplishment.

By “I”, I mean, Spongebob, posting for EC, Slim, and “I”.

Conditions:  No long sleeves, no pants needed (check out by backblast from thursday if you’re scratching your head)

WARM UP (Done by Spongebob)
SSH (Side straddle Hop) X 20
IW (Imperial Walkers) X 15
Merkins (Traditional American Pushup; non of that Commie stuff) X 10

The Thang (Hand off to EC)
Count off into 2’s
Indian Run in 2 lines around the large parking lot

Partner up  (FNGs should not be together…let’s make friends)
Partner 1 runs to the end of the parking lot
Partner 2 does AMRAP (as many repititions as possible) until 1 is back

We did:
2 laps for each partner with LBCs (EC demonstrated sit-ups because crunches are too easy for him)
2 laps for each partner with Perfect Squats
2 laps for each partner with Mountain Climbers

Plank-o-rama while everyone finishes

*We are all warm’d up now!

Mosey to the soccer fields where there is a friendly hill

Line up across the hill
Run down the hill
Bear Crawl up the hill
5 X through
Plank when done

Run down the hill
Backwards Run up the hill
5 X through
Russian Twists when done

Run down the hill
Run up the hill
5 Burpees at the top of the hill
4 X through
Plank when done

Mosey back to the parking lot

YHC does not remember reps but we did
X’s and O’s (crowd pleaser)

Naked Moleskin
– Great AO and great turnout.  Thanks to everyone for showing up (even from faraway lands…Soup).  Let’s continue to support for the next weeks so that Anderson can grow and help to get everyone stronger.
– Congrats to the FNGs this AM.  You guys Own this place now and are #Redwood originals.  Be proud of coming out…but more importantly…get your friends and family out to continue the growth
– Prayers for our brothers and everything they hold dear to their heart
– Prayers for continued success of growth
– Coffeeteria:  In an effort to support a local business, Coffeeteria was moved to Mama Penn’s off of Clemson Blvd.  Service was fantastic and food was amazing too.

Howard(Chad and Cindy Neal)- Please Read and Act!!!

Many of you have heard me speak about Howard at various workouts when asking for prayers for Chad(Howard) and Cindy’s up and coming Mission Trip to Kenya.  Well here goes again…  YHC has been privileged to spend the better part of the last 10 month’s early mornings with Howard.  When YHC first met Howard he thought how/why is this old guy out here every day rain, cold, fog, sleet, ect, busting his tail?  The answer is Faith.  Howard is the Paragon of Faith.  His mentality is if I’m there someone else will be there and so he goes off in the Muck giving 120% all the time.  YHC was a Sad Fat Clown in December when I started and the #1 reason F3 connected for me was Howard.  I  couldn’t lay there Fart Sacking knowing that Howard might be there on the Tennis Courts in Fuquay by himself.   So off I went to join him.  Many days just him beating the crap out of me.  His persistence has enabled growth in every area he’s touched.  At FV we now average 10+ at nearly every work out.

I’m sure many of you have a similar story with Howard being the real reason F3 is in the greater Raleigh Area today.  Howard quietly leads by example, but when he gets a chance to share God’s word he delivers it with Passion, Love, and Conviction.  It all comes back to Faith with Howard.  YHC could write a book on this guy and we rarely have any time to have a conversation of any length.  Yet still I feel like I’ve known him for 20 years.

If you missed the 3rd F Event last month in Raleigh you really missed out.  YHC can’t begin to do Howard justice here…  Howard gave his testimonial as to why he’s taken on his newest challenge in Missions.  Howard a Pastor of 20+ years has given his life to preaching the Word of God.  His wife Cindy has also spent much of her time preaching.  In the Fall Howard felt God calling him to try something new.  After much thought,  Prayer and trials Chad and Cindy heard the call to join a Missions Organization “Global Training Network” that trains Pastors around the world.  In 3rd World Countries the Minister for a Church is often the person who owns a Bible and can read.  It’s rare they have any formal training at all.  Next week Chad and Cindy will depart for Kenya on the first leg of their mission, to train Ministers.  First I ask for the obvious, Pray for Chad and Cindy, ask your Sunday Schools to Pray for them, they will need prayer!!  This morning Howard told me there’s a deadly virus(not Ebola) that’s been spreading in Uganda which boarders Kenya close to where Howard will be.  It’s imperative that we Pray for Chad and Cindy!!!

