Are you rowing the boat?

This past week I attended my company’s conference that focused on 2015, but also had a lot of great motivational speeches to get us ready for the upcoming year.  My absolute favorite presentation was a video on employee engagement.  Something about it just screamed familiarity, not just with my company but with any organization you find yourself in.

(Video link:

The key to this video was the metaphor about a boat full of 10 people that represents any typical organization.
In that boat:
3 people are rowing like crazy
5 people are along for the scenery
2 people are trying to sink the boat

I instantly drew a connection between this metaphor and where we are at today.  We have a small group of guys who are putting a lot into keeping the workouts going/growing, communications being SOLID, finding new #sadclowns, and keeping events planned to keep interests high.  Fortunately, we don’t have any sinking the boat.  Since the workouts are voluntary, if you don’t like it, you can leave.  No commitment, no loss.  However, we do have those along for the scenery.  There are an infinite amount of reasons why some may fall into that group.  Some of those reasons are good reasons (work/family balance is way out of whack).  This is for the group that’s along for the scenery, yet internally, is screaming to be in the group of rowers…

We are here for YOU.

At Swamp Rabbit, we say it at virtually every BOM…we are aiming to get stronger Physically, MENTALLY, and SPIRITUALLY.  So let’s do it.

Ask yourself, what do you need/want to work on related to leadership?

Look at F3 as your “testbox” to work on that skill.  As we all know, there is no progress without practice.  F3 is a place where you can step out of that “comfort box”.  No Judgement, no financial risk, all progress.  (DISCLAIMER:  The PAX may give a couple jokes as feedback, but know that it’s the absolute WORST that could happen.  Then you come back the next day and all has moved on.)  Sorry, I said the Worst is that you have a couple of jokes made.  The Worst is if you don’t do anything to progress.

SUCCESS IS AN INVESTMENT. We always are good at saving money on oranges, lightbulbs, and toilet paper (I’m a fan of Costco’s Kirkland Brand).  But we rarely invest in ourselves to get the return.  I PROMISE it will give you a return.  Take that LEAP….Q a workout, or 2, or 3, Q a CSAUP, Talk at F3 Connect, raise some money…whatever is your passion.  FOLLOW IT.

Our mission is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  We never said it was just to get fit (although bikini season is going to be awesome).

If this speaks to you but you don’t know where to start, don’t let that be the reason that you hold back.  Talk to a Q after a workout, email, or just grab someone that you’ve seen Q before.

Anybody that has Q’d/led will tell you that they were nervous when they first started ‘rowing’.

SPECIAL THANKS to all of you who work tirelessly to keep F3 running.  I’m thankful everyday for the change you’ve promoted in me just by your leadership by example.

Best Laid Plans: PowderKeg People's Chair Psalm 90 Matthew 6:19-34

The PAXSteamer, Ukillis, Seal, Hook & Ladder, Brown Shorts, Cabin Fever, Slug, Overdraft and WD Gluten.
Workout Date1/22/2015

“Biting off more than you can chew” could be one description for YHC’s best laid plans, but Romans 8:28 reminds us that everything happens for a purpose to those who love God and are called according to His purpose… some things, like not one but two flyovers, outside our control eat up some time that we could have spent in the People’s Chair, but YHC did encourage the PAX to find time today to read the two scriptures listed. Better yet… do you own personal version of a People’s Chair while you read these two passages. I didn’t say it this morning, but to borrow from a mentor “I know just how much of GOD you got!”. It’s true! I know this because when I direct that statement to others, the answer is in direct correlation to how much of GOD you want. So as profound as it might seem, it’s a safe proclamation! Consider for yourself, “How can the rest of my life be the best of my life?”. Now starting position – that would be the People’s Chair and access to these two scriptures to ponder – move, exercise!

WARM-UP:  Counted off in 3’s for a Triple Applesauce Mosey to ‘Court’ around the dark side of the church for BLIMPS: BOYOx6, Lungesx7 to the right in our COP(circle of pain), about face and Lungesx7, Imperial Walkers ICx8, Mericans IC x9, Plank Jacks IC x10 and Squats (single count) x15.

The THANG: Triple Applesauce Mosey from Court to Block-o-rama for Block Pass x9 clockwise & reverse, Block Pass counter clockwise x9, 7s to 21 of curlz, low, hi and full range, overhead press with buddy doing Rockettes IC x10, Tricep extensions, single count x10… return coupons and continue around to Picnic Shelter for 11s of dips & derkins.

