F3-A Damn Good Midlife Crisis

Workout Date5/22/15

After some encouragement, I was asked to tag multiple regions for this post. I am JD from Lake Murray, SC.

Here we go. This is the, “what F3 has meant to me post”. Now, I know this post has been done many times before, so hopefully I can add something to what has already been said. Disclaimer: I am not the best writer when it comes to writing about my thought and feelings. Scientific writing is my wheelhouse, give me some data and I will give you a nice report with succinct analysis. So be patient as I muddle through. I want this post to be an encouragement and a thank you to all PAX. Anyone who has been in F3 longer than a few months knows that this is more than just a workout. What we do on a daily basis is of extreme value and instrumental in changing and/or accelerating the lives of men.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot on what is F3 to me? This is the best answer I came up with. It is a gift from God I didn’t deserve or even knew I needed. God has blessed me with many things in my life. He has blessed me with so many people throughout my life whom have supported and helped me. I have an awesome wife, two of the best children and a great career. Isn’t it funny how we pray for things and instead of granting our prayers, God gives us more than we could have even conceived to begin with. I was praying to lose some weight, God gave me F3, how small was my faith?

A little history about myself. My father left when I was 2. I grew up poor, mostly in WV. I moved 16 times. I was raised in an abusive home by a bipolar mother with a revolving door of loser stepdad/boyfriends. Cocaine, marijuana, alcohol abuse were the norm. It sucked. I never felt secure and it was hard. I could write a book on the last 2 sentences. Then, I got invited to church in junior high. I accepted Jesus and found myself surrounded by a 2nd F group. Without the help of my grandparents and this group of people, I would most likely have been a statistic. Instead, I am the first person in my family with a doctorate degree (or even graduate degree). Fellowship changed it all. I didn’t know I needed those people but God did. I feel the same way about my F3 brothers. My life has been changed again with the motor of fellowship and accountability.

When I first posted to F3, I was going through one of the saddest times of my life. My grandfather passed away on June 9, 2014. It wasn’t expected. He had a heart attack. My grandfather was flawed, simple, and good. Not a bad way to live. He was the only father figure that I had and the only man I felt ever loved me. Losing him was tough and I was depressed for a while. Death is one of those things that makes you reevaluate yourself. I wanted to be better. Even armed with the knowledge of a degree in exercise physiology and a doctorate in physical therapy I found it hard to get into shape. As I looked in the mirror at a 260# size 44 waist-ed man who works in healthcare, I knew I had to change. I didn’t want my family crying over my casket like we were that day. I knelt down by my grandfather, held his hand, prayed, and promised him I would change. I would lose 40#. (Now, I had not yet read Free to Lead, and didn’t even know about POGO 40, so I find this ironic).

When I got back home, the next week I got invited to F3 by Swampy and on 7/23/2014 I showed up in all my glory for a Pothole led leg day. It was too hard for me. I pulled an ab doing a burpee, I was back of the pack wheezing just trying to keep up. Had it been any other class at a gym or crossfit place I probably wouldn’t have came back. But F3 does something different. They pick up the 6, they encourage, they inspire, they don’t leave a man behind. I couldn’t even run 100 yards my first time out, but I had resolve to #getbetter to #bebetter. 6 months later I ran a 1/2 marathon. I’ve done a 12K trail run, mud run, P200, GRL730, I’ve lost 57lbs. A guy that couldn’t run a 100 yards did all that in less than a year. Why, because men saw fit to invest in the lives of other men. #service Next up are a GRC/GRL double down and the BRR. I look forward to the fellowship. These CSAUPs/adventures have been some of the best times of my life.

Today I am in the best shape of my life. I am definitely a better father, husband, and son. It is funny, I used to think, with my judgemental POGO 40 brain, fathers in excellent shape must not be paying attention to their families and are focused too much on themselves. It became my excuse much of the time. I don’t go to the gym because I love my family. I convinced myself that my inactivity was noble. How messed up is that? I used to think, why would I go run a mile, I would be too tired to play with my kids. Now, I can double down, get home when they are waking up and still run circles around them all day. I am calmer, happier, stronger, and faster.