Lastly, I ask you to consider donating.  The cost for these missions is significant.  If you think about the time Howard has invested into F3 and helping it to be what it is, we owe it to this man to enable this journey.  If you haven’t been personally touched by Howard please know that so many have and believe me he’s had an impact on your life without you even knowing it.  Howard is what F3 is all about Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  There’s no better example of all of these qualities in any of the PAX that show up and train every morning.  Please contribute to this amazing cause and this amazing person!!


See You in the Gloom!!


2015 Joe Davis Memorial Run- Preblast & Registration

Q.I.C.Rock Thrill
Workout Date01/10/15

NOTE: The home page usually doesn’t see 5Ks, but there was overwhelming requests from multiple regions to get this up here. I now see why. All of us know someone affected by tragedy… what you do with that helps define you. So check it out, see if it fits your schedule! -AP

THE WHAT: 3rd Annual Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run (see below for race details and cause)

Multiple run options for pax and family

Introducing the inaugural F3 competition (see details below)

THE WHEN: Saturday, January 10th 2015, 0800

THE WHERE: Fort Mill, SC (Baxter Village YMCA)


Greetings, Brothers,

With the majority of F3 Nation events in the rearview mirror for 2014, I would like to invite each of you, as well as your Ms and 2.0s to join me (Rock Thrill) and my family on January 10, 2015, for a fantastic opportunity to start the New Year off right by giving back to the community at the 3rd Annual Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run as we lock shields once again to break the stigma associated with addiction.

For those of you who are not aware, my younger brother Joe, lost his life at 28 years old to an accidental drug overdose at a Charlotte concert on October 4, 2009, following 18 months of sobriety.

Obviously, this is something that has had a significant impact on myself, my mother and my sister’s lives. We believe firmly in Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose”

Often, we asked ourselves when we would see the “good.”

So, rather than be angry over the loss of Joe’s life, our family made a decision to try to give back to our community by creating awareness about help that is available for those who struggle with addiction. For the unfortunate reality is that many of us will either experience addiction or know that family member or friend who will. One of Joe’s favorite sayings was “hope…never lose this.”

Hope is never lost, but sometimes it is hard to find. We want to help those who struggle find it!

The race benefits Keystone, York County’s local authority on substance abuse and addiction.

Read more about Keystone here- http://www.keystoneyork.org

THE IMPACT: Last year close to 100 men from F3 stood with me in this battle on race day and we raised over $22,500 to fight his awful disease. It was amazing and the impact was evidenced in all of those who thanked us for holding the race and the stories of others friends and loved ones who have struggled or are struggling that now know where health, hope and healing can be found.

See last year’s post race thank you here

Can we make an even larger impact this year? THE GOAL IS 200 PAX THIS YEAR!

THE DETAILS: There are options for everyone to run or walk and the event is family friendly and a great way to start your New Year on a high note! Plus an F3 spin added this year introducing a F3 regional competition (continue reading for details).

Options include:

  • 1 mile Fun Run
  • 5k Run/Walk
  • 10k Run/Walk
  • 5k AND 10k Run/Walk (CSAUP option!)

This year we will not have a workout beforehand, but we will have an opportunity to gather, enjoy a coffeteeria and then warm up together for the race before showing York County what F3 Nation is all about!

We have a new race venue, Baxter Village YMCA, and a new race distance of 10k to offer. We are very excited about this.

So come out in force! New race awards this year include Fastest Team and Largest Team to participate (continue reading for F3 competition).


And, of course, in true F3 fashion, we will adding a twist to this year’s event, a Cross Country style competition amongst F3 regions! Not sure how a cross country style completion works (don’t worry, either did we), but it’s simple. Each F3 region will register as a team through the RACE WEBSITE, there is no limit to the number of pax on a team and each region should have just one team. Teams earn points for the top five finishers on their team based on where they finished in the race, combine the score for the top 5 finishers, and that’s your team’s score. The team with the LOWEST score wins. Each team will use the top five finishers in both the 5k and 10k races. Here’s an example:

Team F3 Area 51

  • Top five 5k racers finish; 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th and 15th (you get 1 point per finishing order), so the team’s 5k score is 37 (1+3+8+10+15).
  • Top five 10k racers finish; 2nd, 5th, 10th, 16th and 22nd (you get 1 point per finishing order), so the team’s 10k score is  56 (2+5+10+16+22).
  • Team’s final score is 96 (37+56)

The team with the lowest final score WINS! 

BONUS OPPORTUNITY- the regional team that brings the most FNGs out on race day, will receive a 3 point advantage to their team’s score! A big advantage in this scoring format! FNG counts will be validated with regional event Qs.

