Pre-Blast: Convergence – 11/20 – Wellness Arena – Toys for Tots Workout

Q.I.C.Latka, Ice, 1D, etc.
The PAXAll PAX near and far!
Workout Date11/20/2014

Attention F3 Gentlemen…If you’re Q’ing this week – PLEASE ANNOUNCE

I’ll make this brief.  It’s Christmas and it’s the time to give.  93.3 the Planet has announced that their 28-hour Radiothon will start on 11/20 at 6AM to support the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots.  This year, it’s being held at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena (which conveniently happens to be where the ancestors of F3Swamp Rabbit first planted downtown).  YHC thought it would be a great idea to get their radio-thon started off with a lovely donation of toys and a hard workout at the locale.

SPONGEBOB NOTE:  The picture used in this post is from the Marine Corps Toys for Tots commercial that plays EVERY YEAR.  Regardless of how many times I see the darn thing, it still hits me like a freshly cut onion in a smokey room full of puppies watching the Toys for Tots Marine commercial.

THE THANG – THURSDAY, 11/20 – 5:30 AM

Meet at Bon Secours Wellness Arena and bring an unwrapped/unopened toy(s) to donate to Toys for Tots.  We will be working out as well!  Lots of pain to be brought.

Other stuff:
– If you’ve got F3 gear…WEAR IT
– If you’ve got a Shovel Flag…BRING IT (While we’re on that subject…if you don’t have a Shovel Flag, you can make one THIS WEEKEND at Tricycle’s workshop after the Saturday morning workout…BOOM I JUST DELETED YOUR EXCUSE)
– Get ready for some cool scenery – Marines are rumored to have trucks/guns/etc setup for the broadcast and 93.3 does have a strong following where there could be a crowd.
– Get 2.0’s there too.  What a great event!

NOTE:  The plan right now is to still have the other workouts staffed with Q’s in case you don’t make it (SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED UPON DEMAND)


Workout Date11/10/14



Today was the perfect day for my #VQ. Today Nov 10th is the day my late father was born. It is also the day exactly 1 year ago that a dear friend had an accident that would eventually take his life. ( my father was killed in an accident Mar 13 2011). Now don’t  get all depressed I say all this for a reason. Normally I #dredd this day, but when my feet hit the floor at 3:45 it was on. I had 5 adult tricycles, a stack of blocks, and a preschool #beatdown plan of epic pain. I smiled knowing my dad would first  be shocked that i was awake and 2nd that I could pull off such an epic event.


The Thang



SSH x33

Merkins #4Count x12


SUSHI KICKS?  x33 Each leg

Mosey to the “play ground” (church lot)(carrying 3 shovel flags high)

When we arrived @playground #YHC had 5 stations with 3 blocks & 1 trike.  #YHC took the #pax on a “mosey”  tour of the race circuit which happened to be around a sweet group of American flags set up by the church.  We split into groups of 2/3 for :

Merkins x3

hop 3 individual blocks

sumo squats x3

Hop back through 3 blocks rinse and repeat AMRAP WHILE TEAM MEMBER WENT ON  VETERANS HONOR  RIDE. THEN SWITCH OUT.


WE HAD A TRICYCLE/reverse indian run death race.

Split pax into 2 teams

1 pax gets on trike others line up behind. Push pax on trike counting paces x60 then let man behind you take over. (Same veteran’s honor loop) The word race is all butterbean heard and considering he was pushing wif (his bro in law) the start was dangerous to say the least. With a few rotations and some near death experiences for the riders we made it back to the start point. #yhc ended up on the wrong team in all the mass confusion so to declare a winner Macho and wif (riders) raced. I still do not recall who won. Now we switched out to piggy back tricycle races that became even more outrageous and hard to qualify. (The trikes killed our legs. Not just fun) @look out below suggested #LBC’S  #OYO  until racing was over. When complete we take up our shovel flags and mosey back to the #TOT. FOR 5 MIN OF MARY


