DRP at The Terminal

The PAXSushi, Red Rider, Flo
Workout Date05/26/2020
A.O. The Terminal

4 PAX avoided the post-Memorial Day hangover for the daily dose of the DRP at The Terminal.

Conditions: 67 degrees, clear, dark

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: not a professional



-Through the tunnel x 20 IC

-Imperial walker x 20 IC

-LBAC x 15 IC

-Reverse LBAC x 15 IC

-SSH x 20 IC

-Shoulder stretches



-20 merkins/plank jacks/squats

-Run half lap around the front parking lot

-18 merkins/plank jacks/squats

-Run half lap around the front parking lot

-16 merkins/plank jacks/squats

-Run half lap around the front parking lot

-14 merkins/plank jacks/squats

-Run half lap around the front parking lot

-12 merkins/plank jacks/squats

-Run half lap around the front parking lot

-10 merkins/plank jacks/squats

-Run half lap around the front parking lot


Mosey to Mauldin Middle School for 3 rounds of Tabata:

1) 10 flutters / 10 LBCs / 10 American hammers AMRAP x 3 mins (recover 1 minute)

2) 10 dips / 10 incline merkins on the benches AMRAP x 3 mins (recover 1 minute)

3) 10 flutters / 10 LBCs / 10 American hammers AMRAP x 3 mins (recover 1 minute)


Mosey back to The Terminal

-Peoples chair (wall sit) while each PAX takes turns doing 10 merkins

-5 muscle ups on the wall


Return to the circle for Mary



Flutters x 30 IC

Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC

Heels to heaven x 10

Captain Thor 1:4 up to 5:20



Announcements: Palmetto 200 44 is weeks away.  Whisper needs 11 runners.

Prayers: Ian Greene batling stage IV osteosarcoma


Pleasure to lead!  Time to step up and grab a Q!




Good Ol’ Fashioned Friday Beat-down

The PAXDuggar, Punchlist, Look Out Below, Short Barrel, Sammy, Dr. Phil, Peekaboo, YHC
Workout Date05/16/2020
A.O. Pitchfork

Weather’s warming up, I am headed to the beach and need to get swole, and it’s Friday – time to “rock the bells”!

Mission – Nailed it

Disclaimer – I am not a professional, nor do I claim to be – so modify as necessary and don’t hurt yourself.


SSH x 25 IC

Smurf-Jacks x 25 IC

Seal-Jacks x 25 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC


Mosey to speedway and partner up for a DORA (social distance and don’t share weights!!!)  1 PAX does exercise, other PAX runs a lap, keep running count on exercises

50 Man-makers (with renegade rows) #crowdpleaser

100 OH Press

150 Curls

100 Goblet squats

50 Hand release merkins

Mosey to basketball court by gym

1 PAX does wall sit with weights held above head for 60 seconds while PAX 2 does bench press.  Flip flop

Next, 1 PAX does wall sit again, while PAX 2 does chest-flies for 60 seconds.  Flip flop.

Mosey back to flags for MARY

Capt Thor (with weight) up to 5/20

Flutter kicks (holding weight up) x 25 IC

Plank up for 60 seconds


Need a Q for Tuesday at PF


Our Country

Safe Travels

Peekaboo’s Father in Law’s health.

It was a pleasure to lead you all this morning – I am grateful for you guys coming out to share in the misery!  SYITG

Out of Shape, Out of Schedule & Out of Excuses. Modify, modify, modify

The PAXPeak-A-Boo, Red Rider
Workout Date05/14/2020
A.O. The Terminal

2, make that 3 PAX fought off the rackmonster to find themsleves in a dark parking lot to work out some corona sweats after B9’s feeler tweet to see who was the Q.  YHC volunteered to have a plan ready and B9 still hasnt been seen.  But then again, he’s probably stil bitter about a Mayo / RT Beatside track rendezvous.  

Anyway, it has been quite sometime since YHC had any kind of structured workout schedule, which is why I found myself amidst a hard fought battle with the rack monster.  But YHC finally arose with just enough time to get to Pitchfork.  Only problem was…I supposed to be at The Terminal.  So after a clean sweep of the parking lot for any other ruckers and sleepwalkers, I made my way to The Terminal only to find Peak-A-Boo and Red Rider discussing the pros and cons of going back home. 

Conditions: Slightly overcast with a 61 degree blanket of corona air.

Mission & Disclaimer: nailed it like ATM’s 1/2 Marathon…in other words, it didn’t happen.