What we do is important. It is more than a workout. I am honored to share life with you gentlemen. I want to say thank you! Let’s keep getting these FNGs out here, keep picking up the 6, and do what we do. I love you guys!

Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. Phillipians 3:14




The Jackalope v1.0 BB – CSAUP

Q.I.C.Sponge Bob, One Direction, Iceman, Sushi, Seal, Hook and Ladder, Houdini, San Diago, Grilled Cheese on a Donut, Latka, Footloose, Brown Shorts, Rocky Top, Montross, Floppy, Alfred, Blue Hawaii, Flay, Punkin Spice, Johnny 5, Zoila (YHC)
The PAXcoming soon..
Workout Date05/16/15

A tradition that has been in planning phases for two years finally came to fruition on Saturday, May 16, 2015.  The first annual (semi-annual?) #Jackalope.  T-Claps to all the Q’s, cameramen, sagwagons, #2ndF’ers, bikers, wastoids, dweebies, etc.

The #Jackalope is basically a replica of a CSAUP that other regions have done, that began in Charlotte in 2012 with the GOAT, a 12 mile route through various AO’s in the region.  Swamp Rabbit is a little spread out, so we settled for 7.5 miles from #MainThang, through #LionsDen and #TankYard and finishing at #Legacy, with a couple of stops in between.

The Conditions: Perfect.  Gloomy and humid, and rapidly warming up…

The Thang: We met at 0600 and formed concentric circles…Disclaimer, countarama, ground rules, logistics, quick BOM from Padre, and lets get this party started.

#MainThang: Three groups, led by Sponge Bob, One Direction and Iceman (sound off in the comments below on what you Q’d).  Sponge’s group started with SSH and it gets kinda hazy after that….10 burpees every minute for 4 minutes or something insane like that…

Okay- here we go, south on Main Street across the bridge, left into Falls Park, OH there’s the third group, just shooting the breeze and waiting for us.  Houdini and YHC fearlessly lead the pax down the SR trail to the Vietnam Memorial (thanks Padre).  Double-back to the 6, which is easily identifiable because he’s being trailed by Domer and Strange Brew’s 2.0 on bikes.  Head back to the Memorial.  Get yelled at by Flay for running too fast.

#LionsDen: Three groups, led by Hook and Ladder, somebody and somebody else (sound off in the comments below on what you Q’d).  Hook and Ladder’s group did a raccoon crawl down the wall, said hey to a Paul Blart on his way to the zoo, did a bunch of monkey humpers, and proceeded down the trail.

Next section of the trail was uneventful.  There was absolutely no nudity.

#FirstBaptist: Three groups, led by San Diago, Houdini, and YHC.  My group did abt 8 minutes of Jack the Ripper (merkins to LBC’s in a 1:4 ratio).  We went up to 10, then did a few varieties (diamond merkins, werkins).  Finished with 10 partner derkins and 5 dumbocrats.

Back to the trail.  Steep hill.  First street crossing goes off without a hitch.  This is starting to feel a lot longer than the 3 miles we’ve gone on the map….

#BowlingAlley: Three groups, led by GCOD, Footloose aka Clipboard and somebody else, (sound off in the comments below on what you Q’d).

Thankfully Squeal was there with some water.  YHC was starting to feel gassed, and Sushi was starting to sober up.  Also there was a tomato running around asking for a “Bo Zimmerman”.  Anyone know who that is and if she ever found him?  The Bowling Alley was the most depressing place we stopped…until Floppy’s Funhouse, but we’ll get to that…

The plot thickens…we crossed over Pleasantburg..some legally…some not.  Good thing we said that disclaimer.  Up to this point the buddy system and countarama had been working well.  Okay we start through the Gower neighborhood, being led by some #TankYardigans.  Again, there was no nudity that I’m aware of, this is a neighborhood after all.  So from the time we were just below the Bowling Alley all the way to the #TankYard is basically entirely uphill.  Now Flay is really yelling at people.  Everyone stops at some corner for an extended plankorama / standorama.  A flying EH was attempted: “Maybe next Saturday” was maybe the answer, or maybe I made that up.  A plane flew overhead, the #PowderKeggers, having never before seen a flying machine, immediately dropped and did 10 burpees.  #weird.

