Zebco Birthday Q

The PAXMac, Punchlist, Peek-a-boo, Benign, Beamer, Ms. Potts, Roadtrip, Cyclone, Strange Brew (R), Padre, NYOPT (R), Church Lady (R), Grass Fairy, Zebco
Workout Date06/20/2019
A.O. Golden Strip


  • Arm Circles – OYO
  • Overhead Arm Stretch – OYO
  • Cross Chest Arm Stretch – OYO
  • Windmill x 10 – IC
  • SSH X 29 – IC



15 – 30’s was the name of the game as this group of PAX was taken back to high school soccer conditioning.

29 Reps of PAX Suggested Exercise

15 Yard Jog

30 Yard Sprint

15 Yard Jog

Around Cone

15 Yard Jog

30 Yard Sprint

15 Yard Jog

Rinse and Repeat until 6:15


Mac is the new site Q of Golden Strip. Thanks for stepping up!

Thank you to NYOPT for serving the last year.


Drone Shot Down By Iran – Pray For Our Country


Hard Core

The PAXPriscilla, Live PD, Turban, UP, Cockpit, Cocoon, Sprinkles, Handrail
Workout Date06/19/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

Hard Core

YHC decided we need to work on the core this morning so that’s exactly what we did! Here is how we did it……..

Conditions: Swampy

Mission Statement:


Warm up:

SSH x20

Hillbilly x20

Arm Circles


Burpees x10 each minute for 5 minutes

Run a lap around the block 

Mucho Chesto front half

LBC x25

Scissor Clappers x25

Bicycle x25

Reverse Bicycle x25

Flutter x25 IC

Run a lap around the block 

Burpees 10 each minute for 5 minutes

Dying Cockroaches X25 IC

Oblique V up x25 each side

American Hammer x20 IC

Lean Back Core Twist and hold x5

V up/ Roll up x25

Rosalita x25

Scissors Twists x25

Mucho Chesto Back half

Elbow Plank hold :60




Sprinkles Grandmother in Hospice

Priscilla son surgery next Thursday

Always a pleasure! SYITG!

Introducing the Karma-kaze

Workout Date06/18/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

  • Sprint up Hill (0.05) – 11 Merkins (0.10)
  • Run Down (0.15) – 11 BBSU (0.20)
  • Bear Crawl Up Hill (0.25) – 11 Merkins (0.30)
  • Jog Down Hill (0.35) – 11 BBSU (0.40)
  • Bunny Hop up Steps (0.45) – 11 Merkins (0.50)
  • Sprint to Picnic Tables (0.55) – 11 Dips (0.60)
  • Mosey around to the playground (0.65)  – 11 Pullups /Body weight rows (0.70)
  • Mosey to top of stairs (0.75) – 11 Merkins (0.80)
  • Mosey to bottom of stairs (0.85) – 11 BBSU (0.90)
  • Mosey to corner of Track (0.95) – 11 Walking Lunges each leg (1.00)
  • Mosey/Sprint around the track back to hill

Rinse and Repeat for 35 minutes, increasing reps by 1 each lap.

TOT is under new ownership!

Q.I.C.Lt. Dangle and Turben (AOQ)
The PAXBenign, Soccer Mom, Cockpit, UP, Franzia, Ray Ramano, Hot4Teacher, Priscilla, Beamer, PitBull, Hasselhoff (R), MAC, NYOPT (R), Pet Stain, Sprinkles, Whisper (R), Road Trip, Church Lady (R), Butterbean, Live PD, Cocoon, FNG "Smoky"
Workout Date06/17/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

Under New Ownership

24 Pax and one FNG were on hand this morning in the gloom for the passing of the torch (#TOT RULES). In typical fashion Church Lady was on time and ready for some SSH and Road Trip was late… or is that normally not the case? Many cheers were had knowing Lt. Dangle was on his way out! Lt. shed some tears knowing the reign is over.  50/50 Q was the theme for the morning.

Conditions: Ehh

Mission Statement:


Warm up:

SSH x25 IC

IW x 25 IC

Arm Circles…some this way, then another way and back again.

Oh my…seems to be a large crowd has gathered. Three lines for Turbens favorite start. Indian run two blocks down, one block over and two blocks up…just to end up grabbing some BLOCKS! Took a minute to get this one rolling but we got after it. 

The Thang 1st half:

Once again…Oh my this is a big crowd.


