Selfie Readiness

Q.I.C.Grass Fairy
The PAXFlo, Mac, Mrs. Potts, Lumbergh, Beamer
Workout Date11/12/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

Decades after the end of the Space Race, selfies have become a popular thing for astronauts and rovers alike to do in space – but the first can be credited to Buzz Aldrin, later the second man to walk on the Moon.

The above photo (see link) was taken during the Gemini program in 1966. The program proved that astronauts could undertake Extravehicular Activity in space – paving the way for the Apollo program and the eventual landing on the Moon.

In honor of this achievement, we prepared our own selfie arms so we can take selfies with ease.

The Mission: The Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Believe I nailed it, nobody said I didn’t.

Disclaimer: Not a professional, modify as necessary. Since all present were professionals, it was more so just a comfort statement.

No FNGs so we got right to it.

SSH – 33 reps IC
Imperial Walkers – 19 Reps IC
Windmills – 19 reps IC
Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward 6 count Reverse 6 count
Hold them out
Big Boy Arm Circles – Forward 6 Reverse 6
Hold them out
Overhead Claps – 12 IC

The Thang:

Took a space mosey to the benches in the back
Merkins: 19 reps OYO held plank when done
Derkins: 19 reps OYO
Russian Dips: 12 OYO

Space moseyed to the bus loop/cinder blocks

DORA Time – Since she seems like she would like selfies as well

With coupon:
50 Curls-For-the-Girls
Held plank until 6 finished then performed some space lunged alongside the sidewalk and back as a group.
75 Overhead Presses
Held plank until the 6 finished and then moon jumped (aka skipped) around the whole bus loop
100 tricep extensions
Waited for the 6 and then jogged on the curves and space lunged on the long straights

Put blocks back and then space moseyed back to shovel flags for Mary. Mary might have melted in the rain, so we opted to do it under the breezeway.

Freddie Mercury – 19 reps IC
Flutter Kicks – 66 reps OYO single count
LBCs – 33 IC
American Hammers – 12 IC
Dollys – 12 IC
Big Boys – 33 IC
Box cutters – 19 IC
Shoulder taps – 19 IC
Plank – 33 seconds
Pickle pounders – 12 IC
Heel up to V up – 15 IC



Tankyard – Too hard for yall, so don’t come out.

Thanksgiving Day Convergence on 11/28 at 6:00 at Golden Strip.

Prayer Requests:

Mrs. Potts grandmother, Mrs. Betty, as she has been in and out of the hospital the past little while.

For all the veterans struggling with PTSD and other mental disorders that affect them.

Major Grassy Fairy to Ground Control: We stepped through that door and floated in that most peculiar way, in the gloom. (Totally not borrowing from David Bowie – Space Oddity)

3 Great Reasons

The PAXRasheed, Road Trip, Whisper (R), Church Lady (R), Sprinkles, Cocoon, Hot for Teacher, Lt Dangle, Turban, UP, YHC
Workout Date11/11/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

The morning of 11/11 provided 3 great reasons to post at TOT:

  1. Celebrate Veterans Day
  2. Celebrate the 244th birthday of the US Marine Corps
  3. Kick Mr. Monday square in the nuts

Knowing Church Lady is a huge fan of crotch kickin’ Mondays, YHC had a high level of confidence he would be there in person and not just a pretty face on a billboard in downtown Greenville.  What YHC did NOT expect was to find Church Lady the first arrive, idling in his car at 5:24am!  But TOT quickly returned to normal as Creeper rolled past at 3mph, aging shocks squeaking over a speed bump as he scanned for a great back-it-in parking spot.  Hey Creeper, how about the filling station?

Weather: forecast was 41 deg, home thermometer was 39 deg, vehicle thermometer was 44 deg.  We’ll go with the average of ……it was not warm.

[2 runners have left the workout to frolic in the streets]

F3 Mission: Haven’t announced it since April, but was like riding a bike.

Disclosure:  Provided permission to modify, but considering the company of professionals present, this was said for my own benefit.


-SSH IC x 15….”12” sounded off loud

Windmills x 15…..”12” sounded off proud

Mosey to Veterans Memorial Park.  YHC picked up The Six, essentially talking to myself.