Continue our odyssey through Gower, which was enhanced by Montross leading the pax past his house, which gracefully had a baby pool filled with ice and bottled water, and an M and 2.0’s to give high fives.

We finally get down to “the Holler” as the #TankYardigans refer to it.  Rocky Top teaches us Bring Sally Up for a while, we mosey to the Tank.  For those readers who weren’t there, the #TankYard meets at a literal tank.  It’s awesome.  There was planking involved.  Brown Shorts Q’ed and gave us a peptalk.  Clipboard/Footloose climbed to the top of the Tank.

Flay yells at everybody, GET MOVING.

So we did.  The crowd heads down to Laurens Road.  Oh look, there’s a crosswalk.  But let’s just cross here instead.  Hey, we have to cross Woodruff Road.  There’s another crosswalk, but let’s run down a quarter mile and stop traffic instead.  No one was injured.

Next stop, two dozen shovel flags are planted, two fall.  Burpees ensue.  Oops, this isn’t the stop.  Mosey another quarter mile up the hill.

#RockySlopeLot: Three groups, led by Floppy, Alfred, and somebody else (sound off in comments below) did some stuff.  Floppy’s group did something terrible.  Alfred’s group did Jack Webb, then Flutters, then some other stuff.  Everybody groaned and grumbled and griped.  Rocky Top made fun of the Tennessee Volunteers and the Atlanta Hawks.

Finally, on our way to our final stop.  Hit Legacy Park, double back for the six: Castaway.  Castaway had cramped up pretty bad, having just Q’d #Dogpound yesterday, but he kept moving on his own volition.  We all get to the spot, the Q’s weren’t ready.  Scuba Steve made us all do horrendous things that we didn’t want to do.  Finally the curtain was removed, the wizard was exposed, and there was a giant slip and slide and coolers full of beer.  Oh wait…we still have to work out…

Break into three groups: Tunnel of Love / South Kakalaki Choo Choo Race.  My team wins!  Or the other team!  Who knows/cares?  Delirium had by this point overwhelmed most of us.

Slip and Slide!  (Again, no nudity whatsoever…but lots of dadbods).

Count-a-rama, name-o-rama, 3 FNG’s.  YHC tried to get my thoughts across to thank pax, but I was farklempt/delirious.  Beautiful BOM by Padre.

#2ndF.  But let’s be honest, this whole thing was #2ndF the whole time anyway.

Ye Olde Moleskine:

Nothing YHC could type could really do justice to this experience.  It was a convergence mixed with a long slow jog mixed with 4 hours of #2ndF.  New friends were made, old loves were rekindled, FNG’s were named:

-Cauliflower fka Kip Humphries (former wrestler)

-Wang fka George (designed the Jackalope logo…Wang is short for Vera Wang.  Honestly YHC had been calling him Greek Fest all day in hopes that would stick, but alas, the people spoke).

-Fake ID fka Ian Vanderveen (Strange Brew’s 2.0 – 13 Years Old.  Great kid. YHC had a chance to chat a bit with Strange Brew and Fake ID along the way.  Top shelf family all the way.

Super-special T-Claps to the Strange Brew family.  Strange Brew and Fake ID ran, Strange Brew’s daughter helped out on a bike, and M Strange Brew (registered nurse) drove a sagwagon.  Thanks for the dedication.

T-Claps also go to Padre, Squeal, all site Q’s, Flay, Iceman, Sponge Bob, Houdini, GCOD, One Direction, Sushi, Mab Mab, Mary, Latka, Alfred, and all the other pax that just routinely give their all for F3 Greenville.

T-Claps and Welcome to the Spartanburg pax (Penguin, Louganis, some others), Anderson pax, and to the guy who came from Sumter.  Loved having yall, hope to come see yall in your territory at some point.

T-Claps to Dredd and OBT for founding this #Thang and to Gnarly Goat and Uncle for all the tips on a #CSAUP.

Please give your own T-Claps and highlights from The #Jackalope in the comments.  This was by the pax and for the pax and the pax at large should help with this backblast.  1D/Alfred/TBC have been instructed to post video/picture links in the comments.  If anyone else has them, please share.

YHC is working on getting the pax list from Footloose.  Will edit when I have it.

