Backblast – F3 Nation GORUCK Heavy 001

The PAXCinderella, Dallas, Friday, Jolly Roger, Scrappy, Springfield, T-bone, FEMA, Primetime, Freepass, BLC, Mortimer, Calypso, Professor, Special Sauce, Travolta, Posh Spice, Padre, Punkin Spice, Bagboy, Etch-a-Sketch, Winnebago, Landshark, Black Eyed Pea, Snake Eyes, Toxic, Bogey, Gulfstream, Arizona, TNT, Pothole, Uhaul, Perrier, Hee Haw, Chinstrap, No Help, PYT, Gypsy, Jimmy Olsen, 9 Lives, Mini-Me, Nymph, Bogo, Iron Balls, Lex Luthor, 66, Stone, Chief, Fiddler, Wingback, Clipboard, Keg Stand, Captain Picard, Scuba Steve, McEnroe, Barter, Frosty
Workout Date03/13/2015

F3 HEAVY OO1: 57 Men of F3 Nation

The months leading up to this event the men of F3 worked deliberately to recruit, prepare, and measure up to the GORUCK Heavy and the F3 standards of #CSAUP. Being F3 Heavy 001, a new standard of #CSAUP was established.

Facebook became the tool for the reckless #bluefalcon. The men of F3 tried to dupe the Cadre, which led to a GORUCK internal debate based on our Facebook page. “Which is it, Fishing, Fellowship and Faith or Fitness, Fellowship and Faith?”

Cadre Jesse posted “Soon…You will all live your dreams. Soon…You will find out if you are prepared. Soon…You will thirst for excellence.” “We the Cadre hear you love to fish. So be it. Soon………

3 weeks out: Cadre Jesse gave the Team a list of tasks. He also gave an ominous warning with said tasks. “A Heavy is what you desire; a Heavy is what we will bring. Good luck!”

Cadre Jesse’s last facebook post:

Pay the Piper: It’s time…The time is very near. The ultimate Team event. The GORUCK HEAVY. No mercy will be shown. Heart will not take you to the end.   Strength will not take you to the end point. A patch image will not save your mind when you’re droning out and you’re eyeballs look in to the stars of you spinning head. The tingles in your blood stream shall make you feel alive. You will be tested F3 Nation. Some of you will walk home without a patch. The standards of GORUCK will be upheld to honor of those before you that crushed their demons to wear the Heavy patch.”

Isle of Palms – Team House – Thursday 3/12/15

Team Dip in the ocean to verify water temps, Dinner by Travolta, Weight Plate cutting, last minute prep & gear changes, lots of 2nd F.

Best Part:  The 2nd F that comes with the training and event.  During long rucks you got to know about your teammates families and what makes them who they are.  If it wasn’t for this event, I might not have gotten to know many of these great men.   – Special Sauce

Arriving in Charleston on Thursday with the band of brothers was awesome. I think the book by Dredd and OBT hit the nail on the head talking about the roles each F plays in our family.  The 1st F is why we were all here, but the 2nd F is why we were all happy to be here knowing full well what we were in store for. The second F is why I have no doubt we would have all done 1,000 up-downs to get that patch and no one would have dropped. I know I would have done more if need be so someone else could take a break. Lunch at Tommy Condon’s was awesome but made it so hard to not just sit there all day and drink beer. Hey, let’s have a GRH in Charleston the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day! The 3rd F is what got us through our darkest hour on that bridge. – Freepass

Charleston, SC – Friday March 13th 

Day of event…everyone scrambling to get the weight in their ruck as light as possible: Where’s the scale?

1130 – Isle of Palms – Team Rental House – The Bus comes and there was some laughter and joking, but mostly nervous energy.  As we arrived into Charleston, I looked at all the guys.  Some were laser focused, some looked scared, and some looked like it was just another day in paradise. As the cadre walked up, I felt like they were rockstars.  Just trying to get a glimpse of them.  Where was Big Daddy, was he hiding?  Was he not coming?  Cadre Jesse cleared that up pretty quickly. – Jolly Roger

Friday and I observing who had their game face on #GYMR – Mini-Me

Charleston, SC 1235:  Me and some of the guys were across the street using the port a potty one last time before go time.  A car comes by and its Justin Pesterfield “Mayo” and Robby Jackson “PYT”….PYT says “Any of you have a flag pole?” Welcome to F3 GRH 001.  Spent the next 15 minutes trying to secure a flag pole from the surrounding houses and rigging one from a piece of wood from the construction site. Luckily we got a flag pole….our first mission and I’m not sure if everyone even knew it was going on. – Uhaul

1300: Official Start Point: White Point Garden, 2 Murray Blvd, Charleston, SC

Before Cadre slipped in from the shadows, Padre led us in a moving Ball of Man.

Prayer by Pete Murray (Padre) – Romans 5: 3-5

“… we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”  There will be a day when we can no longer do this, but today is not that day!

Cadre instructions…”Strip down to one layer. If you don’t you’re going to die!” Some were not prepared to strip down to one layer. Because of this requirement, two members decided to “streak the quad” in a park. Hence, one was renamed as C & B. The other went without underroos until we reached the Cooper River Bridge. One member donned his Superman blue tights. F3 Rule #1 was violated.

1300-1700: Battery: Cadre immediately identify the youngest of the PAX…, Fiddler and put him as Team Lead. Which he CRUSHED! Strong work leading men twice and three times his age. We were told to empty our rucks and put our weights overhead. We were required to hold them up for ~38 minutes. The Cadre continued to give instructions and dissected the packing and/or over packing of the team.

Cadre counting the Pax and purposely miscounted (58) and quizzing fiddler – “is that a question, are you sure?” – T-Bone

It starts off with nervous energy, the not knowing. Did I do enough push-ups or rucking, what the hell was I thinking? Did I pack right, enough food? Then I look to my left and saw Dallas and put my trust in his leadership throughout the whole process.

The event started as expected with inspections, but with a little extra. Cadre, “Get down to one layer of clothes. “ Jimmy O. (hand raised), “I don’t have anything under my tights.”  Didn’t really think about what was happening, attending to my own attire. But as I look up from my change, I see JO’s cheeks and his war paint. Just busted up laughing. Then Dallas says “Looking good Iron Balls.” I look down the rank, even funnier. You don’t want me to describe that.  – 66

The strip down and Iron Balls bright blue tights – I was cracking up inside because I could not believe what I was seeing – T-Bone

Cadre said they wanted us in one layer only; otherwise we would get too hot and die.  My first reaction was I have no underwear on!  Dakotah said I could wear base layer tights or pants but not both.  I wanted the pants pockets for stuff so I stripped from the waist down right here in the park!  Certainly not what I expected right off the bat but it loosened me up (figuratively and literally!)  Now you know I will do anything for this team! – Jimmy O

These things are designed to take you immediately out of your comfort zone.  It’s inevitable that someone is going to miss something, forget something, or totally misunderstand instructions.  Forcing everyone to utilize a checklist might be a good thing.  This can be as simple as: go to GoRuck’s site, print the packing list, check off each item, initial it, snap a picture with your phone, submit it.  I made myself a checklist and re-checked the night before. – Pothole

After much corrective PT, we moved to one end of the battery.

Cadre Jesse: “TL how long do you think it will take your team to low crawl the length of this park?”

Me in my mind “45 minutes”

Arizona: “2 minutes Cadre”

Me in my mind: “WTF?” I laugh again

Cadre Jesse: (now having gone Full Screen) “2 minutes?”

Arizona: “Yes Cadre”

Arizona…The new TL is asked by the Cadre how long it would take us to high crawl across 350 yards of Battery? Uhm…2 minutes! Cadre’s response, “Oooook!” Arizona was the master of the hand signals during quiet time.

First task; low crawling, high crawling; most people baby crawling when cadre is not looking; cadre is always looking; funky-looking Spearhead; 2-minutes to cross the entire field? – Padre

During the many trips of trying to partner drag to the Cadre standards, someone backed into the Shovel Flag and…we dropped the flag. Cadre Big Daddy was allegedly talking with Jason McCarthy, GORUCK founder, and BD says “Oh S@#&! They dropped the flag!” Jason replied with, “F@$%en CRUSH Them!” and hung up the phone.

Cadre Jesse’s early and often message, “Chose your own adventure!”

Cadre Dakotah gave a speech about what the flag means, as we did up/downs we said “Thank You” on the way up. Penalty was 1100 Reps. Most exercises seemed to be done in cadence. This was a turning point early in the event. The extra 100 was because someone decided to talk back.

This is when the real awfulness started.  1000 reps of SSH, Low Flutters, Up Downs, Burpees, Pushups, and God knows what else.  While this was tough, as I looked around and guys that I locked eyes with (Etch, Bagboy, Mini, Travolta, Dallas (although he was talking to Big Daddy most of the time) and a few others, I could tell this was not be what could break us.  We screwed up, we are paying, but you can’t get us to quit on PT.

