2023 Jack’D-Alope

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Growth and achievement is more akin to a marathon than a sprint, where the long slog wins over bursts of speed. The Thorever challenge proves this theory, as it requires consistency and redefinition of your end goal. A couple of adrenaline-fueled bursts won’t do.

Examples: you can’t read 12 books in the month of December (I’m at 7 so far), a skydiving shock requires some disposable income (I’ve postponed due to an uptick in family expenses, #IAm3rd), a year of good sleep requires honesty and sacrifice (I’ve backed off alcohol by 90%), and hitting PRs in strength requires loyalty to a daily weightlifting program (hitting the gym and working on my form).

Speaking of the gym, I am pleased to announce the inaugural Jack’D-Alope, being held September 22-24. The “JDA” will determine F3 SwampRabbit’s strongest man, based on 5 events: squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, and pull-ups. F3 Junk Bond will host the JDA at his home gym in Hollingsworth Park (12 Algonquin Trail, Greenville, SC 29607) , graciously offering up 4 time slots for up 6 contestants to weigh in and work. Participation will be limited to 24 total competitors. First come, first serve.

Think you’re a beast? Prove it in a heavy test where form will be strictly upheld to level the playing field and lend credibility to the winner’s bragging rights, i.e. squat like you’re deucing.

Never lifted? Who cares. Give it a go and create a baseline to work from in the future. Can’t make any of these slots, or registration is filled? Film yourself getting after it and receive T-Claps (and maybe some constructive criticism) from the crowd.

JDA registration can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UearqiLN5bTgiqBx6sKmsafK1S8mTZEJ0IxnG1L-t_g/edit?usp

Fill out this form too: https://forms.gle/h2YJhTP7BrV8Gwam7

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