Russian twist / plank until last man dropped

Joe hendrix merkin- air presses  x8

Plank left arm/left leg /right arm/right leg #R&R x3








The day before my father was killed we went on a Harley  ride with his club the defenders  LEMC to stevens aviation to stand with the patriot gaurd and welcome back soldiers from Afghanistan. (My dad was a Vietnam  vet so this was dear to his heart) (this was the first time in over 5 years we had riden together) We left there and went to the junction to eat and by Harley of Greenville. We ended up at a local pizza joint my dads close friend owned and when we sat down my dad proceeded to tell me everything i had ever wanted to hear. He said. ” I think you finally got this thing figured out. I was worried you were going to turn out like…… I’m  proud of you and all the changes you have made and stuck with. (I had been sober 5 years at this time. This was the first time my dad acknowledged it. Until then  he would always say “we will see”.) I remeber riding side by side across main street feeling like a real BADA**. ANYWAYS (ADD). I followed him to his house to put up his Harley and get my Suzuki 650 bobber. After we parked the bikes i grabbed him and hugged him. I said ” i have waited along time for us to get here.” I left him standing in the drive way shaking his head as i hammered down on that straight pipe 650 with no fenders and a fence post for an exhaust. The next day he was killed. Point is God showed up. I wanted my dad to tall me all that stuff my whole life. When  i stood up and took responsibility for my life by humbling myself to God it happened. I could be bitter because we were at a good place in our relationship, but i rejoice in the gift of that day before he died. I believe if i look for God he is always there. My dad would get up at 4:30 every morning and work  out. So i see his and the Lord’s hand in this for me. All things work to the good for those who love the Lord.

Prayer request/announcements

Run for Josiah  (forgive me for not having details)

Nov 15 shovel flag making day.

Pray for the veteran’s  who only get acknowledged one day a year and try to break that cycle.



14314.1MO1.5Mi F3 PowderKeg: F3NATION is a MOVEMENT!

14314.1MO1.5Mi F3 PowderKeg by grb31 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Too bad I failed to hit my Garmin start button for this Boom Hauer beat down… 12 other PAX went through it w/ me though including a new F3 Brother RainMan, (thank you, Reese’s Pieces) May God continue to be glorified as we are honored to be part of this movement that strengthens our fitness, fellowship & Faith! The BEST part is how it transforms us into accountability partners making us better in our relationships with others and with God! Great Job Men! Be consistent sharing this opportunity with your brothers. Remember: We are on a mission if we are truly a movement. #MovementDenialNOT! Otherwise, it’s just a institutional outdoor workout! Proverbs 27:17


Java Bolt Took It To The Track – Run For Thought Speed Work – Sushi Challenge!

The PAXWiFi, Sadiq, Macho Man, Sushi
Workout Date11/5/2014

Track running

Apparently four men did not get the memo that said it was OK to stay in the fartsack this morning and showed up at Java Bolt for a trip to the track.  Although Macho told YHC how much he hated track workouts, it was taken as the same way a middle school girl says she hates a middle school boy.  We know your really liked it!


One mile run to the middle school so Macho could exercise his hate demons out!

The Thang

4 x 800 meters at accelerated pace (3 min-4 min) with 400 meter in between.  It was dark, but navigating the track was not an issue as the flames from running so fast lit the way.

WiFi, Sadiq, Macho, and YHC took care of business and ran the last 800 as a team….pushing each other!

One mile back to Java Bolt with a lap around the parking lot to get the total run over 5 miles.  It almost ended too soon.

Last speed work before the RUN FOR THOUGHT this weekend.  Who will beat Sushi in the 5k challenge?  Donations will double for Ruckers and any PAX with an F3 logo that comes in ahead of Sushi.  Word on the street is that 1D is going to trip YHC at the start to give the PAX a fighting chance.  Calling out other AO’s who is going to show?



Do you wanna build a snowman?