The flag speech and rally prayer by padre before getting smoked with well over 1,000 reps – I kept saying to myself we are off count since in cadence = 2 – T-Bone

Cadre Dakota told us that he didn’t think he was anyone’s Hero except for his daughters. Once again my waterworks kicked in and really made me think back to my children. I can hope that through whatever situation God has us in that we are always our children’s hero’s…let no man put asunder! – Mini-Me

Cadre Jesse: “I don’t give warnings. I am training you.  If you fail to perform, it is my duty to retrain you.”

Cadre Dakota: “That guy over there has pads.  I thought you guys were tougher than that.”

After being punched in the face for some time, we were told to gather ourselves and get ready to move. One pax decided to get a cigarette break in. Get Your Minds Right!

Is Craig really smoking? – Padre

End of welcome party I hear all three cadre talking amongst themselves and I hear them go you see the giant guy with shorts and a sleeveless shirt on what does he think we are doing playing a pickup f-ing basketball game (talking about etch), and then I think it was Dakotah who goes well what about the really small guy with the volleyball kneepads on. Who the hell are these guys? – Primetime

Also at welcome party fill in the divots, Dallas and Bogey I think grab the extra team weight (the sand bag and dump the shit out of that thing all over the place and put extra gear in it. Cadre asks where is the second team weight Dallas says we only have one. What is that? Pointing to the bag and he says it’s an extra gear bag……priceless – Primetime

Cadre Big Daddy, “What’s your vision of success?” “Now think how that will apply to life after this event.”

I loved Big Daddy’s enthusiasm in explaining how we were going to exceed limits, learn to be leaders and learn to lead by following.  This is exactly why I signed up for the Heavy. – Black Eyed Pea

Directions were given and clarity was key.  That is one thing I will take away from this event.  Clear communication on objectives is key to success.  We assume a lot of things and without clear comms it is a mess. – Jolly Roger

Streets of Charleston

Cadre Dakotah brought his famous sand filled kegs for the team to carry, we had 2 full size kegs and 2 small ones. These became a tool the team later used under Chief’s leadership and conveyor belt system.

On the first mission “Operation B the B” We struggled to move as a team.  It was so apparent and Jesse was getting frustrated.  He made everyone not carrying a coupon bear crawl.  The sidewalks and streets of historic Charleston is NOT where you want to bear crawl.  It was brutal.  I look up and Big League Chew is in front of me.  He has no gloves on!!  I could not believe it.  He was not complaining but asking if anyone could easily get to a pair of gloves.  BLC is a one tough dude.  I heard after the Welcome Party he smoked a cigarette during the water break!  That is 100% old school tough! – Jimmy O

Fountain Dip – Disclaimer: MAX of 25 in fountain at any one time.  – Per City of Charleston

Getting killed a hundred yards in because we had no attention to detail (arms length distance) and then getting carried by Bogey who said…”I could carry you all day”

Bear crawl, more bear crawls and more bear crawls – hate those things

Camry…, white Camry! Thankfully, I don’t think we ever got burned on that one – small wins

When we finally made it to the railroad depot and got briefed…was thinking at the time we are going to get wet!

“You now have 5 casualties” In my mind “seriously?”

“You now have 15 casualties” In my mind “What the F#$%”

As I carry BEP as a casualty and have 2 thoughts ‘sweet leather belt’ and ‘man I hope I don’t catch the flu – Winnebago

My one positive memory was when he stopped us to get in the fountain.  That sparked us and got us moving and working as a team. – Jolly Roger

Mission: Blow the bridge

Puff Mud!! Pluff Mud! Clam Shells, concrete, glass, smell…. Take the kegs down the canal to blow up bridge, get back to start in under X amount of time. To make it even harder casualties were added. The best way to get down the canal was swimming and was demonstrated by Big Daddy.

I had the most fun in the Oyster Creek. Mass chaos but still stuck together. Chain gang and pulling the casualties back was fun.  My bad Chief. I told the Cadre you had a cut. I just wanted them to take a look and clean it. Oyster shell cut, doesn’t take much for it to get infected.  Cadre, “This little thing.” Chief, “I didn’t ask for help.” After the creek was my weak point. Just cold, shaking, thinking to myself “sure about this?”  BEP steps besides me and gives me encouragement and pulls me back. I get down for Merkins and get warm. –66

When told to get into the water I did not hesitate.  I was shocked at how deep the pluff mud was.  Friday had the great idea of the bucket brigade.  The next brilliant idea was to swim pulling yourself along the bottom of the canal, I believe Bid Daddy suggested it while also demonstrating it.  Otherwise, it was impossible to move efficiently.  I loved this mission for some reason.  Cadre Jesse mentioned afterwards that he designed this after a real life mission and they actually had casualties.  I reflect back on the mission and could only imagine what that was like with real bombs, being required to be stealth and then taking real casualties.  It reminds me that what we were going through was a walk in the park compared to what our men/women in service face every day.  This reflection occurred multiple times during the event. – Black Eyed Pea

As we enter the pluff mud I have one of the small kegs on my back and am suffering through the mud. Mortimer is right beside me and so is Chief. Mort looks at me and Chief and says don’t touch the barnacles they will cut you to the bone. I say where the hell are your gloves Chief and he says in my bag. I remind him not to touch the barnacles. He loses his balance and is tall enough to grab the concrete above the barnacles but doesn’t and cuts his hand really bad. I look down and see a pool of blood under his hand and say you need to get that checked out. He goes no; I know how to get it to stop bleeding and put his hands in the water, then brings them out and proceeds to suck them. I had to leave him because I was about to vomit. – Primetime

My foot sank below a rock and my weight shifted left with no where for my leg to move.  I tweaked my knee and went down.  People thought I was just stuck but I couldn’t speak at first it was like a knife to the back of my knee.  Jolly was there next to me and knew I was hurt.  I think it was Etch who actually pulled the rock from my leg so I could move. No Help supported me out of the muck and to the side of the road for Cadre Dakotah to check me out.

This became my demon.  All I could think about was all my training and my deepest fear of getting hurt just came through.  I didn’t want to be med dropped. Cadre Dakotah left it to me.  I looked over at No Help and kept apologizing ’cause I felt I was robbing him on good livin’ in that muck.  You all finished and I looked over at all of you and couldn’t bear the thought of telling you all I was dropping and there goes the 100%.  I took 1000mg of ibuprofen and rejoined you all.  Prime Time told me to get on the flag but I think I didn’t.  We went to go look for the plane parts and we came upon that log…oh God that log.  I knew it was a beast when we tried to lift it but it didn’t even budge. – Uhaul

There should be a rule about having to wear pants. My legs are still cut to ribbons. Also thanks to Padre and Pumpkin Spice for the spoon afterwards to stop me from getting hypothermia. – Cinderella

Recover the Aircraft

When we found the fuselage and scoped out the size, we tried to lift it…1,2,3 no movement – we tried again and again and again – no luck

Call for more bodies…15 at least – tried again to lift it, minimal movement and finally got it out of the marsh, after much effort

The “log” was a sanity check and a sobering thought –T-Bone

Finding the 70 foot pole/log in the marsh was a nightmare.  I remember looking at it saying there was no way we were doing anything significant with it.  It dwarfed our 943 log and it was sunk in the mud.  Maybe that was my way of denying my fear of doing another event an impossible log.  Well it quickly became apparent that this 70 foot piece of treated wood was our “Heavy”.  Our inability to move forward with any kind of pace or distance was punishing mentally.  Dropping the log to the ground on the road in front of a long line of traffic and cops was the first real low point in the event for me.  That combined with knowing we were headed towards the Cooper River Bridge put doubt in my mind and began to think the log was too much for us.  Once on the bridge you could tell Cadre Big Daddy also had doubts we could handle this log.  He quickly switched to motivational Cadre and it was exactly what we needed.  Stone had a tough team lead.  Carrying his 4×6 board or “burden of leadership”, he looked like Hacksaw Jim Duggan from the 80’s WWF. – Black Eyed Pea

After I jack hammered from being cold for a while and we split into two teams I was on the team that had to recover the engines that we just blew up and got tasked with camouflaging them with Chief, while everyone attempted to grab the log. Chief tried to take down a fir sapling to provide cover for the stuff we were leaving and I just started pulling branches off. Then I grabbed the team weight and heard my 2nd Cadre conversation of the day/night. BD laughing says “They will never pick that fucking log up man”…..Cadre Dakotah they will pick it up no doubt but they are never making it to the road…….Cadre Jesse these guys are too stupid not to get it to the road. Sure enough you guys got it to the road and the event started. – Primetime

Sitting in cold; Cinderella shivering; hey man, come over here and get warm; Cinderella in between Padre, Punkin, and Posh; warmth returned.

