Wounded Dog

The PAXAnchor Down, Control Alt Delete, Double Windsor, Generic, Honkers,Kilowatt, No Script, Percy,Mani Pedi, Spanish Turkey, Soda
Workout Date09/09/2019
A.O. Dog Pound

Disclaimer Given. Today is gonna be tough since nobody else signed up for Q

Warm Up
SSH x 20 IC
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC

Partner up. Grab a rock and head to end of parking lot. Don’t worry about rock yet

Boo yah Merkins x 20
Next is a game of paper, rock, scissors
Both partners in plank position the entire time. Use one hand to play game. Loser does 1 Burpee while winner does 1 Merkin. We played 10 rounds and the exercises increase each round for up to 10 Burpees and 10 Merkins. Now that Shoulders are spent. Grab the rock

Partner 1 does Squats while partner 2 does rock sliders all the way to end of lot. This is a bear crawl while pushing the rock. Once to end of lot Partner 1 runs to Partner 2 and flip flops. Back to other end of parking lot.

Next is a Dora. Partner 1 runs to end of lot and back while Partner 2 does exercise
100 Overhead Press
200 Curls
300 Squats

Still time for the worst of all. Time for Wounded dogs. Partner 1 does Flutter kicks with rock over chest in air while partner 2 heads towards the pain. Wounded Dog is a bear crawl with 1 leg lifted so you crawl and hop to middle of lot turn around and switch legs to come back. FlapJack with Partner.

Heals to Heaven x 20 IC.

5K happening in Oct for Kilowatt

Grab Your Partner

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXKindergarten Cop, Training Wheels, No Bars, Zipline, Wally, iTunes, NAPA, Play Doh, Almond Joy, Smoltzie, Zebco, Courtesy Flush, Lineman, Spandex, 2 Ply (FNG), Perry Mason
Workout Date09/12/2019
A.O. The Station

16 men, including one FNG, gathered at the Station this morning.  The humidity index reading: Top Gun Locker Room.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Arm circles (FNG arrived somewhere in here, so mission statement and disclaimer given)

The Thang

Mosey towards 1st Baptist, stopping along the way for some exercises to keep the PAX together.  At the church, partner up.  One partner does Joe up the stairs and crab walks down the other side, while the other partner does AMRAP LBCs.    Once everyone is done, we did a round 2 with plank shoulder touches.

Mosey to MUMC for some block Dora.  Same partners for 100 bench presses, 200 squats, and 300 curls.  Return the blocks and mosey back to the circle for Mary.


The following all done in cadence:

  • Rosalita
  • Dolly
  • Erectors
  • Plank jacks
  • Back scratchers

Plank until time is up, which ended up being about 2 seconds.


Welcome to FNG Scott, now 2 Ply.   The name became pretty easy once he told us he sells toilet paper.  That also led Courtesy Flush to reenact this scene from Stepbrothers:

Image result for stepbrothers best friends meme


Never Forget !!

Q.I.C.Lt. Dangle
The PAXSprinkles, Cockpit, Hot4Teacher, Priscilla, No Show, Rasheed Wallace, Turban, Franzia, Live PD, UP, Paper Boy, WACO, CBD
Workout Date09/11/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

Tuesday September 11, 2001

08:46am North Tower struck

09:03am South Tower struck

09:37am Pentagon struck

09:59am South Tower collapse

10:07am Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania

10:28am North Tower collapse

#Never Forget! With the grind of life and IronPax nation YHC almost let today go by without a workout to honor the thousands! F3 accountability was intact when Sprinkles said “why are we not doing something”. He was exactly right and thank you for the accountability. Do you remember where you were, how you were notified and what transpired? Share that with your 2.0’s today, offer pray for those in need and hug your family. Time to do work!


9 exercises, 11 reps x 9

Monkey Humpers 4# IC


Carolina Dry Docks

Oblique V-Ups x 11 L/R

SSH or Plank Jacks

Squats, Flutters 4# IC


American Hammers

Mission statement: Nailed it!

Disclaimer: Not today…DO THE WORK!

Warm up:

SSH x 20 IC   That’s enough of that and we’re pressed for time!

Mosey is the name of the game this  morning! Stopping at the 1st brick pad for your first set of 9/11’s.

Mosey to the Veterans Memorial  for the 2nd set.

Mosey back down the sidewalk (Mac memories were professed) to the church parking lot. Look out for the dog! 3rd set of 9/11’s.