Warm Up:  PeakA-Boo and Red Rider were nice and warm by the time I Church Lady’d into the parking lot, so we rolled right into this plan.

Thang: Next up is Beamer’s favorite…The Dragon Lair.  You could hear the air of dispair exhale from Peak-A-Boo’s lungs…just like a birthday balloon a day after the party.  Barely floating but forgotten in a corner behind a sofa.

Start in the center of the parking lot with 10 burpees.  Run around 1/2 the parking lot and stop for 10 Hand Release Merkins.  Run the other 1/2 of the parking lot and stop for 10 Monkey Humper Jump Squats.  Then run the Dragon’s Tail (to the stop sign) for 10 more burpees.  Urban has left the conversation.  Return in the reverse direction, stopping at each station along the way.  That gives us 20 reps of Burpees, HR Merkins and Monkey Jumper Squats.

Head over to the end of the sidewalk canopy for Post Malones.  Perform an exercise at every other post, increasing reps by 1 at each stop.  Run between each stop.  Just so happens that 10 was the last rep.

1- Mand Relase Merkins (55 reps)

2-Monkey Humper Jump Squats (55 reps)

3-Muscle Ups – (55 reps) Modified to a shorter wall to finish up reps 7, 8, 9, 10.

4-LBCs (466 reps)
This was supposed to be double the reps at each stop, 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.  Peak-A-Boo was getting a head start on his Kelly Ripa abs and translated it to double the reps from each stop, like 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.  PAX went with it until the 64 reps starting burning like a Soccer Mom gut grenade.  So we finished it out by doing 70, 80, 90, 100 reps for the last 4 stops.  This was again modified to allow 1 BBSU to count as 10 LBCs.  Mix and match as you like, but must do a minimum of 20 LBC’s each time.

No time for the Burpee round and no time for Mary.

All AOs are live again.  Reach out to a friend and drag them out.
Whisper is still looking for P200 participants
Keep an ear on for Jack-A-Lope reschedule announcement

Red Rider in his job search

RT Exotic, out.

We Own the Gloom

The PAXWaxOn, The Muff, Training Wheels, Courtesy Flush, Spandex, Bubba Gump, Wilson, Night Rider, No Bars, Zipline, Chubbs, Kindergarden Cop, Perry Mason, Play Doh, Squatting Dog, Iceman
Workout Date05/12/2020
A.O. The Station

16 men planted the virtual #shovelflag at #TheStation for their Tuesday #downPAINment.

The Thang

SSH x20
Merkins x10 (slow count cadence)

Let’s mosey, got a lot to get to this morning.

Head to the Church and grab a cinderblock

Descending ladder
Exercises – merkins, squats, overhead press, curls, swings
10 reps of each
9 reps of each
down to 1 rep of each
Lot’s of #mumblechatter from the current Site Q about this one

COP (without blocks)
5 mins of
10 American hammers
10 reverse crunches
10 Freddy Mercuries
Rinse and repeat for 5 mins

Block Tabata (30 secs exercise / 15 secs rest)
Set 1
Swings for 30 secs
Rest for 15 secs
Merkins (w/o block) for 30 secs
Rest for 15 secs
Repeat for 4 rounds

Set 2
Squat and press for 30 secs
Rest for 15 secs
Mtn Climbers for 30 secs
Rest for 15 secs
Repeat for 4 rounds

Put the blocks up and mosey back to City Park.

Plank for 1 min


Naked Moleskin

– Good numbers this morning as we #retaketheGLOOM
– Working out at home sucks compared to working out with F3 (but we already knew this)

– Jacklope date TBD
– F3 10yr anniversary will take place in Wilmington NC 1/15/21 – 1/17/21. I highly recommend you attend at least part of this event

Prayer Requests
– @Perry’s brother still fighting cancer

See ya in the gloom…..


Cardio Relay

The PAXBenign, Church Lady, Cocoon, Estrogen, Padre, Peek a Boo, Pinetar, Punchlist, Roadtrip, Sammy, Whisper, YHC
Workout Date05/12/2020
A.O. Pitchfork

12 pax at PF for a fly-by cardio relay…

Conditions: Clear skies above and 41 degrees (is it May or March?)