When we made the patch and shirt we used the Cooper River Bridge in the Red Spearhead, the utility pole and the bridge was our team’s defining moment.

DEFINING MOMENT: If we continue to grow as a team, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Although the pluff canal was a mere obstacle to overcome, men came together to plow through this hideous stuff, embrace the no-see’ums biting us like mosquitos, and rally ever man to completion.

I was on the team assigned to retrieve the fuselage from the swamp area….when initial sightings happened I thought for sure the 30 guys there could lift it, but boy was I wrong…that thing was a beast, at that point I knew we would spend most of our night with it. This Facebook post rang through my head: “Heavy is what you want, a heavy is what you’ll get” – Mini-Me

I will admit, once we got the log out and started carrying it down the road I was terrified.  It was a mix of thinking someone was truly going to die because we would drop it on them and the dreed of not knowing how far they were going to make us go.  But I quickly became focused on the task at hand.  I was surrounded by men I completely trusted.  We all had put in the time working together, communicating, growing stronger and overcoming difficult tasks.  I knew if any group of men could keep this thing moving it would be us.  So I used that confidence in the men around me and focused on the things I could control.  Moving that log never got any easier the further we went but we kept going. – Jimmy O

1130: Cooper River Bridge

We struggled with the log; moved it to apartment complex; got heckled by locals. Surely we are going to drop the log in that field and move over the bridge without it. Nope.  Police escort to move log across the road. – Padre

“I thought you were a faith based group. Christian faith right? Well all I hear under that log is a bunch of gruntin and groanin. You think Jesus Christ grunted and groaned while carrying his cross? I bet he suffered in silence and so should you!” – Big Daddy

Big Daddy’s Jesus reference.  I know for me I was at a very low point at that particular point and to here an analogy of that magnitude just put me on another planet.  He was right, Jesus never complained about his burdens while dragging HIS cross to his death for our SINS. He took the beatings and the mockery from all who spat upon him. The log on the bridge that night was out cross and only we could bear it. I think if you seriously asked the cadre if they ever thought we would carry that MONSTER over the Cooper River Bridge, they would have laughed at you. But together as a team we accomplished the unthinkable. We came out better men for it, broken and bruised but better none the less. – PYT

Work Smarter Not Harder, Work Smarter Not Harder, Work Smarter Not Harder was going through my mind on that bridge from Cadre Jesse…. idea of rolling – Chief

It was hard to find the best place to position on the log to contribute the most.  I found a spot in the middle with Special Sauce, Bogey and Nymph.  We got into a good rhythm of getting under the log and then locking shields.  Every once in a while Bogey would yell, “We got this!!”.    It seemed like we moved it further and further each turn. – Black Eyed Pea

I was absolutely convinced that we were going to move this log all the way over the bridge and had no doubt that was the mission. Each man continue to overcome the weight and relied solely on each team member to mount this beast and move it…at first it was 5 feet, then 10 then 2 light poles, etc. We began to build confidence that indeed this was going to happen. I never had quit in my mind and the men around me didn’t either. We didn’t have to say much, a mere look into each other’s eyes was motivation enough to keep shouldering it to move again.

Early part of the bridge – slow going until Dallas bribed Big Daddy with a box of animal crackers to let us roll the log on the beer kegs…I saw BD laughing and as he was walking up he said “I like frosted animal cookies” – T-Bone

When Chief took TL, his country boy accent, and demand to listen to him was awesome. That authority was needed and we adhered. The keg roll is something that was ingenious and Chief shouting, see if you watch Survivor this crap comes to you!:) Keg rolls gave us a much needed break and once again reinvigorated the team.

I’ve heard the log called soul crusher though for me foot crusher may be more accurate. During the log over bridge operation, halfway up the bridge, my foot was crushed by the keg rolling over it with the log on top. I think I said guys I’m really hurt. I started to get light headed and I could feel the blood in my sock. Thoughts immediately started to go through my head that I might be done. It really felt like my toe was split in half. When I got to the doctors and laid down I about passed out. Many thanks to Nymph & Perrier for going to work on my foot. When they pulled off my shoe I was afraid to look but the site wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Blood was coming out from under my toenail and Nymph quickly taped it up he said to keep the toe nail in place for protection. Dallas slipped me a large pain pill. The pain was excruciating Friday was standing over me when they finished the job and asked is it time? Of course he meant for a prayer, within seconds after he finished praying, the dizziness started to go away. I stood up began to walk it off for a couple minutes and I knew at that point that my night was not over. Within 5 minutes I walked back up to my spot on the log & Jolly said you ready to go”? We jumped back under the thing & game on. Though it throbbed at various times during the night it never affected my performance anymore and I praise God for the healingthank Dallas for the supply of Advil and for people praying for us back home. I asked Nymph on the way home if that was a miracle because to me it is. He said I’m hesitant to call it a miracle because people expect big giant things when you’re talking about a miracle but should your toe be at least purple, yes. But looking at my toe at that moment it hardly looked like anything at all. Then I looked over at my middle toe and for the first time realized that the nail wasn’t attached accept by one little thread. Its funny how our minds block things out. – Springfield

Loved it when Chief told Fiddler, “Boy haven’t I taught you anything in this life, don’t piss in the wind!”…BD was close by and laughed pretty well at that!

Memorable – I told Big Daddy the DKTP story when he asked me what it meant.  He cracked up and wanted a patch at that moment. – Professor

Memorable – Free Pass being on the keg the whole time on the bridge and getting it under the soul crusher within 4 seconds of calling “Keg!”

Memorable – Free pass saving me from cracking my head after almost being crushed by the log – Professor

Favorite moment of the night – Big Daddy is super concerned about everyone’s feet and he gets to Shark’s hoof. He looks at it and was taken aback and goes “Holy shit, what you got going on there man…..oh ok you’re good and moved on to the next guy. Made me laugh really hard as I was peeing my pants. – Primetime

When we finally got the log off the bridge that was one of my proudest moments as a team to think we did what was impossible.  That feeling ended quickly when Cadre Jesse came flying up the sidewalk pissed off.  He told me afterwards he was well rested and we looked like we were having too good of a time.  The threat of going back across the bridge barefoot and shirtless with that log inspired tremendous strength in our team.  To think, we did at least 18 overhead presses with that log before we got the 10 good reps Cadre Jesse was asking for. – BEP

I fought against the old habits of avoiding the difficult and painful throughout the night on that bridge.  But I once again looked at the men around me and knew I could not do that to them.  I knew their stories, was aware of some of things that might be going on in their heads and saw them fighting through it.  I knew if they could keep going then I had to as well.  We all knew each other so well, that most of the time it only took eye contact, a certain look, or a little smile and you knew you could pick that thing up one more time.  Friday and I were right across from each other for a while on the log.  I was really struggling and getting a little lightheaded.  We rested a minute; I looked at Friday shook my head and looked down.  When I lifted my head again, he was still staring right at me.  We held eye contact for a few seconds I could feel him lifting me out the suck I was in at that moment.  We never said a word, but we did not need to.  He was there for me! – Jimmy Olsen

As for that log I have many memories of looking across that thing or under that thing & staring into the eyes of Jolly, Friday, Etch, Winnie, PYT & the rest of my Clydesdale brothers that I shared that burden up front with. I remember Landshark being called for from the back at times to put the front of the log down on his ruck like the beast that he is. I saw a lot of heart from a lot of my F3 brothers that 25+ hours. – Springfield

Low Point – Having spent most of the time on the bridge under the log and then getting our asses kicked again by Jesse at the foot with no socks on.  I was wiped out. – Professor

“How many was that?”   ZERO…For anyone wondering. Yes, I had to use my ruck as a stool to help out on those overheads.  Even worse, I had no shoes on. – 66

My lowest moment came once we were off the bridge.  Jesse met us just off the bridge and was a complete opposite leader from what we got from BD.  He started to rip into us about our poor performance and weakness.  We went from feeling good about getting off the bridge to feeling horrible.  He was not cutting us any slack and did not seem to care a bit about how smoked we were.  He told us we had to complete 10 overhead presses with the log or we would turn around and take it back over the bridge.  For hours, we had struggled just to get the log to our shoulders and failed at that.  I was 100% convinced we would not be able to do this.  66 was across the log from me.  More accurately, he was under the log!!  This man was putting himself completely under the log and pushing straight up while we tried to lift it over our heads.  There was so much dangerous about that I could not believe he was doing it.  Seeing him sacrifice this way inspired me to keep trying.  I prayed many times during this event but I remember this time clearly.  I asked God to give me & the rest of us strength to lift the log.  I had already made the decision that if Jesse said to turn around and carry it back over the bridge I would quit!  Who knows if that would have really happened but at that moment that is where I was.  Somehow we got the log up 10 times!!  I cannot explain it, but once again this team had done the impossible. – Jimmy O