Digressed to a general mosey with instruction to stay close together across parking lot and down to lowest level steps for Joe Hendrix. Before we could even start this part of YHC’s ‘plan’ we all saw “de plane, de plane” 10 burpee salute! Now… JH lower steps backward bear crawl w/ backward sprint to next set of steps. Hook & Ladder spotted the 2nd flyover… he was right! Another 10 burpee salute! Okay… now JH middle steps backward bear crawl w/ lunges to next set of steps. Now JH tougher upper (2 sets of) steps backward bear crawl w/ crab walk to next set of steps. Recover w/ countdown from 10 by a member of the PAX.

REPEATO: from middle steps to front entrance. After completing, this left us enough time to mosey back to SF for what was to be an adaptation of BLIMPS to CHAMPS for 6MOM.

6MOM: Crab Cakes IC x6, Heels to Heaven IC x7, audibled due to no curbs switched ACC to IW IC x8, Mericans IC x9, Plank Jacks IC x10 and finally, Squats single count x15. Fineto!

COT/BOM: Counted off for 9 veteran PAX. Sorry that CHAMPS became chimps. There’s probably a lesson on humility there! Announcements gave mention to convergence of 31 at Legacy for 2nd anniversary of Swamp Rabbit Region, Drifter 6k sign-ups are capped, encouragement to take someone you are EH-ing to The Farm. Overdraft shared concern for daughter (4th grade) and the ‘first (crush) boyfriend and all the stuff that concerns dad as their children grow up and Ukillis shared a concern for a co-worker; YHC led us out in prayer asking GOD for wisdom as we consider making the rest of our life the best of our life.



PreBlast – Swamp Rabbit Movie Night

Join us for F3 Movie night – American Sniper

american sniper

When – Sat, 1/24
Time – 7:20 (I would strongly suggest buying tickets early or even on line). I plan to be there around 6:45 and will reserve as many seats as I can.
Where – Regal Hollywood 20 (Woodruff Rd)
Why – Great chance for 2nd F. And it’s been too long since we’ve done this.

Let me know who’s in by HC’ing in the comments.


Pre-blast: 2015 Quarry Crusher Race

Quarry CrusherPax – the time has come to step up to the challenge!  This is a great opportunity to push yourself for either a 5k+ or 10k+ beatdown.  Regardless of your physical condition, I GUARANTEE you will feel this one the day(s) after.  Lets Rock the Quarry with f3Nation.  This event is being promoted nationally through The Active Times –

Registration –

Discount Code – f3 ($10 off!)If you register by 1/19, additional $5 discount

A Convergence bootcamp will be planned that morning for a pre-race doubledown – details to follow

Gorillas In The Mist

Q.I.C.Hook & Ladder
The PAXBrown Shorts, Gut Shot, Slug, H&L
Workout Date01/12/15

Not sure if t was the wet cold or the launch of “The Farm” that had our #’s down but 4 mighty warriors came out of the mist to discover that they can push through the suck and become better men.

And it began with…

SSH X 20 then a shot mosey to the shelter with a pit stop at the block pile to gather coupons.

At the shelter we were blessed with..

Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Boat/Canoe, Superman, and some Windmills to get the temple stretched out.

Time for the Fun…

*Mountain Climbers IC X 10 IC

*Hillbilly Squat Walkers X 10 IC

*Dan Taylor up to 5

Legs are burning now time for a little arm workout…

*Block Webb up to 13

*Shoulder Taps

Bring it all together for a cornucopia of fun with some


*Step ups 10 each side

We then dropped our coupons off at the pile on our way to the parking lot for some curb crawl(starting at one parking curb we bear crawled straight across the lot to the next and then performed one merkin on the curb crwl bear back to the first curb and merkin rinse and repeat)

Serpentine mosey through the lot back to the shelter for Mary

Rosalita, Dolly, Box Cutter, Reverse Box Cutter, and a little more Boat/Canoe and Superman since Slug was late to the party and missed out on those in the beginning.

A few more Merkins just cause YHC needed them for todays #10kF3merkins count (13 IC and 10 hand release)

COT and Announcements

1/31 Convergence for Swamp Rabbit Birthday Bash at the Legacy 0700hrs

As always it was fun but the #mumblechatter was nil  Going to have to push a little harder next time.