Mosey some more to the VFW. 4th set of 9/11’s.

Continue to “THE” church parking lot for set # 5!

Head to the back of the parking lot for #6.

Mosey down the road for # 7.

Camera’s at Upstate Karate? Sure hope so…lets hit #8.

Back to the flags for # 9 and one more set of Lunges!

What you just did was 9 different exercises, 11 reps for 9 sets. That’s 99 if your math is on point. Why one more set of Lunges. 110 flights of stairs in the WTC! 2001 meters covered as long as google maps was right. If Iron Pax swears by it why cant I.

Mary:  No time


Announcements: None

Prays: Those that still struggle with the events of 9/11! Unspoken.

It’s always a pleasure to lead! The accountability and support are second to none! Remember how unified this nation was after 9/11! One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!


Lt. Dangle



Goldenstrip launches QSource discussion group

The PAXAll Pax are Welcome
Workout Date09/14/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

Are you looking for a little more understanding of how this F3 stuff works? How do we invigorate male leadership in the community? Do you need a reminder of why F3 is more than just a workout group?

Starting this Friday the men of Goldenstrip will begin a discussion group based on the F3 QSource leadership material.

We will shorten the Pitchfork workout to 45 minutes to end at 6:45. We will meet at 7am at Java Bistro beside the Bilo at the intersection of Batesville Rd and Woodruff Rd. The main discussion will last until 7:30 or until the coffee runs out.

This is Startsky-friendly (posting to coffeeteria without going to the workout) so there are no excuses for not posting to this.

I think the best description for what the material is about is to quote the introduction:

    Leadership is a skill that a person must learn and master during their lifetime rather than an attribute of their character with which they are born. As a skill, it is like learning to play the piano. If it were an attribute, it would be like having blue eyes or a square jaw. 

    Because it is a skill, a person must commit to learning to lead in the same way that they would learn to play the piano. The degree to which they will ultimately master it will depend both upon their natural ability and their willingness to practice. Because we are all born with some leadership ability, even a man with very little natural skill can still be an effective leader if he is willing to practice hard. But a man who will not practice at all will never master the skill even if he is born with the heart of a lion. The decision to become an effective leader is volitional. No one else can make it for you.

    F3 was born on January 1, 2011. Its initial purpose was to give men a way to improve their lives by exercising together as part of a workout community. While that worked, we quickly realized that the members of F3 needed more than just physical fitness to improve their lives. They also needed help in mastering their leadership skills. Their families, their workplaces and their neighborhoods were all communities that needed leadership just as much as the F3 workout community did. From this need, F3’s mission of the invigoration of male community leadership evolved.

    To help the men of F3 learn and master leadership we began to develop a body of practices that we drew from the timeless principles of leadership and their effective application in our workout community. Initially, these leadership practices were transmitted between us verbally, like a set of oral traditions passed around a campfire. 

    As F3 grew, and the limits of this rudimentary method became increasingly clear to us, we began cataloging our practices more deliberately through blogs and social media. While this was an improvement over the verbal transmission method, its effectiveness was limited by the lack of cohesion among the various principles and practices themselves, which was exacerbated by the geographical separation of our growing organization. We began searching for a way to provide a common set of principles that were internally integrated and were as useful to our group in Seattle as they were to the men in Savannah.

From this search, the QSource was born. It is the integrated expression of F3’s
leadership philosophy. It is our leadership manual. As such, it is designed to be used by F3 members to improve their leadership skills for the benefit of their families, workplaces and neighborhoods. However, because it is based on timeless principles, it is also useful for any group that wants to improve the leadership skills of its members.

Long Run Modified Murph

The PAXInspector Gadget, Anchor Down, Control Alt Delete, Generic
Workout Date09/02/2019
A.O. Dog Pound

Disclaimer Given especially since I want sure how far it was to pull up station.

Warm Up
SSH x 20 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 IC

Modified Murph. Ended up being
2.25 mile run
50 Pull UPS
100 Merkins
150 Squats
2.25 mile run back

Stopped on way back for 3 sets of calf raises and Dips x 20 IC

Continue to be consistent with showing up to F3 and inviting men
Prayers for Generic Pesticide test, CAD play coming up and Gideon House men

Have a Great Labor Day

Who Knew Week 0 Was A Thing??