If you did not pee in your pants on the bridge you actually peed on your team, wind was blowing. For those that could not believe a doctor could pee in his pants. Dude who was disappointed no one was jumping off the bridge. Snake was also naked in battery. Sauce has a high coefficient of friction, i always have to drag him. I am still haunted by bad free pass hair. Like a beavis and butthead episode. Fiddler telling me his dad just has that look on his face. Pt knowing what a lisfranc fracture was cause he had had one and he is still badass and doing a heavy. Pt knowing exactly the number of times he peed on himself, 17. – Nymph

The true definition of our event was…THE LOG.  Without it, the entire night would not have been the same.  I heard afterwards that the cadre didn’t think we would even get it out of the mud.  I didn’t think we were going anywhere past that marina with it.  Little did I know that when 57 men set their minds (or have their minds set for them) to do something, almost ANYTHING is possible.  I firmly believe that if we were required to get it all the way back to the beach house, we would have “figured it out” one way or the other.  We may have taken until March 20th to do it, but we would have gotten it done. – 9-Lives

Cadre snippets:

Teamwork – always

“Choose your own adventure” – Cadre Jesse

“You’ll get it” – Cadre Jesse

“Attention to detail! Teamwork breeds success!” – Cadre BD

“I am not even playing around people” – Cadre Jesse

“If you call me ‘sir’ one more time…” – Cadre Dakota

“Up…zero…up…zero…up…zero…up…zero…” – Cadre Jesse

That time when…:

…We thought we’d never complete 1000 reps

…Primetime peed himself about 14 different times

…Everyone thought we were done with the log and Cadre Jesse made us lift it a billion times.

…We did a freaking PT test at hour 17!

…Uhaul twisted his knee and kept going – like a beast.

…We started at the base of the Bridge and thought, ‘there’s no way this log is going over that bridge’ – and then we totally did.

…We thought endex was finally here and Cadre Dakota reminded us we owed him another 1000 reps

0400-0700: Patriots Point – PT Test – Purple Heart Memorial – Purple Heart Memorial Run

Travolta appointed TL, I knew he would take immediate control and we would kill whatever we were faced with. We had a time hack to move to the field in front of the aircraft carrier in 10 minutes. Travolta did a fantastic job getting us there.

Once there, the first (or was it the 2nd) food break, but who knew a damn PT Test lingered? We stuffed our bellies and let our minds wondered…were we getting wet? Were we going on the carrier as a next mission?

Cadre Jesse announcing a PT test immediately casted doubt in my mind…how can I do pushups and sit-ups and run 2 miles after 15+hrs of this event…Thought I was going to puke during sit-ups, but totally nailed the pushups…this built immediate confident that I could get this done! I had made up my mind then that I was going to run the whole time and not give up on myself or this team. – Pax

Memorable – Feeling happy about getting to eat at Patriots Point

Memorable – Feeling happy about getting to do a PT Test 17 hours into the event – crazy but it was easy compared to everything else we had done

Cadre Jesse’s Purple Heart Memorial speech about Cadre Dakota was an emotional mess for me. These guys continue to put themselves in harm’s way…I kept thinking about my Dad and his time in Vietnam and how even though times were bad at points that he (and they) survived. It was an absolute honor to tell Dakota thank you and share with him my Dad was 5th Group SF. He told me my Dad was his Hero….mine too brother! – Mini-Me

The Purple Heart mile was a fitting ending to Jesse’s speech, It was a lesson in teamwork working in tight quarters to move our bound rucks together. We had some issues initially, but seemed to finally figure it out in the end.

Rucks attached: This is where, to me, negative embraces of the suck turned positive. We saw that encouraging one another and building each other up lead to positive results. At first everyone thought that we were sucking, but we kept it together and powered through. – Cinderella

DEFINING MOMENT: Individually and as a team we were made aware that we had a LOT more in the tank than we thought. Completing the PT test was an individual accomplishment that gave each of us the confidence that we could continue to press on with our missions. – Mini-Me

Does a Chief sh*# in the woods?

0700-0900: More Log

I think the lowest part of this event was being tasked to move that damn log again due to our utter failure to adhering to all the rules. One member asked what time it was to a person at the gas station. This set off Cadre Dakota. The success we felt about moving that log across the bridge was long gone knowing we now had been tasked to move it one mile in 30 mins. I knew that was a steep hill to climb, but we mounted that bad boy and pressed on.

I recall the count downs by Bagboy and Travolta, 1,2,3, up…1,2,3,up…etc…the constant encouragement from Bogey, Calypso under the log turning red in the face giving it all he had, UHaul in there giving what he had with a bum knee, those Clydesdales ever so strong moving us forward…all these things reassured me that we were in this fight together. If we didn’t meet our time hack, I knew these guys would continue to press on.

KegStand’s speech on the log to call on ever man to put forth the efforts was a motivator…his callout of the “grays” was on point. He was right in front of me (I must say I enjoyed hugging him under the log the whole night…his ruck had a patch that said “I Love Bewbs”…I laugh each and every time I pressed up against it…I even motorboated it!!!:)

When Dakota made us turn on the side street, I knew we had shown him that although we were pissed at the TL (McEnroe) about what we had to endure, he knew we were still a team and not letting a mistake effect our motivation!

Bogey was awesome when we missed setting the log down by 3 feet. He was the sole reason for me to grab that damn thing and get it mounted to take back to the street…Bogey said “Come on guys, we got this”…but once again Dakota was expecting us to come apart at the seams due to this failure, but we showed him that we were right back in the fight!

0900-1230: Sullivan’s Island. We crossed the bridge to Isle of Palms

Personally, I got in my own head as we approached the island…As we climbed the hill to cross that Draw Bridge I kept thinking my feet hurt and hoped that it was a short walk to endex. Although once on the bridge I realized it was a long ways away. At that point I began looking for someone to talk to…Jimmy O was slugging along there by himself and I knew he and I were in the same spot. I got in line with him and began telling him stories, I appreciate him listening, because I’m sure they didn’t make full senses. It help get me out of my funk as well.

Remember PT petitioning Dakota to stop after we dropped the log so that we could check Fiddlers feet…Dakota: “what are you going to do for him now put mole skin on him? PT: “yeah, want to make sure he is ok” Dakota: “A wise doctor once told me that no one has ever died from a blister!” keep going

I can remember telling myself during the telephone pole ruck runs as No Help and I would take off after Springfrield and Kegstand that if my mom can beat cancer one she can beat it again and I can make it to the next mother-%&*$# telephone pole.  Nothing was going to stop me or this team from succeeding. I did my best to turn a negative into a positive and thrived as best I could.  We were all able to get through the weekend because we had God on our side and had 56 brothers that stood arm in arm and laughed together, cried together, pushed together, lifted unmovable objects together, and most importantly thrived together. The strength of the team was unbreakable and the strength you all gave me I will never forget. Love and Respect to all those in F3 GRH Class 001. – Free Pass

I realize that I started checking in with every man I came along side as we ran/walked to IOP beach area….each man wa sin a different place. I remember Arizona saying he wasn’t good and the demons were inside his head. Tried to encourage and let him know that whatever was getting ready to happen that we all can do it together.

I remembered Mortimer (on whatsapp) saying get a mantra in your head and keep repeating it when things suck…mine=”Stand firm in your Faith, be strong and courageous men!”…Friday was alongside me as I remembered that…he too shouted his…that was awesome! Thanks Friday!

On the way back to the islands I was sent up front to set an “uncomfortable” pace, Cadre Dakota comes up to me & I asked him if the pace was good for him now. He said yes but when you get to the next light pole I want you to run to the light pole after that. When the whole team caught back up I thought oh man that was a jolt, we are awake now. Little did we know then we would be repeating that cycle all the way back to the beach #goodtimes – Springfield

Encouragement – there was lots of this and it was much needed.

Checking on one another – checking on a teammate can be a world of difference.  Several PAX stated they wouldn’t have made it that last few miles without their teammate keeping them focused.

Leadership – I think all of the team leaders did a great job stepping up.  Especially Fiddler who got thrown into that role from the get go.  You could tell he was a little nervous, but he really stepped up.

Ingenuity – There were some great ideas.  Using the kegs to roll the log, using the straps to help roll the log, using the litter carry to transfer the kegs to the front of the log, figuring out the best way to carry things, working in unison to lift the log to the knees, waist, chest, shoulders, and passing the kegs in a line in the pluff mud.