Announcements: Leadership Forum – 6/20 – 6 PM at BARLEY’S UPSTAIRS.  Eat before you come, no food allowed upstairs.

PREBLAST – F3 Davis Lake!

Q.I.C.The Farm
The PAXAll Pax & All FNGs
Workout Date05/30/15

Men of F3 Nation,

Like the detached arm of a starfish that then regrows into its own, @F3Nation will soon be growing a bit stronger. @F3MECA is launching a new AO in the Davis Lake area!  Come be a part of the inaugural workout of @F3 Davis Lake!

When:  Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 7am sharp

Where:  Davis Lake Clubhouse, 9000 Davis Lake Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28269.  Park in lot behind the pool.

No prior training is required and the workouts are designed to keep all fitness levels challenged.  If you are hesitant because you think you need to workout to be ready to post, any F3 man will tell you that the only thing that will get you ready to post…is to post.

Post workout, we will gather at the Davis Lake Chick-Fil-A for coffee and fellowship.

Please forward to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  Our only requirement is that you are male and you need it (we all need it).  All you need to bring is a willingness to try something new and challenging.

Local Qs, if you are interested in leading a workout, we are starting with Tues, Thurs., and Saturday bootcamps.  Sign up here:


Please email any questions to F3DavisLake@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter for updates @F3DavisLake.

We look forward to seeing on you the gloom!

The Farm


East Charlotte, NC Expansion

F3 Boondocks

F3 is expanding again! It seems the recent foray into the Mint Hill area has brought several East Charlotte pax out of their holes in the boondocks.  It appears a bunch of us have been posting in different AOs for quite some time never knowing about each other’s existence.  We have decided it is time for time East Charlotte to have its own AO. We’re calling it the Boondocks. Here’s what we will do and when:


Harrisburg and Mint Hill AOs will serve as the “FOB” (Forward Operating Bases) for expansion efforts and other CSAUP activities.

  • Harrisburg has bootcamp workouts at “The Ridge” (Hickory Ridge High School) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0530, and “The Rail Yard” (Harrisburg Park) on Saturdays at 0700.
  • Mint Hill has bootcamp workouts at “The Vet” (Veteran’s Memorial Park) on Mondays and Wednesdays at 0530.  Mint Hill officially launches June 13th at 0700.

First Boondocks Workout(s):

  • Exploratory bootcamp workouts will begin Tuesday, May 19th, at Hickory Grove Baptist Church on Harris Boulevard and Hickory Grove Road from 0530-0615.
  • Official Launch Date: TBD, but goal is Summer 2015.  We need enough pax and Qs to ensure a successful launch.

 Target AO Coverage/Expansion:

  • East Charlotte between Harris Boulevard, Rocky River Road, I485, and Albemarle Road
  • Possible Workout Locations: Reedy Creek Park, Northridge Middle School, Reedy Creek Elementary, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Hickory Grove Elementary, and JH Gunn Elementary.

Get involved & refer men:  

  1. HC (Hard Commit) and/or send contact info of potential FNGs to f3boondocks@gmail.com.
  2. Follow @F3Boondocks on Twitter.
  3. Volunteer to help out with planning and implementation of F3 Boondocks. Email f3boondocks@gmail.com


The PAXGluten, Flow Rider, Brown Shorts, Slug, Under Hand, Duplo, Shiner, Youkillis, Cabin Fever, Seal, Quaker, T-Bag, Will Stafford (FNG) -8 Mile
Workout Date05/14/15

11 PAX (and an innocent FNG) curiously showed up to see what the VQ had in store. Little did they know that yours truly used a previous workout from Seal as a basis for todays beat down. (it is not plagiarism, I promise. I changed a few things) Let’s get to it:

The Warm-up:

Windmill x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC


The Workout

Mosey to the shed, get a coupon and circle up

Curls x 10 OYO

Over the head triceps x 10 OYO

Modified upright rows x 10 OYO

Over the head press x 10 OYO

Return coupon and head back to the warm-up spot

Count off to 8 and repeat (should have been 7, thanks to Brown Shorts for the correction).