Mission: nailed it like a pro

Disclaimer: not a pro

Warm Up: 25 SSH, 25 OH Claps, 25 Thru the Tunnel, 25 Imp Walker

Thang: Engine warm’d up (sort of)- check. Throttle up to the Speedway for a modified relay – 2 man teams, pax # 1 runs while pax #2 starts the exercises, when pax 2 catches pax 1, switcheroo and continue, rinse and repeat…

20 burpees @ station 1

lunge walk to station 2

40 – 4 count flutters @ station 2

run to to station 3

20 merkins @ station 3

bear crawl to station 4

40 squats @ station 4

run to station 1;

rinse and repeat, again, again, again and some more… everyone got in at least 2-2.5 miles w/ a lot of stuff in between.

Head to the front of the school, we still got some time for 11’s – Big Boys and Merkins. You know the drill.

06:13 – planks and stretches

06:15 – bingo fuel, time to land this thing.


announcements: plenty of Q’s out there, use the Q sheets, sign up! Whisper recruiting for ’21 P-200, a couple slots left, too soon to start tapering?

prayers: Whisper’s co-worker Jim w/ pancreatic cancer; unspoken prayers

Thanks for flying w/ me in the gloom this morning! Pleasure to lead, proud to serve. -Cockpit



Terminal escalator

The PAXPunchlist, Red Rider, Peekaboo, Cockpit, YHC
Workout Date05/07/2020
A.O. The Terminal

Despite the apparent return of winter in May, 5 PAX celebrated the second live bootcamp at Terminal following the brief COVID-19-mandated shutdown.

Conditions: 42 degrees, dark (no parking lot lights)

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: 6 weeks of no live bootcamps has not made YHC a professional



-IW x 15 IC

-TTT x 15 IC

-Squats x 15 IC

-SSH x 20 IC

-Shoulder stretches

-Mosey 1 lap around the parking lot



Merkin/BBSU escalator.  Stations are :

1)  end of the front car line (10 merkins / 5 BBSUs)

2) the front entrance to the school (20 / 10)

3) the curve at the end of the car line (30 / 15)

4) top of the driveway (40 / 20)

umps-Round 1: stations 1, 2

-Round 2: stations 1, 2, 3

-Round 3: stations 1, 2, 3, 4

Go back to the front car line for two sets of 7’s (between the first two speed bumps):

-Bobby Hurleys and 4-count flutters

-4-count SSHs and 4-count American hammers

To the benches for double D’s (dips and derkins) – 10 of each followed by 5 of each



-BBSUs x 5 OYO

-Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC

-Dolly x 15 IC

-Captain Thor (1:4 BBSU to American hammers) up to 4:20

-Flutters x 15 IC

-LBCs x 15 IC


Circle of trust:

-Announcements: none

-Prayers: job for Red Rider


It was great to be back in the gloom with the boys!


Burritos and Cinco de Mayo

Q.I.C.Grass Fairy
The PAXRed Rider, Grass Fairy
Workout Date05/05/2020
A.O. The Terminal

Buenos Dias mis Amigos! It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo came about with Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. As per custom, we as Americans want an excuse to have fun and let loose, so we made it a fun holiday revolving around Mexican culture. So what better way to celebrate it by making some burritos during the workout!

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Who’s a professional? Definitely not I. Modify as necessary.


Side Straddle Hops x 40 IC
Imperial Walkers x 40 IC
Through The Tunnel x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles x 5 seconds forward 5 seconds reverse
Big Boy Arm Circles x 5 seconds forward 5 seconds reverse

Mosey around track and continue to the playground. Start at the benches.

The Thang:

Dips x 20 IC
Merkins x 18 IC
LBCs x 31 IC
Squats x 10 IC (count down 5 then PAX count up as number)

Mosey down to the track and stop at the basketball goals

Time to make a burrito! (4 corners of the track workout)

  1. First we have to press the tortilla to get it ready! So lets do 10 Burpees at each corner
  2. Next let’s put a layer of beans. Well as they say “beans beans, good for the heart; beans beans make you fart; the more you fart, the better you feel; beans beans good for your heart!” So lets work out some of that gas from the beans and do 18 BBSU at each corner
  3. Next let’s put on some rice. So we will pick some rice from the fields to put on it. Let’s do 20 Bobby Hurleys at each corner
  4. I always like to have some protein on my burrito. So we need to chop up some of your favorite protein to place on it. We will do 18 Mountain Climbers (double count) at each corner to chop up the meat
  5. Now that we have the basics in there lets roll up the burrito and press it closed. For the essence of time we will do 5 Burpees at each corner.

Mosey back to the flags

American Hammers x 31 IC
Freddy Mercuries x 31 IC
LBCs x 18 IC
Pickle Pointers x 18 IC


  • Everyone impacted by COVID, cause it just does not want to go away.
  • All first responders and medical staff taking care of everyone as best they can
  • All the new parents who are flying solo



¡Hasta luego!