Staying Focused – other than that last stretch of carrying the mile where we needed someone to give a pep-speech, no one lost their cool.  That log was frustrating.  The mud was frustrating.  PAX were hungry.  But no one lost it and took it out on anyone else.  For 57 people, that’s huge. – Pothole

DEFINING MOMENT: Even though an individual may be at fault or in error, the team will pay for their mishaps. Accountability is such an important part of any team. The rules that this team is charged with is important no matter what time it is. Stop thinking about survival and continue to live in the moment and thrive at each and every task.

1300-1400: 2 Mile Ranger (Partner Run), Beach Front

Memorable – the buddy walk with Bogey agreeing and then switching to BEP a little more the halfway through (Calypso and Bogey started walking too fast) – Professor

We immediately dropped our rucks and began Beach PT while we waited on the rest of the class. I will never forget BD comment to me as I looked into his eyes on that beach. He says with a big laughing smile, It pays to be a winner right.”  My reply was, “sir yes sir.”  And laughed again and hit me on the shoulder.  Truly a memorable moment for me.  – PYT

At some point, we had gathered with Jolly Roger, Etch, and I think Dallas and his partner.  It began to feel like old times, rucking together and pushing each other forward.  We started to get close to what we thought was the finish and my energy picked up.  Mini Me and I ran the final stretch and crossed the line together!  It was a moment I shared with him that will stay with me forever.  Mini Me, thank you for being the man you are and my friend!! – Jimmy Olsen

Hardest  Point:  Nymph and I teamed up at the end to run/ruck the beach.  About half way there, I think both of us got some tunnel vision and we’re having some troubles.   We came together and assisted each other by talking as much as we could.  I also asked for him to get me as much food as possible out of my ruck.  When in doubt, eat!   We made it and the ocean felt great.  – Special Sauce

Endex – In the water, out of the water

When we linked arms and stood in the ocean doing up/downs and that dual prop helicopter buzzed us was absolutely exhilarating.

The patch ceremony was such a high point for me. I was not just ecstatic for finishing this event, but elated for those 11 +/- that completed this as their very 1st GORUCK event. Thinking back, I would have never taken that step, but with this tight knit group called F3 Isotope, the 2ndF that encompasses the training and the mission I know each and every man on this team is on, no doubt we finished this together! 3rd team out of 64 to 100% complete a GORUCK Heavy….I have 2 word F3 STRONG!

The Endex was the most fun I had outside of the fountain. Loved getting in the water and a funny part of that was me and No Help rolled for what seemed like forever to get with Free Pass, Mortimer, and Gulf Stream and by the time we got to them and big daddy he made us stand and do SSH’s and I stood up attempted one, looked like that video of those afghan soldiers trying to do one and promptly face planted, don’t know if anyone else thought it was funny but it was absolutely hilarious to me.

I hate miley cyrus but screaming that song well at least the wrecking ball part because that’s all I know, doing squats, slapping the ocean, & watching that coast guard dual prop fly over was surreal. Perfect cap to the most amazing 27 hours of my life with my brothers that I would run through a wall for. – Primetime

Wrecking Ball, 1,000 reps

There were many emotional moments along this journey.  I teared up several times at the stories and speeches delivered by the Cadre.  But while we locked arm and arm at the edge of the surf doing squats all as one I began to really cry.  When we lined up and received our patches all the guys around me were crying.  I cannot speak for the others, but my tears were just as much for the team as they were for me.   I was just as happy that everyone else finished, as I was that I finished what I started.  Maybe even more so!  The Cadre’s mission was to make us team and make us better Americans.  Mission Accomplished!!Jimmy Olsen

Walking back to the house with Big Daddy was awesome.  It was him, C&B aka Jimmy Olsen, and myself.  We were talking and I asked if they really believed the Fishing, Faith, and Fellowship thing.  He said that Jesse and Dakotah really believed it.  They kept pointing to the pictures that Uhaul and Bago had posted with the fish.  He said they went back and forth on the phone and computer and big daddy sent them the link to our F3 Nation page and they didn’t believe it until they saw the logo on some of the guys facebook posts and pages.  He said that was hilarious and at that point he knew that this was going to be an amazing event. – Primetime

When Jessie shook my hand, I handed him the Smurf patch, he thought it was great and promptly put it on his hat! – T-Bone

Big Daddy stripping and jumping into the pool – telling us the log was 23 yards long!

It was a privilege to be able to join 56 men for an event that we will not soon forget, and it was an honor to follow Jesse, Dakotah, and Big Daddy on a journey where we learned a lot about ourselves and each other. There will be a day when we can no longer do this, but that day was not this weekend for all 57 men who found the resolve to not only finish the event but to ensure everyone else finished with them!  We formed, we stormed, we normed, we performed, and we adjourned.  The lessons we learned during the event will mean nothing if we do not incorporate them in our lives in order to become better husbands, brothers, friends, fathers, and sons. – Padre

Notable Quotes:

“I didn’t fly all the way out here to not get wet!” – Big Daddy

“How many is that?…NO, 0!”

“Who told you you could put that log down?”

“The lost jet aircraft engines look a lot like beer kegs.”

“Light Pole Roulette”

DEFINING MOMENT: Throughout this event a consistent focus of team work and “choosing our own adventure” lingered. Many times we made mistakes, but weather through the errors to grow strong and closer. Should any man doubt himself about what we achieved, I point them to what the length of the Cooper River Bridge looked like as we approach it, then turn around 5 hours later and look back…THAT.JUST.HAPPENED! We are GORUCK Heavy’s because we stood firm in our faith, and were strong and courageous men. Not only surviving, but thriving. – Mini-Me

Chief Says:

This was the hardest events I have ever done. Thanks to Cadre Jesse, Cadre Dakota and Big Daddy for your service and leadership.

I was honored to do this event with my son – Cody aka ( Fiddler)

Seeing your son chosen to lead a group right out of the gate made me both proud, nervous and excited.

The men of F3 have been such and huge part of how Fiddler has been molded into the man he is becoming. Thank You!

Funniest Part:  There are so many.  One is certainly Big Daddy and his stories.   I continue to chuckle about him saying,  “Am I boring you guys?”   Also best quote came from Bagboy Saturday night.   He stated, “ I haven’t been this sore since Cheerleading Camp.”   Oh my!  – Special Sauce

A 12-hour Challenge event is NOTHING like a 24-hour Heavy event!

Amazing location with lots of venues to “play” with and military history around Charleston.  Was happy that my Heavy (meaning: the only Heavy I will ever do) was here.  The beach house topped the event to give it even more memorable  “personality” (thanks Calypso)

So many great personalities in this event that complimented each other well!  I don’t want to single anyone out because everyone brought something useful to the team.  Some, more than others.  To me, individuals that make up our collective is what made this event for me. – 9-Lives

Lessons Learned:

You don’t have to be loud to lead.  Clear instructions and a calm attitude work miracles.

Know where you are in the process.  Accept failure and build on it.  Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing. – Jolly Roger

The fact that everybody made it, just shows that we formed a team that was stronger than strong.  The cadre found out that our will to finish together was stronger that the tests.  We failed…a bunch, but never quit.  That is a life lesson I will take into the rest of my life. – Jolly Roger

Going into this event I was hoping to be tested to my breaking point and boy was I!! – PYT

I never doubted my ability to finish this event mentally. Has gone through 4 years of hell at The Citadel. 24 hours was nothing. I did however question my body. I am probably in the best shape of my life since joining F3 Nation over a use ago, but that thought seemed to linger in my head. – PYT

When it was all said and done and I gave my quick overview of Aaron and broke down crying. I would have to say this event was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my 30 years of existence. I would jump at the mention of doing it again with you guys or anyone from F3 Nation. I’m sure we all took something from those 25 hours that we will never forget and hopefully apply to our lives in some form or fashion. I’m glad nobody was seriously hurt and that we all made it through. F3 is truly an organization that changes lives and we are all better men for it. – PYT

Aaron’s flag. BD took it back to CA to the USMC Recon School

For a rookie GORUCK, this event ended the same as it started. Goes back to Cadre Dakotah’s flag speech.  My RED F3 patch is just cloth. With all the dirty, sand, sweat, mud. It still only cloth. But what It stands for and what it represents cannot be measured.  Thank you F3 Brother, especially Isotope for giving me the courage and the strength. -66

Here is what I would have done differently: – Professor

– Packed less food (cheese sticks and wild cooked salmon only) although what I packed helped others.

