’19 Reasons to Hate this Workout

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXChubbs, No Bars, Wax On, Almond Joy, Wally, Courtesy Flush, House (Kotters), Perry Mason
Workout Date01/01/2019
A.O. The Station

8 men shook off their hangovers and got 2019 started in style at The Station.  We even had a return from House after his ACL tear earlier this year.  Welcome back.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

The Thang

There was a complaint as we moseyed from the circle to the amphitheater that the warmup was not NYE themed.  Not so fast my friend! There is a theme.

At the amphitheater, we do 19s with merkins at the bottom and squats at the top (20 and 19, get it?).  This sucked.

Next we lung walked to Namaste (trying to keep the running to a minimum for House’s reconstructed knee) and then slowsied to the parking lot on 14 for mountainclimbers before heading over to MUMC for block work.

We did circuits of 3 exercises, 19 reps each.  1st circuit – overhead press, curls, flutters with block extended.  2nd circuit – bench press, squats (a crowdpleaser after the 19s earlier), and derkins.  Last circuit was a dealers choice with rows, tricep extensions, and American hammers (this sucked).

Time to put the blocks away and mosey back to Namaste for hub and spoke, with 19 donkey kicks, 19 LBCs, 19 plank shoulder touches, and 19 Freddy Mercurys, with 19 bombjacks each time through the hub.


We moseyed all over the park looking for a dry spot for Mary with no luck.  So we did a few exercises in the parking lot near the pond and then worked our way back up to the circle to finish out.


Prayers for a teen severely injured in a car wreck and for a teen diagnosed with cancer.  Prayers for a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.


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