Dude # 1: Man Makers

Dude # 2: Squats

Dude #3: BBSU

Swap and move around when something happens,  PAX are idle or your just plain wore out. Done yet…oh well time for Dangle to step in.

The Thang 2nd half:

Mucho Chesto IC…x2

Merican’s x10

Wide x10

Stagger Right x10

Stagger Left x 10

Diamond x 10

Let’s take a lap around the office building, if you didn’t pick up the six then plank it up!

“The best thing about finishing the 1st half of Mucho Chesto is starting the 2nd half. IC and repeat!”


Calf raises x 50 (straight, canted and slanted)  Half of the circle

Goblet squats until the calf raises are done.. HFT “50?, we’re done!”

Windshield wipers with the block x 25 PAX 1

DAS FLUTTER until PAX 1 is done with wiping

6:05 lets put the blocks up and mosey back to the flags.


LBC x25

Bicycles x25

Reverse Bicycle x25 ( we know who had the coaster brakes…wow)

Oblique V-up x25 left x25 right


It’s truly been a pleasure to lead! Every morning the accountability of F3 and the examples of these men push us to become better men. To experience life, learning and growth with this group of men has been overwhelming. Thank you for the opportunity to lead! NOW HELP TURBEN FILL THAT Q SCHEDULE!


Lt. Dangle

Going to the Chapel….Of Pain

Q.I.C.Peek A Boo
The PAXDangle, Soccer Mom, Easy Bake, Bambi, Pitbull, Cheesesteak, Cockpit, + Pitbull's Dad+ 1 more (sorry missed the name)
Workout Date06/14/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

Celebrated my 17th Wedding Anniversary and perhaps the conclusion of my Site Q career before it even begins with a marriage/wedding themed beatdown focusing on the number 17….  Some themed highlight exercises…

  • Air Humpers
  • Monkey Humpers
  • “Down on One Knee” – (Cue Mint Julip Comment)
  • “Runaway Brides” – (Jail Breaks)

Here’s the Thang…

17th Wedding Anniversary Q



Imperial Walkers
Plank Jack’s
Arm Circles

10 yard sprint – 17 Merkins -x 5
10 yard sprints -17 Squats – x5

Series of 17 reps with periodic “Runaway Brides” when I felt it neccessary
Goblet Squats
Overhead Press
Monkey Humpers (Cadence)
On your knees proposal
Bent over rows
Tri Ext
Pickle Pointers ie Air Humpers
Lay down flies
Kettlebell Swings
Hammer Curls
Squat Thrusters
Calf Raises

“Going to the Chapel” – Burpee on every mention of “chapel” or “married”

Some Ab stuff to get us to 6:15

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  Good work gentlem

Dice and Basketball

The PAXDuggar; Cliff Hanger; WaxOn; IceMan; Spandex; Trainin Wheels; Katniss Everdeen; Uncle Si; Almond Joy
Workout Date06/15/2019
A.O. The Station

10 Pax, including one hard-working 2.0 posted on a glorious Saturday morning. This weather is truly amazing.

Mission and disclaimer – check – and thank you for coming out.


The Thang-

YHC had a basketball in hand and we headed out in search of Greentown Park. A properly prepared Q probably would have done a drive by to confirm location of a never-visited park, but…

Few pain station stops along the way:

  • Jack Webb x 5 IC
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 10 IC

@plumblee_drew ran by at one point, presumably at the end of 20 mile solo run. Seemed a little like he’d been caught cheating on us. Carry on….

Continued moseying to where Google Maps said the park was, but instead were surrounded by village houses. Hmmm…a little scramble running and we finally found it and headed to the basketball court.

Dice and Basketball:

1 Numbered die and 1 colored die from a board game (10 sided – 5 colors x 2 each).

    • BLUE – LBC



So for example – 4 and Purple would start as 4 burpees. Same Pax then shoots a free throw. Make = group only has to do 2 burpees. Miss = group has to do 16 burpees (4×4). So worst case potential for 36 of one exercise, including burpees.

Clearly, we could not field a basketball team. WE MISSED A LOT OF FREE THROWS. Unfortunately the color die seemed to be loaded heavy on yellow = sprints.  Originally I just threw this in to break things up. But instead, twice we hit 6 yellow and missed the free throw and had to run 36 full court sprints (18 round trip).