– Packed what food I had in one bag so it was easy to get to

– Packed a backup bladder since mine got pinched and punctured under the log – I borrowed one from 66 on the bridge

– Packed tea tree oil for the no-see-ums

Cadre Dakotah tells us we can pee whenever but not alone and Jesse says “or you can pee your pants, I do all the time it is the coolest” and I see Billy Madison saying you ain’t cool unless you pee your pants. – Winnebago

I know I can go on and on with my recap, but it will get redundant with what everyone else is saying. I will close with these thoughts: I did not get the emotional connection or effect from GRC421. No disrespect to my brothers from that class, but we would all agree the cadre were not the best when it came to the feel of the event. I definitely got this from F3GRH 001.  All 3 cadre had different styles of leadership and all were effective. BD lived up to everything you’ve ever heard about him and then some. Jesse is so amazing with his dual personalities.  Training us one minutes via awful PT and cranking out some Wrecking Ball at the end. Love that guy. Dakotah was as cool as they come. I cannot recall him raising his voice at us even when the flag dropped, and his actual service story and all that he has endured is enough to make any grown man cry. – Free Pass

Low Country Boil, Beers and Fellowship at Team House

Thank you Duff for cooking us an awesome meal!!!!  Thank you M.Bogey for the cake!

Many made a mad dash for the showers at the house, some used the pool.

An awesome evening was had reliving the event, leveraging ACRT for recovery, some fell asleep with their headlamp on, because you can never be too prepared.  Sunday morning was an absolute gorgeous morning outside, allowed many to reflect more………. Until next time……..

Future Ideas – by Pothole

More straps?:  You can almost guarantee that a Heavy is going to have a log.  Bringing a team bag with straps and rope might just be a lifesaver.

Pack smartly: Keep your food together with some food as quick access.  When we dumped the packs, I saw food and gear EVERYWHERE.  I kept all of my food in a double ziplock with some spare food accessible when I needed it.  I kept spare socks and shirts in compressed double ziplocks.  This kept things packaged and easy to dump and repack.  Another good idea is to put your name on things.  In the military, you have to put your name on EVERYTHING.  The reason is if something gets dumped, it takes less time to find out what belongs to who.

**Kudos to whoever came up with the smurfs, Joes, and clydesdales idea.  Genius. – Pothole

“Attention to detail. Teamwork breeds success!!”

Thank you Men for making this an awesome team event, thank you to your family for letting you train and until HCL in April 2016 keep being you! – Dallas

Icing on the Cake

The PAXCabin Fever, Seal, Shiner, Keystone, Swift (WB), Boomhower, Flo Ryder, Gluten (WD), Brown Shorts, Slug
Workout Date4-23-15

YHC rolled into the Powder Keg this morning at 5:15 to scope out a spot for one of our exercises.  Usually, several people are onsite before the workout to “light the fuse” but today, it was just me.  Once I found what I was looking for I rolled back to the parking lot.  By this time it was 5:25 and still no one was there.  I thought to myself, is this Wednesday?  Where the crap is everyone?  Finally at 5:27 the cars started rolling in.  A total of 10 men for the PAX this morning on a nice 52 degree morning with clear skies, perfect for spotting those beloved flyovers!  Here is what went down:


-SSH x 30 IC

-Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

-Merkins x 10 IC slow count

The Thang:

Mosey to shed to collect coupons

-21 Guns w/ 5 sec. Hold for a 5 count between positions
-Bent over lat pulls x 15 IC
-Upright rows x 10 IC (this one caused a lot of mumble chatter, note to self, block is to flipping hard to hold for this exercise!)
-Triceps extensions x 15 IC

Rinse and Repeat (substituted upright rows for squats x 15 IC

Mosey to upper parking lot

-Begin with 20 squats at end of parking isle
-Lunge walk to center parking lot
-10 burpees
-Lunge walk back to start

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to picnic shelter – Since today is my 2.1’s birthday, I wanted to put the icing on the cake and finish off the legs with a real smoker!

-Bring Sally up with squats (Lots of pain here after all the lunges!)

That was fun, now lets do it again!

-Bring Sally up with calf raises

During both of the Sally exercises we experienced a flyover.  So 20 burpee penalty.

Now time to stretch the legs with an Indian run around the building, once around the building Jail Break back to the SF.


-Isolations crunches x 15 IC each side


-5-16 is the Jackalope.  still time to sign up
-5-1 Swamp Rabbit Friday night 5K, $6 to sign up (with tee shirt).  Seal is doing it.
-May Wren Flud Run.  Seal, Cabin Fever, Brown Shorts & Slug plan to run it.  Anyone else want to join get a team together.
-1st Saturday workout at Walmart went well.  Plan to do this once a month on a rotating Saturday basis.  Next month will be on the 2nd Saturday, June will be the 1st Saturday, etc…  All other Saturdays still at Marathon.
-Need a Q next Thursday at Powder Keg. If you have never Q’d before step up!!
-Keep Brown Short’s family in your prayers with his Uncle passing away. Several family members having a hard time.

Always a pleasure to start my morning out with an outstanding group of men.

Who has the Q? We all do!

Q.I.C.No One and Everyone
The PAXQuickie, Inspector Gadget, Duplo, Flow Rider, Tea Bag, Slug, Swift (WB), Shiner, Gluten (WD), Cabin Fever, Seal, Keystone
Workout Date04/20/15

12 PAX showed up on a fine morning for a leaderless workout.  When it was ascertained that no one had signed up to Q, it was declared a “People’s Choice” workout: name the next exercise and Q it (Q for each segment shown in bold).

Warm-up (Cabin Fever took the Q):

SSH x20 IC, Windmills x20 IC, Merkins x15 IC


Mosey around the church followed by People’s Chair (Tea Bag).  Inward arm circles, outward arm circles, and arms straight ahead rounded out the experience.

Mosey to shelter for some Slug-instigated fun:  Pull-ups x5, Merkins x10 IC, Sumo Squats x 20 IC.  Rinse, repeat twice.

Mosey to parking lot entrance.  Jacob’s Ladder led by Seal:  Merkins at the bottom, Burpees at the top, up to 7.

Mosey back to the shovel flag (Inspector Gadget).  Lunges to the stairs, Joe Hendrix up the stairs, lunges back to start.

Mosey to next section of parking lot for BLIMPS (Burpee, Lunge, IW, Merkin, Plank Jack, Squat), beginning with 1 and going up to 5.  Quickie took the Q.  10 Burpee penalty for a flyover during this exercise.

Circle up at shovel flag for 3MOM.  Gluten called a Ring of Fire with the PAX holding feet at 6″ while each runner completed a circuit, pushing down each set of feet as he passed.


Jackalope – 5.16.15

Successful posting at Wal-Mart on Saturday.  Next one 2nd Saturday in May, then 1st Saturday in June.

Greenwood Launch – May 9

Jacksonville launch – April 25th.  Let Jacksonville family & friends know.  Encourage them to get on the e-mail list at

Good launch of 3 new AOs in ATL last week.  IG helped with Alpharetta AO.

Wren Flud Run – May 30.  Looking to put together team(s) from Powderkeg.

GHS Swamp Rabbit 5K – May 1 at 6:30 PM.  Registration $6 through 4/24.  Wear F3 t-shirts & come early to get a parking spot.

Start thinking about AO for Pickens County.  Clemson is a possibility.

EH guys who need to come back now that the cold weather has passed.

Swift needs prayer and financial support for Eleuthera (Bahamas) mission trip this summer.

Prayers for Brown Shorts & family in the death of his uncle.

Prayers for Quickie in his 150-story stair climb (fire dept training in Indy).



Battlefrog Pre-blast

The Battlefrog 8K is this Saturday, April 22 at Carolina Adventure World in Winnsboro, SC.  F3 Nation will be running in the 8:30 am wave.

It’s not too late to sign up.  Registration details are here (there’s only an 8K option now instead of 5K and 15K).  If you’ve done a CSAUP event before like the Mud Run, Spartan or Tough Mudder, you can defintely handle this race.  Several of us ran it last year and were impressed with the setup.  This race has some challenging but fun obstacles.  Fortunately, there aren’t any spear throws in this race.  Their calling card is the Tsunami, which looks like something from American Ninja Warrior.

Race day details including link to course map are here.  I would recommend getting to Carolina Adventure World by 7:00 am to allow enough time for parking ($10 cash per car), registration and warmup.

For Metro pax that want to carpool down, meet at 5:45 am by Caribou at Park Road Shopping Center.

Night Ops jailbreaking smoke fest

The PAXMr.Winslow, Roscoe P Coltrane, Chernobyl, and Seal
Workout Date04/19/15

The Shovel Flag was planted under a picnic shelter for fear of another down pour and 4 men decided to get better despite Mother Nature. The park was mostly empty and the ground was resembling a muddy sponge from the recent monsoon. We pushed on.


SSH x20 IC

IW x15 IC

MC x15 IC


The Thang:

Ran to the picnic shelter just before the double bridge with “one-way”.

16’s!! dips and derkins (smoke fest part one) Mr. Winslow was the first to bring the #mumblechatter on this one. Alas, we were all hurting.

Mosey. Ran to the fighter jet and got in the first balancing act. Crab walk the entire length of the two semi circle walls around jet. Planking fun til all are done.