At 6 locations around the parking lot, workouts are posted. Perform that workout until relieved by the person from the station before you, in relay form. (7 groups to run 6 stations with one group always running)

Station 1: Burpees

Station 2: LBCs

Station 3: Merkins

Station 4: Squats x 10

Joe Hendricks up steps

Squats x 10

Bear-crawl down steps

(Repeat until relieved)

Station 5: Lunges

Station 6: People’s Chair


Various ab workouts with a few of the PAX stepping in to lead


Jack-a-lope this Saturday

Color 5k this Friday night (down town TR)

Wren Flud Run – 30-May

Monday, 25-May – replace your F3 name with the name of a fallen war hero that you personally know of or know thru somebody

Dave’s run (Anderson University) 6-June


Prayer Requests

Keystone’s son (Noah?) having surgery today

Duplo’s sis-in-law (Paige) finds out tomorrow details on surgery to remove cyst.

Duplo’s dad (Bud) is dealing with prostate cancer

Duplo to find a place to live while building

Gluten’s Church – Trinity Pointe – pray for guidance and wisdom in the midst of a struggle

Quaker’s family dealing with the loss of 2nd dog

3rd Annual F3 Camp

For the THIRD straight year F3 Dads is taking over YMCA Camp Thunderbird! Camp will be the weekend of August 14 – 16. We will build on the great success of last year to provide experiences that both you and your 2.0s will never forget. Look for this year to be bigger and better than ever before with more activities, a carnival and cookout on Saturday night, and horseback riding all day!

We will have full run of the camp with all the activities, air-conditioned cabins, and meals prepared by the Y staff. This event is open to everyone from in the #F3Nation from Charlotte to Columbia, Raleigh, Statesville and beyond.

  • WHO: F3 Dads from across the F3Nation and 2.0s of all ages
  • WHAT: Full-on summer camp experience with 2.0s… think: ZIP-LINES / CLIMBING WALLS / ARCHERY & RIFLERY / CANOEING / CAMPFIRES / AND MORE F3 THEMED ACTIVITIES similar to what you get each week at F3 Dads. All fully staffed with YMCA camp counselor. Check out the cable swing
  • WHEN: August 14 – 16 (Arrive on Friday evening (6:00-8:00 and Depart Sunday around noon)
  • WHERE: YMCA Camp Thunderbird (located on Lake Wylie, just south of Charlotte)
  • WHY: 2nd F – Making memories / Building character / FUN
  • HOW MUCH: $89 / person (includes lodging, meals and all the activities)
f3_arrowshooter f3_sup f3_girls




Select the proper number of attendees and click the “Buy Now” button via the PayPal form below. ($89/person – includes lodging, meals and all the activities)

Payment Options
2 people $178.00 USD
3 people $267.00 USD
4 people $356.00 USD
5 people $445.00 USD
6 people $534.00 USD


shirt_front shirt_back

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Halfpipe and Blackjack



VQ and 15 Minutes of Mary

The PAXHook & Ladder, Seal, Cabin Fever, Tea Bag, Slug, Duplo
Workout Date5/12/2015

6 men emerged from the gloom this morning for my first Q. Hopefully I didn’t mess anyone up too bad with my cadence counting!! Thanks to Hook and Ladder for bringing a truck load of concrete block – greatly appreciated.


Imperial Walkers



High Knees



The Thang

Grab a block from H&L’s truck

  • 7’s reverse curls OYO
  • Triceps Extensions– 15 IC
  • 7’s regular curls OYO
  • Triceps Extensions – 15 IC


Mosey to a picnic shelter


  • 11’s Dips and Muscle-Ups


Mosey back to Flag



Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Rinse and Repeat 3 times.

  • ¾ sit-ups
  • Russian Twist
  • Back Scratchers
  • Freddy Mercury
  • Boat/Canoe
  • Side Plank Hip Dips (Each Side)
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Elbow-to-Knee (Each Side)


Mosey to the Covered Bridge


Grab a truss and hang there stretching those abs out. Hang until time is up.





Jackalope – 5/16, Wren Flud Run – 5/30, Dave’s Run @ Anderson U. – 6/6, Doodle Trail 5K – 7/16

Prayers for Duplo’s Sister-in-Law that has an upcoming surgery.


Special Operators Challenge – Raeford, N.C. – May 30th

New #CSAUP opportunity for F3 Nation. F3 has been formally invited to participate in the Special Operators Challenge (SOC), on May 30 at The Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, NC. SOC is the brainchild of Special Forces Major Ivan Castro. If you are looking for a definition of bad a$$ read this.