Thang:  Quasi-Dora

While P1 exercises, P2 runs up sidewalk to turnaround point marked with glow sticks and returns.  Path was well lit (thank you city of Simpsonville!) but some lateral movement required in order to avoid the early morning irrigation.  P1 & P2 flip flop.


  • 72 BBSU (United States Air Force established 72 years ago on 9/18/1947)
  • 244 Merkins (United States Marine Corps established 244 years ago on 11/10/1775)
  • 244 Squats (United States Army established 244 years ago on 6/14/1775)
  • 244 Overhead Claps (United States Navy established 244 years ago on 10/13/1775)

The PAX made quick work of the 4 exercises, so YHC quickly added:

  • 101 Imperial Walkers (101st Airborne Division)
  • 94 Plank Jacks (USNA Class of ’94 had the last real plebe year)

Return to the flags for Mary


YHC broke out the speaker and closed out the workout with Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”, rotating through Plank, Flutters, and Holds.

[2 runners returned safely from their frolic]


  • If you suddenly feel moved to participate in 50K trail run this weekend, see Road Trip. Although its 30 miles, apparently its relatively flat.
  • Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon Feb 2020
  • Congrats to Whisper and Rasheed for their 1st place finish in the Hartness Half Marathon Relay. Apparently during YHC’s hiatus Whisper managed to coax yet another innocent victim to the dark side of running.  (Rasheed—-WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! DO NOT GET IN THE BLACK PICKUP TRUCK!!)

Praise/Prayer Requests:

-HFT Praise for youth church retreat this past weekend

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you.



52…errr 40 card pickup at ToT

The PAXSquid, Sprinkles, Lt. Dangle, Turban
Workout Date11/06/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

YHC’s second Q of the week at #ToT.  The standard celebration is to break out the Deck of Death.  Note to self, don’t allude to cards in the Q announcement as it apparently scares off the PAX.  4 saddled up to celebrate together and grumble about how the deck is fixed, always, no matter what order the cards come up in.  Those not in attendance missed out on another eclectic late 90’s playlist (with some other selections varying from Naughty By Nature to Jimi Hendrix).

PAX:  Squid, Sprinkles, Lt. Dangle, Turban

Conditions:  Perfect weather.  Needed a second layer, but everything was comfortable.

Mission:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a professional, so modify as necessary.


SSH x 25 IC

Hillbillys x 20 IC

UPs (aka Through the Tunnel) x 15 IC

The Thang:

A brief jog down to the second stop sign (past the creeper van) and across Main St. in order to sneak up on the blocks

Spades:  Burpees

Clubs:  Merkins (rotated incline, left hand up, decline, right hand up with each card)

Diamonds:  Big Boys

Hearts:  Squats

Aces:  lap around the Simpsonville First Baptist office building

We made it through 40 cards in the allotted time…not too shabby.


Das Flutter x 30 IC

Circle of Trust:


Swamp Rabbit Convergence at the Well – Thursday, 11/7, 5:30 AM, in support of the kick off for Toys for Tots

SwampRabbit Half in February.  Pre-pre-pre-pre-training plan has begun!

War Fund 5K, other assorted spring activities were loosely alluded to.

Carolina Spartan Race in 2 weeks in Tryon

Greenville GoRuck next weekend (see Lt. Dangle)

Swamp Rabbit 12 Hour Adventure Race – March 2020, see Squid


Squid – Prayers for friend Forrest (mission trip friends over the last 3 summers).  Met him on his way to check in to Marshall Pickens.  Struggling with bi-polar diagnosis, but he’s thinking maybe CTE from football.  Good kid.

Sprinkles – His nephew has gotten himself into some trouble.  Prayers he can get himself straightened out.




ToT November Frost Warning

The PAXFranzia, Church Lady, Cocoon, Whisper, Lt. Dangle, Hot for Teacher, Turban, UP, Cockpit, Rasheed Wallace, Sprinkles, Sticky Willy, Cyclone
Workout Date11/04/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

YHC took the start of November as an excuse to have a fun(?) Dora accompanied by another nostalgic trip down late-90’s alternative road.  Whisper and Church Lady said something about preparing for the future (February is around the corner-ish) and Rasheed found some Kool-Aid somewhere and joined them.