It is important that you register under your region’s team, otherwise we can’t track each team’s top finishers.

So where to register? Register on the RACE WEBSITE, find your regional team and join. Don’t see your regional team, create one and recruit! We also encourage you family and friends you recruit to join your F3 regional team (for tracking purposes).

If you are thinking, “I am not a runner,” there are ample opportunities to change that!

See the workout schedules for local running based workouts and if you are just starting, consider a Couch to 5k or Couch to 10k program app for your phone to mesh with your normal F3 routine. Who knows, it just might kickstart you in a path to the BRR or marathon next Fall!

Thank you for your consideration in advance and remember to get your family involved, too.



Rock Thrill

This Was No False Start!

The PAXDoughnut, Tricycle, Tannyhill, Tarpaper, Ester, Tickler, Sadiq, Tesh, 1D, WiFi, Butterbean, Sushi
Workout Date10/14/14
Runners to your mark!
Runners to your mark!

12 PAX got off to a great start at Golden Strip this morning just for kicks, and some kicks, and oh yeah…more kicks!


  • Climb the wall X 21
  • Take a lap
  • Chorus Line X 20 Right leg, X 20 Left Leg
  • Take a lap
  • Horse Riding Stance Punches X 21
  • Take a lap
  • Front Snap Kicks X 10 Right Leg, X 10 Left Leg
  • Take a lap
  • Closing Kicks (outside in) X 10 Right Leg, X 10 Left Leg
  • Take a lap
  • Closing Kicks (inside, out) X 10 Right Leg, X 10 Left leg


  • Mosey to the lower field to the orange cones…Runners to you Mark!
  • 10X2 False Starts (left leg forward), then 30 yard Dash, followed by 40 yard run, Back to starting line
  • 10X2 False Starts (right leg forward), then 30 yard dash, followed by 40 yard run, Back t starting line
  • Right leg hops the length of the field (70 yards), Bounders back to the starting line, Broad Jumps while waiting
  • Left Leg hops the length of the field (70 yards), Bounders back to the starting line, Broad Jumps while waiting
  • Lap around the track
  • Piggy Back the length of the field up and back, switch at the cones
  • 20 Toe Touch Merkins
  • 10 Traveling Merkins to the right
  • 10 Traveling Merkins to the left
  • Back up the hill for some Mary
  • 20 Oblique V-Ups Right side
  • 20 Oblique V-Ups Left side
  • 42 LBCs
  • 15 Diesel Pistons
  • 21 Plankjacks
  • 21 Flutters
  • Chubby Checker (Russian Twists) as long as you can.  Tesh took it all the way to 6:15 (3 min)


A different kind of leg workout today…hopefully the PAX enjoyed the introduction of some new exercises.

No FNGs today…I am sure there are plenty of men that want to come to Golden Strip, but just don’t know it yet.  Headlock someone!

Prayers for Murdoch injuries to heal, Doughnuts friend’s oil burns and marriage, Tricycle’s wife, Macho’s Dad


Dine Out for Mom Next Thursday the 23rd.  70 Restaurants in the Greenville area will donate 20% of all purchases to Let There Be Mom

Sushi F3 Challenge – Run for Thought – Trail Run at Conestee Park November 8th to benefit the Brain Injury Association of SC.  Sushi will donate for every PAX that Runs with an F3 shirt and increase the donation for everyone that beats him in the race.

Tickler took us out in prayer.



Columbia Convergence – 2 Years and Counting…

Q.I.C.Roscoe, Logo, Sled, Heartbreaker
The PAXAll pax from Columbia region and other AOs
Workout Date10/18/14

bricks1On 10/20/12, “the thang” kicked off in the capitol city – see original backblast for the progress in fitness over the last 2 years… http://f3nation.com/2012/10/22/f3capitol-city-10202012-the-first-day-of-the-rest-of-your-life/ .  But even more, f3nation in the Columbia area has touched close to 1,000 men (if not more) from the 13 original FNGs #starfish.  T-claps to the leadership pax in CLT for providing the foundation, leadership and advice.  So we will gather at the Columbia Mothership – Brickpile aka Dreher HS – for a Convergence bootcamp.  Park in the main lot (accessed on Millwood) with arrival by 0645 for an f3 update from CR followed by the thang at 0700.  We will have plenty of Qs that know the area and a few leading SCORE workouts for those looking for less running.  On-site coffeteria and the Thicket to follow.

Superbowl of F3: Fall 2014 Mud Run UPDATED!