What happens when half your PAX Q?

Q.I.C.Brown Shorts, Quaker & YHC, Gluten
The PAXSlug, Tea Bag, FNG Wes King - Cabin Fever (WB), Brown Shorts (Q1), Quaker (Q2) and Gluten (WD)
Workout Date01/10/2015

It gets interesting… a “triple q” for a pax of six. Something perhaps an FNG will likely not soon forget. You’ll have to revisit that with him with a “What was most memorable about your 1st F3 experience, Cabin Fever?” question. Here’s how the early hour in the PowderKeg gloom went down:

Brown Shorts led off getting us circled up…


SSH, IC x 25 oh yeah, and for the benefit of our FNG the standard disclaimer that we are not professionals and to modify as necessary since boot camp style workouts are not the normal routine for most (yet) and that while the exercises don’t get easier, you do get stronger. We don’t desire any one to get hurt when we are just all trying to work together on getting better!

Imperial Walkers, IC x 25 was followed by Wind Mills, IC x 25… there may have been another and it might not have been in that exact order, but then again, this was without a “Wienkie” and a short mosey to ‘Court’ followed that took us away from the parking lot where we initially gathered.


After leaving the familiar space near the SF Brown Shorts led us to a an area well suited for ELEVENS of Dips&Derkins combinations that always equal to 11! 1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6, 6+5 and so on… plank till we all completed and then another mosey around to front church entrance.

It then became apparent that we would focus on our core that often reminded  some of us of an extended 6MOM with a painful quantity of in cadence exercises that included LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Reverse LBCs and finishing up with holding our heels suspended off the ground SIX INCHES for a period of time that left our core silently screaming for this Q to complete his countdown from 10 just a little bit faster.  Thank you Brown Shorts, sir! It may have been at this point that he passed the Q appropriately on to Quaker! Where might he lead us? A mosey to the brick (block) pile!

After the PAX picked out their block buddy to throw in some weight resistance, Quaker didn’t waste any time demonstrating  one of his personal favorites from an ‘on your SIX’ position. It is similar to Heels to Heaven only you press your block buddy as part of the experience. Fairly certain we did at least 15 of these together IC. We also did SEVENS of CURLZ lo to mid, mid to hi, lo to hi until we had 21 total. Then we got in some standing presses overhead with some leg kick outs as well as some tricep extensions of a quantity that was in the 10 to 15 range or a sufficient amount that left us pleased when Quaker said we could return our blocks to where we found them. Then it was mosey time from the shed area back to ‘Court’ where I’m fairly certain we did more ELEVENS

These ELEVENS were of a different sort… the Lunge&Squat variety with combinations that always equal to 11! 1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6, 6+5 and so on… plank till we all completed and then a short mosey to a Ring of Fire (ROF)holding a squat position while in sequence each ‘link’ did five reps of ply-o squats moving in order to the right until the ring of fire was completed. Then another mosey to the next ROF where we planked until one if the links in the PAX did 5 reps of Merkins passing on the the link to our right until the ROF was completed. Then another mosey to eventually led us around the church again down to the bottom stairs where Quaker announced a Joe Hendrix which was a backward bear crawl up the steps with holding a plank while we waited for the PAX to complete the lower section of steps.  After the mid section of steps it was mountain climbers(?) and after the upper final section of steps it was SSH. Once we were all finished with the Joe Hendrix, Quaker was asking “How much time do we have left?” There was still about twenty minutes to go.

Quaker led us to front parking lot where we took up the crab walk position.The goal was to crab walk 10 spaces. This was done together until Quaker called an audible after a majority of these were completed with the PAX pretty much smoked! Quaker passed the Q onto YHC, who called on us to finish up with a Jack Webb 1:4 ratio of merkins to air presses up to 5:20 and then reverse back down. Some of the PAX thought we should have been finished once we reached 5merkins & 20 air presses, but no, we suffered through together all the way back down to 1:4 and we were all willing to complete the COT/BOM right where we finished up with old Jack Webb.