The PAXGluten, Rosco P Coltrane
Workout Date11/1/2014

So I wake up and check my phone for the weather.  Status:  34 degrees with a chance of snow showers.  I smirk thinking, “Snow?  Yeah right”.  Walk to the window and see the Blizzard like conditions (blizzard by SC standards) going on outside.  At this point, I also decided to wake up the M and make sure she gets to see the snow.  If you can imagine, snow is not that exciting at 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning.

Drove carefully down to Anderson Civic Center with a frown on my face.  All I could think about was how I would be the only person to show up in this weather and I would have 3 options:
A)  Perform the planned workout solo
B)  Go for a solo run around the AO
C)  Find a Waffle House and chowdown

I don’t even think A and B were really that big of options.  I was set on C with a poor attitude.  Then, as it has to so many other people, F3 came through.  2 other PAX (Gluten and Rosco P Coltrane) clawed their way out of the fartsack simply because they wanted to GET BETTER.  I am so thankful they showed up.  (FOR THE RECORD – I did stop at a waffle house on the way home to treat myself to a breakfast.)
SPONGEBOB RANT*** What happened to Quincy’s and other cheap Breakfast buffet options?  Miss those days of loading up a plate of scrambled eggs, sausage links, and hash browns…then rinse and repeato.  What is this world coming to?  I don’t wanna spend $15 for an omelette somewhere.  Do these restaurants realize the price of eggs?


Mosey to shelter because it’s snowing!!!
SSH X 25
IW X 21
High Knee Jumps X 20

Deck of death
Suits dictate exercise, numbers/face dictate quantity (J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13, A = 14)
Hearts – Burpees
Diamonds = Merkins
Spades – Squats
Clubs = Double-count Lunges

Every 5 cards, run HARD to the little shack in the parking lot and then mosey back (to shake out the legs; watch out, that first step is a DOOZIE)

***I brought a boombox to help play some music during the workout.  The original thought was that I would annoy the whole PAX by playing Taylor Swift’s new CD ‘1989’.  Then, I thought I should play the frozen soundtrack because of the weather.  Alas, I played my pool mix so that we could imagine we were at the beach somewhere enjoying a frosty beverage.  Rosco sang a little to some Kenny Chesney “Beer in Mexico” as he tried to forget the pain.

After all 52 cards were finished, we still had time…

60 seconds People’s Chair
2 Breaths
20 Squats
3 times through

6MOM (or 3)
Slow LBCs X 30
Slutters X 30

Naked Moleskin
– Prayers for the Campbell Family who lost a loved one (Friends of Gluten)
– Prayers for a coworker who is going through a divorce hearing this week
– Prayers for strength

P.S – I cannot emphasize enough how freaking awesome Rosco and Gluten were for showing up.  They had everything telling them to stay in bed, but they still showed up and got GREAT work in.  If you can get out of bed on the cold mornings, you will have no problem when it’s comfortable out.  I could not have done it without you guys.

Dora comes to the Keg

Q.I.C.Hook & Ladder
The PAXGluten (RESPECT), Ukelis, Gutshot (FNG), Seal, Steamer, Reese's Pieces (hate), Crunchie, Quaker (RESPECT), Brown Shorts
Workout Date10/30/14

YHC rounded the corner to find 9 PAX hungry for their morning #downPAINment at the #Powderkeg just before the class bell rang.

SSH X 20something
Quakers Windmill
IW X 10
Good Morning Abby X 5

Mosey around to the dark side of the parking lot the long way for

The Thang

Partner up for Dora 123 running up the hill

100 Merkins
200 LBCs
300 Sumo squats

Mountain Climbers courtesy of Steamer #mumblechatter

Mosey to the basketball court for

Partner dips (using the bleacher while partner holds legs) X 22
Derkins X 20 half using the lowest seat and half on the top

Shuffle over to the grassy knoll for human wheelbarrow up, turn and back down
Switch your partner and dosey doe

People’s chair
Left leg out/Right leg out

Mosey back to the flag the long way up through the woods buddy count watch the cars


Freddie Mercury
Heels to Heaven
6 inches
High Leg raises
6 inches again because its a #crowdpleaser