The PAXF3Nation
Workout Date10/4/2014

As the gloom lifted on Saturday, October 4th, 2014, over 600 pax from around the country descended upon the Leatherneck. While we may have come from different cities, states, and backgrounds, we had one thing in common: a bond, represented by a single letter and a single number, enclosed within a circle. (For those of you that aren’t quick on the uptake, YHC is talking about the F3 logo).


6.4 miles, 36 obstacles, MUD.

Once again, F3 DEMOLISHED the competition. Out of the top 20 teams overall, F3 holds 16 of those spots. That’s right, 80% of the top finishers were F3 teams. Team South Beach CRUSHED it, shaving slightly over 6 MINUTES off their Spring time. In fact, all 3 of the Top Teams (South Beach, Bigfoot, and Tempo) shaved considerable time off their spring performance, putting in SUB-50 times!

Race results are here: http://georesults.racemine.com/Go-greenevents/Events/2014/Fall-Ultimate-Challenge-Mud-Run/results

F3 Specific Race Results and Spring Top Seeds HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZImTAOLu_8DxwuTHau8eC0l6KTSM6nqIst1Af2tiWaw/edit?usp=sharing

Our bodies were muddy and our beer boat was full, as was our hearts after a moving Operation Enduring Warrior presentation, where Dredd presented them with a check for $8000 and their very own shovelflag. One amazing thing to note is that we raised almost $4000 right there, at the Mud Run, within the timespan of about 30 minutes. WOW. YHC is blown away by the generosity and outpouring of donations at the 11th hour. I spoke with OEW later in the day. Not only were they speechless at the generosity of our donation, but the REALLY, REALLY dug the ShovelFlag (Thanks Raider!!!)


As you may know, a Mud Run doesn’t get organized by itself. Nor does one man do it. It takes a team. This year, we had a FANTASTIC team that helped to make this one of the best Mud Run’s yet. Here are the pax members that made this wonderful event possible and deserve your T-Claps!

  • Region Q’s: These guys were the ultimate cat herders. They answered many of your questions, helped organize your teams, found free agents for you, coordinated logistics for getting to the Mud Run, and were great stewards of the Mud Run by motivating you to sign up and get on board:
    Charlotte Metro – TML
    Charlotte North – Jolly Roger & 66
    Charlotte South – Gummy
    MECA – Chowder
    Columbia – HeeHaw
    Lake Murray – Smokey
    Greenville – Flay & Lt. Dan
    Raleigh/Durham – GnardDogg
    Fort Mill – Tatanka
    Winston-Salem – Lumbergh
    Charleston – FEMA
    Florence – Foxy
    Hickory – Taz
    Tallahassee – Waco Kid
  • Refreshment Q’s: These guys DEFINITELY need T-Claps from you. They ensured the Beer Boat was stocked, iced, and ready for you all to dive into after hitting the Leatherneck. They worked with F3Columbia and F3LakeMurray to get beer, water, and Gatorade donations, so that F3Nation would have ample liquid libations after their muddy trek.
    Neck Brace
    Low Dot (Providing the actual “boat” for the BeerBoat!)
    Malko & Team MudGear for sending down all those sweet F3 Koozies to keep the beers cold
  • Photography Q’s: These folks gave their time to spread out around the course and snapped shot after shot to get your ugly mugs saved for posterity.
    Say What’s M (Jennifer Gibbons)
  • Volunteer Q’s: These folks weren’t running, but wanted to help. And help they did! Assisting with setup, collecting donations, handing out shirts, helping to take care of anything else anyone needed to make sure the day went smoothly.
    Cherry Bomb (Napalm’s 2.0)
    Elizabeth (Sway’s 2.0)
    Alter Boy
    Blue Crab
    Slim Jim
    Tuff Guy
    Fountainhead (that giant check for OEW didn’t come out of thin air)

If I missed anyone, please let me know!

F3Columbia’s Robber set HUGE expectations with the success of the Spring 2014 Mud Run. He also set an AWESOME template for future Mud Run Q’s to use.

What we have, what we do, and what we are is, to use a word that doesn’t fully capture it, amazing. NONE of it would be possible without you, the pax of F3Nation. Your spirit, dedication and generosity is what continues to make this thing we have grow, get better, and do better.

UPDATE: Pic links are IN! See below and find your ugly mug!

F3 October 2014 Mudrun OEW Presentation

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 1st F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 2nd F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 3rd F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun Groups/Teams

F3 October 2014 Mudrun Flags/Shirts


See you in the gloom,