Amazing how splitting up the Q three ways seemed to make the hour seem longer than 60 minutes. All were encouraged for coming out during another day of upper teens frigid cold weather, but well before the time we finished no one was complaining about the cold. Announcements were made with mention of The Farm AO for F3Anderson on Mondays at 5:30am. Reminded everyone of the COT being a safe place for our F3 Brothers to be transparent and respect that confidentiality when shared unless otherwise permission is given to share as a matter of a prayer concern of opportunity to share as a praise of joy to be shared. While finishing up it was noticed that several vehicles were arriving on the Marathon Church Campus for Boy Scout Pack Meeting. Later learned that Brown shorts was able to EH 3 of the men before he left. That’s an opportunity met head on that models the “I am 3rd.” mantra of F3! Thanks Brown Shorts for not missing that opportunity! Also thanks to Slug for the manner in which he has embraced so quickly the ideals of F3. Slug has 3 workouts in this week! He comes by himself the first time without an invite or sponsor from PowderKeg. His second workout Slug brings a friend. His 3rd workout out he brings another friend and was responsible for half the PAX on this Powder Keg Saturday workout! That’s an awesome thing for Brown Shorts, Quaker and YHC to see take place. We are glad that Tea Bag and FNG Wes King (Cabin Fever) are our F3 Brothers! It was a different kind of experience, but one we won’t soon forget! Look forward to next time. See you in the gloom!

Pre-blast: Swamp Rabbit 2nd Anniversary Convergence

Q.I.C.Redwood Originals: 1 Direction, Latka, Nippler, Mary
Workout Date01/31/15

Hard to believe we’re hitting the DREDDed terrible twos, but, lo and behold, it’s upon us! On 2/2/13, 11 Rabbits and 3 stalwart members of F3 Metro and Area 51 converged on Legacy Park to kick off this thing called F3 Swamp Rabbit.

We’re gathering at the original spot where AP, Tiger Rag, and Belk first helped us to plant our original shovelflag, and on the (almost) original date. Unfortunately 2/2 falls on a Monday this year, so we’re celebrating a couple days early on Saturday in the interest of maximizing participation. Here are the details:

What: F3 Swamp Rabbit 2nd Anniversary Convergence

Where: Legacy Park

When: 1/31/15 0700-0800 (Coffeteria at Greenfields to follow)

Who: Anybody and everybody involved with F3 Swamp Rabbit. We’d also like to extend a special invite to our brothers at F3 Spartanburg and F3 Anderson if they can make the trip.

How: By land. By sea. By air.

Why: Milestones are cool. Let’s get together and recognize this one.

There's still time to change the road you're on

Q.I.C.Aunt Jemima
The PAXMeter Maid, UGA, Amp, Nyquil, Skimmer, Flamer, Youkilis, Hook and Ladder, Seal, Crunchy, Roscoe P Coltrane, T Hicks, Brown Shorts, Wahoo, Mario, Dunkin-FNG Jarod Allen, Barry White-FNG Jason Elvington, Armadillo-FNG AJ Johnson, Two-Stroke-FNG John Anderson, Free Smells-FNG Nick Francis, Wham-O-FNG Brandon Bowlin, and we will count Overdraft
Workout Date1/7/15

As YHC rounded the corner for his VQ I was expecting the usual suspects. Instead I was met with a parking lot full of cars. Great job to My Little Pony for EHing all his cohorts there…we just needed My Little Pony (What is up with that?!). As the realization that I would actually have to lead these men sunk in we moseyed on down for the warmup.

WARMUPS: SSH x 25 (IC), Windmill x 26? (IC) (YHC forgot to listen to the count, good thing I’m a banker…REEEAAAAL professional), Hillibillies x 25 IC (Amp made sure I heard 23 and 24 on this one…thanks bud)

2 groups for 4 corners

Sprint 100 yards, Merkins x 10 IC, Mosey to second, Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 IC, Sprint 100 yards, Werkins x 10 IC, Mosey to fourth, Peter Parkers x 10 IC


As Led Zepplin’s fourth album (DO NOT CALL IT 4 OR IV!!!) playing in the background used to put me to bed at night, I have always had a fondness for stairs. It is only fair that the PAX share my fondness.

Stairway? to Sevens: Form 2 rows. Start with 1 Burpee at bottom, 1 inclined merkin on first step, run halfway up stairs, 1 supine pullup, run all the way up 1 squat. Continue for Seven rounds increasing reps of each per round. First #AUDIBLE, remove pullup as PAX were piling up. Second #AUDIBLE, screw the stairs and storm the hill (i.e. NO WAITING…like I said, I was planning for 10-12). Overdraft-thanks for joining us in the gloom halfway through. Who knew alarms have PM settings…that’s right…3rd shifters.