Grass Fairy

Zoom boot camp live from Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park

The PAXRed Rider, Joe Exotic (Road Trip), Mac, YHC
Workout Date04/23/2020
A.O. The Terminal

Because COVID-19 is a terrible person, today’s boot camp was broadcast live from YHCs garage.  3 men and Joe Exotic got better.

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: I am neither Carol Baskin nor a professional.



Imperial walkers x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Through the tunnel x 15 IC

Monkey humpers x 10 IC

Shoulder stretches

Side straddle hops x 20 IC

Squats x 10 IC

BurpMerks 1 to 6

Up downs



11s x 4

-Diamond merkins and BBSUs

-Bobby Hurleys and 4-count flutters

-Regular merkins and BBSUs

-Air humpers and squats

Mucho chesto (5 sets of 10 merkins – regular, right hand forward, left hand forward, wide, diamond)

BurpMerks 6 to 1

Plank variations



Flutters x 20 IC

LBCs x 20 IC

Heels to heaven 10 OYO

Floyd Mayweathers x 20 IC

Captain Thor (1:4 ratio BBSUs to American hammers)


Circle of Trust:


-2021 Palmetto 200 is 48 weeks away.  Time to start to taper.

Prayer requests:

-COVID-19 continues to be a terrible person.


These Zoom boot camps are a lot of fun.  Great to see the guys a few times a week!




Virtual 3l3v3n5

The PAXBeamer, Road Trip, Mrs. Potts, Grass Fairy, Mac
Workout Date04/09/2020
A.O. The Terminal

5 Pax did the harder thing this morning and posted to the virtual zoom-gloom. Conveniently the gloom was right there in their garages! YHC prefaced the workout by saying there were only 4 lines on my Weinke and the workout held true to that although an Omaha was called on line 3 due to the fact that the line was just stupid and I didn’t want to do it. You’re welcome.

Disclaimer/Mission Statement

COP all OYO – SSH x 20, TTT x 10, Imperial Walker x 20, Windmill x 10, LBAC F/R, Arm stretches L/R.

Mosey 400 meters or 1/4 mile oyo but come back to your camera or you will miss what’s next.


Round 1 Merkins/Squats (Somebody tell Potts that it’s Merkins not Burpees. Well let’s wait until halfway through the set)

400m mosey

Round 2 Morning Wood/Bulgarian Ball Busters (Each Leg)

400m mosey

Round 3 Jump Squats/ Hydraulics(M’akhtars) x4ct

400m mosey

Round 4 American Hammers x 2ct/Mountain Climbers x 2ct (Don’t tell Beamer he is doing 4ct and we may finish before him…maybe)


  • Mrs.Potts stepped up to take the Q for Tuesday
  • EH or is it VH some Terminal Pax to join us. We can’t let our guys slip through the cracks. Reach out to someone who hasn’t been posting to the virtual Qs.


  • All the expecting parents over the next few months. They will be flying solo through the birth and first few weeks where normally you would have family support.
  • Prayers for Quickie’s family who lost a family member unexpectedly.

3/20 Quarantine Q Pre-Blast

The PAXAll those who are socially distant
Workout Date03/20/2020
A.O. Tank Yard

Today’s workout for is a Tankyard favorite (or most hated, depends on who you ask) that will be sure to bring the pain. It’s inspired by the Zachary D. Tellier WOD, which you can read about here:


No coupons are needed for this, just yourself, 400 meters, and some grit/determination. It will take closer to an hour to complete, but I think we all have a little extra time on our hands while we’re remotely working…I mean working remotely. As always, be smart about your individual limitations and modify as necessary.  As written it is 2.25 miles of running & .25 of mosey, change the distance as needed:

Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops X 20 IC
Windmills X 10 IC
Imperial Walkers X 20 IC
Through the Tunnel X 10 IC
Stretch arms OYO

400m mosey

The Thang:
10 Burpees

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins
50 Lunges

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins
50 Lunges
100 Big Boys

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins
50 Lunges
100 Big Boys
150 Squats (keep good form!!!)

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins
50 Lunges
100 Big Boys

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins
50 Lunges

Run 400m

10 Burpees
25 Merkins

Run 400m

10 Burpees

Run 400m

Mary (Extra Credit):
20 American Hammers IC
20 Flutters IC
20 LBCs IC
20 Dollys IC

Stay safe out there, and wash your dang hands!