The PAX10! See Below For Names
Workout Date08/28/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror

Welp, the Site Q missed all the news on the Week 0 of the IronPAX, so he (YHC) showed up with the best Q plan ever.  Unfortunately I got an inkling late last night that Week 0 was a thing, so upon confirmation this morning in the gloom, we switched gears, and did Week 0 (to Cyclone’s chagrin…who did Week 0 yesterday, but still managed to have the fastest time today!).

PAX:  Turban, Peaches and Cream, Lt. Dangle, Tatanka, Butterbean, Sprinkles, UP, Franzia, Rasheed Wallace, and Cyclone

Conditions:  Not that bad, but still humid.

Mission:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a professional, so modify as necessary.


SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Through the Tunnel x 15 IC

The Thang:

IronPAX Week 0 – Laredo

6 rounds for time – 24 squats, 24 merkins, 24 lunge walks (counting right leg only), and 400

I didn’t record results for listing here.  Make sure you log in at f3greenwood.com and register/record your results!


Crab Cakes x 10 IC

Das Flutter x 25 IC

LBC’s x 25 IC

Big Boys x 10 OYO

Circle of Trust:


IronPAX officially starts at #ToT with Week 1 next Wednesday, 9/4.


Rasheed Wallace – Brother-in-law having procedure to have mass removed from lung tomorrow, 8/29.

Franzia – Wife’s Aunt’s husband passed away

Group – Priscilla’s son’s surgery




the dice has been cast…

The PAXPeek a Boo, Whisper, Cheesesteak, Church Lady, Pine Tar
Workout Date08/27/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

5 pax posted for some inverted high speed passes to buzz the tower with cockpit on the stick, but this flight wasn’t just going to be a quick touch and go.

Mission: Checklist Complete. Cleared for Takeoff

Disclaimer: Not a Professional… In the event of depressurization put on your own mask before helping others. In the event of a water landing grab Cheesteak’s pad for a floatation device. Fasten your seatbelts things could get bumpy. Modify as necessary. Time for throttle up.

Warm Up: SSH x 25 (church stalled just long enough to miss the fun, is it the straddle or the hop he doesn’t like?), IW x 25, overhead claps x 25

Thang:  We already have the deck of death, now we have the dice of death… roll the dice, do the work, run, rinse and repeat.

Station 1:  20 merkins, run

Station 2: 20 merkins, 1 min Al Gore, run

Station 3: 20 merkins, Al Gore, 20 burpees, run

Station 4: 20 merkins, Al Gore, 20 Burpees, 30 American Hammers, run

Station 5: Merkins, Al Gore, Squats, 30 American Hammers, 30 dips

Follow up w/ various planks, regular, right hand high, left hand high, hold 6”, time for a little more running…

Mary: 25 scissors, 25 LBCs, 25 V-ups, 25 flutter kicks, stretch

COT: Announcements = iron pax starts next week so sign up. Prayers = Pine Tar’s co-worker Bruce on death of wife, Whisper’s friend Randy cancer, Cheesesteak and Mrs Cheesesteak on upcoming relocation, Peek a Boos father in law lung/health issues,

It was fun, but we are bingo fuel. Time to land this thing. Hope to see you on a future flight. – Cockpit

Ocho PAX

The PAXCarl's Jr, Boomhauer, Change Order, Thumbelina, Quaker, Shiner and Slug
Workout Date08/22/2019
A.O. Powder Keg

Observations: 72F with 91%RH, a bit on the muggy side

The warm up: 20SSH IC, 10 ‘mericans IC, and 10 MC IC

The thing: Mosey to CJ’s corner for some Burp and Merk.  Up to ocho and Slug gave the ok to get some leg work in so YHC decide Monkey Humpers would be perfect.  Then back to 9 on the B&M and a quick arm circle (front and back).  Then 10 on the B&M and back to little arm circles (front and back) to get the arms rested before some more Monkey Humpers and ocho on the B&M.  Then a Fly over and a 10 burpee salute so YHC decided to move on to the next station.

Next we mosied to the dark corner, but took the longest way possible.  Once there we found jump ropes and the pax partnered up for some “jump rope n’ run”, pax A ran up the hill and pax B stayed and jumped rope.  This continued for three cycles.

Next the pax found the “forearm pleasers” bottle of water tied to a handle that is wound up and wound down while holding your arms at a 90 degree angle. Again for three cycles pax A ran the hill, while pax B punished the forearms and shoulders till pax A returned.