PAX:  Franzia, Church Lady, Cocoon, Whisper, Lt. Dangle, Hot for Teacher, Turban, UP, Cockpit, Rasheed Wallace, Sprinkles, Sticky Willy, Cyclone

Conditions:  November showed up with some force and everyone broke out multiple layers and only two sets of bare legs were in evidence.

Mission:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a professional, so modify as necessary.


SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Through the Tunnel (aka UP’s) x 15 IC

The Thang:

Surprise, we took one whole Turban Q off of Indian Runs, so we got back to it and took a nice run around SUMC to the blocks.

Dore Breakdown:

50 Manmakers

100 Squat Thrusters

150 Tricep Extensions (with much grumbling)

200 Curls (easy for this bulging bicep crew)

250 Windshield Wipers (no one finished these!)

Meanwhile, partners took a standard lap to the end of the block


Crab Cakes x 10 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

Circle of Trust:


SwampRabbit Half in February.  Whisper, Church Lady, and Co. are in pre-week 3.  Whisper’s got a training schedule he’d be happy to send you!

Simpsonville First Baptist is having a Big Day reveal this coming Sunday (11/10) at all services.


Franzia – Uncle’s PSA (prostate cancer) numbers continue to rise.

No Show’s wife traveling to pick up new little one, No Show’s home with all the other little ones.

Hot for Teacher – Praise for Grace group returning from their Israel trip.

Whisper – Friend Randy starts radiation treatment this week



Toys For Tots CONVERGENCE **11/7/19**

The PAXEveryone
Workout Date11/07/2019
A.O. Main Thang

93.3 The Planet will be kicking off their 28 hour broadcast at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena on 11/7 and F3 Swamp Rabbit has a nice little tradition of hijacking the 1st 15 mins of their broadcast with 60 men counting loud and getting the donations off to an excellent start.

Calling ALL PAX to show up to Bon Secours Wellness Arena for a beatdown from a group of Q’s who stay on Santa’s naughty list for their torture in both exercises and poor choice of music taste.

Date: 11/7/19

Start time: 0530

Locale: Main gate of Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Gear: Wear F3 gear, bring shovel flags

Additional: Bring at least 1 unwrapped gift to donate and brighten up a kids day

Parking here:

See ya in the gloom Thurs!!


Birthday Beatdown

The PAXGuano, Church Lady, Cocoon, Pine Tar, Cheesesteak, PeekABoo
Workout Date11/01/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

November 1, 1973 was the day it all started. Today we celebrate with an epic Beatdown. Let’s go…….

Conditions: 39 and breezy

Mission Statement


Warm up:

SSH x46

Arm Circles

Burpees x10

Mosey to playground

Each pair of exercises completed any way you want as long as you do 46 of each

Merkins x46

Pull ups x46

Renegade Rows x46

Weighted Squats x46


Curls x46

Overhead Press x46


Weights overhead March x46

Weighted Runner x46

Staggered Merkins x46 (23 each side)

Chin ups x46



LBC x46

Flutter x46

Oblique V up x46 23/23 each side

American Hammers x46




P200 coming

Thanksgiving day convergence in the works



Always a pleasure men!

Thank you for showing up!


Fright or Flight

The PAXCyclone, Beamer, Padre, Whisper (R), NYOPT (R), Mac, Grass Fairy, Benign, Peek-A-Boo, Roadtrip
Workout Date10/31/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

4 costumed PAX, 5 party poopers and 1 half assed effort at a disguise joined a bearded and tattooed RT as he descended upon the Golden Strip House of Horror.  It was a sight that almost stops your heart.  The PAX tried to scream but terror took the sound before they made it.

Benign took the 1st prize dressed as YHC complete with a grey hoodie and taking shots of Fireball during the runs.  Peek-A-Boo was just happy to be there.  Beamer kept the PAX onside in his CESA referee uniform…or maybe it was a bright yellow Whisper Run Club Uniform.  Grass Fairy let everyone down after talking big game about his Soccer Mom speedo and Cyclone barely did  enough for some burpee credits.  More on that in a second.