Lightpole Burpee Pyramid: Using the 12 light poles around the top of the toilet, start with first pole, 1 burpee, mosey to second, 2 burpees, etc. to the sixth. On the seventh pole do 6 burpees, mosey to eighth, do 5 burpees, etc. #SMOKED

6MOM: Crunchy Frog x 10 (IC), Dolly x 10 (IC) (#MUMBLECHATTER about how some PAX measure 6 inches), Freddie Mercury x 10 (IC), The PAX REFUSED to quit

Rosalitas x 10 (IC), Boxcutters x 10 (IC), Reverse Boxcutters x 10 (IC), Heels to Heaven x 10 (IC)

Naked Moleskin: TClaps to Crunchy for wearing his weightvest again, thanks to the PAX for being gentle on my VQ and going with the flow, gotta give props to my M for helping me come up with the workout as she gets paid to give #downPAINments although she did want me to take it down a notch, great to have Meter Maid back, per FitBit we burned 977 calories, went 1.98 miles and went up 18 flights of stairs.

Announcements: Adding new AO-The Farm on Monday at 0530 with the men of Haven of Rest Ministries, check out @f3anderson for maps; The Drifter 6k signups; and the Shamrock Shuffle 5k on the Hartwell Dam which Crunchy’s crew is putting on-come out for a Dam run!!!

Aunt Jemima Life Lesson #1: “You should not only avoid evil, but also avoid the appearance of evil.” My Grandfather used to love to use this quote when I was growing up when I did something stupid…which unfortunately was often. I did not really understand it until after my teen years when I was still looked on by the company I kept as to who I was.  I believe in F3 we can tweak this lesson to say where we see evil in our world maybe we can help those brothers out by not avoiding but pulling them out of “the appearance of evil”. Thereby we can be catalysts of change to the #COIN of living the #RightWay. That is why I believe our new AO will be so great for us and the men of Haven of Rest. We can help each other with what evils we have and have had in our lives to grow together #ISI.

Prayer Request: Overdraft’s M medical scare yesterday and continued recovery, taking care of the elderly in our areas and neighborhoods with the cold spell…although Hook said to keep your cats OUTSIDE.

Powder Keg Duo Show NO FEAR in Sacrifice: Gave UP comfort for da PAIN!

Q.I.C.Gluten & Quaker
The PAXGluten & Quaker
Workout Date01/03/14

We never felt better than when it finally hit 0800! OK… you may never get to fully appreciate a Powder Keg experience quite like this one. I had heard about it from others before and even Kotter, I mean Quaker… (WELCOME BACK) had been through it with Brown Shorts before… when it’s just you and one other F3 Brother holding each other accountable! The incredible thing is that we were NOT really there by ourselves. Scripture says, “When two or more are gathered in the name of the Lord that the Holy Spirit is in our gathering as well.” That’s my loose paraphrase that I believe and will stick with in faith! It’s probably a good thing for us older guys that we lean on GOD to see us through yielding to PAIN rather than comfort of a fartsack. Enough about that though for NOW. When Quaker made the PAX two, he was so ready to head for the brick pile. But, holding out hope that Slug might come around the corner on 2 wheels rather than 4, we agreed to a ‘little’ parking lot warm up.


YHC led off. SSH, IC x 25 followed by Imperial Walkers, IC x 25. Quaker then suggested some arm & shoulder wind mills that, if memory serves, were also IC x 25 followed with rinse & repeat in the other direction. YHC then called for some Peter Parkers, IC x 25. At this point, we were adequately warmed up and it was apparent it would just be us two. I could tell I would not be keeping Quaker from the brick pile, so mosey there we did!


We each grabbed us a standard heavy concrete block and since the pavement was pretty saturated with puddles we took our personal coupon (buddy) with us to the picnic shelter. Picnic NOT! What followed is not so much in order, but you will get the idea that the next exercise was taken pretty much ‘off the cuff” as it came to us.

SEVENS of CURLZ for 21… you may know the drill: lo to mid; mid to hi; and then lo to hi!

TRICEPS Extensions x 15… coupon above head lower behind head and return above, and so on!

SQUATS with coupon overhead x 15

LEG FLUTTERS with a coupon chest press, IC x 20 (ask Quaker to do this one again when you are with him near the brick pile… the coupon somehow makes the PAIN in the lower back more bearable while doing the coupon chest press… remarkable!)