Mosey. Found a small stone bridge on the way up to the Liberty bridge. Declined plank fun again. Quite a balancing act with your toes 3′ above your shoulders. Mr. Winslow gives us the sad news that he has no equilibrium. My… what fun we had watching him though.

Mosey. OYO jog to the Liberty Bridge. Then go pick up the six. It was at the bridge that we ran into traffic. And an awkward moment almost got real. As Roscoe bumped into an old “acquaintance” and no one was really sure how it was going to go. But all is well and the run resumed. Whew! (It could’ve gone bad). We made our way back down the hill. About the second bridge, Roscoe suggests a jailbreak to the fighter jet between just himself and YHC. Fully knowing I would not back down from a challenge, away we went (smoke fest part two). It was neck and neck the whole way, and YHC had completely misjudged how far away that monument was #MerlotNearMiss.  Mr. Winslow and Chernobyl were unaware of the challenge and were left a little perplexed. After we regrouped, Flutterkicks were suggested (by whom?) in order to prepare us all for the unholiest of pains that I will inflict upon OverDraft at our next meeting #TauntingSeal #TrashTalkHighCountFlutterKicks .

Flutterkicks x25 IC

Mosey back to the flag. No more Mary. No time.


Jackalope coming up 5/16  – get ready

Prayers for those guys with injuries and missing out on all this fun.

Keep posting and keep EH’ng those guys that need to get better. Bring them to Night Ops and we’ll take it from there. No ‘Too early’ excuses here.

By the way, we now have our own official ‘Tag’ here!! And we are also officially on the Swamp Rabbit schedule! Good work and thank you for the support.

See you in the gloom brothers.


F3rd Saturday: Parking Lot or Field of Dreams

The PAXDuplo, FNG A. Waldrop "Broccoli"-WB, FNG Jared Davis "Mash", FNG Phil Rabe "Shiner", Blue Balls, Nair, and Gluten-WD also the Mystery Q.
Workout Date04/18/15

The PAX of Powder Keg had been having some discussions over the last couple of months about the potential for increasing our visibility on a Saturday morning workout on a monthly basis! Finally, in one of those moments during a recent COT – it was time to stop talking and set a plan into action. The F3rd Saturday of April would be that plan to attack the opportunity in waiting. Perhaps, the plan to would fail and we should wait. After all, many in Swamp Rabbit would be helping to make The LEAP expansion effort down in the ATL a success. Trusting, however, that F3 is a movement that pleases GOD, the PAX bit the bullet and pressed on for those who would be willing and available to meet in the parking lot between MD360 and WALMART on April 18, 2015 in anticipation that men will come if we are faithful to act on the plan! Here’s what went down:


Had to give the disclaimer! (Hmmm… this is sounding good. YHC didn’t have to do that the last time a Q opportunity came his way)

  • SSH x20, In cadence
  • Imperial Walkers x20, in cadence
  • The Squat x20, in cadence
  • The Merican x15, in cadence

Somewhere between Imperial Walkers and The Squat, Nair rolled into the parking lot to join our band of brothers getting in an inaugural downPAINment in this busy location! Time to mosey… oh where should we go? YHC wasn’t even sure, but with FNGs in tow, it just felt right that we should be sure to take our little parade closer to the entrance of WALMART. As we got closer a few early bird shoppers seemed to be cheering us on for what we were doing. (Hmmm, didn’t see that coming!) We continued as YHC led the PAX right past both entrances of Walmart and then one of those last second left hand turns (yeah, as the Spirit leads) by the garden center toward the back of the store. There! Near the tree and a wide open area of wet concrete… perfect for where we could “Halt” for whatever (?) would come next… the Next Exercise is:

  • The Mountain Climber x25, in cadence
  • The Flutter x 20, in cadence

It’s a dead zone back here in this corner. Not much to see, and not anybody besides us, to notice what we are up to… so, YHC said “Let’s mosey.” and the PAX followed as we headed around the back side of the Walmart back to some nicely spaced light poles in the parking lot near where our warm-up took place. A good spot to partner up for a nice exercise routine known as…

DORA 1 – 2 – 3

Okay, after explaining the three exercises and partnering up (which I must say is easier said than done) we eventually found ourselves in three pairs where we would accomplish our 100 LBC’s, 200 Sumo Squats, and 300 Crab Cakes as 1st partner ran to the third light pole while the 2nd partner started the exercise. Once the 1st partner got back to the first light pole he would pick up the count of his partner and continue the exercise while the 2nd partner picked up the run. Six hundred of anything will work you out pretty good but when half are Crab Cakes, you learn pretty quickly that you might have picked an easier exercise. Oh well, we were better for it since we are alive to talk about it! The next exercise is…

Taylor Jack’s or Webb Dan’s

A Gluten variation (not intentional, just happened that way) of Dan Taylors or Jack Webb’s Dan Taylor’s are typically a 1:4 ratio of lunges and squats for a “I can’t feel my legs, Lt. Dan!”, but YHC was somewhat oxygen deprived from DORA and we ended up with a hybrid of Taylor Jack’s or Webb Dan’s… Lunges 1 for both legs to Air presses 4… I know, I know! It is what it is. We did something though! It followed the step progression through 7:28. I must confess, we didn’t have enough time to take it back down in the opposite direction. My bad! I’lll do it right the next time. Not finished just yet. Two more moseys from YHC. Let’s see where we’re going now… heading around on the other side of the MD360 building looking for a suitable wall for…

  • The People’s Chair x 3 episodes

Each gave us time to hold our chair pose long enough for YHC and Blue Balls to quote some scripture like Ephesians 3:20, John 3:16, and Proverbs 27:17. Time check revealed we had to mosey for an abbreviated 6MOM minus 4. Yes, it’s really 0758… Let’s Mosey back to the Warm-up spot where we started off. When we got there YHC called everybody to get on their six, then he said we would finish heads in, feet out holding our feet up at 18 inches for a ring of fire or ROF where we all took turns running around the ring pushing the feet of the PAX down to the ground as they try to hold the 18 inches. We did this until the last man finished and got back into his 18 inch hold pattern and we all did a countdown from 10 to one! We were done!


Count off revealed 6 plus a 2.0 of Duplo’s waiting in the car. Invited him in for the Name-O-ramA, because 3 FNGs is one better than 2, and 6 PAX is good, but 7 is PERFECT! We ended up naming Duplo’s 2.0 A. Waldrop – Broccoli; Jared Davis – Mash; and Phil Rabe – Shiner. Good work by all the PAX in this inaugural F3rd posting in a parking lot between MD360 and Walmart. Strangely enough, my Garmin painted a trail of this workout that had a total of 2.13 miles. Further than thought. Announcements: Didn’t get mentioned, but this is an addendum upfront about Jackeloup on May 16. Let’s get behind this! We also mentioned The LEAP expansion efforts for The ATL, Asheville, Greenwood and Yes, for Pickens County, SC – all before year end! MEN – all men – need this! We heard several prayer requests as well involving family health needs, job related stresses that we can all relate to as well as prayers for those traveling due to funerals, etc. YHC closed us out in prayer and asked for continued blessings on all men striving to improve their fitness, fellowship and faith because we are so thankful to belong to this movement that glorifies GOD! We remember what it was like before and we are recognizing that this is something to be shared! As always, it is an honor to lead my F3 Brothers and look forward to seeing you next time in the gloom! Aye!

PRE-blast: Powder Keg's Major Wrinkle on F3rd Saturday

Q.I.C.Mystery Q(s)
The PAXYOU who know the suffering last only a little while, but the downPAINment invested over 60 minutes makes us stronger at the men GOD desires us to be!
Workout Date04/18/15

We’ve talked about it for a while now: Plant the PowderKeg Shovel Flag in the parking lot between MD360 & Walmart! 0700  – What a novel idea… If we plant it, they will come! Who are you bringing? If we anticipate something appropriate/intentional for getting the ATTENTION of men so they consider experiencing Fitness, Fellowship & Faith for themselves, then we must make our presence known. Are you in? Come earlier and we’ll really light “The Fuse” for F3 PowderKeg!

Spring 2015: 500 Pax Complete the Super Bowl of F3- The Mud Run

The PAXOver 500 pax from F3 Nation
Workout Date04/11/15

500 pax converged at the Leatherneck Course in Gaston, SC for the 2015 Spring Edition of the Super Bowl of F3 – THE LEGENDARY ULTIMATE CHALLENGE MUD RUN.  There were some impressive perfomances from the pax ranging from 16 teams completing the course in under 1 hour time to some first time participants conquering the course in impressive fashion.  Our time spent with the Heros from Operation Enduring Warrior provided plenty of #3rdF for the Pax, while the #F3BeerBoat provided more than enough #2ndF.  It was only fitting that the day would included a couple rain showers since F3 workouts are held rain or shine.  A Great Day for F3Nation!