Wet, muggy and muddy.  The rain ceased long enough for some fun, but that didn’t keep the PAX from soaking up some parking lot puddles.

No ones gonna save you from the terror that awaits you.  Cause when I look you in the eyes, you’re paralyzed…so modify if you are so inclined.

YHC took center circle and reminded today’s participants that costumes were required and treated the PAX with a 5 burpee penalty for each PAX not in costume…so count em 5-10-15-20-25 & 30…so 30 burpees OYO

Cyclone quickly disappeared to his Monster buggy and emerged greyer and shaggy-ier.  I guess that is good enough for a 5 burpee credit….so only 25 burpees instead of 30.

The Work
This Halloween Tabata consists of – 8 rounds of 20 seconds WORK & 10 seconds REST followed by a run up the dragons tale.  First one to the top smacks the stop sign as a signal to the SLAX (Slower PAX) to turn around.  PAX took turns at the view from atop the Golden Strip Peak.  Urban has left the conversation.  No trivia questions were harmed during this Q a  And apparently, Cyclone has no appreciation of no-name 2nd rate wedding singers taking a perfectly good pop song and making it their own.

Round 1 – Hand Release Merkins

Round 2 – Monkey Humper Jump Squats

Round 3 – Reverse LBCs

Round 4 – Mountain Climbers

Round 5 – Muscle Ups

Round 6 – LBCs

Time! Circle up and count off.  Take a treat (or trick) from RT’s Halloween bucket during Name-A-Rama.  Unfortunately, NYOPT pulled the only trick, which was peanut M&M’s and 20 more burpees for the PAX.  Hope you enjoyed those M&Ms NYOPT.


  • 01 NOV – 0515 Tankyard is calling your name…and basically saying you are a wimp #UCantHandletheTANK.  Come participate or Q
  • 09 NOV – Cross country 5k / Half Marathon Fun Run at Harness
  • Whisper’s P200 Team still looking for participants and back ups.
  • Thanksgiving Day Convergence at Golden Strip
  • All area ATM’s are still Out of Order

Prayers / Praises

  • Whisper’s friend Gia and Randy
  • Beamer’s wife – 14 weeks pregnant – been feeling tired and nauseous
  • NYOPT’s dad – moving him from hospital to a long term facility today
  • RT’s Father-in-law – starting the process of finding a long term facility

Always a pleasure, RT Out

What Shoulder Injury?

The PAXCheeseSteak (2R), Whisper (R), Bombay, Guano, Punch List, Padre, Church Lady (R), Hand Rail, YHC
Workout Date10/29/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

8 PAX joined YHC for a fun filled tour of the grounds of Pitchfork in the gloom.  YHC’s shoulder must be feeling better, because what looked ok on paper sure made the PAX (and YHC) moan and groan….like a bunch of old men…..well and Bombay and Guano (hate!).  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – right?

MISSION – Nailed it

DISCLAIMER – Hopefully the PAX took heed


SSH x 25 IC / 5 burpees OYO

Hillbillies x 20 IC / 5 merkins OYO

Thru the tunnel x 15 IC / 5 Bobby Hurleys OYO

Mosey to Speedway


Go get the tire.  Wise CheeseSteak volunteered to get the tire, later admitting he did so in order to pick the “right” tire.

Tire flipping…..oops, time for Native American Run – 2 laps.

Back to tire flipping – line up, flip tire 2x and do 2 burpees, then run a lap.  2X through the line, then change to 5 hand release merkins and run a lap.  After a lap of tire flipping, put tire up and follow Q to far side basketball court.

Round 1 – wall sit while other PAX bear crawl out and back until all PAX have bear crawled.

Round 2 – plank while other PAX lunge walk out and back.

Mosey around corner and set up for swerkins and squats.  Half the PAX do 15 swerkins while others do squats (AMRAP).  Flip flop 2x.

Mosey to front doors.  Just enough time for 11’s of derkins and dip on the benches out front.  This was a real crowd pleaser.