We probably did a couple other routines that utilized the coupons, but at this point in the workout our brains were somewhat oxygen deprived and, so… the memory fades. except for the intense agreement that it was time to return the coupons to the brick pile! We left the light on at the picnic shelter because ELEVENS and a modified JACK WEBSTER had to be endured although we didn’t know that at the time. We just knew we both needed the 1st of 2 moseys around the church.

Coming back up to the shelter, we recognized the lights being left on served as somewhat of a guarantee for our return assuring the light would be eventually turned off. NOT!  We had ELEVENS to get done… Who came up with that one? (YHC, that’s who, Gluten must be losing it) 1 step up to 10 derkins, 2:9, 3:8. 4:7, 5:6, 6:5, 7:4, 8:3, 9:2, 10:1. Okay, this next one is not in order, but it was ELEVENS to with leg lunges and squats. Oh this was Quaker’s idea because you must do leg lunges on both sides meaning double trouble! The SQUATS were almost a recovery for those lunges! Again, this is likely not documenting everything we did, so just know us ‘old farts’ can dish out stuff  that will leave you tested. At this point, it was time for another recovery mosey around the church. After figuring out what time it was, we headed back to the shelter for 6 (8) MOM. We contemplated a Joe Hendrix, but at this point in the workout, it could have been detrimental to our teeth!


Modified Jack Webster or Merkins to Air Presses 1:4 ratio, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 4:16, 3:12, 2:8 & finally 1:4. Dollies, IC x 20; Right Oblique Crunches, IC x 25; Left Oblique Crunches, IC x 25; and finally Plank Shoulder Touches, IC x 20. It’s 0800 and it never felt better. We’re done. Time for COT/BOM!


Mentions given for Drifter 6K as well as the great value for this opportunity! Also, launch of Summerville and hopes and prayers for success and safe travels for all involved. Shared prayer requests for family before closing out with lifting our concerns before the Lord who desires for us to live life as only He can imagine! Thank God for us being able to sacrifice the comfort of the fartsack for the PAIN in the gloom that strengthens us in our fitness, fellowship and faith. AMEN!


2015 Weekly Weigh-in Kickoff

iron on iron

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year, when we all say were going to make changes for the new year, eat better, lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, volunteer more, etc. etc. etc., blah blah blah. Chances are you’ve had resolutions every year and by the end of the 1st week or month of the New Year you’ve abandoned them all. We have all been there.

In 2013 I set a personal fitness goal and it was to run and complete a full marathon and I did it, it was ugly but I did it. How did I do it? Lots of training of course, but it wasn’t all me, I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without my F3 brethren. In a C.O.T. at the beginning of the New Year each PAX stated a goal for 2013. So I said it out loud, “I’m going to run a full marathon” and I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. I credit my public statement of my 2013 goal with F3 brethren as the biggest reason for sticking with it and getting it done. The 2nd F (fellowship) is very strong in F3 and like it says in the bible Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. That is certainly true within F3.

During my training for the marathon last year I stepped up my eating, but unfortunately I still haven’t stopped eating at that level, teamed with a couple of injuries that kept me out of the gloom this year I’ve gained back much of the weight I lost since starting F3 in 2011.

With that said I want your help (not just @f3isotope, but all of @f3nation) and at the same time hope to help some of you. My goal for 2015 is to lose the weight I regained in 2014 and get back to 175 or less.

I’m not here to say what you should eat or not eat as there are far better qualified PAX to help you with that. I say do what works for you, F3 cleanse, low carb, fat free, liquid, grapefruit, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and so on. My personal dietary plan is to simply cut back on my caloric intake and eliminate crappy carbs combined with continuing to post at 4-6 F3 beatdowns a week.

So here’s my plan. Beginning Monday 1/5/15 I am going to publicly post my weight loss success and failures each and every week via Twitter Monday morning #F3Weighin. It is my hope that dozens of you will do the same. I will compile the PAX tweets into a spreadsheet and track our success and post on with the tag Weekly Weigh-in.

Tweet your successes and failures to me in this format:

2day 198.0
LW/SW 200.0/200.0
Diff -2/-2
Goal 175

tweet example

Note: LW/SW = Last Week/Starting Weight

Or if you are twitter challenged – email to me 

GOD speed and GOD bless.

See you in the gloom!