SOC is a family-friendly event with something for all ages and ability levels. There are 3 signature races that day — a kid’s ½ mile and 1 mile fun run (parents can run alongside their child challenger in this event,) The Boomerang 5K Beer and Brat run, where challengers run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap, eat a bratwurst, run a lap and drink another beer — and then get a free beer if they’re over 21! The final event that day is the Muddy Nick 10K Resilience Run- with mud, dirt, military and horse park obstacles. This is an event that F3, with our experience and success, can dominate.

What makes The Special Operators Challenge unique is this is an event designed to give back to our military, law enforcement, and fire fighters. At least 5% of all registration fees go back in donation to 8 different non-profits. For our Muddy Nick 10K, we have a special wave for our injured veterans, in which adaptive athletes will be running a wave with Operation Enduring Warrior, one of the 8 charities and one that F3 has leant a ton of support to in the recent past. In addition, on the day of the event, there will be a food, clothing, diaper and formula drive, in which participants and spectators can donate to — all of the donations will go to local food banks and shelters in the area.

Aside from the 5% of the registration fee that will go back to our 8 charities, participants and spectators also have the opportunity to purchase pass bands, with 100% of the proceeds go to the charity of choice. Participants in the Challengers Wave can use the pass bands to skip one obstacle on the course.

In addition, winners in our Muddy Nick 10k Competitor’s Wave have the chance to earn 4 Remington Shotguns and the second place winners have the chance to win 4 knives from Spartan Blades. Additionally, we have over $5,000 in raffle prizes. Each participant receives a moisture wicking, dri-fit t-shirt, a finisher’s medal uniquely designed for their race, a free prize raffle ticket, and for those over 21, a free beer! We will have tons of vendors and sponsors out on the day of the event, with plenty of activities for kids and adults alike.

There are only 20 slots available for the Competitor’s Wave and 100 slots open for the Challenger’s Wave. Once these slots are filled, registration will be closed. The organizing team wants to ensure that participants do not have to wait to complete obstacles. Register by the end of today, May 5th and use discount code CINCO to get a 25% discount.

Major Castro wants F3 represented at this event. Not only have we been invited to participate, but F3 has the option to set up a display booth where we can spread the word about our mission to invigorate male community leadership. If you are available and interested in volunteering to set-up and talking to other about F3, please email me at jdcooper30@gmail.com.

For more details see: http://specialoperatorschallenge.com/

There is a new batch of Angler Patches on hand!

All purchased Angler Patches are in the mail. We have a few remaining in stock. Get yours now before RLB 003. $10 each. PayPal Friends and Family: howard@teamspearhead.com. Include your mailing address, please. All Proceeds go to Charlotte Bridge Home to support our veterans.

To find out about Red, Light and Blue 003, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/577320219068101/. It is Charlotte Bridge Home’s Primary fundraising event. Find out about Charlotte Bridge Home at www.charlottebridgehome.org.

The Back Blaster

Q.I.C.Cabin Fever
The PAXHook and ladder, Boomhauer, Reflector, Inspector Gadget, Slug, Steamer, Seal, Duplo, Keystone, Quaker, Shiner, Brown shorts, Gluten, Gutshot, Underhand, Youkillis, Flow rider, Swift, Tea bag, Cabin fever
Workout Date05/04/15

20 men showed up to powderKeg this morning, and they thought the Q wasnt going to show but little did they know I was already there setting up for the workout… Slug moseyed the group on over to the side of the church where I was setting some tires up for the workout.. We started with a quick warm-up  of SSH x 30 IC, as I was running a little behind from setting up. After our quick warm up we got right down to business.

The workout Workout

Dora of 50 burpies, 200 Murkins, and 300 single count lunges.  While your partner does the exercise you will flip the tire across the parking lot to the curb (this is roughly 10 flips). Once we finished this we put the tires up and moseyed back to the flag where we did ring of fire with squats. Each person did 10 squats while the rest of the pax stayed in the down position of the squat.. Next we did Geronemos and we finished off the workout with a high count of flutter kicks (50 IC) lead by seal.