American Hammer x 15 IC

Flutter kicks x 25 IC


ANNC – P200 informal training coming up.  Whisper leading the campaign.

Not spoken, but coming up – convergence on Turkey Day…..details to follow

PRAYERS – McKey family in bad car wreck.  Head on collision.  Physical and mental healing will be tough.  Whispers friends Gia and Randy.

Pleasure to lead this morning.  Felt good to be able to work the shoulders and not have to modify.  Appreciate the opportunity.  SYITG

Legs, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The PAXNoBars, 2-Ply, Mr. Head, Schwinn, The Muff, Trainin Wheels, Chubbs, Courtesy Flush, Squatting Dog, Wilson, Waxon, Lyman, Kindergarten Cop, I-Tunes, Spud Webb
Workout Date10/29/2019
A.O. The Station

The Scene – Perfect

Mission – in reverse. To invigorate male community leadership through small workout groups such as this. Thank you for coming. Reviewed core principles.

Disclaimer – check.

W/U – American Hammers x15 IC; Mtn Climbers x 15 IC; Tempo Squat x10 IC; Merkin x10 IC; SSH x30 IC

Thang 1 – Head opposite fountain for suicides toward park entrance. Sprint to each tree. (0.5 mile total distance when done).

Finish at fountain. Squats x10 IC; Box Jumps x10 IC; Bonnie Blairs x20 OYO. Repeat.

Line up on Cannon St. Modified single line Indian Run. When you get the front, call “down” – all Pax stop and do one burpee. Back up and next guys sprints to front. “Down”. Repeat. All the way up Cannon St.

Head to Methodist Church.

Thang 2 – Grab a block.

Elf on a Shelf x10 each side OYO.  Goblet Squat x15 OYO. Manmakers x8 OYO. Bulgarian Split Squats x10 each leg OYO. Bench Press x40 IC.  Repeat.

Blocks up. Jack Webbs up to 5 and back down.

Head back to circle.

Mary – Almost out of time. LBCs x30 IC.

Recover recover.

COT – some tough prayer requests. Aging family members. Loss of jobs.

Announcements – Christmas Party Dec 7 at AJ’s house. Someone please check and see if he’s still in F3. Put it in your calendar regardless.

Nov 14 – 2nd Thursday 2nd F TBD

NMM – Welcome back, Mr. Head. Inspiring to have you back.

Beautiful morning. Blessed and thankful to have it. It’s all we’re guaranteed. Go do something with it.

Two of everything, with coupons

The PAX10 for Bootcamp Lt. Dangle, Butterbean, De La Rocha, Handrail, Sprinkles, U.P., Franzia, Paperboy, Hot for Teacher and 3 for Whisper's pre-training: Whisper, Rasheed Wallace, Church Lady
Workout Date10/28/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

Warmup all in Cadence:

SSH x25

Imperial Walkers x25

Mountain Climbers x25

Tempo Merkins x10

Windmills x20

mosey to the blockpile, then to the Church parking lot for the Thang:

  1. Partner 1: Coupon Swings x20, Goblet Squats x15, then lunges till partner 2 runs lap and returns, switch.  Repeat for 2 sets each
  2. Partner 1: Manmaker Burpees x15, then American Hammers till partner 2 runs lap and returns.  Repeat for 2 sets each
  3. Partner 1: Curls with block x15, Tricep Extension with block x15, partner 2 runs lap and returns.  Repeat for 2 sets each
  4. Partner 1: LH Row with block x 15, RH Row with block x15 while partner 2 bear crawls to curb and back
  5. Partner 1: Flutter kicks while partner 2 farmer carries 2 blocks to 2nd curb and back.  Repeat for 2 sets each

Mary (in church parking lot)

Freddie Mercuries x 25

LBC x20

BBSU x 15

return blocks and mosey back to flag


prayers: Franzia’s uncle chemo treatment, HFT’s co-worker illness, Church Lady’s friends-auto accident, de la Rocha’s friend’s son auto accident

announcements: Whisper starting serious run training around Thanksgiving…pre training training going on now.