We got about (15) rounds of the game in and then headed out.

Mosey back – pain stations along the way – Plank Jacks -> Mosey -> Tempo Squat -> Mosey -> Lunge Walk -> Mosey back to Circle.

MARY:  Big Boys x 15 OYO, Heels to Heaven x 10 IC; Dolly x 10 IC; Rosalita x 10 IC; J-Lo x 10 IC; 60 second plank. Recover Recover.

Announcements – Mrs. Almond Joy with baby #4 on the way (December).

Prayers – IceMan – tough day at work yesterday with heavy layoffs. TAPs to those affected.

Happy Father’s Day weekend. It’s hard work that we do – and oftentimes unnoticed. Keep up the mission and set good examples. Support and correct where appropriate. Love them always. Time goes fast. And if you’re able, tell your father that you love him.

Humbled to be a part of this great organization. Have a great weekend.

The Draggin’ Slayer

The PAX1 Direction, Mac, Elmer, NYOPT (R), Beamer, Peek-A-Boo, Flo (R), Cyclone, RT (YHC)
Workout Date06/13/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

9 Dragon Slayers kicked Thursday square in the crotch while Live PD deputized 7 PAX on the art of “Lisa Marie’ing,” which is the act of driving an extra 15 minutes to avoid an RT wrath and help Pricilla build on to the Graceland mansion.


Cool enough for Bambi’s winter camouflage hunting gear, but still not cool enough for Bambi.


yup – I’m not a professional , though I play one on TV.  Modify all you need


  • 4ct SSH x21 – IC
  • 4ct Mt Climber x21 – IC
  • 4ct Hillbilly x21 – IC
  • 4ct Merkins x15 – IC

Mosey to the other side of the parking lot, behind the PAX get-away cars…but take the long way around.  This is Station 1.  Continue in a NASCAR counter clockwise direction to the end of the parking lot (STA 2).  Rubbing bumpers is optional.  The opposite end of the parking lot houses (STA 3) and then atop the Dragon’s Tail at the entrance to this AO (STA 4).

Round 1

  • STA 1 = 10 Burpees –> 300 ft run
  • STA 2 = 10 Monkey Jumpers Squats –> 600 ft run
  • STA 3 = 10 Monkey Jumpers Squats –> 600 ft run
  • STA 4 = 10 Burpees –> 600 ft run
  • STA 3 = 10 Hand Release Merkins –> 600 ft run
  • STA 2 = 10 Hand Release Merkins –> 300 ft run
  • STA 1 = Overhand Claps IC until the last PAX  stumbles home.

Round 2 – Repeato with Peek A Boo getting a 2 min head start and a challenge to the PAX to catch him if you can.  But he was Peek-a-Gone and was uncatchable.  Urban has left the conversation.  Now that we are all breathing heavy, get on your 6 for a quick turtle dovin’ make-out session with Mary.

  • 4ct Flutters x21 – IC
  • BBSU x21 – OYO
  • 4ct Reverse LBCs x21 – IC (tag that one because it caused the PAX to moan)

Apparently Mary was just using you for your fab abs.  Slam bam thank you mam.

Round 3 – Repeato, this time the PAX were awarded a 2 min head start over Beamer with a challenge to Beamer to catch the PAX.  Though he entered the burpee stations as some PAX were finishing, he just couldn’t muster enough juju to kill the last bald headed PAX that can’t find any friends for a trip to the mountains.

It was about this time when YHC almost merloted.  1D’s heart rate almost hit 190 as he starting seeing stars and hearing ringing in his ears.  So in order to save EMS a trip to #GS, Round 4 was completed together.  So wait on all PAX to finish their exercise before ascending upon the next station.  Peak A Boo was relieved and thrilled.  Relieved because no one had to wait on him anymore and thrilled because he had someone to talk as the 6 since ATM left the building and quit F3.

Circle back up at the flags for sloppy seconds with Mary.  Cyclone voted to go ahead and call it.  That’s because he doesn’t like working out without music, trivia or leg warmers.

  • 4ct American hammers x21 – IC
  • 4ct Reverse LBCs x20 – IC (moaning)

I admit, that WO was a real MF’r.  In fact, I seriously thought of modifying about the time of almost merlot.  But I quickly realized these men were stronger than that…and Mac needed more BRR training.  Besides this is probably the hardest thing you will face today, and if so, what a great way to start your morning.