-Halloween treats distributed to the PAX
-Welcome George Heelis “Gutshot”
-Step Up and Q We have slots open all through November it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy
-Talk of a possible Williamston AO on Fridays
-Possibility of moving Thanksgiving’s AO to Clevland Park
-Gluten asked about starting a workout on Fridays somewhere (possibly Williamston)
Déjà vu Great Idea *chuckle chuckle*

On that note Gluten was instructed to eat his candy from the great pumpkin and get his sugar back right

Prayers for those struggling in silence We are here for you Speak up

As always it was a pleasure
See ya next go round

F3 South Carolina GORUCK Simulation, Part Deux

Q.I.C.The Cadre
The PAXThose who accept the challenge.
Workout Date11/07/2014

With less than four weeks to go until the F3 South Carolina GORUCK Challenge, preparation is in full swing. I’m happy to report at most guys are hitting extra workouts, taking advantage of the 10 (thats TEN) GORUCK-style workouts each week between Columbia and Lake Murray, and getting their gear together. Our friends in Flo-Town are hosting spearhead workouts, JV and his gang of 10 in Charleston in are rucking around the Holy City, and Murdock and his crew in G-Vegas are hauling around ammo cans filled with sand on a weekly basis — for fun.

Even with all this prep going on, I’ve heard from many, many pax that they’d like to see the gang get back together once more before our big night. So here goes…

On Friday, November 7th, at 8:30, we’re going to hold another GORUCK Simulation at the South Carolina Statehouse. We’ll gather for a pre-game BOM at 8:15. There will be plenty of parking around the Statehouse on Senate St.

Have your gear ready, bring a smile and your best “I am 3rd” attitude.

This is gonna be real. Please bring all your required gear.

Please HC in the comments section below.

Please bring all your required gear. I look forward to seeing you guys next Friday night!



Let's play cards F3 style

Q.I.C.Hook & Ladder
The PAXGluten (RESPECT), Brown Shorts, Crunchie, Boomhower, P square, Poodle, Steamer, Ukelis, Roid, Quaker RESPECT), Seal
Workout Date

12 brothers of the gloom left the warmth of the fartsack to begin their week out right at the #Powderkeg. The PAX rounded the corner to see some of the carnival rides were left from the fall festival the day before. Easy guys no ferris wheel rides today but we will play a game of cards.


Walk, Mosey, Skip or Shuffle to the block pile to retrieve your workout partner.

The Thang:

YHC brought out a small table and a deck of cards and the #mumblechatter began. On the table was a list of workouts that had a corresponding suit. The PAX took turns turning a card over from the top to find out which workout would be done, reps were determined from the # on the card.

The List

Hearts – Merkins
Spades – Good Morning Abby (description below)
Diamonds – Squat to Press w/ coupon
Clubs – Curls to Tricep Extensions w/ coupon
Jacks – SSH X 10 double count
Queen – Flutter X 10 double count
King – Sidelunge w/ coupon X 10 each side
Ace – Carolina Dry Docks X 10
Jokers – Burpees X 10

This workout really brought out the #mumblechatter. YHC tried to keep this a 0.0 but the PAX started asking “when do we run?” Alright guys speed up the reps so we can grant your wish. Less than 15 minutes left but plenty of time for Indian Run around the church and down the hill. That was fun let’s keep it going back up the hill and down again to the bottom. “QIC dropped their light halfway up the hill I don’t think I want to know why” mumble mumble. Jailbreak up the hill to the light. Workout COMPLETE!!

Good Morning Abby went as follows
From a laying position, sit up and bring knees to chest, plant feet (crossed or side by side), stand straight up resist using hands for assistance (better with coupon)
Confused? Here is a video

Tale of the Tape
55 Merkins
55 Good Morning Abbys
55 Squat Press
55 Curls
55 Tricep Extensions
80 SSH
80 Flutters
80 Sidelunges
50 Carolina Dry Docks (first set was double count)
20 Burpees

YHC tries to keep the workouts fresh and hopefully this one was enjoyed by all if not jump right in on the Q calendar and show us how it’s done, November is WIDE OPEN.