Conditions: Low 60s, partly cloudy, some light rain, perfect for a CSAUP event

The Thang:

Operation Enduring Warrior Presentation:

  • Jared, one of the OEW athletes and Mud Run Participants, expressed his appreciation for all F3Nation does to support their cause in help veterans regain their lives after return home from active duty.
  • Then Brian from OEW presented Sway and YHC with a Plaque to F3 to express their appreciation.
  • Followed by Sway and YHC presenting a check for $5000 to OEW on behalf of F3Nation.  #TClaps to the Pax!

BOM – Prayer by Chaser – “One day our bodies will be void of strength and energy… but TODAY is NOT that DAY!” – AYE

Beginning at 8:30, the pax embarked on the 6 mile course featuring 36 obstacles.

Congratulations to Team Southbeach from Charlotte Metro on winning a 3rd straight Busted Paw. The Top 5 F3 Teams are:

  1. F3 Cltmetro Southbeach – 50:38.224
  2. F3 Cltmetro Spawn – 51:44.046
  3. F3 Raleigh Dead End Panda – 54:06.237
  4. F3 Cltsouth Clandestine Sobs – 55:24.514
  5. F3 Cltmetro Tempo – 55:37.557

The F3 only Results can be found HERE!   The Official Mud Run results can be found HERE.

The Pictures can be found HERE 


Special thanks to the following Pax who helped make this event possible:

  • Sway and KenDoll to the opportunity to Q this event. (KenDoll promised not to nominate YHC for any future events… somehow that statement didn’t come across very believeable…)
  • Crash, Robber, and Sway creating a plan for success and their advice and direction along the way.
  • Region MudRun Qs:
    • SamplerJollyRogerBaracusMadameTussaudBOSZimaDuffDiopterFEMAGypsy, TatankaMabMabEarthmoverR2D2NoShowAbrahamCrabLegs, Foxy
  • Friday Night Set up: TuffGuy, Wapner, Sway, Fountainhead, Gypsy, EZ, Uno,
  • Saturday Before, During, and After the Event: Treadmill, R2D2, Chaser, Mayhem, Napalm, Smokey, Copay, Sway, Crash, TuffGuy, RA.
  • Photographers: Ranger, YellowCake, Uno, FDIC and Many others
  • Refreshment Q: Mayhem, MuggyTape, EZ, Uno, LowDot for the use of his boat.  All the Pax from F3Columbia, F3LakeMurray, and F3Lexington you provided Drinks for the BeerBoat
  • The Big Check: Fountainhead and Costanza.

Quaker Q at The Keg

The PAXWelcome to Dan Stanley, FNG - now known as Blue Balls, Slug, Lincoln Logs, Nair, Duplo, T-Bag, Gluten [respect], and The Quaker[respect]
Workout Date04/11/15

Best numbers we’ve seen in a while for our Saturday workout at The Keg. Anticipating next Saturday taking “The Powder Keg Road Show” to The parking lot between MD360 and WALMART for an every F3rd Saturday Adventure! JOIN US!

Side Straddle Hops (20)
Imperial Walkers (20)
Windmill Toe Touchers (20)
Sumo Squats (20)
Long Mozy from parking area around the church and backup to picnic tables.


  • Pull-ups (sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) [25 total]
  • Merkins (sets of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3) [75 total]
  • Arm Raises (sets of 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 36, 27, 18, 9) [225 total]

GETTIN TRIPLE SMOKED Part II (as if Part I wasn’t enough)

  • Monkey Humpers (sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) [25 total]
  • Leg Lifts from Crab Position (sets of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3) [75 total]
  • Squats (sets of 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 36, 27, 18, 9) [225 total]

After 650 repetitions, the PAX was ready for a… Mozy to parking lot down yonder!

DUAL MEDICINE BALL TREATMENT Form 2 lines – 4 men per line
1st man in each line runs with medicine ball held overhead to other end of parking lot;
Put medicine ball on ground and do 10 curl reps with weight bar;
Pick-up medicine ball and run back to where it all started (with medicine ball held overhead).
hand-off ball to next man who repeats this exercise.
Men waiting in line are continuously doing side straddle hops or are planking.

“HOT POTATO” MEDICINE BALL RUN Form 2 lines – 4 men per line
1st man in each line runs to other end of parking lot while
passing medicine ball back and forth while running.
Turn and run back to where it all started – passing ball back and forth.
Hand-off ball to next man in line and repeat.
Men waiting in line are continuously doing side straddle hops or are planking.
Penalty for dropping the ball was 10 burpees. Of course, greasy fingers Quaker dropped the ball, forcing burpees on the group.


After a wrap-up with 6 minutes of Mary, we heard request for prayers for the Swamp Rabbit /Anderson Mud Run teams including Brown Shorts, Hook & Ladder and Wahoo down at Fort Jackson today; also several mentions of family with health situations – Gluten’s mom, Duplo’s dad, Slug’s mom; Quaker’s office mate, Jim for his parent’s dealing with health issues that require tough choices; also for all concerns involving relational struggles impacting families. Quaker closed us out in prayer. Kotters for Nair and his return to The Keg! Look for updates regarding F3rd Saturday when PowderKeg hits the road for the well-lit parking lot between MD360 and WALMART. See you in the gloom!

Swamp Rabbit Conquers the Leatherneck- USMC Mud Run

Q.I.C.Mab Mab
The PAXEarthmover, Oui Oui, Will Cocharan (FNG), Phil Buchanan (FNG), Seal, Hook & Ladder, Brown Shorts, Wahoo, Rainbow Dash, Training Wheels, Wally, iTunes, Spongebob, Soup, Amoeba, Gristle, Inspector Gadget, Blue Hawaii, No Strings Attached, Mab Mab (YHC)
Workout Date04/11/2015

Today 20 PAX (including 2 FNGs) embarked on a journey to Columbia to conquer the Leatherneck. Here’s a little description of how the day went.

Rise and shine and meet at Jeff Lynch on Roper Mountain Rd. at 4:50 am. (all except for Anderson boys who left from Williamston, and Blue Hawaii & No Strings who came down Friday night). We loaded up and condensed into 4 cars and hit the road. We arrived at 6:30 am at the Chick-fil-A on the west side of Columbia for a little Coffeteria and to meet up w/ Earthmover’s FNGs Phil & Will. The conversation was energetic as the PAX shared their excitement for the battle ahead.

We arrive at The Leatherneck at 7:15 am…(However, Blue Hawaii and NSA arrived at 6:50 am to get mentally prepared and to get the absolute best parking spot!) All the teams got registered and we gathered around the F3 Tent and had some great time practicing the 2nd F. It’s always great to meet up with PAX from other regions. Though we don’t know everyone, something about the fact we are wearing a F3 shirt tells us a lot of about the man wearing it. There is the common denominator that we all share. The language is the same (even w/ a little different dialect per region).We are all 3rd, and we are all there w/ the same mission: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
This mission is really highlighted at the F3 Superbowl, and if you haven’t had the honor of going down for this Mud Run, it is highly encouraged. Just ask any PAX who has attended one.

Around 8 am we all gather around the Shovel Flags and get an encouraging and emotional word from heroes at Operation Enduring Warrior. Then Chaser led us in a goosebump giving Ball of Man. The highlights of this need to be echoed across all AOs-
*we are privileged to live in a country where we can pray publically w/out persecution
*we are privileged to have bodies that work as they do, it’s for a season let’s make most of it
*we should thank God for the men and women who serve our country daily to help secure those freedoms.
*we should thank those men and women for their service and sacrifice
*God has put a call on us as men in F3 and we should continue to respond

The start times range from about 8:30 am – 9 am.
Here were our teams:
The Mud Mafia: Spongebob, Soup, Amoeba, Gristle
The Swamp Donkeys: Inspector Gadget, Blue Hawaii, No String Attached, Mab Mab (YHC)
Brothers from Another Mudda: Earthmover, Oui Oui, Will, Phil
How I Met Your Mudda: Training Wheels, Rainbow Dash, Wally, iTunes
Techno Vikings: Seal, Brown Shorts, Wahoo, Hook & Ladder

At our respective times we each busted out of the games and the fight was on.

All teams not only survived the Leatherneck, but they truely conquered it. Each PAX walked away w/ no serious injury, and we thank God again for His protection over each of us. A safe journey there and back was had as well.

Post race there was a beer boat and the 2nd F lasted for another 1.5 hours. A group of us decided to head over to Rush’s for a little grease reward as well. So bad, yet so good. Fellowship was great!

It was an amazing day and YHC was honored to race alongside such a great group of men, and all the F3 Brothers there. There is a reason they call it the F3 Superbowl.

Until the next time, may God’s blessing be on you. See you in the gloom.

Mab Mab