On our return trip to the back of the church we took the steps and used that opportunity to complete calf raises.  First set we did 10 regular and on the second set we did 10 toes in.  Luckily we had another fly over so we got to do another 10 burpee salute, then on to the third set of steps we did 10 toes out IC.  Finally made it back to the basketball court and had everyone line up on a line.  Two rounds of LBC’s and a round of flutter kicks.  Then suicides up and down ending over at the benches on the opposite line for 10 dips IC.  The gas was bad so we mosied back to the steps for a last round of calf raises and a quick mosey to the flag to finish up the work out! Fun was had by all!

A: Labor day convergence at HA

September 5th is CO’s last day, meal the evening before

November 2nd, 16k at Paris mountain only $12.50

Carolina football team meal talk to Boom

P: Family members dealing with illness (YHC, Quickie, T-bag)

Pre-Iron Pax iron pumping at Pitchfork

The PAXDr. Phil (kotters!), Punch List, Cheesesteak (respect!), Master Splinter, Swamp Guinea, Cockpit, Peekaboo, Soccer Mom
Workout Date08/23/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

9 PAX posted on the most humid day of the year for a little bit of iron pumping in preparation for the September Nation-wide Iron PAX Challenge.

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: modifications are recommended


Imperial walkers x 20 IC

Through the tunnel x 25 IC

SSH x 30 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Shoulder stretches

Little baby arm circles x 20 IC


Mosey to the speedway and drop the dumbbells.  Line up for Indian run.

Indian run into the back entrance of Spaulding Farm, turn around, and come back.

Partner up for dumbbells.  One PAX does the weight exercise AMRAP while the partner PAX funs a lap around the speedway.  Flapjack after each lap.

Round 1:

-Overhead presses


-Goblet squats


Round 2:

-Upright/standing flies

-Hammer curls

-Flutters holding a weight

On your back for flies x 25 OYO

Mosey back to the flags.


-LBC x 40 IC

-Heels to heaven x 12

-American hammers x 12 IC

-2 minutes of planks (elbows, regular, right arm high, regular, left arm high, elbows)

Circle of trust:


-The Station 5-Year convergence at… The Station tomorrow 0700.


-We all good…


As always, it was a pleasure to lead.



Shooting from the hip

The PAXSadiq, Church Lady, Road Trip, Peek a Boo, Murdock, Flo, Punchlist, Mrs. Potts, NYOPT, Red Rider, Grass Fairy, YHC
Workout Date08/22/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

Life has been a little busy for YHC lately, giving me some slight regret for signing up fr the Q.  When I failed to come up with anything beforehand, I was left with two options: “fartsack” (like I did to TOT) and let someone else figure it out, or step up and take on the challenge of Q with no planning.  There is no excuse, and I couldn’t back down. form a challenge  What could go wrong?

12 other men joined me in the gloom for an unplanned Q, here is what transpired:

Warm Up: 

SSH X 20 IC (Church Lady actually made it for these, probably the first time in his life)

IW X 20 IC

Windmills X 10 IC

Through the Tunnel X 10 IC

Main Thang:

Mosey to the playground for our first activity, the Bulgarian Ball Buster. Only kidding, my name is not Mac, so we did a set off 11s – pull ups and dips.

Mosey to the shed, everyone pick up a coupon and partner up for activity number 2: Farmer Carry Dora (you can thank Basic Bro from F3 Grand Rapids for this idea) – partner 1 does a one handed farmer carry to the light pole, switches hands, and comes back while partner 2 exercises – 100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 Squat Thrusters, 300 Block Flutters.

Modify midway through to 100 of each exercise in the interest of finishing before noon

Because Punchlist says you can’t use coupons without doing Curls…10 Curls (for the Girld) in cadence vefore returning the blocks and moseying back to the flagpole


At this point YHC was running out of ideas (and the mental capacity to think on the fly) so i outsourced the mary:

YHC – American Hammers X 20 IC

Mrs. Potts – Reverse Crunches x 20 sort of IC

Flo – Low plank, High Plank

Peek A Boo – Freddie Mercuries X 10 IC

NYOPT – Box cutters x 10 OYO; reverse box cutter X 10 OYO


Sign up for the Iron Pax challenge! Golden Strip, Pitchfork, and TOT will be hosting the Iron Pax challenge once a week, so there is no escape, and no reason not to register.  You could even do it multiple times in a week and post your best score!

Convergence in Greer this Saturday to celebrate their 5 year anniversary

Prayers for all unspoken needs this morning