To put it into perspective, my watch calculates calories burned during a workout.  I have no idea how accurate it is, but the intensity and calories burned seem to correlate.  Most workouts range from 250-450 calories.  This one hit 580 over 2.0 miles.  So Great Work Men…way to push yourselves beyond your comfort zone… or in 1d’s case, the Danger Zone..   Eat your heart out Graceland.


  • Site Q Transfers…sign up to Q and leave your mark:
    • 17 JUN – Lt Dangle –> Turbine #TOT
    • 20 JUN – NYOPT –> Mac #GS
    • 21 JUN – Pine Tar –> Peek-A-Boo #PF
  • Mac still looking for a few good men for the BRR, but he can’t handle the truth
  • Don’t forget Bible Studies – Every THUR 0500 @ Golden Strip


  • 1D’s son, Tebow – recovering from Black Widow bite
  • Elmer – for those he has been working with at Mission 22 (organization to eliminate veteran suicide)

RT out

Mucho Dora

The PAXFranzia, Lt. Dangle, Hasselhoff, Pit Bull, Cockpit, PeekABoo, Cocoon, UP, Priscilla
Workout Date06/12/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

Mucho Dora

Conditions: Perfect

Mission Statement:


Warm up:

SSH x20

Arm Circles

Hillbillies x20

The Thang:

Mucho Chesto

Merkins x10

Wide x10

Diamonds x10

Stagger Right x10

Stagger Left

Native American Run to the hill

Rinse and Repeat (100)

Partner up for DORA

P1 run to top of hill and back


Burpees x100

Elbow Plank Jack x200

Flutters 2 count x300

Squats x200

Mosey back to Flag


In and Outs x25

LBC x25

Bicycles x25

Reverse Bicycle x25

V-Up roll up x25

Oblique V-up x25 left x25 right

American Hammer x20 IC



Hasselhoff Aunt

Church Lady family

Always a pleasure! SYITG

Calorie Burner

The PAXInspector Gadget, Honkers, Generic, Soda, Double Windsor
Workout Date06/10/2019
A.O. Dog Pound

Disclaimer Given

Warm Up
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC

Mosey to wall at entrance to town for dips x 20 IC. Head down SRT to parking lot of church for some crazy looking things.

Partner up for wheelchair leg lifts. While P1 is in plank position P2 grabs legs and does 20 pull ups on legs. Switch and repeat.

Keep patents for leg throws. P1 on ground on back and lifts legs together while P 2 throws legs left then right for 10 each leg. Switch and repeat.

Keep partners for a DORA
100 Burpees. Lots of mumble chatter here.
200 Squats
300 LBC’s.
Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 runs back to clock and back.

Mosey back to wall for dips x 20 IC and steps ups x 20 OYO

Back to AO for Mary
Flutter kicks x 20 IC
American Hammers x 10 IC
Heals to Heaven x20 IC

IG family
Genetics family
Spackler daughter

Nifty Fifty

Q.I.C.Road Trip
The PAXOne Direction, Beamer, Church Lady (R), Mac, Grass Fairy, Punch List, NYOPT (R), Padre, Twin Peaks, Lt. Dangle, Peek-A-Boo, Ms. Potts, Sticky Willy, Ron Swanson, Cyclone, Strange Brew, Road Trip
Workout Date05/23/2019
A.O. Golden Strip


  • SSH x20 -IC
  • Hillbilly x20 – IC
  • Windmill x 20 – IC



50 reps of exercise – run to the top of the Dragon Tail.  First person up, slap the stop sign and all other PAX turn around.   Sorry no trivia.  Some PAX figured out how to prolong the reps so running was kept to a minimal.

50 Merkins – run

50 Split Squats (ea leg) – run

50 In & Outs – run

50 Dips – run

50 Dry Docks – run

50 Hammers (2 ct) – run

50 Step ups – run (overhead claps IC until all PAX return)

50 Monkey Humpers – run (cherry pickers IC until all PAX return)

50 Derkins – run

50 Calf Raises – No Run to ensure time for…

50 Burpees



W.A.R. Fund 5 K

Blue Ridge Relay – Sept 5.  All downhill except the uphill parts


Taylor family – 4 out of 5 hospitalized from accident on I-85

Prayers for Law Enforcement especially in the Pee Dee.  Not much of a break in the coming months.

RT Out