Roid’s father-in-law (health and soften his heart for the Lord)
Toolman health issues

YHC appreciates the recent prayers and accountability

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men
Colossians 3:23

Round 2 Thursday 0530 SHARP!!

Electric City Expansion

Q.I.C.Brown Shorts
The PAXInspector Gadget, Overdraft, FNG Rocky Stop, Ice Man, Serena, Mega Mu, FNG Red Rider, Rosco P. Coltrane, FNG Reese's Pieces, Crunchy, Slim, FNG Amp, Longbottom, Brown Shorts
Workout Date10/25/14

Six Swamp Rabbits made the short trip for the second week to help the Electric City of Anderson rid itself of Sad Clowns. Four men would return from the previous week along with 4 FNGs. The Civic Center is an enormous AO with tons of potential. We need to EH hard in this area. This is how it went down this morning.

Warm Up

  • SSH X 25 IC  side straddle hop
  • IW X 25 IC  Imperial walker
  • LBC X 25 IC  little baby crunches
  • 10 Merkins OYO

Mosey over to the lit parking area for The Beast

Six pain stations with a run in between around the parking lot. 4 circuits.

  • Merkins X 10(SC) X 6 stations = 60
  • Mountain Climber X 10(DC) X 6 = 60
  • Flutter X 10(DC) X 6 =60
  • LBC(little baby crunches) X 20(SC) X 6 = 120

Circle of Pain

  • Dollies X 15 IC
  • Rosalita X 15 IC
  • Box Cutter X 15 IC
  • There may have been more but I can’t remember. Making it up as we go!

Spider Man crawl 30 yards. Lunge walk back.

Jack Webb up to 7

  • 1 Merkin: 4 arm raises
  • 2 Merkins: 8 arm raises
  • continue to 7:28

Mosey over to the lake for a slow run around the loop. Oh look, benches!

  • 20 dips OYO
  • 10 Derkins OYO

Continue around the lake. Let’s use the wooden fence posts for Peoples Chair. 1 minute with some arm circles and arm raises. The mumble chatter exploded when YHC said “Do it again“. Rinse and repeat for another minute.

Mosey back to shovel flags for Mary

  • Reverse crunches (knees to the chest) X 15 IC
  • 6 inches with some double leg raises and 45 degrees
  • Heals to Heaven X 10 IC
  • Back scratcher X 15 IC
  • Plank shoulder touches X 20 OYO
  • LHC right X 15 IC  love handle crunch for the obliques
  • LHC left X 15 IC
  • 5 Burpees OYO

Great work by all the PAX. Coffeeteria at Mama Penn’s.

Prayers and Announcements

5K at Conestee Park coming up. Wear your F3 gear! Slim is working on a workout for the homeless in the Greenville area. Pay it forward!

Overdraft has a friend struggling with addiction. Always pray for our families and for us all to be vigilante in our marriages through all the hardships. Check your pride at the door. Pray for all of our other F3 brothers and their families.



F3 Challenge – Run for Thought Pre-Blast – Who can beat Sushi?

The PAXAnyone that wants to trail run for a good cause and take Sushi's challenge.
Workout Date11/08/14

trail-runI am throwing out a challenge to all Swamp Rabbit Pax.  The Run for Thought is November 8th at Conestee  Park at 9:00 am.  YHC will make a donation to the Brain Injury Association of SC for every PAX that runs the race with an F3 Logo visible…shirt, hat, body paint (That is for you Electric City).  YHC will double the donation for every PAX that finishes ahead of him on the short 5k course.  I heard that Ring of Fire and Beastside have some fast runners…Should not be a problem to finish ahead of an old 48 year old guy from Golden Strip!  The link is below for more details.

Help support a local cause and make F3 more visible in our community.  We could meet a little early for some quick warm-ups as a group.

Make Sushi PAY$$$